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  1. Hi, are there any parents of junior summer school starting at the end of August with 13 years old dds? My dd would love to get in touch with some to make few friends before it starts so please pm me if you interested. She is already getting to know a couple of lovely girls from extended young dancers so it would be lovely to hear if there are more here. Many thanks! X
  2. Hi my dd is 13 & has a place on Elmhurst summer school and on extended young dancers program starting in September as year 9. Would any parents have daughters who would like to pm me to get in touch with my dd so they could get to know each other & maybe make a little what app group? Xx
  3. Did manage to find out it will be definitely on Saturdays🙂 x
  4. Has anyone received more details when Elmhurst Extended Young Dancers programme will be please?
  5. Oh no, such a shame 🥺We were also so hopeful & nothing 😭 x
  6. Congratulations everyone, my dd has been accepted too. Would anyone know if children are put in groups based on their age please? X
  7. Congratulations @Lovedancingto your daughter too! Fantastic 👏! Does anybody know if classes are split based on individual years or years 7 to 11 are all together? X
  8. Congratulations everyone! My dd has a yes for Y9 🙂 x
  9. Does anybody know how long you had to wait last year for the results to come out please? X
  10. Unfortunately we also didn't receive anything @Pointeperfect😒x
  11. SWL for my dd too. Good luck to all the waiting...x
  12. Kings International will be definitely doing a summer intensive I thing the end of August...x
  13. Hi @Dancing feet are these still for sale?
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