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  1. Hi everyone, I attend moorland full time so if anyone has any questions I’d be happy to message you x
  2. I have been having a massive lockdown clear out! All leotards are in excellent condition and by Wear Moi. 1) Blue tank leotard, front lined and high cut leg line. I have never worn this as I ordered the wrong colour for uniform! Size 11-12 years 2) Turquoise camisole leotard with high cut leg line Size 10-12 years (I apologise for the label being cut out but condition is still as good as new!) 3) Pink skirted leotard (one of my personal favourites!) Size 10-12 years 4) Black camisole leotard Size 12-14 years 5) Maroon camisole leotard Size 12-14 years 6) Navy blue tank leotard Size 11-12 years All leotards are simple but elegant - they would look beautiful paired with your favourite ballet skirt! Prices available on request but all will be £10 or under as I want to make space 7) Pair of Katz character shoes, worn only once! There are some marks underneath from stamping, but outwardly they look perfect Size 1.5 (would fit a range of between 1-2.5 I would say) £8
  3. I have a signature collection Aurora peach leotard for sale. (https://claudiadeanworld.com/collections/collections-by-claudia-signature-collection/products/signature-aurora-peach?variant=14400633864247 ) It is in immaculate condition, worn only 3 times, in size Adult Petite. £32 inc postage and packing Perfect to start 2021 with!
  4. I've never seen him live but I thought he was he was incredible in the Winter's Tale stream - a real artist. I wish I could have seen more of him.
  5. Hi, please may I have the other one? x
  6. I'm very sad that the day has come where I have grown out of some of my favourite leotards, but hoping they will find a happy new home. All are in very good condition and have a high cut leg line. Photographs available on request. Degas 9501 leotard in the colour Eglantine Size 12a £25 9502 leotard in the colour Lilac Size 12a £20 Collections by Claudia Tropical collection (2018) 'Coconut' (white) leotard in Aurora style Size Child XL £25 Bloch Black camisole leotard with lovely back design (sort of open diamond shapes separated by twists) Size Child's 12 £15
  7. I didn't even start ballet until I was 12, and was accepted into 2 classical upper schools. Everyone else has given amazing advice; the top 3 things which were game changers for me were: Conditioning exercises (set by my dance physio, and Pilates which i still do with my ballet school because it is so good for strength and posture!) Associate classes (you start improving so much faster when you're dancing with others who are at a higher level, and the longer classes helped me beyond measure as well as giving me amazing friends and fun times) Summer schools (taking multiple classes daily also accelerated improvements and improved my stamina and performance skills as they usually incorporate a demonstration at the end. I always think they are like being in a ballet company!)
  8. Hi, please could you send me photos of the Bloch leotards?
  9. The closest I've got is a cuddly penguin called Coppelia and I adopted a chicken for people in Africa called Kochetkova! Wish I could get some more pets just so I could name them after ballet or music ❤️ My family have Rue my black cat (off the Hunger Games), Cersei my sister's Siamese cat (off Game of Thrones), my tortoise Nagini - but I call him/her (still not sure) Nicki (Harry Potter) and lastly our big family Labradoodle - Maggie ❤️
  10. @ponklemum my school are doing daily zoom classes and I find it so much better than the livestream as the teacher can see you and give you personalised corrections. It's also a really nice atmosphere as others are 'in the studio' too. But I do like doing live classes for fun at the weekend ! So really just pick whatever suits best x
  11. @Peanut68 oh sorry I didn't make this very clear! Kathryn Morgan is a YouTube channel (she is a soloist with Miami City Ballet) who has a wonderful range of ballet barres (classes) and centres for all levels and purposes (e.g beginner-advanced ballet class, pointe class, turnout specific barre, barre for port de bras etc). She usually gives corrections to keep in mind before each exercise too. I use them a lot in holidays usually. P.S Love and good health to all dancers and families in these times ... I woke up today and had a massive heartache for already missing ballet. Im so grateful to have ballet classes tomorrow at school still x
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