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  1. At an event yesterday evening Alex Beard confirmed that (provided the rules allow) the ROH will be reopening with performances with an audience from 17 May. Expect an announcement on programming in a couple of weeks or so.
  2. My source is a translation of the libretto from the first production.
  3. Candide, Fleur de Farine, Violente, Canaries and Breadcrumb
  4. to clarify it’s just performances to the end of January cancelled (at this point in time).
  5. Yes, the 500th performance of The Nutcracker by the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House (there is a similar statement about the relevant piece on all RB cast sheets). The Royal Ballet have performed significantly more than 500 times at the ROH - i imagine some posters on here (myself included) have been to more than 500 performances by the RB at the ROH.
  6. According to tonight’s cast sheet, tonight was the 500th.
  7. Just to clarify that that review is of Friday’s performance
  8. It’s one of those interesting bits. It’s not requested by Petipa in his instructions to Tchaikovsky so it’s not too much of a surprise that it didn’t make the cut!
  9. 4th down is Anne Sofie Von Otter and 3rd from bottom is Markella Hatziano again.
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