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Found 156 results

  1. Hi Girls I’m back I’m setting up this thread up for everyone concerned with adult ballet, all are welcome, dancers, teachers, physio’s everyone. I claim no ownership to it what so ever, however I will continue to report about my journey on it, I hope others will too. Leaving “the Going back to ballet” thread left me extremely sad, especially as its almost like a record of my growing up in ballet right back to page 2, from my first leotard and how self conscious I felt, to my first bun, and of course my first show. I wont dwell on the hostility shown to me as its no where to go. The change of heart is simple, I’m on my second wind now, Last week I was extremely tired, not just from the Northern Ballet trip but the fact I was given a document to review for Wednesday morning board of trustees meeting, this arrived by email at 5pm Monday night just before my Lincoln ballet class, I printed it off later when I go back (after 10pm). I review it Tuesday using both train journeys between Peterborough and Leeds (Northern Ballet). Wednesday morning I hardly slept as I was freighted of oversleeping as I had to be away from home by 9am. Thankfully at the meeting I had two coffee jugs in front of me, at least the caffeine kept me awake. When we came to the document in question, it turned out I was the only one that had reviewed it with all my post-it corrections stuck all over it, needless to say I was furious. At the end of that week it didn’t take much for me to throw the towel in. That was then, now is now, time to leave that behind. Update from City academy, as these details are largely embedded in the Giselle thread but are not relevant to Giselle, I have posted them here: The Masterclass is a day where participants will experiment the full workout that a ballet dancer has to endure to be able to enhance their technique and performance. It will be divided in three sections: 1) Body conditioning for dancers (floor exercise) Focusing on line, strength, flexibility, core stability, and some ballet exercises on the floor. 2) Completed ballet class (barre, centre, diagonal) This include; adage, pirouettes, petit allegro, grand allegro 3) Choreographic work. The teacher will create a small classical ballet piece which we can be performed by the end of the master class. Don Quixote will not be taught now, as repertoire will be offer during the specific repertoire workshops. In Swan Lake, they plan to do the Waltz of the Swans, Odette's solo and Pas de Quatre (Cygnet Dance). If they do have a male participant the schedule may change to Odette and Prince Siegfried 1st encounter scene, Odette's solo and coda with Corps de ballet. I don’t know what other male dancers are likely to join this class, other than Tony, one of my friends from ENB, I will check with him on Tuesday. LinMM if you see this, I’m not sure if you are doing the Masterclass, I have already booked it, but I have to be away smartish at 6pm as I am due at the Lanterns Theatre, Docklands before 7.30pm. All the tickets are booked for my 500mile round trip between 5 ballet classes, the logistics are a bit tight, it will have to be a meal on the train I guess. I wont be posting back possibly late Wednesday night or even Thursday as I need to get a good deal of sleep in for prep on this one.
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    Adult Ballet

    Hi there! I feel a bit awkward posting this but I just can't really seem to get many answers about this on my own...especially since the whole COVID situation there aren't any studios open haha. Basically, I am 19 years old soon to be 20 and I want to get back into ballet. I was in it for 2 years as a young child but couldn't continue. I just wanted to know if it's possible for adults to train for pointe, and what are the oppourtunities for adult ballerinas. I know that I'll never be professional or anything but I would love to do it to perform if I get good enough. I can take as much help and advice as possible 😅
  3. Hello all, I’m having an issue just now where I am trying to order leotards/dance underwear/general dancewear... it seems UK size 12 is ‘large’ and 14 is rarely available as ‘xl’. Are bigger/adult bodies really all that rare in dance classes and dance exams these days? Surely we’ve come so far in pushing for equality. So where is the inclusive dancewear?
