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  1. Thanks for this wonderful review Christine.
  2. I hope you’re right, Darlex. Ashton contributed too much to the history and development of English ballet for the majority of his works to be consigned to the dustbin of our cultural history.
  3. I just fail to understand how this has taken 20 years to happen! May Olesya now have a good few years of well-deserved Principaldom! Many congratulations to her.
  4. I have just bought tickets for the 24th matinee. Such decent prices, and you can choose your own seats. Thanks so much ENB/RFH for making this such an easy process.
  5. Grand final is on Saturday. The final of the song prize was last night.
  6. I agree. And the ushers bringing them on the stage would no doubt be wearing masks and gloves so I don’t get what the problem is.
  7. I doubt whether they will be able to have flowers onstage and flower throws. They clearly think it's dangerous to pick up a bouquet of flowers. I was hoping that as this was post June 21st they would have relaxed and let flowers be presented to this lovely dancer onstage. But now that we have all been flummoxed with yet another month of restrictions, I very much doubt whether anything can happen onstage. How I wish I am proved to be wrong...Beatriz deserves more.
  8. So thrilled that I have a ticket for the 11th (which will also include Yasmine Naghdi as Aurora...what an afternoon this should be!) and a couple of other of Beatriz's shows.
  9. How lovely that Beatriz will end her ballet career as she started it...in a piece by Christopher Wheeldon. She has been his muse for many years and I can't imagine how much he will miss her...just as we all will.
  10. Yes, I have heard of others rehearsing for Voices for this programme.
  11. I wouldn't say it was a complete waste, Dawnstar. Your money has helped the ROH in a time of dire need, irrespective of whether you have been able to see performances...so well done you!
  12. But it is a fiendish pdd, and they have to wait for two hours to come on and do it, with no warm up onstage and time to get into the flow of the whole. Most ballerinas I have spoken to about this all say how difficult it is. So I think the ******all they have done for the previous two hours is more than made up for in the 15-20 minutes they are on.
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