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  1. Try having a look back at our feedback at the time (autumn 2018?)
  2. Plenty of reviews now in today's Links, so I guess the press night must have been at the beginning of this week.
  3. alison

    Room 101

    Any particular reason why you're bringing this up half a century after the event, Fiz?
  4. Oh dear. When you think about how much these dancers move about, I hope they won't catch anything.
  5. This seems like a very good idea. I did it a few years back after we had severe problems with the transmission of the "The Dream" mixed bill. (Unfortunately, similar problems occurred with the encore showing as well, but at least I'd got in free the second time!). I must say, that practice is totally appalling, and I think would merit a letter of complaint to head office. Remind me never to choose a multiplex ...
  6. In my experience, it seems to be down to the individual cinema: we've asked for the sound to be turned up or down before. Mind you, that may have been on an Encore showing rather than live.
  7. It was reported on the news tonight that La Scala is closed because of the coronavirus outbreak. I don't know how much the ballet is affected by this, and in fact, what their schedule is at all. Do they alternate performances with the opera as they do at Covent Garden?
  8. I haven't seen any public reviews yet, but most of the audience the night I was there seemed highly appreciative of the whole thing, and I've seen a lot of positive comments privately online. I didn't want to comment publicly because I couldn't find anyone selling programmes, so didn't know who and what to credit. I did find that the new piece rather outstayed its welcome, though
  9. And here it is! (Now you know why it's worth putting all those pesky tags in when starting a thread!)
  10. We do actually have another Adult Ballet thread - somewhere ...
  11. Yes, but it's the wrong cast And anyway, I didn't mean quite that close-up, just theatre-wise close-up!
  12. Oh, not THAT interminable thread? Beyond the call of duty, then, Jan
  13. I'd really appreciate the opportunity to see this bill from rather closer up than the amphitheatre, so if anyone has a stalls circle standing or other cheap ticket going spare, please let me know by PM. Many thanks.
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