  4. Am here for a bit of a moan, truthfully. Please feel free to share yours too if you'd like. I've had the unfortunate circumstance of getting myself into an accident, taking a really bad high-powered landing (from my main sport) and completely busting one of my ACL's in the knee and wonderfully mangling the meniscus right before (adult) beginner classes started again at the beginning of the year. Due to the seriousness of my particular injury (others can wait a year and be fine) I had to have surgery incredibly quickly (within the month) which will extend recovery in addition to the limitations surrounding the actual injury itself. 😟 It's a bummer, I was really getting into my classes (started October last year) and super excited to show my progress as I had been practising at home and finally understood how a pirouette worked. My physios and consultants have said that dance and impact sports are the last things that you can really go back to following this sort of injury but I'll ask whether I can do simple barre work when I'm strong enough. It's a bit heartbreaking when you're not allowed to do the activities you enjoy the most. Even things like reading are harder following injury and post-surgery as you're experiencing either fatigue, pain, or both so you have little concentration power. Friends and family however have been absolute legends, hanging out, checking-up, driving me to hospital, and making me meals in Tupperware. My hamstrings are still weak and hurt a lot when used as part of them was sacrificed in the name of future balance, control, and proprioception and the quads atrophied (typical of the injury) quite a bit. But I am on the mend and I'm finally walking (with the crutches). Onwards!
  5. Don't know if this goes here but anyway, I attempted the elementary ballet at danceworks again after last years disaster! Not sure I will be able to walk tomorrow as its been a week since i danced and I am definitely not used to 1 and a half hour classes. Anyway it was good, didn't really pick up the combinations as they were really fast but I learnt from her general corrections. I also need to invest in some canvas shoes, I may be making excuses but turns feel twice as hard in leather shoes that stick, I swear my pique turns are normally better!
  6. Hi All, I'm studying Baroque historical dance but so much want to improve technique by finding local adult classical ballet lessons near Basigstoke, Hants.- but finding them for the few days in the week available is difficult. Which makes me sad because for the couple months I was able to train was really, really interesting and rewarding. Any tips to find what I need?
  7. I can see from other threads I am not the only adult who is doing (or has done) RAD Intermediate Foundation, and I thought I would start a new thread for sharing experiences, past and present. I started studying the syllabus in the autumn term 2015. Having started with one Inter Foundation class, I am doing two classes each week at RAD HQ and having a private lesson with my local teacher. I had hoped to be able to do the exam in this summer, but my teachers don’t think I am quite ready. I am really hoping for the November/December exam, but it does mean keeping everything up over the school summer holiday. Pirouettes and allegro are my main problem areas (and also not looking tense!) Pointe work in the centre also needs work.
  8. Evening, Adult Dance folks! As the "Simply Adult Ballet" thread has, like its predecessor, become very long at 65+ pages, it's become a little difficult to find information among the long posts and discussions. As Michelle_Richer started the thread to continue reporting on her "ballet journey", we are wondering if a new thread would be useful in conjunction with the "Simply Adult Ballet"? If we could use this thread for questions, answers, information and discussions about adult dance classes, workshops, attire etc. but keep longer, "blog style" posts in the other thread, I think it might be easier for everyone to find information in the separate threads. Many thanks.
  9. Hi My name is Greg from France. My girlfriend beguin to study dance at age 17. She is 20 now. To help her get better and to have a professional experience I want to offer to her a summer training in a dance school in Moscou (Russia). Because she is not a professional dancer I don't think she can enter in a great school like the Bolchoi. So I want to know if any of you know a dance school in Moscou (or in St-Petesterbourg) that accept international student for a summer training ? I really want to help her to be better in dance that's why I think this experience can create trust in her. Thank you for your help ! You are awsome !
