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  1. This falls into the “spirits uplifting” category. Lovely little film performed, choreographed and directed by Yasmine Naghdi. Recently filmed in Italy, it’s worth reading her introduction before you watch. Enjoy!
  2. I absolutely loved it when I saw it at the Colisseum when ABT visited about three years ago. I was so taken with it that I bought tickets for the next performance!
  3. I love your introduction to the podcast on your Instagram page, TTP. I hope you don't mind if I reproduce it here as these folks all merit a mention in these awful times: I would like to dedicate our first episode of @openbarre_podcast to all of the dancers, artists, choreographers, musicians, costume makers, stage hands, backstage wizards, admin saviours and creatives - without whom we wouldn't have a podcast to talk about the incredible world that you all create. It's a tough time for the arts and everyone who is a part of it so I hope that this podcast can provide a bit of light relief when needed! I also have to thank the incredible Brandon Lawrence for the beautiful energy and positivity that he brings to this podcast. I second that emotion!
  4. The lack of government support for the arts is a national disgrace. They need to urgently get it back to normal. Not the new normal, but normal. Theatres can’t work with half-capacity audiences. Give us the option. Let those of us who are happy to go to the theatre go. Having said this, I will not be paying to go and watch sterile performances (although I am always happy to donate in other ways) with no passion and no humanity, as illustrated in the photo above. I couldn’t bear it. So it looks like I will be waiting for a very long time. 😤😢
  5. Well I really enjoyed that, TTP. Fun, fascinating and an excellent insight into what really goes on! You are both so funny, and you clearly have such a lovely rapport. I can’t wait to hear the next one. Thanks for the smiles amidst so much bad news! And many congratulations to Brandon... I feel so gutted that his long-awaited promotion has been interrupted and disrupted in his first season as a Principal. Fingers crossed that the powers that be finally see sense very soon and let performers and audiences back.
  6. Indeed...don’t control yourself at all, Alison. Let ‘em have it.
  7. How strange! Being a techno moron I don’t think I can help. Thanks for trying...it’s still perfectly legible!
  8. Is there any way of watching the ballet segment again? I couldn’t watch last night.
  9. Interesting to read what Cathy Marston has to say about The Cellist in her interview with ToThePointe magazine, posted elsewhere on this forum.
  10. If you look further down the list of subjects in this part of the forum you will find a fascinating interview with Cathy Marston posted up today by ToThePointe magazine. Marston talks about the making of Cellist.
  11. Wow, this is one of the best interviews I have read for a long time, TTP. Interesting, illuminating and in-depth. I will certainly be watching The Cellist with different eyes now! I know how much work this must have taken so a huge thanks to you and Miss Marston for such a wonderful read!
  12. I can understand McRae’s sensitivity, but I am afraid once you agree to participate in such a venture it is out of your remit as to how the footage is used and edited. It’s a risk you have to take if you want the exposure. Talking of exposure, I might have taken his complaints more seriously if he hadn’t accompanied the post with a naked photo of his fabulous body. It’s as if this is all about reminding us that he is a god, not a human being who is suffering with injury and trying really hard to come back to fitness. The latter impressed me much more.
  13. Yes I meant them too. Compared to me, they are all young dancers, even the older ones!! 😂
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