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Found 2 results

  1. My child is giving up dancing after training in various genres for over 12 years. She has decided to follow an academic route at University and has applied and been accepted at her first choice Uni. I am proud of her and happy for her and encouraged her in her decision to move on. In many ways I am relieved that she has chosen not to continue but i can't help feeling sad and at times angry about the underlying reasons behind her decision. I know this has been discussed in various topics over the years so sorry if I am dragging it up and picking at old wounds for anyone, but the reality is that had the dance world (non vocational) not been so toxic over the years then she would be pursuing something that she loved and is very talented in. I don't think my daughter was particularly unlucky in experiencing some very negative dance schools, dance teachers, bullying etc, it seems it is par for the course in the majority of dance related settings. It makes me wonder if things will ever change as dance environments seem to be a law unto themselves. I see so many social media posts from dance teachers/schools (apologies to any out there who are not like this) who spout about nurturing, support, being a "family etc" when the reality is, and I say this from personal experience, that they are absolutely awful practitioners who are the cause or catalyst for turning talented students away from the profession and the cause of much sadness and self esteem issues amongst young people. I've seen this with my daughter and many of her dancing friends. Whilst I recognise that training in dance does have a lot of positives for those involved I am currently pondering on the old age question of, was it all worth it? I gave her many opportunities and support in the past to walk away but she held on to her dream so I did what I could to support her. I'm really hoping that in time I will stop feeling regret and dissapointed at what could have and should have been a far easier and more enjoyable journey for her. If anyone has any words of wisdom or positive stories of moving on, please share them so that I can stop feeling guilty about not being more forceful in redirecting her years ago, not to mention the time, sweat, tears and money 🤣. Hopefully it wasn't all wasted.
  2. Do you regret spending so much time and money on dance for your children? Do you wish you’d had more family time etc? My children adore dancing, competitions, associate classes, online classes, gymnastics etc but I feel that our life often revolves around it and I wonder if we’re missing out on other things by following and encouraging it all at such young ages knowing a career in this subject isnt easy and may never happen. My children all have a wonderful life and we do many lovely days out but I feel dance is always on the back of everyone’s mind no matter where we are or what we’re doing and it does ‘take over’. So I suppose my question is do you wish you didn’t support/encourage this route for your children? Or do you wish you’d kept it as a weekend class hobby?
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