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  1. but how does the system ensure doubles aren't booked by two unbubbled singles?
  2. That's right. It's only upper school in the Linbury and each performance is just one year group. 23 June 1st year 24 June (m) 2nd year 24 June (e) 3rd year 25 June 2nd year 26 June (m) 1st year 26 June (e) 3rd year
  3. The RBS performances are separate from booking for the RB/RO. Public booking for the RBS (and Rambert School) performances opens at 0930 on 7 May.
  4. It's going to incredibly difficult to get tickets for the RBS performances in the Linbury (and, to an extent, on the main stage) as the school have confirmed the parents of the students will have priority (I'll let you know how booking for RBS Friends goes).
  5. There were intervals during the December 2020 Nutcrackers and, with bars and restaurants open for limited service, I imagine there will be for these programmes too.
  6. The chaos on the LTA's choice of ticketing website this morning (priority booking for Queen's, Birmingham, Eastbourne) is so much worse than anything I've ever seen from any entertainment/culture venue.
  7. Same as the last couple of booking periods, select a section then choice of price range (plus boxes in GT and balcony). Appears to be no SCS available.
  8. When I did my booking this morning, I was able to book more than 4 tickets over the run of each programme (don't know about the actual per performance limit as I only booked 2 for each).
  9. Exactly. I see nothing negative for the ROH here, other than they would have to go through the process of finding another chair of trustees (and I’m sure they can manage that).
  10. This was in the Sunday Times yesterday. I’m not sure I would describe it as “further problems” though.
  11. Casting for Royal Ballet performances May-July 2021 MAIN STAGE Conductor Koen Kessels | Solo Piano Dances at a Gathering Robert Clark | Orchestra of the Royal Opera House 21st-Century Choreographers Choreography Christopher Wheeldon | Kyle Abraham: World Premiere | Crystal Pite Tuesday 18 May, Saturday 22 May, Tuesday 25 May, Friday 28 May (live stream) at 7pm Within the Golden Hour: O’Sullivan, Muntagirov, Hayward
  12. Lovely walk on the Common this afternoon - Egyptian goslings (unfortunately down to 6 from 9), grey heron, robins, tits (great and blue), squirrels, green woodpecker and a Royal Ballet dancer!
  13. Booked. Looking forward to it - pretty sure the black tie will be making an appearance.
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