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  1. At least he is doing Albrecht....so, no Giselle for Anna-Rose O'Sullivan, but she gets Swan Lake, and no Swan Lake for Alex Campbell, but he gets Giselle.
  2. I am soooo thrilled for Claire Calvert in particular. Here is an extract from an interview @ToThePointe did with her back in 2018: Dancing the lead in Swan Lake would be a dream come true for her. “Odette and Odile show both sides to a woman and that is something that I would love to do. It’s the epitome of being a ballerina to dance those roles and it shows the two different sides of classical technique. Odette is the pure adage style and then Odile is virtuoso and strong. For me that really does show the ultimate ballerina.” Claire deserves having her dream come true with her debut in this role. Best of luck to her. I am also especially delighted for Anna-Rose O'Sullivan since she is missing out on Giselle this time around.
  3. But there are still Luddites like me who don’t know how to record! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
  4. Why do Sky Arts assume that everyone who likes ballet is awake and able to spend two hours watching ballet at the crack of dawn?
  5. Interesting to have another look at this article in the Guardian, written by Jennings in 2012: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2012/mar/25/will-they-make-royal-ballet
  6. So do I. Looks like it will be “street meet and greet” for the foreseeable future.
  7. Such a shame for the fans and the dancers. I wonder if it will ever return, since the virus is likely to stay around.
  8. Oh dear. What a saga! I hope you get it soon.
  9. Ah. Someone had told me he was injured. The Lesson was unforgettable, although I clearly forgot that he had danced it in this bill.
  10. Covid will probably never disappear, just like the flu, and just like the common cold. So it will be up to each individual to decide if they want to spend the rest of their lives wearing masks or not. I notice that more and more people are not wearing them, in restaurants, supermarkets, theatres, hotels, transport, sports events, etc. I am under the impression that people have had enough and now want to try to start living normally again inasmuch as is possible. The majority of staff have stopped wearing them in my three local supermarkets. I asked one of them about it and she said that the manager gave them a choice. She said it has been so awful having to wear them for hours on end whilst on their feet that none of them want to wear them anymore. As for the theatres...I am sure you can leave a card and flowers at the ROH. I left some at the end of the season, when restrictions were more draconian than they are now. I have never understood the logic of denying ballerinas the joy of receiving their flowers onstage. The ushers are all wearing masks and gloves...so what difference does it make if they are left by the stage door and the dancers collect them on the way out, or if they are given onstage? I was very glad they made an exception at Beatriz Stix-Brunell's farewell...and I am sure no-one caught Covid from flowers being delivered to the stage.
  11. Exactly. If they know that people have been waiting, sometimes for up to an hour, to say hello, it would come across as rude not to do so (even if it is not meant that way), leaving fans disappointed. Much easier to leave by another door and quietly wend their way.
  12. Thanks so much for this, Yumiko. Very interesting, but I agree with you about the voice over. It sounds like a 10 year-old child. Subtitles would have been best I think as the interview was in Japanese.
  13. Thanks for the memories, everyone! I was even later than you to the party, @Ian Macmillan! I think I found ballet.co.uk in early 2003 (one evening over a glass or three of red wine with my good friend Kevin Richmond I was bitching about an awful piece of contemporary 'dance' by Mark Bruce that I had seen at The Place. I always used to vent with Kev, as well as praise. This particular night he asked me if I had heard of ballet.co.uk. I admitted that I hadn't, and he said 'you must search it out and start posting your thoughts'. Thanks heavenly Kev!), but lurked for ages because I felt very inadequate in the face of the knowledge of many posters (no change there then!). I gradually started posting one or two sentences, and it went from there. I have learned so much from this site in the past 18 years, and got to know so very many lovely people, that it has been my pleasure to give something back by helping to moderate this forum for the past ten years.
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