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  1. Before I saw this I sent an email to the Access team and within a few minutes a very helpful (and sympathetic) gentleman phoned me back - SC row A tickets booked. Happy Anna. 👏🏻👏🏻
  2. I’m sure it is, Lin, but it still means I basically can’t go unless I spend ages on the phone like I used to have to. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. I haven’t, to be honest - I hate booking by phone. It wouldn’t have been as annoying had the Access form arrived on time (you have to fill it out and actually post it back 🙄) but it didn’t arrive until this morning. Weird, because as other venues are finally joining the 21st Century in letting disabled people book online from a seat plan, the ROH seems to be going backwards.
  4. This is a system that absolutely does NOT work for Access members. I know roughly which seats are and are not suitable for my disability, but still have to book using the seat plan, so I can double-check on the interactive map. Going back to the bad old days of Ticketmaster-style booking is a complete no-no for me, so it’ll have to be live-streams only for the foreseeable future. So disappointing because I was longing to see Naghdi and Muntagirov in “Apollo”.
  5. As an Access member, I “buy” one but get a companion seat, so I guess I should tick two?
  6. I think we need to be careful about the direction this thread is taking; firstly because it could be fairly easy to identify this particular teacher (and likewise, Motomum, your dc) and secondly, labelling RBS MA classes as “boring and uninspiring” and saying that many RBS Associate Teachers “have no more qualifications than local ballet school teachers” doesn’t seem particularly fair or reasonable. I had a quick look at the list of Associate Teachers on the RBS website and knew almost all the names; even if someone hasn’t come all the way from White Lodge, to Upper School, and had a career a
  7. Welcome from me too, @Juliet S - have you seen this recent thread?
  8. Yes, there are lots of studios but no huge ones (they haven’t moved from Battersea Sq yet, have they?). Genée is probably the biggest but dd only had Advanced 2 classes and exams in there. Her other vocational exams were in the smaller studios. Best of luck - allow plenty of time for the journey, especially if it’s a Sunday! ☺️
  9. Is the exam studio very big? If not, I’m still slightly confused as to why makeup has been suggested for Inter Foundation, and why it might help. Did the teacher elaborate?
  10. Dd didn’t wear anything except waterproof mascara even for Advanced 2, so I definitely wouldn’t worry too much for Inter Foundation! Neatness and tidy hair were the order of the day at RAD HQ - exams aren’t like shows where the lights bleach you out and the audience is miles away. Good luck for the exam. ☺️
  11. I agree, glowlight. @Motomum it sounds like the decision has been made. If your DC wasn’t already in vocational training it would perhaps be a bigger deal to step back from such a prestigious scheme, but as SissonneDoublee says, Associates post-11 are really designed to complement good quality local training, with a view to training full-time in future. As (hopefully) your DC is already getting quality vocational training, there’s not a huge need to be doing MAs as well. The journey is just as important as the destination - especially given the scarcity of ballet contracts the
  12. That’s such a shame, Motomum. Did you chat with him to see exactly what makes him feel so miserable?
  13. I definitely agree with having a thorough discussion with your dc, just to ensure that they really do want to stop (as opposed to the classes being challenging and the teacher merely being more strict than JAs and/or local training, which is to be expected). If they are absolutely sure that they don’t want to carry on - and assuming you’re happy that this is just a wrong fit (as opposed to any bullying or mistreatment) - then continuing until the end of term if you possibly can is important; firstly to demonstrate professional courtesy and secondly to encourage commitment, as glo
  14. Such sad news; I’m terribly sorry to hear that. My deepest sympathy to Katherine’s family and friends.
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