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  1. Is it still available? If so, I’ll take it. Would you be able to message me? Thanks
  2. I’m interested. Does the £30 cover postage too?
  3. Contact ballet boost and they will email you a direct contact for uniform.
  4. I'm looking for a balletic arts junior leotard & belt aged 12 approx.
  5. I think quality over quantity counts. The private lessons sound a good suggestion. Speak to her teacher and see what she suggests.
  6. We are SWL but didn’t receive an email.
  7. Yes I received an email yesterday. We did a recorded audition as we couldn’t make the in person one.
  8. Does anyone know what time Prep 1 classes are at central? Also are they every Saturday on term time? Thanks
  9. My dd has been accepted. I was just about to ask if anyone has any experiences!
  10. Take a look at Rosina Andrews pirouettes surgery. She also sometimes does a class about turning for ballet class.
  11. Could you send me a photo of the eglantine?
  12. SWL for Dd too. That’s for Birmingham.
  13. I would say for ballet training Elmhurst has the better reputation. But they are both fab schools! Well done!
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