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Found 21 results

  1. Disclaimer: I understand there is many threads on topics talked about here but I just needed to collate them, and I do not know exactly where I was meant to post this, or what tags...Just chose two which would prompt the best outcome (an ISTD adult class in Glasgow). Hi, I am a 17 year old male, (well would be 18 when this is relevant) anyway, so I'm currently doing Grade 6 ISTD (will be doing the exam this summer), I have been dancing since I was 7 doing grades 1-2 with RAD but started ISTD at 11 with a different teacher as I did not like her. But I do not wish a career in dance, so I am
  2. Hi I’m looking to buy the ISTD imperial ballet dvd for Advanced 1 & Advanced 2 and the Cecchetti DVD for Advanced 1 & Advanced 2 Ballet..if anybody has either of these to sell I would be very grateful😊
  3. Hi, just after some information . My daughter has just taken her intermediate imperial classical ballet exam with ISTD . We are currently looking at the possibility of changing schools as my dd is taught alone at her current school as there are no other students at same level. The school we are looking at teaches RAD and said my daughter would need to take the intermediate RAD exam. I was wondering why ? Is ISTD intermediate not the same level?? Or is it a requirement of RAD to have done their exam before progressing??? ( I unfortunately was not at the meeting to ask questions my husband was a
  4. Hi, Can anyone tell me how the old Associate ISTD exam compares to DDI/DDE? I understand that Associates are not accredited. So if you wanted to progress further in higher education would you have to go back and study DDE etc first? Appreciate if anyone can advise! Thanks x
  5. Hi, Does anyone have any experience of the ISTD/Cechetti DDI qualification? I'd like to study for it through distance learning, but don't really know much about it! Thankyou x
  6. Anyone know anything about this competition or anyone who is going this year?
  7. My DD1 is 11 and has been doing ballet and tap since she was 3 and modern since she was five. In may she is doing her grade 2 istd ballet and in july she is doing her GRade 3 istd modern. Also she is studying for her Grade 2 istd tap. At the moment she does 2 1/2 hours of ballet a fortnight. 1 3/4 hours of modern and 3/4 hours of tap a fortnight. Are these grade average for her age? PS: she is quite a serious dancer.
  8. We have just been entered for the istd senior ballet awards, anyone done these before, are they hard, has anyone any experiences from them, thanks xx
  9. Wondering if anyone can help with info on becoming ISTD qualified (tap & maybe modern) Website gives info but I'm not entirely clear what's involved in reality. I have the relevant exams up to Adv1 (experience of Adv2 but didn't do the exams) so that's fine, I find an appropriate approved dance centre school to do DDI? How much experience of the syllabus are you meant to do? You sit the exam when ready and are an ISTD qualified teacher? Then there are the other units such as health & safety, are they separate to the rest? Just trying to work out how feasible it would be to do
  10. Hi, I was just wondering what grade you would expect a 13 year old too be on if they were doing Istd ballet? Also. how many hours of dance would be a minimum to take? Is gymnastics helpful as dd would like to start?
  11. DD has recently taken an exam in ballet in grade 3 istd though she has said that she messed up her free work and wanted to know how many marks free work counted towards for her final mark, does anyone know the categories and amount of mark for the grade 3 ballet exam?
  12. Are any DD/DS's taking part in this on Sunday? DD will be taking part for the first time and we just wanted to wish everyone good luck.
  13. My little girl is 7, just in year 3, and has been dancing since Dec 14. The teachers say she has a talent and she is just about to take ISTD grade 1, She does Modern as well. The principal of the dance school has put her into inter foundation ballet class too. We are new to the dance world, my husband races motorbikes! All of this is very confusing as she has different ballet teachers for ISTD and Inter foundation. The inter foundation teacher says she is more than capable as does the principal but the ISTD teacher says he will get hurt and she is too young. My LO is hyper mobile thoug
  14. Hi I'm looking for the ISTD dvd syllabus DVD FROM GRD 2 ,3,4,5 if any one has one or even can buy the copy that would be great . thsnkyou
  15. Dd wanted to do one day at the istd summer course , but you pay £70 per day and that seemed an awful lot for one class!! Does anyone know how long the classes are and if they are any good?? DD is doing the recover class of G3+G4 imperial classical ballet!
  16. Hi I am new here, I managed to take primary and grade 1 RAD when I was a child but then gave up ballet because it clashed with brownies when we moved house. I have 2 daughters both of whom do ballet, tap and modern (1hr ballet, 1hr modern and 30 mins tap) they are 5 and 7. 7 year old will shortly be doing 1hr tap a week. Could I ask a little question about different exam boards etc. my knowledge of ballet is limited and I doubt my girls will become amazing dancers but I would like to know more about it all and be able to answer their questions and support them as they need me to so seem t
  17. JulieW

    Dance Proms

    This should probably be in the General Discussions/Performances Seen section, but I'm more likely to get a response in "Doing Dance".... Anyone going to the Dance Proms this afternoon - either performing or watching? Friend bought me an early Christmas present to go to watch today. We've got three local schools performing in it, but we're most looking forward to seeing the ones who have come from abroad and the guest appearances from the RB and Tap Attack!
  18. Is anyone else going to the finals on Sunday? Good luck to all those who are
  19. Hi all. In case any dancers are near ...my dd's old Dance School are running a syllabus based ss for grade 5 to advanced 1 week July 14 to 18 and primary to grade 4 during 18 Aug to 22Aug. All exam bases to prepare for exam work specifically so only good if you are doing ISTD work. Great standard and high up teachers within the ISTD. If you want further info you can pm me or call the principal direct on 07850 084797. Just tell them u saw it on here. I did ask the teacher before posting this and she is really happy if students attend who are not part of the school as long as they are already
  20. Anybody else at Swindon on Sunday?
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