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  1. The criticism gets worse when your child decides to stay close to home and attend a local dance college. Apparently London is the only place to be according to some. For us my nearly 16 yr old leaving home and attending a "prestigious" dance school/college is not something either she or we want. She hasn't auditioned anywhere else because she simply doesn't want to attend any other establishment. People can sometimes even criticise that decision. Not every child is ready to leave home at 16. Maybe she will at 18, time will tell. She may not even want to dance at 18. The point is, she is doing what she wants to do and is very excited for next year. For me, that is enough. I am happy that she is happy so I ignore any negative comments or other peoples well intended advice.
  2. Hi and welcome. Just a suggestion, you don't necessarily have to rely on the well known providers of associate schemes. Some of the lesser known schemes and ballet schools provide excellent training and often successfully prepare children for full time vocational school. Depending on where you live I would recommend Nicholsons School of ballet (Annette Nicholson) in Birmingham and Warwickshire school of dance (Dr Emily Twittchet)Emily is a member of this forum. Both offer excellent top class teaching in ballet and I believe both have an associates scheme.
  3. Sorry to hear that your child had to experience this. It is such a shame that our children have to experience this type of behaviour from adults. I have seen this and worse several times at non vocational dance schools, I have witnessed it aimed at my daughter and many others. As an educator, parent and generally decent human being, it does not sit well with me. I have heard other dance parents describe it as "discipline" and allow it to happen because "that is what dance training is like" . It is toxic, bullying behaviour and not acceptable under any circumstances. The dilemma of confronting it with the risk of making things worse for your child is not something that we as parents and paying customers should have to worry about, but sadly we do.
  4. Mine wears pink under, black.over. personally I think the black tights over a black leotard looks odd but it seems to be the done thing.
  5. I couldn't agree with you more. I saw a face book dance competition recently that required you to send in a photograph of your child dancing. The idea was that the best dancer would win. If it had said best photograph I could understand but it specifically said something along the lines of, vote for the best dancer. How on earth can you tell how good a dancer is by a photograph. Quite a few people did point that out fortunately.
  6. Nicholsons school in Birmingham has a once a fortnight Sunday associates. Annette Nicholson is a wonderful teacher and she has lots of students move on to vocational school. I believe she still does a bit of teaching at Elmhurst.
  7. Is your decision re a college course based on being in a particular area of the country or are you happy to move. I see you were at DMU. There are dance courses at Leicester college and a dance college called Addict in Leicester. I don't know much about the specifics of their courses but if you still live close to Leicester/midlands it might be worth having an informal chat with them.
  8. Hi Aixsta I agree with a lot of what has been said, especially the idea of pulling on your own experiences. My daughter has an instrumental lyrical dance so no lyrics to relate to. The music itself is very beautiful and moving so I encouraged her to create a dialogue/story using her personal experience. It really helps her to convey the emotion needed. I also agree with the comments about the body and the flow of movement being as important as the face when conveying emotion so encouraged her to use expression with her body. She has always placed in the top 2 with the dance and her written critiques have noted how well she conveys the emotion of the music so it does seem to work. By the way I love the song you have been given.
  9. Thank you Clara. If she decides to audition I will definitely come back to you to pick your brains.
  10. It was Manchester apparently. It is all very confusing.
  11. Oh I see, I am sure she said Manchester but sounds more likely to be the Leeds one. Thanks, I will check with her.
  12. I'm not sure Jan. I think he taught at Manchester but I could be wrong. I will check with my daughter.
  13. Hi. My daughter was at a workshop recently and a dancer/choreographer who works regularly with The Northern ballet pulled her aside and encouraged her to audition for their summer school. She loves ballet and has a good technique but because she is more of a sporty/ jazz dance shape she has avoided applying for specialist ballet summer schemes as she feels that they are very selective when it comes to body shape etc. I just wondered if anyone has any experience of The Northern Ballet school in relation to this as I assume there is a cost involved in auditioning and it's several hours from where we live so I don't really want to go to a lot of expense etc for something that is very possibly a non starter. I know there supposed to be more of a move toward moving away from the classic and favoured ballet shape but from what I have seen albeit limited, ballet schools still do tend to favour a particular look and dare I say it (awaits backlash) this sometimes seems to be prioritised over talent and ability.
  14. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We went for a piece of music from a repertoire piece in the end. We have chosen the music from the Spanish dance in Swan lake. It's very lively and will be fun to dance to.
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