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Found 9 results

  1. Clearly a thread doomed to have little life in it, but still: This Saturday, at 7.30 on BBC4, a repeat of "Nureyev: From Russia with Love" http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0080kjw Oh, and if anyone was hoping for some more performances on terrestrial TV, it emerged from the Metamorphosis insight evening this evening that Sky Arts have grabbed that as well. EDIT: General rule of thumb: if it can be received using Freeview only, it goes here!
  2. Channel 5 Tue 21 Dec 3:30pm-4:30pm (1 hour) A Nutcracker Christmas (2016) Jaded former ballerina Lily is forced to come to terms with the life - and love - she left behind when her niece Sadie, herself a ballet prodigy, is asked to take the starring role in The Philadelphia Ballet's production of Tchaikovsky's festive favourite The Nutcracker. However, the production is being directed by none other than Lily's old flame Mark. Festive romantic drama, starring Amy Acker, Sascha Radetsky and Sophia Lucia Category: Film SkyArts Thu 23 Dec 11:45pm-1:05am (1 hour 20 minutes) Rumpelstilzchen. A miller boasts to the king that his daughter can spin straw into gold, and the monarch tells her life is forfeit on the third time she fails. She despairs until a strange man appears, offering to spin straw into gold in exchange for a gift. A production of the fairy tale by dance company Ballet Boyz, with Jane Horrocks in the title role, alongside Tanya Reynolds and John Marquez Talking Pictures TV (Freeview:81 Sky:328 Virgin:445 BT:81Freesat: 306) Christmas Eve 12:05pm-1:55pm (1 hour 50 minutes) The Tales of Beatrix Potter (1971) Fantastical story of how the much-loved children's author came up with the idea for the series of classic children's books, drawing on her lonely childhood during which she imagined her famous creations were her only friends. Magical drama, performed by members of the Royal Ballet Company, and choreographed by Frederick Ashton
  3. I try to fast forward through the Sky Arts channels from time to time to set Sky+ for any upcoming ballet, but I inevitably miss out from time to time! I've just missed all but the last 2 minutes of 'Bolero'. I was just wondering if it might be a good idea to warn eachother of anything we know that is coming up?
  4. BBC reports that there will be a Royal Ballet ‘all star gala’ shown on BBC4 over the Christmas period. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-55042114
  5. When does Sky Arts move onto Freeview? I know it's this month, but does anyone know the actual date?
  6. Confined to bed with some virus I have v much enjoyed watching The Snow Queen- it has some lovely sets and costumes, very good use of music, and an engrossing spectacle. I especially liked the market scene, the bandit camp ( reminiscent of Two Pigeons!), the wolves ( reminiscent of M Bourne's Swans!) and the strong female roles, particularly well danced I thought by the Snow Queen herself. This would be a great Christmas outing. I don't think they should have had the knife threat moments though. Has anyone else seen it?
  7. Putting this together from a variety of sources and contributors (to whom thanks very much, particularly RMM1 and Janite) just so we have everything more or less in one place. Apologies that some of the showings are now past, but people may be able to catch up with them on BBC iPlayer at least. Northern Ballet's Victoria has already been on BBC 4 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000cdzp A repeat of last year’s interesting Radio 3 programme about The Nutcracker was transmitted last week and is now online: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0001ss8 (discussion thread here: Also past already: ‘Nutcracker’ was Radio 3’s Building a Library on Saturday 21 December 9:30 am. (Janite has put a whole load of dance-related repeats here: Matthew Bourne has already been on Private Passions on Radio 3 (22nd December); Darcey Bussell is on on 29 December. A Royal Ballet Nutcracker was on Sky Arts at 8 am this morning - not sure which one. May well be repeated at 6 am on Boxing Day (primetime viewing for ballet again, eh?) Billy Elliot The Musical (scraping the barrel a bit) is just about to start on Pick (Freeview channel 11) as I write. A repeat of Dancing the Nutcracker: Inside the Royal Ballet is on BBC Two on Christmas Day at 12 noon. Derek Jacobi narrates The Nutcracker at 5 pm on Christmas Day on Classic FM. (For opera lovers, there's Glyndebourne's Magic Flute on BBC4 Christmas Day, 7 pm) Essential Royal Ballet is on BBC Four on 29th December at 7pm. Described as Katie Derham introduces a spectacular selection of highlights from an incredible past decade at the Royal Ballet. Snow Queen by Scottish Ballet is on BBC Scotland on 24th and 28th December at 7.30pm (or possibly 8.15 pm, depending on sources). Also on BBC4 on Sunday 5th Jan at 7.30pm The filmed Romeo & Juliet: Beyond Words starring Francesca Hayward and William Bracewell Romeo & Juliet: Beyond Words is on BBC Two on New Years Day at 5.30pm. There's a "Cinderella" showing on Sky Arts at 6 am on 2nd January - no idea whether it's actually a ballet or not. Darcey Bussell: Looking for Margot BBC 4 10pm, Sunday 5th January 2020 ... and I realise I haven't actually finished going through the radio section of the Radio Times ... Please let me know what I've missed, and I'll add it.
