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  1. @Peanut68 oh sorry I didn't make this very clear! Kathryn Morgan is a YouTube channel (she is a soloist with Miami City Ballet) who has a wonderful range of ballet barres (classes) and centres for all levels and purposes (e.g beginner-advanced ballet class, pointe class, turnout specific barre, barre for port de bras etc). She usually gives corrections to keep in mind before each exercise too. I use them a lot in holidays usually. P.S Love and good health to all dancers and families in these times ... I woke up today and had a massive heartache for already missing ballet. Im so grateful to have ballet classes tomorrow at school still x
  2. Kathryn Morgan barres are good for keeping up technique if you keep thinking of placement and corrections you have been given
  3. I would say (unless it's just me) that it's nearly impossible to maintain a fully turned out supporting leg in arabesque without lifting the hip a little. Of course you still have to turn out but mine is more of a 45 degree angle. I love a pure arabesque like the pros do though ❤️
  4. Wanted to pop in and say that I started dancing very late - age 12 - and am now in full-time classical training. I would say to make sure she can get as much quality technical training as she can (i.e ballet classes), especially as she gets older , for example associate programmes, EYB, summer schools and workshops. And also writing down my corrections and the corrections for the whole class was a game changer, and doing daily stretching and conditioning exercises (set by dance teachers). Most importantly to keep on loving dancing! ❤️ Good luck, I feel like my life truly began when I started dancing
  5. For non-fiction I loved Darcey Bussell's ballet book, the Ballet Companion by eliza gaynor minden, and 'Dancing Star' an old biography on the life of Anna Pavlova. Fiction my favourite newer series is Ballet Stars by Jane Lawes or any by Mal Lewis Jones.
  6. Yes when I went (2 years ago), Sunday evening was getting to know our house-mates (I was in a twin room, you can choose who you want to room with beforehand but I didn't know haha). And then classes were every day including Saturday, when there was a little show (you had to have a black/dark leotard for it). The evenings were fairly relaxed, we had a cinema night where we watched RB Romeo and Juliet, we got to watch a pas de deux rehearsal from Brandon Lawrence and Celine Gittens, a disco and I think the younger of the seniors were meant to have a mime masterclass with Marion Tait. But all the classes throughout the day are taken by BRB dancers.
  7. Thanks everyone, I have ordered some Bunheads and Bloch ones to arrive at school and hopefully they'll do the trick! (Will keep other suggestions in mind if they don't) . I have longish hair (just had it cut) but it's really thick and wavy and crazy with lots of shorter flyaways. Have to gel it down everyday to make it slick! My favourite brand was originally a German (I think) brand called Solida, they used to do a thick elastic, stretchy but tight invisible bun net which rarely got holes (I still have one from a year ago haha) but they've discontinued the model and now only make ones that barely wrap around the bun and are too delicate if that makes sense. I like a net to wrap around 2-3 times and no more or less so maybe I'm too picky!
  8. Hi and happy new year! My favourite bun net has been discontinued sadly and I have tried a few brands of bun nets which are either too flimsy and don’t stick to the hair, or cannot wrap around my hair more than once! I’m wondering does anyone have any recommendations for a bun net which is elastic but tight when wrapped around, say, 2-3 times? So not too big or too small if that makes sense. Preferably a style that doesn’t rip too easily too (always happens on days when my bun needs to be perfect)! thanks!
  9. I auditioned last year and got an email about a week and a half after the audition x
  10. At my SA audition the only pointework was releves and echappes in barre and centre, nd courus across the room. X
  11. @Julie 2 Milner I must say that I think Act 2 was much better than Act 1. I thought some of the Old Dracula choreography was a bit too much - too much mouth touching and stroking - I thought maybe it would have been creepier with a more seductive Dracula who was not revealed to be a vampire until later. I also thought some of Lucy and Mina's duet, the Dracula's Brides and the dances with the 4 vampire hunters was a bit off - just didn't flow. But I think it may have just been a completely different style to what I'm used to (very classical!) and it was quite contemporary. But most of it I really liked.
  12. The highlight for me was all the stunning pas de deuxs... The Act 2 one between Dracula and Mina is now on my dream dancing list 💕 And Renfield was Amazing! Definitely a future principal dancer.
  13. I thought Raymonda was lovely - I loved the costumes (and the gorgeous headpieces!) and thought all the main dancers were incredible. The 3 hours flew by. I particularly loved the Clemence/Henriette who had the solo in Act 3 ... Does any one know which dancer this is? I'd say it was a sort of light hearted ballet - no great tragedy or plot twist. I thought Smirnova and Belyakov were a wonderful partnership and what music!
  14. Hi, I have one Size 22" (waist) Character skirt for sale, suitable for RAD or non-syllabus classes. 3 'Blues' stripes at the bottom. Perfect condition; never before worn Looking for around £5 plus postage but open to offers. Money will be going to charity. Pictures are available too x
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