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  1. No, it's Mistress plus 5 courtesans in Act II. I've frequently thought what you said, and then counted and realised I was wrong.
  2. Even more pleased to see him actually winning one, even if it was at a rather lower level (and I'd really have preferred Stan Wawrinka to have won). Bet Andy was relieved the baby didn't decide to arrive early!
  3. Beats me. I wonder that nearly every time. I mean, her name should probably be put on a different line from the other courtesans, but I think she should be credited. But then, I miss seeing the skivvies and so on credited these days, too.
  4. Why does *everything* seem to be happening on the 23rd? Loads of things, not necessarily ballet-related, and so many of them that I can't possibly fit them all in
  5. That makes a pleasant change from the "MacMillan as misogynist" viewpoint.
  6. Thanks for the recommendations, everyone: I'm very glad I went, although perhaps it's not the best thing to be going to see with a migraine hovering, because of some of the lighting effects.
  7. Welcome to the forum, FlowerPower. Firstly, I'd say that, at only 4 lessons in, you sound as though you're doing pretty well to me. It took me WAY longer than that to get my arms and legs coordinated (at least, to the extent that I *have* got them coordinated!). Perhaps you could leave the arm positions out for a bit, if your teacher agrees, while you get your brain round what your legs are supposed to be doing? Also, as you familiarise yourself more with your teacher's practices you'll probably find that there are patterns which repeat from week to week, and you'll eventually start anticipating him/her. You'll find things like en croix start to become more natural the more you do them, and there's a logic to them - you probably will eventually even work out whether you're supposed to be closing your leg to the front or the back from the side (most of the time)! Again, there tends to be a logic to the arm positions as well - often one arm in fifth when the leg is to the front, to the side when the leg is to the side, and straight ahead to the front when the leg is to the back. It does become easier after a while, although I do sympathise about the recall problem - I haven't got that sorted yet either!
  8. That last bit in particular is good to hear. Thanks for reporting, northstar. I hadn't even registered that they'd started touring yet.
  9. Surely it's perfectly good for a lot of people who live outside London, unlike the previous day tickets system? I thought that was part of the reason for changing it (Open Up works being another?) Wrt the Proms comments above, I believe it's only the "daytripper" Prommers who are allowed to buy equivalent Last Night Promming tickets if they can produce tickets for at least 5 different Proms (the season ticket holders having the Last Night included anyway, unless things have changed), which seems fair enough, as they've demonstrated a fair amount of commitment. If you want to buy a seat, you can just enter the general ballot, although there's a separate one for those who again have bought tickets to 5 or more Proms.
  10. I was thinking only a day or two ago that things had gone very quiet on the Shale front. That would explain it. Let's hope he makes a full recovery.
  11. I'm not sure that's accurate, but I'm sure one of the BBBs will know.
  12. ???!!! I do hope we will eventually get to see James Hay as Des Grieux, as someone mentioned overleaf, although I realise that the casting options will be rather limited.
  13. I have a new theory: perhaps it's a deliberate policy to help flush out - and get rid of - the touts?!
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