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  1. (Or technically yesterday afternoon now). I suddenly became unable to get anywhere on the site. The "Performances" page would be up, but without the dot indicators for threads with new posts showing up. I could click on where they should be, in which case the URL showing would change to the appropriate URL, but I'd still be stuck in "Performances". Didn't have time to check it on different browsers, and it appears to be okay now.
  2. That's a point: can anyone tell me what sort of age the students were? I got the impression that they were older (well, taller) than in previous runs, although I may be mistaken.
  3. Among the minor delights of this screening, I thought, was being able to watch the expressions on Romany Pajdak's face while she was trying to persuade Nunez's reluctant Swanilda to confront the "living" doll in Act II Overall, though, I could probably have done with a touch fewer closeups, especially during the mimed or mime-like bits.
  4. I must admit, I was initially disappointed to find out from the cast sheet that the Smirnova/Watson piece was only to be 15 minutes long: it was a rather oddly balanced programme, time-wise. I also think it might have shown to better advantage in a smaller theatre - say Sadler's Wells - because from my seat towards the back of the theatre I was struggling to make out faces and expressions in the gloom, which was a particular problem for Radio & Juliet (although it didn't stop me being blinded by the Mugler costumes :) ). I'm not sure I'm sorry to have missed those from closer range. Fortunately, I decided that the performance of Faun alone was worth the (admittedly not very high) ticket price - I particularly liked Vaycheslav (is that really correct?) Lopatin's very floppy, almost boneless, characterisation of the young faun.
  5. All 3 acts were too dark. If they can lighten them up a bit, it will make a great DVD: if they can't, it will be even more difficult to see Muntagirov's legs than it was in the cinema, and that would be a huge disappointment (boy, was he on fine form tonight! As was Nunez)
  6. Or the 16th, for the ones I've looked at. Try the search on the ROH website to find out when your local ones are (they may be under "Encore" or under "Recorded").
  7. Well, I was surprised to see the Upper Circle was full - and I don't think that's an area they'd paper when there were other more important areas to bother with? Presumably everyone who'd booked the balcony had been moved down, which might account for it. Your explanation of the circumstances goes a long way to explaining the short notice, though.
  8. I can't say I noticed that, but then possibly I might not have been paying attention by then.
  9. Excellent, Lizbie, thank you. I'll copy it here for posterity: Also needs to be stressed that the URL is case-sensitive
  10. Oh, that was the "relaxed" screening, which I didn't even know was happening until last night (nor, apparently, did a lot of other people).
  11. They do - but there appears to be no access to it these days, unfortunately, hence my question.
  12. Which is only fine as long as the seat hasn't sold, which is never likely to be the situation for the ones I was thinking of.
  13. Oh, you mean the new edition which supposedly isn't out until tomorrow?
  14. Am I right in thinking there's nowhere on the ROH website where you can currently check the view from each seat?
  15. I hope people who go will report back: I shan't be going, as I don't want to cough and splutter over everyone. It'll have to be next week.
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