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  1. margarite

    John Mallinson

    I’m so sorry to hear this sad news. Sending my condolences to his family and friends x
  2. My DD is in Year 7 and there's at least one ballet class everyday, sometimes two. She is more of a classical dancer and is very ballet-orientated, but enjoys the modern and tap lessons too (there's approx two hours of tap and four hours of modern weekly) The standard is very high, I would say around 75% of her year were JA previously and the other 25% associates elsewhere like Elmhurst, YDA etc. Hope that helps.
  3. My DD has triangle Freeds 😀. Thanks for sharing!
  4. I think EYB are really great at making sure that all the children get an equal amount of time on stage. My DD was a cygnet and loved it, so did her friend who was a courtier/servant.
  5. I’m so sorry your daughter is feeling lonely. In my opinion, some cliques do have the same effect as bullying, as they isolate and exclude people not in the group. I think of it as passive aggressive bullying! It might be too near the end of term to talk to staff, but I would definitely escalate it if she still felt the same in September. If it’s any consolation, my normally happy DD was a bit teary last week, as others have said, the tiredness, hard work and anticipation of the big production were taking its toll. I hope your DD feels more positive once she’s home and rested x
  6. Thanks for sharing - was that a policy just for your daughter, or an addition to include her on to your existing policy? I’m paying just under £1000 a year for the school’s policy at the mo, could do with reducing it 😳
  7. I know some incredible dancers who were never picked for JA. Talent and potential plays a huge part, but there is also an element of luck involved. Good luck everyone ☘️
  8. I managed to get a secondhand scarf, just as well as it’s spent the whole of Year 7 sitting under a yoga mat at the back of DD’s wardrobe 😆
  9. I remember my daughter coming out of her JA audition a few years ago. She was aware that ‘the lady’ was watching her for the first half an hour or so, then she stopped. I’m guessing that whatever they were looking for, they decided she didn’t have as she was never offered a place. But she went on to other associates and is now at vocational school, so a RBS no is definitely not the end. Good luck waiting for the results, I don’t miss that gut-churning email refreshing 😩
  10. There is a large car park in Richmond next to old deer park, and Rambert is a 15 minute walk from there. It’s easily accessible from 316. You can then walk across Richmond Green, across the bridge and you’re virtually there. I would avoid public transport unless you can time it for exactly when the match is on.
  11. I know two girls offered MA after attending WL finals - who were never JAs. They both however were SWL for year 6 JA so were on the RBS radar. I also know several JAs who didn’t get to WL finals or offered a MA place. I don’t think anything is ever set in stone.
  12. Ok no worries. I’m also interested in one of the ties as well as the new tracksuit.
  13. Hiya, what length are the second pair of tracksuit bottoms? Thanks x
  14. Yes, great idea, as even if you live locally you’d still have take a day off to see a weekday matinee. It was an awful mess and not easy to navigate, even though I was one of the lucky ones who managed to carry out my booking and get decent tickets. Several other parents were unable to finish the booking process as the page froze.
  15. I know someone with two spare Saturday tickets. DM me your number 👍
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