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  1. It’s not. The Rose Adagio is the tribute to Margot Fonteyn.
  2. You could get a Promming ticket on the day!
  3. Have you ever heard of google? I know you have to get past the Glencore executive of the same name but it doesn’t take a lot of wit to be able to find info about Alex Beard on the internet. What I will say is this. Beard took time out of his schedule to meet me and explain to me open the Open Up project when I was unconvinced. A couple of weeks ago, a day after I had signed up to a production syndicate (as a result of a drunken promise to Kevin O’Hare, but that’s another story), he was accompanying some important people of the ballet world down the “back stairs” and stopped to thank me and shake hands. At the benefactors’ lunch, he walks around talking to people without the need of assistance from the development office, unlike his predecessor. He has a huge interest in opera (from childhood) and, I have no doubt, in ballet too. He knows what he is doing. And what he is doing is a good job.
  4. Perhaps we could leave this thread for news and discussion about actual promotions, and continue the discussions about what promotions people would like to see on the thread started for that purpose?
  5. Just to follow up on our conversation yesterday evening, this is one of a pair of portraits of Osipova; the other was auctioned for charity a couple of years ago but a picture can be found on the artist's website.
  6. As it should be, because we use the sharing function when we do the links!
  7. Let's not go bandying around blame here when none of us is in possession of the facts. Someone somewhere has cocked-up and that's all we know. Let's just be happy for Sambé and get on with it.
  8. Yes, I know that. It was more the point that Macaulay would make a statement in this manner (the implication being that the RB is doing something very different from NYCB and, therefore, bad) but not then finish up with the actual facts when known (particularly when they rather blow his point out of the water).
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