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  1. I know; I was just pointing out that moving up again after a year is very possible.
  2. Yasmine Naghdi was promoted to Principal a year after becoming First Soloist.
  3. The wonderful performance of Anna-Rose O’Sullivan is a great example of this.
  4. I am sure they received many messages correcting their gaffe!
  5. These things are really shameful from august (well, used to be august) broadsheets such as the Times and the Telegraph. I've said it before and I will say it again: how hard can it be for these papers to find one person on their staff to ensure that these things are right? With ballet this is happening over and over again and it is an insult to the readers and the artists to keep getting it wrong.
  6. That's because it's the Royal Ballet. There has been some concern over the past few years that with all the 'mixing and matching' that was going on the RB was in danger of losing their unique style (for example, Ashton not being able to be danced properly anymore). I think it's very important to keep and maintain its style, just like the Russian companies, Royal Danish Ballet and Paris Opera Ballet do. If the current crop of dancers are reverting to being able to dance the RB style, that is great news to me. We can see different elements elsewhere, although I believe that the RB do a very good job with modern choreography and, say, Balanchine (although of course they wouldn't do it like NYCB does, because that is what the NYCB style is).
  7. I sadly have to sell these two tickets now due to a family thing. This is the Stix-Brunell/Hirano cast and having seen the first one am very sorry to miss this one. Anyway, £11.00 each. I will be at the House on Wednesday night, or if sold in the next couple of days can post them out as they are 'real' tickets.
  8. I have known this for quite some time, Richard, but thanks anyway for the technical advice. We weren't discussing productions, we were discussing a dancer finding the time and inclination to look around the website for news of cast changes prior to announcing such changes on social media.
  9. I said on my post "assuming there are vacancies". But as has been pointed out, there doesn't necessarily have to be one in order to promote a deserving candidate!
  10. Assuming spaces are available, I would say Sambe, O’Sullivan for sure, and maybe Sissens. Fumi Kaneko is definitely Principal-bound, but perhaps in a year’s time when she has been given a chance to lead SB and SL and other three-acters. Sadly Corrales will probably have to wait (although I would promote him just on the basis of his Solor and his Romeo!). Same goes for Bracewell.
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