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  1. Can highly recommend Ruth Stein school of dance I was in Chichester for a day and she allowed me to join a small class at my level and gave me lots of good corrections x
  2. Mirella now sold Also have available: Never worn, “BX110” black Capezio camisole leotard with ‘Bratek’ Size XS £6 Never worn Danskin “Freestyle” unitard (tank leotard with attached shorts) Black with coloured sequin pattern on front Age 7-8 / Child’s Medium £4
  3. Bloch limited edition black cap-sleeved skirted leotard (It has a starry pattern on the front ruching) Age 9-10 £5 Brand new Dansez navy tank leotard (style 1403) (high cut leg and front gather, it is also the Moorland Associate leotard) Age 9-10 £8 Brand new Mirella sky blue camisole leotard with side pleats (style M242C) Age 14 £8 Tappers & Pointers black jazz crop top and leggings set size 2 £5 Bloch 'zenith' flat ballet shoes (worn for one class only) Pink, width C, size 3 £5 Brand new Bloch 'pump' flat ballet shoes Pink, width B, size 3.5 £7 Brand new Paperchase 'ballet dancer' double pocket pencil case £2 Pictures are available on request x
  4. Sending love and best wishes for the future. Thank you so much for everything - you really helped me last year especially when I wasn't feeling so great x
  5. I think I must have had every dance-related book in the world! I have loved reading most of them but it is time for a new home for them now, so will be selling them. All in very good condition unless stated, some date back to 1950s and beyond! X 1. ”Ballerina, a step-by-step guide to ballet” by Jane Hackett inc. instructional DVD. £5 2. “Dancing Peel” series of 4 by Lorna Hill (dancing peel, dancer’s luck, the little dancer, dancer in the wings). £2 each or £7 for all 4 3. “The ballet family” series of 2 by Jean Estoril (the ballet family, the ballet family again). £2 each or £3.50 for both 4. “ the Ballet twins” by Jean Estoril, £2 5. “The Dancer’s Way” by Dr Linda Hamilton and NYCB, £3 6. “Tutu Much” by Airin Emery, £1 7. “Ballerina” by Nada Curčija-Prodanović, £2 8. “Attitude” by Robin Stevenson, £1 9. “A dancer in wartime” by Gillian Lynne, £2 10. “Dance Futures” series of 3 by Kat Corbett (first string future, future perfect, future imperfect) £2 each or £5 for all 11. “Ballet Shoes” by Noel Streatfield, £2 12. “Theatre shoes” by Noel Streatfield, £2 13. “Dancing shoes” by Noel Streatfield, £2 14. “Dance club” series of 6 by Mal Lewis Jones (footprint in the clay, double trouble, skeleton in the wardrobe, danger at the castle, flowers and fireworks, summer school secrets), £1 each so £6 for full series 15. “Ballet stories” by various authors, chosen by Harriet Castor. £2 16. “The First Step” series of 3 by Jean Richardson (the first step, dancer in the wings, one foot on the ground). The covers are slightly discoloured and creased but the rest of the books are perfect. 80p each or £2 for the lot 17. “Ballerina Dreams: Dancing Friends (3 stories in 1)” by Ann Bryant, £2 18. “Ballerina Dreams: Rose’s Big Decision” by Ann Bryant, £1 19. “Dancing Shoes: Making the Grade” by Antonia Barber, 50p 20. “A company of swans” by Eva Ibbotson, £2 21. “The Royal Ballet School” by Noel Streatfield (one page has a brown ink stain in the corner, but the rest of the book is fine and covers a full history of ‘British’ ballet from 1661 up to 1960), £1.50 Please message for more details or pictures. Prices do not include P&P and may be negotiable. Thanks x
  6. Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the sunshine ☀️ This may be a silly question, but I am dancing the 'Dying Swan' variation at a show this weekend and can't seem to find one interpretation (as to what the swan is supposed to be feeling).. Some run-throughs I feel sadness, others I feel relief, etc! I know artistry is something you have to develop yourself, but I was just curious as to what others thought the swan might be feeling, and any dancers who do this solo beautifuLly that I could watch (at the moment I am loving Lopatkina and Plisetskaya) i hope this makes sense! Thanks x
  7. When I auditioned there, the pupils attending said that they loved it, but they would not recommend it for a 'bun head' (if you were solely classical ballet focused and interested in a company career)
  8. It's not in Glasgow sorry, but I can high,y recommend the Dance Shop Edinburgh - the fitters are so knowledgeable and care about finding the perfect shoe!
  9. Poor thing, wishing her the speediest of recoveries! This will only make her stronger, though it must be so hard at the moment. I find that watching other dancers improves my own dancing, so maybe she could have a watch of the Royal Ballet's live stream classes on YouTube, or just snuggle on the sofa and watch some ballets (maybe some happy ones like La Fille Mal Gardée or Don Q?) When I have an injury (I'm lucky to have only had minor tears really) I always like to practise my port de bras just stood or sat still, and try to make it as graceful as possible. I find that sometimes I forget about my arms in classes! -AB x
  10. How strange! I was number 33 when I got the scholarship for EYB too, and I wore a red-purple leotard 😄 What an achievement for all the pupils, they must all be so happy and you so proud x
  11. Hi everyone, Because of the costs of full-time training from September, I am not allowed to go to summer school this year (apart from a 3 day intensive). As you can imagine, I think I am going to go insane if I cannot improve my technique and do ballet! So, I guess is there any way I can still improve without summer school? Is there something I could do, besides hopefully being able to do a few drop in classes here and there and my usual conditioning, stretching and running/swimming etc? Last year I spent 3 weeks at summer schools plus 2 weeks of EYB in summer so it's going to be a long difficult summer :(( Oh dear I sound very ungrateful... I honestly feel like the luckiest person alive to be able to fulfil my dream of so many years but I don't want my technique to go backwards. Thank you all! ❤️
  12. I have been offered a bursary for Moorland for sixth form, yes there aren't many but Moorland is so amazing, could not recommend anywhere in the world more highly. It is my favourite place (speaking as an associate!) Showcase Is this Saturday at Burnley mechanics theatre, The dancers will be absolutely incredible X (I will be dancing in the final act, but having watched the dress rehearsal you will be amazed by all the other dancers!)
  13. Just wanted to pop in here and say that one of my ballet teachers told me she was extremely extremely tiny at age 16 - smaller even than me - and then did not grow until she reached 18, and had another growth spurt when she was in her 20s! If that is comforting to anyone else I was offered a place at 2 schools, finals at another, so will be starting in September at my first choice vocational school I've been told that i am finally growing but am staying well away from the tape measure because it would get me down if I hadn't! Height is annoying! x
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