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  1. Haven't they streamed it already, or was it only an extract?
  2. The professional dancers, I think. I don't know what's been arranged as a result.
  3. Incorrectly, it would appear, since Swan Lake in May has already been announced It must cost a lot to do the cinema broadcasts (two nights' recording, plus you lose quite a few expensive seats for cameras), so I suspect the ROH will only be doing the ones where it's virtually guaranteed that they will pull in a big audience, and stream everything else
  4. Bromley high street last weekend Considering that that same "hoarding" had been used to wish luck to Adam Gemili, Dina Asher-Smith and Katarina Johnson-Thompson at the Olympics, I'm surprised they didn't manage to jinx Emma as well
  5. Well, this is what bugs me: what happens if there's an outbreak at a theatre? Not among the cast, among the audience. And where it's clear from tracing that the theatre is the source of the outbreak. If patient A is contagious but turns up anyway, and spreads it, say, to the dozen people sitting around them? They will all have to self-isolate, but does the theatre have to close, thereby losing valuable revenue which it really can't afford to do? Undergo a deep clean (more expense)? Or does it get away relatively scot free? Those considerations must make a considerable difference to how venues are likely to react.
  6. When I was living in France, there was a major exhibition on about the "bande dessinée" (think Astérix, Tintin et al) which made me realise what a major part of French culture it was. I do hope it hasn't totally been replaced in the French public's affections by manga in the intervening years.
  7. I thought those were the rules - mask while you're walking about, then take it off once you get to your seat? Mind you, what do I know? I tend to keep mine on most of the time regardless.
  8. In the Prime Minister's cabinet reshuffle earlier today, Oliver Dowden has been replaced as "Culture Secretary" (I can't remember the full title) by Nadine Dorries. I'm not sure what the implications of that are, but there's about to be a discussion on BBC Radio 4's Front Row.
  9. Rather unexpectedly, I've just found that Sadler's Wells has revamped its website. Immediate reaction: - positive: you get clearly warned about the contents, so hopefully no more unexpected migraine triggers for me! - negative: you now get an indication of how well each performance is selling, but no more "x seats left in ...", which I really appreciated. I'm hoping that it will make it easier to get to the booking links for late performances in long runs, but will check that out. Edit: yes, you can get right to the last performance in one easy click!
  10. This one sounds as though it ought to be sumptuous: Dear Customers, Our colleagues at the Noverre Press have published another important reprint, 'Leon Bakst's Designs for The Sleeping Princess', a selection of the designs Bakst made for the famous 1921 Diaghilev production. The book was first published in 1921 in a limited edition of 1,000 copies, and has never previously been reprinted with the designs in colour. As usual, you'll find full details and ordering facilities on our web site: www.dancebooks.co.uk
  11. Actually, that's quite fascinating, too. I'd never before registered just how much bows varied according to ballet and location, and how important the use of the eyes is!
  12. I'm starting to feel a bit queasy about the amount of focusing on her potential earnings in the past 24 hours. It seems to cheapen her achievement somehow. That said, if she's not an advert for the benefits (professionally speaking, here) of learning a second language, I don't know who is!
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