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  1. Just wondering if anyone know what is happening with this? https://www.cecchetti.co.uk/legacy-project/ still no sight of any dvd coming along.
  2. Just wondering which color is the “right” pink for Ballet tights, Ballet pink or theatrical pink? Or which one is more flattering.
  3. Hi, just wondering what happens in the assessment? And what is being assessed if say no injury? And how much does it cost and how long does it take?
  4. Hi, just wondering if anyone know of any classes teaching the new rad discovering repertoire in and around birmingham?
  5. Contacted Annette- given everyone is recommending her, I am not surprised to hear that she is completely booked up for privates 😢... oh dear!!
  6. Hiya, just wondering if any adult ballet students are auditioning for the BRB sleeping beauty dreams on 17th Sept? Does anyone know the formate of the audition?
  7. I am moving to Kings Heath/ Moseley area. Thank you very much for your suggestion. Let me check out Nicholson- seem highly recommended. I tried the dancexchange classes long time ago before I went away for uni... they are of very high standard especially the advanced classes but not very personal though as the class size was quite big. I would love to be able to dance at a higher level and therefore I am hoping to find smaller classes or some private coaching.
  8. Oh and I would love the chance of doing more advanced pointe work and repertoire in the semi private class!! 😍
  9. Hi, I am new here but I have been doing ballet as an adult for more than 10 years on and off. I am just wondering if there are any intermediate semi-private ballet class in Birmingham I can join? Or anyone around Birmingham would like to share a two hours private ballet class with me? Being able to share would make the class much more affordable while still benefiting from individual attention!! I would really want to get much better but feel i am getting loss in large group classes. anyone interested, please PM me
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