  8. Well, owing to the listings publishers having cheated a bit and done a "pre-Christmas and Christmas" double edition of the TV listings instead of the usual Christmas and New Year version, I'm only still halfway through the Radio Times, but here, as far as I can see, is what's on dance-wise on UK TV and radio this Christmas for the week before Christmas. I'll have to add in the rest later. Terrestrial (BBC1, Saturday 17th December, 6.40 pm: Strictly Come Dancing Final) BBC2, Saturday 17th Dec, 11.50pm: Balletboyz The Making of Young Men BBC2, Saturday 17th Dec (technically Sunday), 12.20am: Balletboyz: Young Men. BBC1, Tuesday 20th December, 10.45 pm: Darcey Bussell: Looking for Margot (signed repeat Friday 23rd, 1.30 am on BBC2) BBC4, Friday 23rd December, 8.00 pm: Darcey Bussell: My Life on the BBC (repeated at 1.45 am the next morning) (I thought I'd spotted a rerun of the Balletboyz' Young Men plus a documentary, but can't find that now. Perhaps it's next week) BBC2, Saturday 24th December, 8.10 am: Hans Christian Andersen - apparently features a ballet including Eric Bruhn and Roland Petit! BBC, Christmas Day, 4.00 pm: Dancing the Nutcracker: Inside the Royal Ballet Channel 5, Christmas Day, 9.50 am: On The Town BBC2, Boxing Day, 5.20 pm: West Side Stories: the Making of a Classic - documentary BBC4, Boxing Day (technically December 27th), 1.00 am: Darcey Bussell: My Life on the BBC BBC4, Boxing Day (technically December 27th), 2.00 am: Darcey Bussell's Looking for Audrey Channel 5, Boxing Day, 2.20 pm: West Side Story (and repeated on 29th December at 11.05 am) BBC4, 27th December, 7.00 pm: The Ballet Master: Sir Peter Wright at 90 Sky Arts (Taken from the uninformative Radio Times listings, so details may be vague) Saturday 17th December, 1.30 pm: Swan Lake Sunday 18th December, 1.30 pm: The Nutcracker (probably repeated at 3.40 am the next morning) Monday 19th December, 9 pm: Billy Elliot the Musical Live Wednesday 21st December, 6.30 am: Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake 9.00 am: Bolero Friday 23rd December, 4.10 pm: Peter Wright's The Nutcracker Saturday 24th December, 10.10 am: The Nutcracker Christmas Day (or technically Boxing Day), 2.00 am: The Nutcracker Boxing Day, 9.00 pm: Billy Elliott the Musical Live Boxing Day (technically December 27th), 3.30 am: Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake Radio (BBC Radio 3) Saturday 17th December, 3 pm: Sound of Cinema covers film music inspired by the ballet Sunday 18th December, 12 noon: The RB's Edward Watson is the guest on Private Passions Friday 23rd December, 3.10 pm: a performance of Verdi/Mackerras' The Lady and the Fool
  9. I've only just realised that the documentary BALLET 422, which charts the now celebrated choreographer Justin Peck working on the 422nd commission of a new work for NYCB, was broadcast on Sky Arts on 28th October at 9.00 pm. It will be repeated on Saturday, 31st October at 8.00 am on Sky Arts and is available through that same source to download and watch. You can see a trailer here.
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