  10. Hello, a very late starter here, not even an adult 'returner', and about to turn 48, but I am coming at this from having spent many years as a keen adult recreational ice dancer albeit that was more ballroom-on-ice I suppose ... and the secret about ice skating is you just kinda stand there half the time whilst the ice moves underneath you, but don't tell anyone. Have attended four different adult classes - albeit sadly very briefly for one reason or another, mostly just either life getting in the way or the class being above my beginner level - in Peterborough/Cambridge/York but though one or two of those classes I would be half-interested in returning to, I feel what I'm truly looking for has yet to be found despite hours if not even months trawling the internet. It seems to me classes all follow the same format of exercises at the barre, then a move to the centre of the floor where little routines are done, and then off you all go home till the following week. The barre exercises I quite like, but the floor elements are just plain depressingly frustrating because they're so intricate and fast like a magician's slight of hand so, unless you somehow just instictively already know how to do it all, you're just left feeling like you're wasting your time and there's no point carrying on. Like you're left behind, it all started without you and nobody is going to tell you where you need go to learn what you need as a prerequisite for the class you're currently in. What I'm still hoping to find, to the point that it's elusiveness is making it an obsession to prove it must must surely be out there somewhere (and on top of that be within a 30 minute drive on a Monday or Wednesday daytime ...!!) is a class where there is some kind of structured tuition/course/programme to really focus on the basics and where all the centre floor routines are completely off the menu for some months or even a year or two until all the names and mechanics and the stretches and the stamina and everything of the 'ingredients' are second nature and done to a reasonable standard and you THEN have something to build up from. Any ideas please? In the unlikely event somone knows of something in the York / Leeds / Harrogate areas so much the better! Are there male ballet teachers, out of interest? Not fussed either way, but so much is of course women orientated it might be handy to know things from a male dancer's perspective.
  11. Hello forum, I've been thinking about taking a vocational syllabus class for a while now, to supplement the open classes I do. My focus is the syllabus rather than taking the exam, and I have already considered the reasons carefully 🙂 Intermediate Foundation would be the most obvious option. It is where I left off as a kid, and looking at the content from videos, seems to be the level I'm currently working at or towards in my open classes but would like to polish (except pointework, which I'm expecting to be cleared for when we start at my community class next month). However, I can't find a drop-in class that suits my time and location. What DOES suit is the Sunday *Intermediate* RAD classes at Central School, but I'm nervous about jumping straight in with that label, even if it's *working towards* Intermediate and IF is optional! Compared to IF, the most obvious differences other than working leg angle, seem to be double pirouettes (I am not the best turner), and battu (I am a reasonable jumper, but rusty). So my questions are, 1. Do you think it would be reasonable to start with Intermediate? 2. What did you see as the biggest differences between / challenge when going from IF vs. Foundation? 3. Does anyone have specific experience with the Central classes? Thank you so much 🙂 P.S. I did a search, but there wasn't much information, and the teacher has recently changed, hence the new topic.
  12. Would anyone be able to recommend a daytime class in London on Monday? I’m there next week and hoping to drop in somewhere as my classes have a full week off! Roughly around low intermediate level, similar to David Kierce’s improvers plus class that he does at central? I’m getting better at picking up combinations but not incredibly fast at it quite yet so someone who doesn’t do anything insanely complicated! I spotted possibly either a beginner or intermediate class at London Russian ballet school, or an afternoon class I think it was with Adam at Danceworks if anyone has any first hand experience with these? Thanks!
  13. I saw this on the BBC, and thought I would post it on this forum. Wasn't quite sure where to put it. Here seems a good place. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-51182411
  14. I took ballet classes from age 3 - 11 and then for a year aged 24, 40+ years later I started Adult beginner classes. Now 18 months later I go to 6 classes a week and freely admit to being obsessed. As I never took exams as a child I have persuaded my teacher to enter me for an exam. Does anyone know if there's the option in Dance D the character dance to lunge instead of kneel at the end? I am struggling to kneel down in an elegant manner!!
