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  1. Yet it had been announced a good 48 hours earlier. True, too late for many people to get tickets, but then we don't know how late notice was given.
  2. I'm not suggesting there should be Friends' offers as such, but it surely makes more financial sense to reduce prices by 50% or whatever for the general public somewhat earlier if tickets aren't shifting, rather than wait until the last minute and flog the tickets off to students for a tenner. It may be an investment in the future doing it the latter way, but it comes at a high cost.
  3. I expect I already have all the components of the Ashton - as I suspect will many others. I was hoping there was another DVD with shorter works coming.
  4. Yes, the "guest" phrasing is a little ambiguous. Thanks for the confirmation, Rachel.
  5. I think it's pretty clear from the lack of public offers on Frankenstein and Two Pigeons earlier this year that the ROH currently would rather bite off its own arm than publicly discount tickets somewhat to shift them. Offering them to students at an absolute pittance, though, appears to be a different matter. Doesn't seem to make financial sense, but I guess they have their reasons. They may of course change their minds ...
  6. I forgot, next Wednesday's (28th) Prom includes Tchaikovsky's Mozartiana and Stravinsky's The Fairy's Kiss. Clashes with Francesca Hayward at the Ballet Association ...
  7. Add me as another Madgwick fan: you could always guarantee a good performance with her. And one of my favourite Lises. I'm slightly discomfited, though, at calling a principal dancer "lesser"! I was thinking of lower-ranked dancers, and will have to put my thinking-cap on here.
  8. And Northern Ballet's offerings, for adults and children: https://northernballet.com/digitaldance/in-cinema
  9. Not, for some reason, in the eyes of those who cry "elitism", though. And the arts do need to be made accessible by keeping some prices low. I don't deny that you're paying a lot of salaries with your bucks, though
  10. Wouldn't a better analogy then be (sorry for bringing tennis up yet again) using a larger racquet in tennis, or having a superior-performance car in motor racing?
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