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  1. I think I'd count Gamzatti as a principal role too. Anyway, she was only promoted to First Soloist last year, so perhaps a bit soon for any more movement?
  2. Sepia? B&W? or something similar? Yes, I maybe remember it. Now, where are my stamp albums?
  3. Click the "tutus" tag which I've just added, and it will bring up a couple of threads which may be of help to you. Best of luck!
  4. Whereas the UK's Royal Mail is too busy producing Harry Potter / Star Wars / Marvel Comics / Game of Thrones stamps to bother with Dame Margot?
  5. Presumably this was for the previous season? So - Swan Lake and Lohengrin aside - before the (sometimes outrageous) price hikes?
  6. I'd always assumed it was down to opera scheduling - either for a long-running one in the evening, or so they could fit another rehearsal of one act of something inbetween the two performances! But perhaps the two aren't mutually exclusive.
  7. Various dates and times are available, depending on location. Is there an overarching website where these can be checked? I've just found one which is on this afternoon, for example, and a couple of lunchtime showings next week - and that's only in the cinemas relatively local to me!
  8. There's another showing somewhere early June, too - I put details on the cinema thread in News. In fact, dates vary quite significantly according to cinema.
  9. The fence panels unfortunately made it a bit difficult to see the dancers' legs in some cases.
  10. Really? When we're currently in what seems to me like an unprecedented run of the things? That is a surprise.
  11. There probably wasn't much after that that he could be cast in, looking at the schedule and bearing in mind that other dancers were probably already committed to certain roles (although I hope he's been working on other things in the meantime).
  12. I can't imagine Kevin O'Hare will appreciate having to announce casting that far in advance, from what he's said in the past.
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