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  1. I see from Dansomanie that Bel Air Classics (which operates the Bolshoi live relays, among other things) is moving into video on demand during the current crisis: https://belairclassiques.com/films-a-la-demande As the website is available in French and English, I'm assuming these aren't geoblocked for France.
  2. And I'm glad to see that Will Bracewell has some additional exercising space in addition to that very compact flat ...
  3. By the way, do feel free to use this thread to discuss all the other programmes in this season as well, folks - contrary to what some people think, this forum doesn't entirely revolve around the Royal Ballet
  4. You weren't the only one, Bruce Come to think of it, we only got a glimpse of Federico Bonelli in passing right at the end, too.
  5. And they are obviously still slaving away at it, and will be adjusting according to government guidelines.
  6. Ashley Bouder was absolutely glorious in Donizetti Variations - and what a lovely chance to see it again after so many years. The last time I saw it was when London City Ballet performed it back last century at the old Sadler's Wells: I didn't realise back then just how Bournonville-like it was.
  7. Not on tour it wouldn't be - not based on the last time they tried it, which would be in the early 1990s, I think
  8. Still very much a work in progress, obviously, but: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/384LXFP6B13d4q2GnLx8HGy/unveiling-the-2020-bbc-proms
  9. Sorry, I meant advertising on the BBC. I'm aware from the links that there have been plenty of articles in the "printed" press.
  10. Not to mention all the incredibly hard-working older dancers who may be losing out on final opportunities to dance roles.
  11. Hmm. In the Times article from a recent Links post (warning: Share Token runs out shortly) it says https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/b63676e0-9b61-11ea-945c-98ec4f4d8558?shareToken=670e840b11e9721fa7e2acec566107c3 "For Cahusac [commissioner for BBC Arts], Men at the Barre is a chance for dance fans to see their favourite stars up close, but she is expecting it to appeal to a wider constituency as well. Audiences, she says, are turning more and more to dance in general, and she’s not just talking about the Strictly Come Dancing effect. ... Appreciation is spreading out beyond a very genre-specific audience.” This begs the question even more of why it was hidden away on BBC4 rather than on BBC2 (and I still haven't seen any advertising for any of the programmes), which sounds far more like its natural home and would have made the approach taken rather more understandable.
  12. I thought the implication was that repeat shows were intended - but only read the article rather superficially.
  13. Not seen as yet, I think: Unless those who said the showing of Mayerling a couple of months ago didn't count were wrong? Or something was filmed in the Linbury?
  14. alison

    Misplaced ear worms

    I'm now wishing I hadn't watched NYCB in Carousel - A Dance the other day: can't get various bits of the songs from Carousel out of my brain now!
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