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  1. I thought they might start watching them before the deadline, They will have lots to watch. Good luck!
  2. Results are out. We’ve just had an email about the spring intensive. My dd is swl.
  3. Haven’t had that info yet!! It’s a constant 🎢 rollercoaster!
  4. It did this on my phone but worked on my laptop
  5. I’ve just heard back with an invite to audition too.
  6. The Istd have a web site that registered teachers are (not all are registered on it though). Might help to find someone who does the right levels. https://www.dance-teachers.org/home/
  7. I think the no letters are identical. but I’m sure they are all good dancers so keep training and try again. We all get stronger from our knock backs. But you have to keep going!
  8. My dd was a not yet too. Just wondered how personal the feed back was? we were told her standard of dancing was good and she shows potential for further training but needs to improve ports de bras. Was yours similar? we will try again next summer
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