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  1. The Istd have a web site that registered teachers are (not all are registered on it though). Might help to find someone who does the right levels. https://www.dance-teachers.org/home/
  2. I think the no letters are identical. but I’m sure they are all good dancers so keep training and try again. We all get stronger from our knock backs. But you have to keep going!
  3. My dd was a not yet too. Just wondered how personal the feed back was? we were told her standard of dancing was good and she shows potential for further training but needs to improve ports de bras. Was yours similar? we will try again next summer
  4. We had to confirm we wanted the space. The paper work (online form) has to be returned by July 20th accepting the terms and conditions. Hope that helps.
  5. I know of a student who dropped out after 1 lesson but I don’t know whether that means they take someone off the waiting list.
  6. My daughter got a yes for Birmingham 32 weeks course. Can’t really believe it! (I’m also her ballet teacher!) she got a no in year 4 & year 5 and I was so disappointed for her but things do change! She’s taken classes in many places this year to help build strength and confidence. I recommend looking round at what is near you.
  7. I think we applied for Birmingham! (Seems. Along time ago now! I’m confident it will be a no but my daughter enjoys the audition class and it’s good experience. Glad they are looking at them already. good luck everyone!!
  8. It’s about 40 minutes. The teacher gives very clear instructions, just hold the camera nice and still! (No nervous shaking!) 😁
  9. We quite enjoyed doing it and filming it. Although my camera ran out of storage so I had to quickly swap to my phone!! They’ve only done it for year 6 entry but I guess they’ll still have a lot to look at.
  10. Has anyone done the year 6 RBS JA’s video audition? I’ve sent my daughters in but didn’t get any receipt or acknowledgement. Did any of you? thanks
  11. What are the roles available in auroras wedding and ballet Etudes? My daughters 9.
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