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  1. Thanks Angela. Any more news about the Wuppertal situation?
  2. Lucky BSB! Thanks for this information, Angela.
  3. Well many people think the UK is the best place for ballet in the world. It’s entirely subjective. Just sayin. And the English league isn’t just about its players. It’s also about its history and how it functions. More people around the world watch the English league than any other one.
  4. The English Premier League has very few English players and it is considered the best football League in the world. Just sayin'.....
  5. Because of a surprise birthday present from my hubby I now have to sell this ticket. £35, stalls T6 (Sadler's Wells). Tamara Rojo is scheduled to dance the lead role. If interested please PM me.
  6. John's family, and the forum moderators, are delighted to share with you this very witty little ditty that John wrote when we were transitioning from ballet.co.uk to balletcoforum. Having done the daily links for a long time, he thought he was finally getting rid of them for good. Be careful what you wish for, dear John! With thanks to Belinda Taylor, who shared this with us, and the Mallinson family, for agreeing to share it with all of you. The final few words are very poignant. In memoriam Today’s Links January 2012 - last day ever tomorrow and it falls to me. I think I have to finish it off with a bit of a flourish so am thinking of concluding with a spoof (of a spoof). Will anyone get it? Is it at all amusing? It isn’t finished. So. Farewell Then Balletco Today’s Links. No more aubades Trawling The Patriot Ledger And Gay City News. No more of Clement's crisps Before breakfast. No more Macaulay, Mackrell. You are now Toast. Flitter Away, Twitter. Stir crazy Or demob happy That's me. No crocodile tears. I will Sleep in Each morning. You're on your own. Now. With apologies to Private Eye and E.J. Thribb, aged 17½
  7. Sim

    Misplaced ear worms

    I WISH I had that ear worm!! Mine are usually ad jingles!!
  8. From the short clips, I agree with Anna above. Whilst it's great to see Polunin dancing in a more classical mode (although the choreography seemingly can't decide what exactly it is) I think he would really improve with daily class and perhaps also if he'd had a few more performances. Alina is beautiful as ever. I loved the set and the costumes (although perhaps another couple of stitches on the front of Polunin's shirt wouldn't go amiss; I really don't want my dreams of Romeo to be marred by Putin's face suddenly appearing), and as Anna said I would love to see the whole. If they bring it to London, I will.
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