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  1. I wonder if I will feel like I’ve walked through the seven circles of hell after I’ve watched this ballet?
  2. Sim

    Terry Jones RIP

    My daughter used to work in a pub in Highgate during her uni holidays. She often saw Terry Jones and Michael Palin sitting together, having a few pints. She said they always seemed so close, and always gave each other big hugs when they were leaving (and were always lovely to her). Watching Palin break down on the news last night when talking about how he misses going for pints with Terry was very poignant. So hard to say goodbye to a 60-year friendship. I hope that in comedy heaven Terry Jones will eternally be a very naughty boy. RIP.
  3. I can’t see any racist comments either. A couple of people have posted their personal opinions on the Chinese style of classical ballet, indicating that they don’t like it. That is not racist.
  4. Edmonds has danced Lensky before, in the 2015 run.
  5. You may remember a couple of years ago I complained to the Coli because of the noise made by the clattering and rattling of trolleys loaded with glasses that were being pushed up and down just after the interval. Not only that, but the chattering and laughing of the staff doing so. I was sitting at the back of the balcony, near the exit doors. A lot of people were distracted by the noise and kept looking round. This was during a quiet moment (I think it was Giselle) and it spoiled the magic. I got a nice, positive response from the front of house manager promising it wouldn't happen again. Not sure if it has or not, but he made the right noises!!
  6. No, this will be Anna-Rose's debut. Very much looking forward to it! The music was compiled by Kurt-Heinz Stolze.
  7. Although I seriously hope that it will not be another five years before this ballet is revived. As with Coppelia, I just cannot understand why it has been kept from us for so long, especially when the company can offer such wonderful casts.
  8. And I am glad to see Giacomo Rovero getting a solo role.
  9. Wow. I don’t suppose there’s film of this?
  10. One of the benefits of being a standee!! 🤪
  11. I went and shook Rylance’s hand during the interval. I had heard on the radio in the morning that it was his 60th birthday so I wished him a happy birthday. He was chatting to Cathy Marston who didn’t know it was his birthday. Isabella Gasparini was in the Floral Hall in the interval. I love the way the dancers always support each other. Marcelino Sambe was in the audience for Beauty on Thursday night.
  12. Oh. My. Gosh. What a stunning, sublime and very special performance tonight. Osipova absolutely wonderful, Clarke made a very effective and emotional Onegin, and Hayward and Ball were beautiful in their roles. Avis a warm and loving Gremin. Real emotional connection and chemistry between the two leads made the story so believable and the sad denouement so deeply affecting. What a lump I had in my throat. So much more to say, but I have to calm down and drive my car! I am on such a high I am not making much sense, but THIS is why I love ballet.
  13. Interesting! But Meghan has a lot more choices than most of those other unhappy women did!
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