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  1. I can recommend http://www.balancesportsmassage.com Jambaal is amazing. She works in several places including Covent Garden.
  2. I know the autumn half-term break is going to be the week of 21 October in at least four London boroughs and for some of the Central full-time students so I think it is likely most courses will be that week. (Half term has seemed unusually early for the last few years.)
  3. I was taught by Alex when I was doing the adult Intermediate Foundation class at the Royal Academy of Dance. I enjoyed being taught by him.
  4. I have been thinking about doing that for a while. However not sure how to do it!
  5. Well I have my results and I got Merit. Just over the threshold but I am thrilled.
  6. One of my local dance schools where I take pointe and floor barre classes is offering an Adult intermediate level class next term. Although it is not a syllabus class the teacher hopes to give a taster of some of the RAD Intermediate exercises, and it could become an RAD Intermediate syllabus class if there were enough interest. I am registered for the class, but even though it is a small class (pointe class has a maximum of 10) it needs enough numbers to go ahead. I am interested in the syllabus work, but equally happy with a free class. Classes are held at The Dance Lab, 63 Upper Richmond Rd, London SW15 2RD (very close to East Putney tube and not too far from Putney railway station). They start on Monday 8 January 2018. The time is 8.15pm to 9.30pm. It is not a drop-in class, but taster classes are available if there is space, and payment is half-termly. If anyone is interested contact carmelaguidaballet@hotmail.co.uk (http://www.carmelaguidaballet.co.uk).
  7. Hi Youngatheart Yes, the exam was on Monday. I had never done an exam before so it was an interesting and (relatively) enjoyable experience. I know I didn't do my best, what with nerves, a cold and having pulled something in my back slightly when I coughed a few days before! There were lots of silly mistakes with the setting, and I have no recollection of thinking about turnout. I just hope somethings are in my body at this stage. I knew the two of us that were taking the exam from our class were in together, and it turned out that it was just us. So I think there was less rest than there might have been. I was glad I had been doing interval training based on the length of the allegros. The examiner was nice and made us feel comfortable. I liked the free enchainment even though I realised part way through the actual run some of my assemblés derrieres had become assemblés over. The music was Scott Joplin's the Entertainer which was very familiar. It was start left foot in front, arms bra bas; breathe the arms; glissade derriere - arms to first; assemble over - arms to open fourth; glissade derriere - arms to first; assemble over - arms to open fourth; assemble derriere; changement; stretch bend; repeat to the other side and then repeat the whole thing again. Results by 29 January. If I pass I can go on to Intermediate, as long as there is space in the class.
  8. @BalletRocks1 Glad to hear it went well. My exam is just under two weeks away!
  9. I got my first pointe shoes when I was 50. For me the biggest jumps in progress I have made have been when I have changed to a different shoe. That is probably partly because my feet have changed and also because I have more of a idea of what I need in a shoe. Unfortunately I have strange feet and most shoes twist off at the back when I am on pointe.
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