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  1. There was an ad in the evening standard recently for theatresupportfund.co.uk.
  2. I hadn't realised this was on. I'm not a fan either of the production or of the first act, but I may tune in for the second act, which I do like
  3. I'd expected to see a public announcement of that a few days ago - wonder what happened?
  4. Not exactly reopening as such, but this Financial Times article (Is multi-view streaming the future for the performing arts?) from yesterday's Links suggests an interesting alternative: https://www.ft.com/content/ff5d568c-0338-46ec-bd56-43ac2590deb0 Apparently the costs don't have to be prohibitive, either. It would certainly do away with many of the complaints about live screenings that the director isn't showing what the viewer wants to see at any given point!
  5. This one's pretty niche (South Asian), but may be of interest to someone: https://www.bl.uk/events/the-dancing-woman-and-the-national-cinematic-project Monday 25th January, 5.30, online
  6. And now, announcing the Winter-Spring season: "Continuing on from the Company's inaugural Digital Fall Season, The Sarasota Ballet will be offering unique and specially filmed performances that ticket buyers can stream from the comfort of their homes. These digital experiences will replace in-theater performances for the Programs 4 through 7 of the 30th Anniversary Season. The priority of The Sarasota Ballet is to safeguard audience members, dancers, and staff from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These filmed performances allow the Company to continue to bring the enjoyment of dance
  7. And it was on only a month or so ago ...
  8. I see from the Links that the Guardian has already produced 3 tributes to him, but as yet nothing from any other papers.
  9. What I didn't think the article made clear enough - as far as I recall - was that part of the discrepancy is down to the fact that one of the singers is a salaried employee, while the other is freelance. As we know, freelances in the creative and performing sectors are suffering really badly over in the UK, as well. Of course, it may also say a lot for the attitude to the performing arts in the two countries that a singer can be salaried in Germany - what the situation with e.g. the opera companies in the USA is I don't actually know, although we know that it's common for dancers' employment
  10. I think the above depressing news is probably better off here than getting lost in the years-long thread on dance on terrestrial TV .
  11. This arrived in my inbox earlier (apologies for the formatting - I can't see how to edit it further): 2021 MBE-honoured Sisters Grimm launch new music and dance works!
  12. (and Dads, of course )
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