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  1. I disagree. Ballet falls with the umbrella of dance but if it is performed using ballet technique it is ballet.
  2. Maybe try a different brower Alison? I'm using Chrome and don't have this problem when printing.
  3. A quick Fumi Kaneko shot for you (others can be seen on my Instagram)
  4. Yes, a self-administered lateral flow (with the result reported to the NHS) is acceptable at all venues in London that require a "COVID Pass" for entry.
  5. My reference to "COVID Pass" is to the standard entry requirements for venues - i.e. proof of full vaccination (+14 days) proof of negative lateral flow test (i.e. email or text confirmation of recording with NHS), taken within 48 hours proof of immunity (i.e. positive PCR test within 180 days) The Royal Albert Hall is no different to any of the other theatres or venues in this regard. The lateral flow test option needs to be there as some people are unable to be vaccinated (and, until recently, was important for teenagers!).
  6. Most (if not all) of the commercial west end theatres require a Covid pass, as do the Albert Hall and Stamford Bridge (I have seen people turned away from the latter). Going to the NFL in London, it was a requirement but there were only random checks.
  7. I have D26 available - face value is £10 (e-ticket). Please PM if interested.
  8. I haven't seen the clip but, from what you say, it sounds like Joonhyuk Jun (artist) and Ava May Llewellyn (AJYD).
  9. Just in case anyone is confused by this, the London performances continue all this week (other than tonight, which is a celebration of Ferri's long-standing connection with the Royal Ballet).
  10. I am a school governor and can confirm that it is usual for the perpetrator and how they have been dealt with to remain confidential. If you are not happy with the school’s response, I would suggest speaking to the principal; not a formal letter to them but a physical meeting. Verbal communication in person is much better for reassuring people and there is less opportunity for misunderstandings. If you are still not happy, I’d suggest the same with the chair of governors or the safeguarding lead (whose details should be available on the school’s website).
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