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  1. Unlike some extremely wealthy beknighted London theatre owners, seems like Nimax is actually doing something with its theatres; I welcome this news enthusiastically. Announcement is here.
  2. I didn’t donate any tickets but did make a separate donation and renewed my Friends membership in April. I received a thank-you letter from KOH and a personal email thanking me for renewing.
  3. The set is from ROH’s production of La Traviata (act 2, scene 2 - Flora’s salon). I agree it was an extremely enjoyable and, at times, highly emotional evening? Well worth the £16 cost and certainly every penny worth to see Gerry Finley’s Scarpia.
  4. Patience is a virtue (as well as one of my favourite G&S operettas).
  5. Booking isn't open to the public yet so keep watching the site. I understand that Thursday is for Patrons and benefactors so there may only be limited (or no) availability on that day.
  6. The school was part of Open House last year (see here) and we very much enjoyed it.
  7. That JustGivomg page relates to the video they did a couple of months ago to the new Rolling Stones song (a popular beat combo, m’lud). When this gala was announced, it was said to be supporting the “Royal Opera House Charity Fund (in other words, the ROH, which you can support by going to their webpage).
  8. I’m afraid you’re mistaken on the RB point (both in this case and generally). MGH had to approach the rights holders of each (existing) ballet to be able to perform the extracts (and rights hadn’t actually been granted for everything when the programme was first announced!). As you say, The Dying Swan is no longer subject to copyright and we have already had some video of AROS rehearsing.
  9. So why is Sleepless going ahead (opening later this week)? And what is "the struggling STAGE" that you mention so frequently? I'm aware of a publication called The Stage (to which I subscribe). Is this the same thing?
  10. Thanks Capybara. This is already being discussed in the "Our House to Your House" thread.
  11. You said: “healthy people don’t use them”, which is not correct (I didn’t say it was offensive). Most people are complying with the guidelines. Some are not (and others are exempt), but (certainly in my experience) it’s a very, very small minority.
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