  15. hello! it’s my first time on the forum so sorry if this is in the wrong place... i’m coming to ballet completely new as an adult (18, if that counts as adult!) and i’m looking for a london class. i’ve never tried ballet before, but a few years ago i was a competitive dancer in a couple of other disciplines. i’ve decided to give ballet a go but i’m very nervous that any class may be slightly out of my depth. i popped into a danceworks class led by karis scarlette and it was clear some of the other students had been attending for a long while & were familiar with the class structure, while i felt completely lost. it put me off drop-ins a little as while i’m sure they help technique drastically, i’d rather a guided class where everyone is of a similar standard which increases in difficulty as you go along. i’m based in north west london so i’m looking for classes nearby or in central. it seems my options are a bit limited as the new term starts soon! i was keen on booking natalie krapf’s class at the place but it’s sold out. the alexander simpkins class at citylit i heard good things about, but i’m just cut out by the age limit of 19. ENB’s location is slightly too far away, as is RAD. the only option i seem to have left is sophia priolo’s class at city academy. has anyone been? is it suitable for complete beginners? £150 for 8 sessions is a little on the pricier side - is it worth it? thanks so much and sorry about the long post. do let me know if anyone has any suggestions or opinions
  16. I'm currently looking into enrolling in an adult absolute beginners' ballet course in the new year and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on these specific ones. I'm based in inner London and work regular office hours. The only evening I can be consistently free on a weekly basis is Tuesday, which as far as I can see means I have two options: the ENB class currently taught by Sarah Golightly (not yet taking bookings for January but I'm assuming it's likely to continue to its current schedule) or the City Lit class taught by Alexander Simpkins. Each has its own advantages in practical terms. (I am also almost always busy on Sunday mornings, so the drop-in class at Central isn't an option.) I actually took the City Lit course for one term a decade or so ago, but it was a different instructor back then so I would assume it isn't directly comparable. I quit after a term because I wasn't really into it, but back then I barely even had an interest in the art form, so I didn't really understand what it was "for". Having attended ballet performances regularly for a few years I'm now approaching this possibility with new-found enthusiasm! Any feedback on either of the above would be greatly appreciated, so I am armed with a decision about which to take before either of them gets booked up! Thanks in advance. Or indeed if there are any others on a Tuesday evening which I am not yet aware of...
  17. I am an adult dancer in Australia who takes RAD exams with kids at a local studio. Over the past couple years, I have had a number of issues with my studio owner. These relate to timetabling (e.g. not running Advanced 1 despite people wanting to do it, but then running intermediate foundation for only 2 people because one of them is a favourite), issues with the communication (e.g. communicating that RAD exam fees are due within 3 days or you won't be entered for exams, despite fees being in excess of $600AUD last year!), rude/disrespectful comments in email and in front of other students, saying one thing and then, when questioned, completely denying that she ever said that, and most recently, bringing the only advanced foundation class I am able to attend forward one hour so it is impossible for me to leave work on time to be able to attend. There was no consultation on this change and I didn't even get the email telling me about it, another student had to send it on to me. I understand that the schedule has to change for a number of reasons, so I have requested a refund for that class as, due to their actions, I cannot take advantage of the service I am paying for. I have received no response to that email in over a week. My attempts to communicate get completely ignored. In the background to all of this, I also believe that the studio owner has been saying things about me to my jazz/contemporary teacher as the relationship there has deteriorated beyond hope of recovery practically overnight. I am deeply unhappy at this studio and dread going back there to finish out the year. Unfortunately, I absolutely adore my ballet teacher and she is the best teacher in the entire state of Australia that I live in. She keeps completely away from studio drama and wouldn't be impacted by any of the above. I don't want to leave this teacher, but I don't see how I can stay at the studio when I get treated so poorly. I have looked at other studios in my area and they either don't teach ballet above intermediate level, or refuse to allow adults into children's classes. I don't want to move to one of the only places that offers adult open classes as I have found that they are twice as expensive but I don't progress very much. I guess I'm looking for general advice about how to proceed with this situation. I have already decided not to continue with jazz or contemporary classes next year and, if I remain, would only take classes in ballet with the teacher that has been nothing but supportive of me through some very difficult personal times this year. My family wants me to pack up and leave but it would basically mean abandoning dancing at an advanced level and a serious decrease in hours. What would you do?
  18. Tom dance


    Best dance wear advice for beginners male adult ballet class??
