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  1. I fear I'm probably not going to make it As long as I'm okay for Hobson's Choice, though, I probably won't mind too much.
  2. People who were asking about casting: it's very difficult, simply because of the fact that so many dancers swap in and out of parts. I think I was there for the performance which was filmed, and trying to reproduce the cast sheet would have been something of a nightmare (incidentally, I could wish they hadn't run the credits centrally, as they obscured the dancers who were taking their bows). I was a little late to the cinema, so if there was any preliminary introduction I missed it. I think someone provided a link to the synopsis in this thread, didn't they? I know I certainly needed it. I wondered if that was actually the point? From everything I've gathered, I believe Victoria was quite explicit (for Victorian times, at least!) in her diaries about sex, so I wonder if we were supposed to be experiencing something of what Beatrice felt which caused her to tear those pages out of the diary?
  3. Would be well worth it, I suspect, simply for the close-ups.
  4. No cash outlay from me forthcoming, that's for sure. I do think the ROH are getting a little silly with the frequency of some of their releases.
  5. I hope people have spotted this thread out in the main forum:
  6. It seems to be largely Odeons and Vues, from what I can see. And I don't remember it being flagged in my Odeon arts events mailing, either.
  7. I wonder if the general Sadler's Wells audience is drifting away from ballet - I've certainly had that feeling on a number of occasions. I think the trouble is that Hobson's Choice, whether play, film or ballet, is probably not on people's radar much these days - but if you could actually persuade them to go I'm sure they'd love it
  8. Neither, unfortunately. When they had a near-ideal cast in Leanne Benjamin and Carlos Acosta, I think that was a real missed opportunity. ... Theme and Variations (RB, not BRB) Requiem Possibly Gloria Apollo ...
  9. Symphonic Variations The Dream La Fille Mal Gardée There are definitely other ballets I never tire of (always assuming they are performed to the requisite standard, of course), but I'd need to think about those. If we extend to other forms of dance: "V", by Mark Morris Promethean Fire, by Paul Taylor [goes and puts thinking cap on]
  10. That's why I thought I'd bump it One of the cinemas I was looking at only had one advance booking - I may go and swell the numbers if I'm well by then. (I didn't actually look and see how many had booked at the other 3) Mind you, I've never seen the point in seriously advance booking if you're sure the showing's not going to sell out.
  11. Well, they don't always award gold at the Prix de Lausanne, do they?
  12. Is it the critics who are at fault here, or their arts editors (or higher)? Another thing to be considered is whether the critics have constraints on their ability to travel outside London - I have no information on their personal lives, but I suppose it might be true in the odd case.
  13. Reminded about this just in time by a Northern Ballet press release: NB's production of Victoria, by Cathy Marston, is being shown in cinemas tomorrow evening. I'm sure the more take-up there is now, the greater the likelihood of another one in the future https://www.cinemalive.com/event/victoria (avoid Internet Explorer) I may be making a trip westwards tomorrow ...
  14. Goodness, that seems like an even more complex hierarchical structure than ENB's! Presumably it's good news all round, though, so congratulations to all! And Victoria is in cinemas tomorrow?
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