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  1. I think the surveys have the same questions but branded to the theatre.
  2. Antibody tests are to see if you’ve had something not to test if you currently have it! Different tests, innit.
  3. It is indeed new money to be made available. ACE have announced details of emergency grants made to their NPOs, making it clear that entities that are not currently in urgent need (though they may have longer term issues) did not receive funding in this round. Amongst other entities to receive funding, the list includes Ballet Black, Contemporary Dance Trust, ENB, Hofesh Shechter Company, Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company, Northern Ballet, Rambert and Sadler’s Wells.
  4. As noted above they are publicly available from the Charity Commission (along with previous years) but I have attached the pdf for ease of reference. ROH accounts 2018.pdf
  5. Tristan Dyer has today announced that he has left the Royal Ballet.
  6. have you been watching Young Frankenstein again? 🤣
  7. Marina Poplavskaya sang a number of lead roles at the Met. Quite a number of others are pretty well known now, including (and apologies if I miss people from the list) David Butt-Philip, Anita Watson, Hannah Hipp, Ailish Tynan, Anna Devin, Sally Matthews, Jacques Imbrailo and Matthew Rose. And there’s also Alfie Boe.
  8. It has (taken from Pennefather Films website): Accolades: Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner 2018 – Official Selection Choreoscope Dance Film Festival, Barcelona 2018 – Official Selection Imperial War Museum Film Festival, London 2018 – Official Selection Flatlands Film Festival 2018 – Official Selection / Audience Award Arts Triangle Dance Film Festival 2018 – Official Selection / WINNER Best Cinematography Outlet Dance Project 2018 – Official Selection Rethink Dance Film Festival 2018 – Official Selection Utah Dance Film Festival 2019 – Official Selection / WINNER Best Cinematography / 2nd Place Choreography for a Lens Richmond Dance Festival 2019 – Official Selection Jacksonville Dance-Film Festival 2019 – Official Selection / Audience Award EnCore Dance on Film, Georgia USA 2019 – Official Selection Portland Dance Film Festival 2019 – Official Selection
  9. There was a Q&A session last week with Alex Beard, Ollie Mears and Kevin O’Hare for ROH benefactors. I’m sure I’m not breaking confidences by advising that KOH said there was a date in the diary for company class to start again (14 July IIRC). Obviously that’s not set in stone but it’s a signal that there are proper plans in place for a gradual return for the company to be able to perform in some way.
  10. Interesting, the news on the wireless this morning said that around 700,000 pupils did not have adequate access for online learning. It may not be the majority but it's certainly a very significant figure. I am a school governor and find some of the statements on this thread quite incredible. Luckily, my experience over the last three months has been very different to that described by Peony. I don't know whether it is because 'my' school is an academy but there was no way it would be completely shut and, in fact, those teachers who are not shielding or vulnerable themselves have really gone out of their way to ensure that those pupils in school are provided for and with decent provision for home learning for those that aren't. As mentioned above, the time taken by teachers in contacting all pupils (and parents) and, especially, dealing with those who need additional support or are vulnerable is significant (and appreciated). However (and as has been mentioned above), safeguarding is the biggest issue that prevents live on-line teaching at both primary and secondary levels. This is a real issue, particularly with pupils who are already in a vulnerable position and I don't know the answer (other than the base line is that children must be protected and that is the over-riding priority).
  11. wasn't the chain broken by La Fille mal gardée, this evening? 🧐
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