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  1. And Elmhurst have loads more MDS than Tring to give out so there will be some movement 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  2. I’ve only heard of year 7 and 8’s getting in from the reserve list, but that’s just my experience. I think they also have to replace like with like, as a lot depends on available boarding spaces, too.
  3. I know that in 2018 around five or six of DD’s classmates got an MDS off the reserve list for year 7 as others accepted places elsewhere. Hang in there 🤞🏻
  4. margarite

    Home studio

    After researching, went for more expensive 5mm thickness rather than 3mm as less likely to distort. We had to hang it carefully too. There is a slight distortion, but due to our wonky walls rather than the mirror I think.
  5. margarite

    Home studio

    When we put mirrors in DDs bedroom I bought an acrylic mirror sheet for safety as we live in an old wonky building and was worried about it smashing! A dot 2 dance mat is a good investment if you have carpets.
  6. Hammond lower school is shutting on Friday afternoon.
  7. Only downside I would say is that you can’t lend/give/sell It on afterwards like you can with a DVD.
  8. The content is no different, just having it as an app on her phone means DD can practise anywhere, not just where she can access a DVD player. So she used it whilst we were abroad on holiday for example. It’s also handy as she’s away at school so can practise privately in her room.
  9. DD has the app for Intermediate and she’s found it a great help and much better than having the DVD version.
  10. From what I can gather there will be an announcement today regarding UK schools. Seeing as vocational schools break up earlier anyway, I wonder whether they’ll be affected?
  11. Such a shame, but inevitable in the circumstances. I feel so sad for all the DCs who must have been looking forward to this so much xx
  12. @Bonnie2011 both Mirella leotards and also the Wear Moi Aqua with lace - are these available and can you send pictures? Many thanks
  13. We went for a bursary-funded place rather than a scholarship as you don’t have to attend an audition. DD is at vocational school so it would have cost £££ if I’d travelled to pick her up and take her to scholarship auditions, with no guarantee of even getting a paid-for place.
  14. Summer school results are out - DD has a yes for week one 🙂
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