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  1. Although the lack of comment may simply be down to the fact that people don't have any experience of it - most people don't post that they don't know about it
  2. I'm also wondering whether the Royal Ballet's Beatriz Stix-Brunell (and maybe other dancers over here) went through a similar sort of situation? It might be mentioned in some interviews - I'm thinking perhaps old Ballet Association reports, if there's an appropriate one in her case.
  3. Ah, yes, I loved that piece when it was first issued sometime early on in the pandemic. Wish I'd known it was on.
  4. "Alas"? Given the paucity of offerings from the POB over recent decades, I'll pretty much take anything that's going Or do you actually manage to get their cinema broadcasts over in the States?
  5. JanJas, I've added a couple of appropriate tags to your post: click on them, and they'll bring up some threads which may be of help.
  6. I had to go and get the charger before the end because my device was rapidly running out of battery
  7. The Paris Opera has launched its digital offering - not just ballet, but opera, concerts, etc.: L'OPÉRA CHEZ SOI, A RANGE OF PRODUCTIONS ON REQUEST The Opera invites itself into your home with its new video on demand platforml'Opéra chez soi. On the programme, per
  8. It's only taken me years, but I've finally worked out where my local WH Smiths keeps the copies of Dance Europe and Dancing Times. Not in the women's section - as I've found with certain other branches - and certainly not in the logical place along with the opera, music and theatre magazines. I think it may have been somewhere near the fishing, or the military stuff of some description Anyway, now I've found out that they do in fact stock them, I may buy them more frequently. Or just go for the electronic subscription.
  9. I must admit, I don't recall it, so it'll be worth seeing anyway.
  10. While I was watching the re-streaming of this recently, I noticed a very vivid White Cat, and thought "Isn't that Ashley Dean?" Yet when I looked on the end credits, it said Letitia Stock. I found my cast list for the cinema showing the other day, and sure enough, I'd crossed out Stock and put Dean instead. There were a number of other replacements among the cast, not only those caused by the late reallocation of the Lilac Fairy, so I hope there are no other inaccuracies on the credits.
  11. I knew about Buvoli from the recent Ballet Association talk, but not Dean. And that reminds me ...
  12. The only trouble with this calendar is that if you have performances which are available for a long time they clog up the beginning of the calendar for ages and everything else piles up afterwards. It's a long shot, but I don't suppose anyone happens to be aware of a way events can be listed by end date rather than start date?
  13. On re-reading this, I've since realised that if the correct time zone and time for the performance are put in, the time should adjust to the reader's own time zone anyway.
  14. "6 Apr 2021 — Dr Hunt has now written to the President of SIBMAS, and we are hoping that this is the start of a productive dialogue. The questions raised in the petition still remain. We are disappointed to see that theatre and performance, which is internationally recognised as a distinct branch of heritage, is still being treated in line with the V&A’s “materials” based approach. Until recently, the performing arts were well understood by the V&A and had their own branch museum. Now they do not even warrant a separate department, despite covering all material types and relyi
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