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  1. Hello, is the Gaby medium fleece still for sale? DD is a UK dress size 6 and 5'4 – would it fit do you think? thanks
  2. Congrats to all the yeses and SWL 🎉. I know SO many gorgeous dancers that are now at vocational school or with RBS Mids and Senior Associate places who never received a JA place - so if it was a no today - don’t give up 👍
  3. I think some people thought we were crazy sending our very young 11-year-old off to boarding school, but it felt the right thing to do and it still does. She’s a very sociable girl who likes spending time with friends and even during the later primary school years, I could see dance lessons impacting on her downtime. We live close to lots of great schemes but travel times to associates etc still ate into the spare time she had left. I miss her so much, but knowing that she has a busy, happy life full of dance lessons and close friendships makes it all worthwhile. I think she has much more downtime to relax and do stuff with her friends being away at school than if she were at home trying to juggle it all. But as others have said, what works varies from child to child and also family circumstances x
  4. Children don’t just leave because they’re assessed out - two left in my DDs year 7 group as decided it wasn’t for them.
  5. Yes, my DD has been accepted for the Senior Summer school 👍
  6. I think most don’t take no’s too much to heart when they see the sheer volume of other children at auditions. I remember talking numbers with DD at her first JA audition and likened being offered a place to getting Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket!!
  7. Pretty much anything goes as long as the main colour is white. My daughter has worn big chunky Filas and also Nike Airforce One. They wear them for commercial dance lessons so just need to be comfortable.
  8. You can buy uniform directly from the school. I *think* there’s a possibility that the uniform might be changing soon. The kids used to wear a traditional uniform (blazer/tie etc)for academics but since the pandemic started have been wearing their dance tracksuit all day to limit time in changing rooms. I would contact the school to find out if this will be carrying on/changing back for September 2021.
  9. Oh I wish DD had got tidier! She’s very organised with her dance kit/homework but keeping her room tidy is a battle! I even been called up by the head of boarding as it had got so bad! The shame 🤣
  10. I’m really sad and sew labels on everything. So far no major losses and DD is in year 9. I sew labels into a loop first then sew to the inside top of socks so it’s easily seen and doesn’t itch.
  11. Yep agreed, but unless one actually asks that person directly if they’re a particular user - it’s only ever an educated guess.
  12. I thought it was a bit strange, especially as people are posting anonymously. The school has always asked parents not to discuss funding with other parents in their child’s year, which is sensible I think. The kids know to be discreet, too. But posting anything here is a bit different and there’s never been an issue before 🧐
  13. We heard at Year 9 parents evening earlier this month. Am guessing we heard first as it’s starting for Year 10 from September 2021 so DD’s year is the first to be affected by it. They have to make their genre choice in the summer term. They’ve just chosen their GCSE options - this framework has been overhauled, too.
  14. I know we were so pleased when we heard! DD is very ballet-focused so means she’ll be in a smaller class with others who share the love. She’ll still do the other genres (tap, commercial etc) but only once a week I think. There are some kids in her year with really strong commercial/ musical theatre skills so will help them focus on their strengths, too. All good news for upper school audition prep!
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