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  1. RAD Vocational Graded Exam Intermediate DVD for sale, new syllabus, male and female set exercises and variations. £10 + £1.50 p&p
  2. For Sale: London Children’s Ballet DVDs, I have Snow White from 2009 and Ballet Shoes from 2010, both recorded at the Peacock Theatre, London. £6 each or both together for £10. P&P £1.50
  3. And tights, I think - starting in Autumn. Good news.
  4. Our teachers in England haven’t stopped working; schools stayed open for children of key workers. The teachers working from home have been providing online lessons.
  5. Yes, that’s a good point(e) ☺️ Personally, I love Freed’s peachy pink satin but you’re right, it’s definitely pink rather than skin tone!
  6. Ballet Black is an established and highly respected Company who has already collaborated with Freed - it would be nice to think that they could arrange bulk orders with Freed to enable them to sell uniform at a discounted rate, including skin-tone tights. I know Gaynor Minden also manufactures legwear and footwear in a range of colours to suit all skin tones - high time Bloch and Capezio joined in, given Bloch’s share of the shoe market and Capezio’s share of the tights market (assuming they haven’t already, of course).
  7. ...as are tights: https://store.freedoflondon.com/convertible-tights-junior
  8. I’m surprised at this because the Freed Aspire ballet shoe is available in Ballet Bronze and Ballet Brown as well as white and pink, both from Freed and from the RAD shop. They’re no longer special order only and if I remember rightly, matching socks and ribbons are also available. https://store.freedoflondon.com/satin-aspire-ballet-shoes
  9. Hello Olver, I removed your tag “en pointe” because the feet in the photo are NOT en pointe, nor is that a ballet “position”. I’ve sometimes seen it done during Contemporary but not often. It’s a very easy way to damage and injure feet.
  10. Such great advice, everyone - all I can do is echo that your dd clearly has potential otherwise she wouldn’t have got finals. It doesn’t sound like you’re going to march in and loudly demand special treatment so definitely try not to worry or feel guilty! You’re just asking for a conversation on if and how the school can help your dd to aim for a year 9 or 10 place. If they can’t support her in that aim then you need to find someone who can - simple as that.
  11. There are times when I wish I’d been braver on behalf of my daughter - I think the thing to remember is that (unless you’re getting classes for nothing) you are a paying customer and have the right to speak about your daughter’s prospects. You also have the right to move schools/change teachers if you feel this will benefit your daughter. With ballet in general it can be very easy to fall into the trap of thinking your child is so lucky to be at a school that you must keep quiet for fear of you or your child getting a bad reputation. If you want or need to talk to staff or move schools, you should be able to do so without repercussions. I would always advise being open and honest with the school (old and new), being civil and giving the school/teacher a chance to give their point of view and come to a compromise if possible, abide by reasonable ts & cs (e.g. giving written notice, paying any outstanding fees etc.). Teachers aren’t mind-readers so if you are unhappy or unsure of what they could do to support your child, make an appointment to speak to them, just as you would with an academic school. If they are unwilling or unable to offer more classes/private lessons, then you could ask how they feel about your child having private lessons (or whatever) elsewhere. If they agree, great. If not, you have the right, as a paying customer, to change schools.
  12. Private lessons can be hugely beneficial alongside class and associates - IF you have an excellent teacher. Again, quality over quantity. The alternative is to move dance schools if there is one within travelling distance that sends a lot of students onto full time ballet schools?
  13. Anna C


    Here you are: https://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/22541-harlequin-practice-mat/?tab=comments#comment-317082
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