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  1. My DD (also just turned 12) is going, and doesn't know anyone, as far as she knows. Usually we find at these sorts of events that she does actually recognise someone from a different summer school or EYB or her associates, and they sometimes take ages trying to work out where they'd met before!
  2. In case it's useful info - my DD does BBA London and is yr 7 and IF. She's in Mid 3B currently (don't have groups for next year as not assessed yet), which probably corresponds to Upper Mids in Hull?
  3. I guess our (fairly small) studio must be unusual in that respect, which I don't think I really realised. We have a lot of adult classes: one beginners, three non-beginners mixed ability, an advanced adult class, PBT, pointe work, and floor barre. There are also over 18s in most of the vocational grades. When we have a show, the cast ranges in age from 3 to 70+!
  4. Ballet Boost have half days on the 6th, 7th and 8th: https://www.balletboost.com/online-easter-course/
  5. But many people are a Ltd company instead of being self-employed. The main reason for paying a directors minimum salary and dividends is often that earnings fluctuate, so they can't be sure at the start of the financial year what they'll earn. You pay corporation and dividend tax on that money, which is a pretty similar level to PAYE income tax and NI.
  6. My DDs first audition result that wasn't a rejection was a reserve list, then eventually an offer of place. She worked so hard that she ended up with a prize at the end! No-one would ever have known she came in off the reserves. She's just had an audition success, after several rejections (last rejection was from a final round audition too) which was a lovely surprise. She knows the drill with auditions well though as her dad is a musician and has had a lot of rejections in the last couple of years, but also a fairly recent success too!
  7. My DD is super excited as she has just been offered a place for London 3B. We submitted her video right at the last minute, as she didn't want to send it because she was *certain* it wasn't good enough.
  8. I think the difference for Cambridge is that the main teaching is done in one-to-one or small group tutorials, which are lower risk and they seem to expect these to resume in the autumn. Doing the large-scale lectures online will not make such a big difference to their students - particularly humanities/language students. It also means all their planning effort can go into making other parts of the courses workable.
  9. Late to the party but I agree that Katz satin split soles are narrow, and come in small sizes. My then-9-yr-old DD wore some last year for EYB.
  10. Our ballet school have recently moved over to ruched leotards for exam uniform for grades 4+; they're RAD approved ones with the logo.
  11. My DD did Cinderella in Hollywood in Oxford last year too. She was 9 but is tiny, so was in the group of the smallest girls with mostly 8 year olds, which in Oxford was a group of 8 girls. I'm guessing your DD could well be in that group unless she's very tall. They get to be "Shirley Temples", in the first act, and had a dance to "Tea for Two" in the second act, and had a couple of small extra bits towards the end during the clock chiming 12 etc. IIRC. I thought it was a great production, and I really enjoyed the music, which is mostly Shostakovich. DD had a fantastic time - so much so that she's doing EYB again this year in Aylesbury (and was actually not particularly disappointed about not getting into LCB this week, because she knew that she couldn't do both and is so looking forward to EYB).
  12. I would assume we won't know until next week, as they said "by the 5th December". It took 8 days for the results of the 10-yr-olds recall auditions, so I dont't imagine this would be quicker.
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