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  1. I will be there on the Friday night after a 7-month dearth of live ballet. Six weeks seems so far away...so close and yet so far!
  2. Thanks Fiona. So sad...but I guess a few people are better than none.
  3. Reading about all these bubbles has confused me so much that I now feel a desperate need to drink some! 🥂
  4. Thanks for this wonderful review, Mandy. It sounds like a lovely evening, and as a bonus the weather behaved!
  5. Such sedition and threatening behaviour! Seems they are trying to suck out any remaining joy from our cultural lives. Or even life in general.
  6. So we are even to be denied this? Why was the BLM demonstration (involving thousands of non socially distanced participants) allowed to happen, when this is probably about 100 people watching and is being stopped? It’s pitiful.
  7. I wonder why they aren’t live-streaming it? I am sure many people would have paid to watch this, and thus more much-needed funds would have been raised for the arts.
  8. Some of whom seem to be sitting on their laurels assuming everyone will stay loyal no matter how little they do to keep their audience interested, entertained and on board.
  9. Even if this event were happening right next door to me here in London I still wouldn’t go because of the prices.
  10. As much as I am desperate to see a live ballet performance again, this is too expensive for me. I don’t begrudge the prices as they are raising money for the arts, but unless some Sweeper Seats are introduced (which they won’t be) I will sadly have to pass.
  11. Thanks Jan. So interesting to watch the rehearsal process for this wonderful, original ballet. I hope we will be able to see it again on stage in the not-too-distant future. I would like to remind whoever wrote the subtitles that Tyrone Singleton is a principal, not a principle!! And being even more picky...it’s Mazarin.
  12. To be fair I don’t think NJH was telling anyone to shut up, just reiterating the reasons why we have not been able to allow free discussion of this matter. This is naturally a very emotive issue and I am temporarily locking this thread before it becomes unpleasant.
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