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  1. I’m guessing your dd doesn’t have private health insurance, goodtoes? 😕
  2. ...as is Nick Cleverton, the Physio. https://www.nidms.co.uk/bath
  3. Another vote for Floorbarre here, as well as doing gentle barre exercises in a (warm) swimming pool. It’s a very slow process but must not be rushed. If you can get to Bath, Julian Widdowson is excellent.
  4. ...and very good he was, too. I saw him with Cuthbertson in the last run of Manon.
  5. How desperate for poor McRae. Must have been so difficult for Takada to carry on and especially for Reece Clarke stepping in so huge credit to them both.
  6. I meant to add that if the rejections are chipping away at her confidence, it might be worth reframing them as “not at the moment” or “not yet” rather than “no”. After all, there are only so many students a class can take and often there are just too many good dancers for not enough places - a problem that happens all the way up to auditions for jobs! It might also help to just encourage her to enjoy auditions as a nice class with a different teacher - again, focus on the experience more than the outcome.
  7. Children develop at such different rates - both physically and emotionally - that sometimes I wish full-time ballet schools could take them in when they’re ready rather than because they’re 11 or 16. I would echo the good advice you’ve been given that it’s not a race. The likelihood of a little ballet student making it, unscathed, all the way to graduating and getting a paid job in a ballet company is ridiculously slim. It’s probably less likely than a football loving child making it into the Premier League. My advice would be to get the best teaching you can for your dd and keep applying for associate schemes BUT not to make that become the be-all and end-all because if you are only ever striving for a goal, it’s very difficult to enjoy the journey and keep that love of ballet alive. Your dd can keep applying for CAT schemes and Associates until 16; there’s plenty of time. I know it’s difficult but try not to be disheartened - literally *anything* could happen during adolescence. Keep trying but enjoy the fact that she loves dancing because that is the main thing for now.
  8. Oxford students aren’t - 0th week starts next week.
  9. Fans of old musicals may also remember Jacques d’Amboise as Ephraim in the film version of “Seven Brides for seven brothers”. Buddy, you are correct in thinking that the Royal Ballet also has a library of videos. I find their insight videos particularly interesting and sometimes link to the RB’s “Ballet Glossary” videos here in Doing Dance if someone has a technical question. As nice as it is that you are clearly keen to share your love of dance, I think we need to be a little careful not to accidentally patronise other forum members or assume that they are “uneducated” purely because they don’t post in “Performances Seen” or don’t know a particular Russian Ballerina. 🙂 Many of our Doing Dance members are busy parents, perhaps with more than one child and/or children with other extra-curricular activities. They might pop on here with a question about finance/audition photos/shoes and then rush off again and that is what we’re here for. It doesn’t mean they never take their child to see a live performance or that they don’t know what a pas de deux is but even if they don’t, that’s fine. Doing Dance might not cross over much or at all but it is very different to the other areas of the forum. When my daughter was learning to swim I might have joined a parents’ forum to ask about swimsuits or lessons but I certainly wouldn’t have had the time and inclination to start learning about famous swimmers and life as a professional athlete. If any Doing Dance regular starts reading or posting in Performances Seen or Ballet News then that’s wonderful. But equally, I would hate anyone to think they ought to, or that only lurking/reading/posting in Doing Dance is in any way failing their child or not taking an interest. We are here for everyone with any question. ☺️
  10. People may choose to be anonymous here for all sorts of reasons, Buddy - if anyone *wishes* to give their real name that is of course fine, but that has to be their decision. We don’t allow “outing” other Forum users.
  11. Hoglett, as funding is essential you are really looking at DaDa schools that Pictures has listed (plus, in theory, Tring for 2020 entry if they successfully reapplied for DaDa) or those which offer Student Finance. If London is out of the question then that rules out Central and Rambert but if you look at the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama website you can search by course level: http://www.cdd.ac.uk/courses/?filter-performance=dance In my personal experience of private, non-Government funded institutions, these can be very expensive even with a half or full scholarship, especially where accommodation is provided by the institution. At 16, I too would suggest looking at a FE or Level 3 qualification as the leap from GCSEs to Degree/Level 6 can be huge and not all students are ready physically or academically. If teaching is the end goal, have you thought about the RAD’s BA (Hons) at 18, by the way?
  12. How important is funding, hoglett? If you will have to rely on DaDa or Student Finance then your shortlist will naturally be smaller.
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