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  1. Just to flag that the Royal Albert Hall is accepting the vaccination card as sufficient evidence of being double jabbed.
  2. Sorry, we don’t control the software that runs this message board
  3. There are some very impressive/interesting commissioned scores (particularly some of those for Northern). There are also some absolutely shocking ones!
  4. I was on centre yesterday (row T) and no 1 today (row A) and both courts were pretty much full except for spaces in the royal box (due to distancing issues in the clubhouse) and in the members’ areas.
  5. no-one is saying dancers shouldn’t give information, merely that they have the right (not the obligation) to keep their personal circumstances private.
  6. What you want to know doesn’t trump legal obligations. If you don’t understand that, I really pity you.
  7. Employment law says otherwise. My employer has no right to disclose anything about my personal circumstances without my consent.
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