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  1. Not everyone knows everything that you know. There was me thinking I was posting in a thread in the “dance news and information” section. Maybe I’ll not bother anymore.
  2. Not all charities will participate in The Big Give. It works by having a major donor or donors put up an amount that is used to do the doubling. Some don’t have those type of donors available and others are just gifted the major donation anyway.
  3. I think it's only going to the NPG for its reopening exhibition then returning to the ROH. Am very pleased Ross has done this (I'd told my better third before the auction that's what I'd do, if I had a spare £11 million or so lying around).
  4. 6 of the pieces used in Elite Syncopations (one of which was cut from the recent C-19 version) were written by people other than Scott Joplin...
  5. Eric & Ernie will be thrilled that he’s coming to join them!
  6. It may be “an option” for the showpiece but it is not Le Corsaire (given the question I was responding to wondered whether Petipa was reusing variations across the two pieces).
  7. What Núñez performed in the live-stream was indeed Gamzatti’s variation, not Le Corsair at all.
  8. why did you start watching (and listening) 30 minutes early?
  9. Who cares about the casting? It's the first opportunity to see the Royal Ballet performing live since the middle of March and the last for at least a month. I'll be there with a great big smile on my face, no matter who is performing!
  10. studio space has been available for hire during school holidays for as long as I can remember (confirmed by looking at the RBS website a moment ago).
  11. I think some of the ladies and gentlemen may take issue with "six ladies" here!
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