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  1. Yes, they have had it for a little while. I saw them do it in St P in February 2015. It is similar to Kobborg’s production but there were a few differences. I enjoyed it but not hugely. Thanks for the videos; Shale really nailed that difficult footwork, and the height of his jumps is very impressive indeed. I can see why the Maryinsky asked him to guest!
  2. It’s pitiful. Poor Francesca. It should be such a happy time for her, and she has to deal with all this idiocy. I hope she can ignore it and just enjoy her days in the sun. I thought Jennifer Hudson sounded dreadful. It’s a very difficult song to pull off, requiring an amazing vocal range that she doesn’t seem to have. I guess there’s time between now and December to record it again.
  3. It had a run of a few days, Lin, but that was a couple of weeks ago. Keep an eye open next year; it’s well worth it!
  4. Is this for an official survey that you are carrying out, DancingtoDance, or for some project or studying you are doing? If so, could you please elucidate what it is. Many thanks.
  5. Thanks for this wonderful review, Duck. I really want to see this piece now! It sounds amazing.
  6. We must also remember that life expectancy was very low in those days; even in the richest families you were probably lucky to pass 40. So girls started having babies very young, to ensure they reproduced in good time. Also, from a purely biological point of view, the teenage years are the best ones in which to be pregnant and deliver a baby.
  7. Incredible match. There has never been a doubles match like it!
  8. From Today's Links: what a fabulous idea this is, and a beautiful way to while away some of the tedium of long-haul flight. I'm glad there was no turbulence during the show! https://www.panorama.am/en/news/2019/07/12/Paris-Opera-in-flight-performance/2139858
  9. Even Serena said: "she played out of her head" and no-one had ever seen Simona play as well as that. She was utterly magnificent and a wothy winner. Serena was very gracious in defeat, and I thought Simona was also gracious and amusing and just thrilled. I also think she has more respect for the British Royal Family than some of its own members do. I am thrilled that she got to meet the Duchess of Cambridge afterwards as that is who she wanted there! Very well done to her on an amazing win.
  10. Many congratulations to all. Very happy with the list, but surprised about some omissions. And I am not really sure about Acri to First Soloist.
  11. I would definitely go for Morera/Bonelli. They are a great partnership, she is one of the best Manons I have ever seen (she is such a great actress, and always excels in MacMillan; I will always be very miffed that she never danced Juliet), and this might be our last chance to see them. I don’t find that Nunez has the edge to carry off MacMillan like Cuthbertson, Morera, Hayward and Lamb do. Hayward is also a wonderful Manon, but as has been pointed out hopefully there will be many more chances to see her excel in the role. So that’s my two cents’ worth!
  12. Such a shame that Rafa and the Fed have to meet in the semis....I want them both to go through! 😥
  13. How right you were about Nadal; I said to my hubby as soon as the match ended that Rafa would ream Sousa!
  14. I suppose it’s because a) something has to happen whilst scenery is being changed; b) it’s a chance to emphasise the pressure that a vulnerable Rudolf is under from the Hungarian separatists. I always think the bit when the emperor looks up at the portraits of his ancestors is very effective, wondering what on Earth is becoming of a once-noble dynasty.
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