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  1. You beat me to it, Xandra. I am so pleased about this. Maybe it's a slow burn for the critics as it was for me; I never liked it much, then all of a sudden I seem to have seen the light, and this run and the one before have really changed my mind. Maybe it's because of the universally high level of talent throughout the company at the moment; they make it a different prospect for me. I even enjoy the Prologue, whereas in years past I used to kick myself for not spending it in the pub having a glass of something nice!! I was also very pleased to see universal praise for Yasmine Naghdi's gorgeous Aurora, as this was a first first night for her and finally the critics got to report on her in a full three act ballet.
  2. In the run a couple of years ago I remember Lauren Cuthbertson took off a jacket and laid it over the chair in her Act 2 solo for the two men. She then forgot to pick it up again, so had to make it look like part of the solo when she went back to get it!
  3. I will definitely watch this on YouTube; hopefully today in my lunch hour. From a clip I saw on Instagram Corrales looked amazing. I am sure Magri will be as well. What a partnership these two will make! A real shame about the empty seats. I wonder if people just don't turn up, or whether they aren't sold despite the event being marked as sold out? Personally I don't go to these anymore because they cost more than my tickets to a full show.
  4. Many thanks for this review, Irmgard. I notice that you've mentioned everyone participating except Brandon Lawrence and Delia Matthews in the white pdd from Swan Lake. Was this just an omission, or did you dislike their performance?
  5. Thanks Angela...this sounds very interesting. I hope you are going? If so, please report back!
  6. No, Akane replaced Francesca and danced with Alex. A couple of days later Yasmine replaced Lauren Cuthbertson and famously danced Aurora three times in a week. Some debut run! 😱💪
  7. So Alex Campbell was standing in for Ryo Hirano, who was standing in for Steven McRae. He would not have had much rehearsal time with Akane Takada. Halfway through, he then has to dance with Yasmine Naghdi with whom he has never danced in nor rehearsed the ballet. What a pro he is. Huge kudos to him and to Miss Naghdi who dashed in from home and helped save the night in a big way. 👏👏👏
  8. Thanks for that incredibly detailed review, Nogoat. It makes me feel like I was there!
  9. @Nogoat that sneeze was hilarious! The whole audience laughed and then applauded; that was a first for me at the ROH!! Somehow I doubt that it will be kept on any recording, but it was very funny! 🤣🤣
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