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  1. I’ve done La Bayadère, Marguerite & Armand and Act 1 of Two Pigeons so far. 👏🏻👏🏻
  2. That’s wonderful. From the screenshot I initially thought it was Sir Patrick Stewart! 🤭☺️
  3. I don’t understand your implication or “?....?......”. Personally, had I written something I thought funny but that other people did not, I would assume the lack of clarity was *my* mistake as the author, not theirs as the reader. Anyway, perhaps we could get back on topic.
  4. It obviously wasn’t very clear to everyone that it was a joke.
  5. That’s lovely. ☺️ I also really like the couple of posts by Alexander Campbell of him and Vadim playing basketball in their dressing room at the ROH.
  6. Royal Ballet’s Bennet Gartside is doing some online classes via his Everybody Ballet Instagram account.
  7. Did Curzon get in touch? I had an automatic refund from Cineworld.
  8. We *all* understood the point Darlex was making - bangorballetboy simply pointed out - correctly - that Monica Parker hasn’t “disappeared” and is still working. That’s different from not appearing in documentaries.
  9. Twitter followers of sports commentator Andrew Cotter may have seen this - apparently he was “bored” ☺️:
  10. I’d like Banished to be shown again, preferably followed by a second series. BBC2 axed it in favour of more new drama series but it was so brilliantly written and acted, despite being really harrowing to watch at times. It finished on a series of cliffhangers too which made its cancellation even more infuriating.
  11. Here is a link: https://www.roh.org.uk/news/covid-19-an-update-from-the-royal-opera-house
  12. Anna C

    Roy Hudd RIP

    Oh, that is sad. I last watched him in an early “Call the Midwife” in such a moving storyline about an old soldier. He acted beautifully.
  13. Anna C

    RAD Video App

    Checked with daughter - she had the app on her iphone and her ipad; as long as the two devices are linked to the same icloud account then you can watch the same purchased videos on both devices. I don’t remember her having any issues with it. Looking at the reviews, this seems to be how you watch your videos on more than one device:
  14. Anna C

    RAD Video App

    I’ll ask my daughter, Spamcat; if I remember rightly she used the app a couple of years ago to practice Advanced 2 and it worked fine. I think she only had it on one ipad though.
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