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  1. You can buy uniform directly from the school. I *think* there’s a possibility that the uniform might be changing soon. The kids used to wear a traditional uniform (blazer/tie etc)for academics but since the pandemic started have been wearing their dance tracksuit all day to limit time in changing rooms. I would contact the school to find out if this will be carrying on/changing back for September 2021.
  2. Oh I wish DD had got tidier! She’s very organised with her dance kit/homework but keeping her room tidy is a battle! I even been called up by the head of boarding as it had got so bad! The shame 🤣
  3. I’m really sad and sew labels on everything. So far no major losses and DD is in year 9. I sew labels into a loop first then sew to the inside top of socks so it’s easily seen and doesn’t itch.
  4. Yep agreed, but unless one actually asks that person directly if they’re a particular user - it’s only ever an educated guess.
  5. I thought it was a bit strange, especially as people are posting anonymously. The school has always asked parents not to discuss funding with other parents in their child’s year, which is sensible I think. The kids know to be discreet, too. But posting anything here is a bit different and there’s never been an issue before 🧐
  6. We heard at Year 9 parents evening earlier this month. Am guessing we heard first as it’s starting for Year 10 from September 2021 so DD’s year is the first to be affected by it. They have to make their genre choice in the summer term. They’ve just chosen their GCSE options - this framework has been overhauled, too.
  7. I know we were so pleased when we heard! DD is very ballet-focused so means she’ll be in a smaller class with others who share the love. She’ll still do the other genres (tap, commercial etc) but only once a week I think. There are some kids in her year with really strong commercial/ musical theatre skills so will help them focus on their strengths, too. All good news for upper school audition prep!
  8. The school moved to new boarding accommodation in September 2021, and whilst it isn’t as homely, it’s certainly more practical with all rooms having en-suite and year 10 and upwards having their own rooms. DD loves the school which has not only nurtured her love of ballet, but also helped strengthen other dance genres such as modern and tap. She also discovered she could sing! From year 10 they now have a choice of following a classical/contemporary or musical theatre/jazz route in lessons. I like the teaching staff on the whole and the headmistress and new head of boarding are very approachab
  9. In my DDs year ( she’s currently year 9) 10 got MDS in year 7, in year 8 another four joined with an MDS and I believe one was awarded to child starting last September in Year 9. Don’t give up hope ☘️.
  10. Have you tried calling the school? All the staff are back on site now. I’m sure if you explain the situation someone will try and help you ASAP. Must feel very frustrating!
  11. Good luck to you all, it’s a fantastic school and my DD absolutely loves it. ☘️☘️☘️
  12. Hammond is not academically selective so don’t worry. When my daughter had her audition a couple of years ago they did a non-verbal reasoning test on the day, then maths and English tests were sent to her primary school to do afterwards.
  13. I also think that how a child reacts to a ‘no’ is so important. After seeing my DD react so stoically after getting her first RBS no when she was 8, I realised that she had thicker skin than I’d given her credit for and that maybe we were travelling on the right path. She’s had many, many no’s along the way, but enough yeses to make it all worthwhile (she’s now at voc school) As you said - I think in some ways the no’s were almost as valuable as the yeses for keeping her focussed and determined xx
  14. Funding decisions aren’t always right. One of DDs friends didn’t get an MDS for year 7, which DD couldn’t understand as she was clearly one of the best at ballet (and other genres) and hardworking, too. I saw for myself at parents evening how good she was. Luckily it was rectified as she was awarded one further up the school. Maybe she didn’t perform as well in the auditions? Or her potential bloomed between auditions and starting year 7? Who knows.
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