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Found 14 results

  1. I can see from other threads I am not the only adult who is doing (or has done) RAD Intermediate Foundation, and I thought I would start a new thread for sharing experiences, past and present. I started studying the syllabus in the autumn term 2015. Having started with one Inter Foundation class, I am doing two classes each week at RAD HQ and having a private lesson with my local teacher. I had hoped to be able to do the exam in this summer, but my teachers don’t think I am quite ready. I am really hoping for the November/December exam, but it does mean keeping everything up over the school summer holiday. Pirouettes and allegro are my main problem areas (and also not looking tense!) Pointe work in the centre also needs work.
  2. Hi everyone, Apologies if this has already been asked. I am currently doing examinations with the NATD, have been since I was younger and now I've completed intermediate in ballet, tap and modern, I can enter into teaching examinations and take the associate level. I'm not particularly interested in taking these with the NATD and wanted to actually swap exam boards. Does anyone know of any exam boards that you can enter in and qualify as a teacher on your own? Normally you have to be entered under a teacher or a member of an association. I have seen that BBO would allow me to apply for teacher training without a teacher (if I've read the information online properly) so I'm interested to know if anyone has done their teacher training with BBO, or managed to enter into a different exam board. Thank you in advance
  3. Hello! I’m in the process of preparing for my RAD intermediate foundation exam and I’m hoping to sit it at the end of this year or next year. I’m doing 2 classes a week, a one hour private lesson, 2 hours of weights and tracking my calorie and protein intake on my fitness pal with my online personal trainer. I started ballet a year ago now having never danced before and was wondering if there’s anyone on here preparing for the same exam so we could share experiences and tips. Or any teachers that can share wisdom about how best to prepare, how much to practice, how many classes to take, cross training etc. Looking for some RAD intermediate foundation buddies - I’m nosy about how other people prepare for RAD exams 😂🩰
  4. Hi! I have a modern exam tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get distinctions or high marks! I am with the ISTD. Any tips would be really helpful :) Thanks!
  5. Hi, I used to train in ballet when I was younger for about 10 years then I quit. I have recently took up adult lessons but I'm toying with the idea of finishing off my grades. Is this a possibility? I'm looking for guidance/advice on if anyone has done this. Thanks, Nat
  6. My adult ballet class, both men and women, are going to try RAD Grade 3 ballet exams. Does anyone know what the requirements are for uniform for adults, I'm guessing it's not the same as for children, but can't see any information about it?
  7. My Granddaughter took her Grade 5 Rad exam 23 November 2017 she is only 11 yrs old! We have just received her results 86 for her grade 5 exam and 87 for her gold medal test! She’s only been trained in RAD for 3 years is this a good mark ?
  8. What happens if you faint in a ballet exam?
  9. Just wondering if anyone can help me out here, my dd takes AAD exams and teacher has told us that their exams are much harder than RAD and this is reflected in the grading requirements. For example dd last AAD exam was marked at 94 which is Honours whereas with RAD apparently 94 would get a higher mark such as distinction, meaning it's harder to get such high ratings with the AAD as the mark thresholds are higher. Dd has recently started taking RAD exams and I have no idea how their grading works, marks required for level of pass. So I was hoping someone could break it down for me. I'll post the AAD requirements below for anyone interested and this is all just down to idle curiosity, but would be nice to know what to expect from the grading system when she finally takes her RAD exam so a comparison would be helpful. AAD requirements- Under 65 - FAILED 65-68 - PASSED 70-75 - PASS PLUS 76-79 - COMMENDED 80-89 - HIGHLY COMMENDED 90-95 - HONOURS 96+ - DISTINCTION sorry if I've not explained myself very well or used the correct terminology, I'm sooo not a dance mom yet ?
  10. Hi, does anyone know if it's compulsory to wear soft blocks for inter-foundation? (RAD)
  11. DD has recently taken an exam in ballet in grade 3 istd though she has said that she messed up her free work and wanted to know how many marks free work counted towards for her final mark, does anyone know the categories and amount of mark for the grade 3 ballet exam?
  12. Has anyone's child been on one of the RAD syllabus days just prior to taking an exam. If so, did they find it useful/worth the trip? It doesn't include the variations - there is a separate variations course but at the other end of the country.
  13. t_rose


    Hi, DD's teacher wants her to do rad inter foundation in march, but this means that she won't let her do idta intermediate exam (exam session also in march). If she doesn't do idta exam then, may be year or more until anyone else ready to take it. She didn't do inter found last march as wasn't on pointe (but was ready apart from that). Think we'll say no to rad exam, but is it still worth doing the class (teacher has said won't move up without doing exam). DD is in yr 9 & wants to audition for sixth form MT courses, so in approx 2 yrs. What do we do?
  14. Sorry if this has been covered before, I have looked back over old threads and can't see anything - although I seem to remember it has been discussed. I'm just having a confused moment. Could anyone clarify - Do you NEED RAD inter and/or Advanced exams in order to progress to a vocational school at 16? If you are at or above them in standard of dance / technique /ability and all the rest, and understand the terminology used etc., are you just as well prepared for audition for sixth form? Yes, I am thinking of moving DD to a dance school that doesn't do RAD exams but which appears to have excellent training. Many people have told me it's fine to leave the RAD pathway ..... but others have said the opposite! And for what it's worth, DD hates the repetitiveness of RAD classes. Any comments would be most appreciated, as ever! [smile]
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