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  1. No as I know that it’s even harder to get a summer place. DD was absolutely fine about it - it’s a bit of a running joke in our house that’s she’s blacklisted by RBS!
  2. Late to the party but DD got her expected no for the spring intensive - we haven’t applied before as after years of no’s for JAs and MAs we weren’t feeling the RBS love 😆. I was glad to see that they have started to write the ‘no’ emails with warmer and more encouraging language - so more chance of getting my £36 next year too ...
  3. She was going to apply again the following November, but got into London Children’s Ballet that autumn so her Sundays were taken up with that and then she got a FT place at Hammond. I do hope your DD tries again. One girl I heard of got an outright no for CBA then was waitlisted for RBS JAs a couple of weeks later which is no mean feat! She got into CBA the second time. You should look at Ballet Boost they have a very good scheme too x
  4. My daughter didn’t get a place when she auditioned for CBA in 2017. As far as I can remember her letter said something along the lines of ‘ blah blah unfortunately not offering xx a place at this time. But her dancing was of a good standard, so we recommend working on xxx and xxxx and coming back and trying again.’ Tring send three types of letter, yes, no and come back. I know of people who have had the ‘come back’ letter several times and also those that have have turned a no into a yes on a second attempt - so nothing is ever a ‘forever no’ xx
  5. Previous year’s dancers don’t automatically make the cut - they are treated the same as the other children at the audition so it’s a level playing field.
  6. In 2017 we got results the Friday after the final audition - so five days later. Good luck everyone 🍀
  7. I seem to remember people saying they got emails last year. We got a letter in 2017.
  8. DD was an associate with the London Ballet Company before going to vocational school. Despite being an associate elsewhere with another, more well-known scheme, TLBC was her favourite. I agree it doesn’t have the benefits of being attached to a vocational school, but we saw it as DD having an instructive and enjoyable class with other likeminded children and as an accompaniment to her other training. She didn’t do any of the holiday schemes due to other commitments. The director also has links with Rambert and Elmhurst I think? Hope that helps.
  9. I heard they might be going to Richmond- upon-Thames in early summer, so that’s possibly the July performance.
  10. There was a voluntary contribution to costumes, shoes and LCB t-shirt ( around £70 I think) which those on low incomes were not expected to pay, but you had to pay your own travel expenses. As the rest of the experience and all tuition was completely free, it seemed very fair.
  11. Mainly at Central in Farringdon ( but think Central have moved now?) and also at Pineapple, Jerwood and Rambert on South Bank and also Wayne McGregor in Stratford. This was for the 2018 production.
  12. It was a huge, huge commitment, but possibly one of the most exciting and memorable events in DD’s life and she didn’t want the whole experience to end. Well worth every moment for us too, despite having every weekend devoted to shuttling her around ( she had Saturday associates too) and many an hour spent nursing stewed cups of tea in various cafes.
  13. Hello my daughter danced with LCB in 2018. All cast members are needed pretty much every rehearsal. In the rehearsals from Jan to April DD rehearsed every Sunday bar one and she was in the corp ( though towards the end she was understudy to a main role). However rehearsals can be anytime between 1-6pm on a Sunday and you can often only needed for two hours so possible to fit in other things. DD often did associate class in the morning before going to rehearsals later on.
  14. There was another girl at DD's old dance school whose mum chose not to query why she was with much younger children and her daughter ended up in Grade 2 until she was nearly 11, despite getting mid 80s in her Grade 1 exam. I think everyone has a fear of being 'that mum' but sometimes you just have to speak out.
  15. There's the possibility that the teacher might have her age/year group wrong? Is she small for her age? My DD had to be slightly fast-tracked as the school principal realised that they had her down as a year younger - she took her Grade 1 at 8.5, but then only did Grade 2 for two terms and joined her peer group in G3 when she was 9.
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