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  1. Yes. Probably, like me, they've tried selecting a few price bands and are getting fed up with the "We could not find 1 tickets together. Try requesting fewer tickets, or select a different area." What should I go for, 0.5? 0.25? And of course they can't find 1 ticket together Shame the system can't filter on the number of tickets looked for.
  2. Yep. Or alternatively if your other half doesn't actually like ballet/opera, or is unable to travel, or ...
  3. I'm afraid it was obvious to me from the outset that single-bookers were likely to be excluded, or at least left with meagre pickings, for economic reasons. That's part of the reason why I didn't expect to be returning any time soon
  4. It didn't bother me at all. I think he needed to break it up a bit for the audience, as running through all the introductions in one go might well have left people confused, especially if they didn't know the works.
  5. Yes, the Thais bit was excellent - and good to have it recorded for posterity. I was also intrigued watching the socially-distanced rehearsal of Monotones - gives you an idea of what the Royal Ballet are probably having to do at the moment - and the in-depth wardrobe feature was interesting as well.
  6. I was interested to see how different some of the works look compared with when they are performed by the Royal Ballet. I'm not yet sure to what extent that's because I would invariably have been in the amphitheatre at the Royal Opera House, but here have a "ground floor" view, but will have another look and see if things become clearer on a second viewing.
  7. I totally forgot they were on last night. Thanks, Lynette, and congratulations to all the winners.
  8. I've set up a thread in the Performances section here: Perhaps it will attract more attention/interest.
  9. List of works performed, for those who haven't caught it yet: -Meditation from Thaïs - first performed by Dame Antoinette Sibley and Sir Anthony Dowell 21 March 1971, to music by Jules Massenet -Monotones II - first performed by The Royal Ballet 24 March 1965, to music by Erik Satie orchestrated by Claude Debussy and Alexis Roland-Manuel -Façade, Extracts - first performed by the Camargo Society 26 April 1931, set to William Walton's score originally created as a setting for the poetry of Edith Sitwell -Romeo & Juliet, Balcony pas de deux - first performed by Royal Danish
  10. And the London Mozart Players, at Croydon's Fairfield Hall, which I presume still has the best acoustic in London: London Mozart Players - Classical Club Fairfield Halls’ resident orchestra, the London Mozart Players, were back in the Concert Hall this month to film a wonderful concert for their online series Classical Club. A socially-distanced audience of just 50 people were appreciated Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony and Strauss’s Oboe Concerto in the fine acoustics of the hall. LMP’s Classical Club is a series of 8
  11. We missed this one: Tuesday 27th, 7 am, Sky Arts: Mata Hari, so that's presumably Dutch National Ballet. @Don Q Fan @Terpsichore Wednesday 28th, 6 am: Discovering Dance on Film
  12. I'd forgotten I'd started this thread, but here's a quick shout out for the following on Sky Arts: Today, 11 am: Valery Gergiev conducts Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique (and presumably something else as the programme lasts for nearly two hours) Sunday, 6 am: Pavarotti 10th Anniversary Gala
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