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  1. Swan Lake and Onegin are in the Winter booking period and there’s a thread about that here. Just a reminder that members are free to start threads as they wish (within AUP of course), except in the links forum.
  2. Always makes me think of Anna Russell and her homogeneous G&S chorus!
  3. And, to be clear, I'm all in favour of anything the ROH does to protect the well-being of its musicians (and the rest of its workforce).
  4. It's not for the audience's protection but for the musicians. The seats are removed so that the floor can be opened up, which allows the sound to dissipate into the auditorium. This allows the "music" from the brass (being amongst the loudest instruments in the orchestra) to go in several directions rather than being pushed in one direction towards the other members of the orchestra.
  5. Possibly because some of us are very tired at the constant cheerleading on here by a couple of people - it's enough to make me want to leave this forum completely. If I want to see Polunin's instagram, I'm more than capable of looking at it, there's really no reason to copy it on here. I don't follow him on instagram for a reason. I'm entitled to my opinion as much as anyone and my opinion is "yawn". It may be forward, but it's not uncivil and it's the truth.
  6. The availability for the Cross Currents bill was poor, even early on the day booking opened for premium 2 friends. If tickets were held back for public booking, I imagine they will have been snapped up very quickly.
  7. Don't know about the main stage but we were able to get tickets for insight events that were sold out back on premium 2 friends booking day.
  8. To attach a pdf, you need to save it to your desktop (or elsewhere on your computer) then either drag it to the paperclip or click on "choose files" and locate the saved pdf.
  9. I think doing it in the opposite direction would be physically impossible.
  10. A double tour en l'air followed immediately by another (the landing plié of the first being the preparation plié of the second).
  11. He hasn’t gone. I’ve already told you what he’s doing next!
  12. Well, I think she looks beautiful, graceful and strong (and her own person) in that photograph.
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