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  1. There are a number of presumptions in the original posting. How do you know the ROH isn't taking action? If the tickets are cancelled, that won't stop the seller from still advertising them for sale on a resale website. How do you know that Friends memberships aren't being cancelled? The ROH announced recently (during the Fidelio kerfuffle) that it had done so.
  2. A touch more selfish, but I also feel the apparently ably bodied ladies who crowd around the ground floor disabled loos are usually blocking the way to the gents! On a lighter note, the other night I stopped a lady wandering down the steps to the gents and pointed her in the right direction. Better signage still needed, methinks. Worth remembering that there is another disabled loo just through the doors opposite the 2 disabled loos by the gents (i.e. towards the auditorium).
  3. The snow falling from the flies is from La bohème.
  4. Very pleased with something the conductor at ROH last night (Simon Hewett) did. He asked the orchestra to stand for their audience acknowledgement before the prelude for act 3 of Sleeping Beauty. As a consequence, the audience knew the performance was about to continue and so we were spared the dreadful chattering that has blighted this run so far whilst the orchestra played this prelude.
  5. Though the premium seats include dinner and a sizeable donation (which is to be expected as the gala is a fund-raiser...). There is often a separate mailing (or a flyer included with the magazine) for fund-raising events such as this (e.g. first night celebrations).
  6. I think this is merely Alison saying she may only be able to make it to an encore showing, rather than the live broadcast itself.
  7. I had a new one tonight: my neighbour head banging to the beginning of Brahms symphony number 1! Thankfully I usually close my eyes to concentrate on the music.
  8. It was the second post that made me want to respond...
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