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Found 8 results

  1. Selected Candidate information Prix de Lausanne have now published the details of the candidates selected for 2021. There are two lists, one list giving candidates names, their nationality, school they attend and in which country and another one by country, showing how many applied and how many were accepted. As far as I could see connected to UK there is one British girl studying at a school in Portugal and one Japanese girl studying at Elmhurst.
  2. I'm a teacher, and our London based dance school would like to start doing competitions but would like some advice on where to start. Any good local competitions to start with? Are solos or group dances better to begin with? Are there criteria for each style/age group? Any other advice for starting out? We currently have some very talented children with strong technique up to age 14 in all genres. Thanks so much in advance!
  3. Has anyone had experience of the above. How the day runs and general standard please?
  4. I know it's early in the year, but I thought that it would be nice to have a thread that followed the dancing successes of 2017, be it successful auditions or medals in competitions etc. It would be like a photo album of happy results! Good luck for everyone ????
  5. My daughter is 7, and has been in ballet classes for 4 years. She's very keen, and has started asking about doing competitions. Her dance school specialises in another style of dance, and those students often compete, but not the ballet students. She adores her teacher, works hard, and has been in two recitals. So is there any harm at giving her a turn at competing? It's something I have no experience in. Her teacher said she'd help with choreography and extra training, and she'd be competing under our school's name. Part of me says it could be fun, and give her a bit of a chance to push herself a bit. Another part worries that it's just part of a huge money-making industry and it won't really help her in the long run. I'd really appreciate some guidance, thank you.
  6. My dd has had to withdraw from this competition due to injury and I now have tickets for both the semi finals and the final if anyone is interested, I have posted on the 'For sale' section of the forum. Just wanted to say thank you though to all the lovely people on here who have sent private messages. Much appreciated
  7. Guest

    RAD Welsh Awards Day

    Is anyone else taking part in the awards day on 28th September?
  8. Dear parents/guardians of young dancers, It may be of interest that - from October 2014 - Spirit Young Performers Company will be launching an Elite Dance Troupe. The performers selected for this troupe will perform in professionally filmed showcases and represent us at prestigious live events. We're looking for skilled dancers aged 10-17 who are dynamic and compelling performers. These dancers will train and rehearse with us every Sunday in Central London from 4pm - 6pm, working on jazz, contemporary, lyrical and modern routines. Performances will be professionally filmed every term and released to thousands of viewers and subscribers on our online channel. We are also lined up to perform at competitions and prestigious live events. For those who do not know, Spirit Young Performers Company is an acclaimed performing arts school, best known for filming our performances with a professional multi-camera filmcrew for invaluable showcase. We will be auditioning for the Elite Dance Troupe in July. To register your interest, please visit our website. Kind regards, Sophie Boyce Director - Spirit Young Performers Company http://www.spiritypc.co.uk
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