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  1. Thats very true. As you say at least with the old system you could go back through your account to see where you were with everything. I’m really not so keen on this new one. The number of errors I’ve experienced and read about is terrible. Lets hope they fix it - and soon.
  2. Yes we got the email too. I have to say that for a professional organisation their admin this year has been shocking. Luckily I hadn’t told my DD anything but regardless, this is really disappointing. @Bunny, I hope your DS isn’t too upset. Fingers crossed, however, to all of us with WL candidates, that somebody does get lucky, and good luck to all those with a place 🤞🏻
  3. My DD is on the waiting list - same as for the Easter Intensive (she’s not having much luck so far this year). Well done to all the lucky ones who’ve been offered spaces though.
  4. My DD also got a place on the waiting list for Easter, and we are one of those families that applied for both Easter and Summer at the same time. She's pleased to, at the very least, be in with a chance of possible selection if space arises, but knows not to hold out any hope. We too will make plans as though it were an outright no, just in case.
  5. Thank you, @Pointetoes thats really encouraging to hear. Maybe this will be the start of some wonderful things for my DD with them too 🤞🏻 Good luck to your DD for her studies in September 🍀 Mine starts Prep1 Associates with Central having only been offered SWL for RBS Mids this year. Pastures new for her all round 👍🏻
  6. @Pups_mumBRB are in our area every 2 years as I understand it. She has to choose ultimately - I’m trying hard not to be a pushy mum and obviously feel that a scholarship isn’t to be sniffed at - I just have to hope that she does so without regret. Having no experience of either, I appreciate your thoughts, thank you.
  7. Thank you, thats interesting to know. My DD is Yr 6 and has been offered a scholarship. She’s torn between accepting that or dancing with the BRB which rehearses at the same time so she’s unlikely to be able to do both. We wondered if the scholarship children tended to get a good part or whether as a ‘younger’ dancer she still wouldn’t get much stage time. These are a first for us so we know very little about the process.
  8. What is the standard of dance like for those who take part and do they get a decent amount of stage time each if there are around 100 dancers taking part?
  9. We got SWL last year for Eastleigh but nothing materialised for my DD. They do call if spaces appear so don’t give up hope just yet; just a heads up though, the 2 terms that they refer to that you stay on the list for, only actually takes you up to Christmas, not Easter as we’d thought. My DD was lucky enough to be offered a space at her 2nd attempt and is just coming to the end of her JA training (she’s Y6). She’s again back on SWL for Mids, so full circle to where she started. Numbers on that list (Mids) could be quite high; there were 5 girls from her centre alone that were offered SWL! We had no clue how many there were likely to have been on the JA list when she was on it and hadn’t a clue how to find out. Thankfully, she has the determination to keep going so we’ll be back again trying for Mids next year. Got to stay positive in all this. Good luck and hope you’re lucky enough to get the longed for call 🤞🏻
  10. Our yes email came at 1215 on the 12th June for Eastleigh last year. The previous year’s SWL offer came much later in the month, I’m almost sure of it. Its an awful time not knowing when it will be sent; we’ve just gone through it all again for Mids - sadly my DD is back on the SWL so will no doubt need to retry next Feb as having been SWL before, we’re not hopeful of a place coming up. Good luck to all waiting- you must surely hear in the next day or so; its a fabulous experience for your children 😁
  11. Wondering whether the "previous applicants need not apply" note on the website means that they will actually be revisiting their records of earlier auditionees to invite them along, or if it indeed, means quite the opposite? It would seem very unfair to discount them entirely as there must have been many more children that would fit their desired criteria, than there were spaces available on offer at the finals. This is all very new to me so perhaps my train of thought is not quite as it should be. Good luck to anybody that is successful in securing an audition/reaudition spot (if they do actually do that).
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