  19. As I will be heading over to the UK from America, I am curious to research about any places in greater London that... 1) run male technique classes for amateur adults 2) offer pas de deux training sessions 3) have good selections of dance wear for adult males (not online)
  20. Hello. This is is my first post so not sure if I’m doing it right but here goes.... I am a mature adult taking my RAD Grade 5 exam very soon. I am worried about my facial expressions! I am used to performing on stage and also competing at another discipline, however, I asked my teacher if I am allowed to smile during the exam and she said yes but not a full smile or over the top. Can anyone tell me what I should do. Am I allowed to smile with teeth showing or reign it in to more of a grin? It’s stressing me out as I don’t want to look miserable or worried but also don’t want to overdo things, I absolutely love dancing and could smile all the way through but not if it’s going to cost me marks. This is my first exam since I was little so I am really nervous but also so passionate, I really want to do my best. Sorry it this is a stupid question! But thank you in advance for any advice best wishes Farli.
  21. Hi, I am a 39 year old man and have always wanted to do ballet, I started an adults ballet class last January and am absolutely loving it, only regret that I didn't start 30 years ago. I would like to do the Rad exams and am not sure if I am too old or would it be odd for some one my age to do it?
  22. Hi all, I'm looking for some tips from other adult dancers that have gone onto pointe later in life. I got my first pointe shoes last year in my mid forties and am still struggling to do anything away from the barre. In barre exercises I can do most of them just with 2 fingers or even 1 finger sometimes lightly resting on the barre so it isn't that I need the support, I think it is more of a mental block. I'm in class with 13-15 year olds and they seem to throw themselves up there without a second thought, one girl last night was doing her first ever class in them and seemed like she'd been in them forever! I know you do second guess things much more as you get older and don't have the same gusto and fearlessness that you have as a teenager. Have any of the other adult dancers here experienced this and how did you get over it? Thanks
  23. Adult Ballet Class every Monday 7:45pm - 9:00pm - West London School of Dance, Du Boisson Dance Studios, Village Hall - 58 Bulwer Street, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 8AR What to expect? Learning firsthand knowledge directly from Laurie McSherry-Gray with over 10 years of experience as a world-class dancer. Commencing with controlled movements at the Barrè such as Pliés, Tondues, Rond de Jambe and Grand Battement, these movements enable the body to warm up gradually and organically. After the Barrè we move to centre-practise where the intensity gradually increases with exercises such as Adage, Pirouettes, Petit Allegro and Grand Allegro. All the more, you will feel and see physical improvements of your body becoming finely tuned and athletic. We guarantee you will leave class feeling an immediate sense of accomplishment, inspiration and a higher level of energy! Who is this class for? This class is intended for those who are familiar with ballet terminology, that are of an intermediate level or above. Purchase your tickets now! https://theballettwins.eventbrite.co.uk Laurie x
  24. Hi dancers, I wanted to know whether I'm not alone... I've been ballet dancing for about 7 years now and absolutely love it. I regularly wear leotards to classes but find that they are really thin and don't give me much support/cover me around the breast area. So sometimes I wear sports bras to give me the extra coverage. But then the sports bra ruins the whole style of leotards (especially low backs, mesh, camisole thin straps). I've tried some skin covered innerwear from Bloch and Capezio but don't think they cut it, it's still thin enough that you can still see my nipples protrude!? Does anyone else relate?
  25. At Balletic Leeds we are offering new ballet syllabus classes for adults. You can choose to learn for fun or take your ballet exams with us. Classes are are as follows; Wednesday Fearnville Leisure Centre LS8 3LF 7 - 8 p.m. Grade 3 Absolute Beginner 8 - 9 p.m. Grade 4 Beginner Higher grades are coming soon plus a ballet flexibility class. Register your interest using the contact information below. https://www.balleticleeds.com/ balletic.leeds@gmail.com https://m.facebook.com/Balletic.Leeds/ 07803293542
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