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  1. How strange! I was number 33 when I got the scholarship for EYB too, and I wore a red-purple leotard 😄 What an achievement for all the pupils, they must all be so happy and you so proud x
  2. Hi everyone, Because of the costs of full-time training from September, I am not allowed to go to summer school this year (apart from a 3 day intensive). As you can imagine, I think I am going to go insane if I cannot improve my technique and do ballet! So, I guess is there any way I can still improve without summer school? Is there something I could do, besides hopefully being able to do a few drop in classes here and there and my usual conditioning, stretching and running/swimming etc? Last year I spent 3 weeks at summer schools plus 2 weeks of EYB in summer so it's going to be a long difficult summer :(( Oh dear I sound very ungrateful... I honestly feel like the luckiest person alive to be able to fulfil my dream of so many years but I don't want my technique to go backwards. Thank you all! ❤️
  3. I have been offered a bursary for Moorland for sixth form, yes there aren't many but Moorland is so amazing, could not recommend anywhere in the world more highly. It is my favourite place (speaking as an associate!) Showcase Is this Saturday at Burnley mechanics theatre, The dancers will be absolutely incredible X (I will be dancing in the final act, but having watched the dress rehearsal you will be amazed by all the other dancers!)
  4. Just wanted to pop in here and say that one of my ballet teachers told me she was extremely extremely tiny at age 16 - smaller even than me - and then did not grow until she reached 18, and had another growth spurt when she was in her 20s! If that is comforting to anyone else I was offered a place at 2 schools, finals at another, so will be starting in September at my first choice vocational school I've been told that i am finally growing but am staying well away from the tape measure because it would get me down if I hadn't! Height is annoying! x
  5. As a year 11 (only 3 GCSEs left now phew!) I was lucky to be able to continue with absolutely all of my dance classes and associates and it has been what has kept me sane. I get up early, work through the school day and lunchtime, test self on flashcards on the journey to dance and then go to bed a bit later to finish anything off. I'm so glad I kept up dancing because it gives me motivation to revise etc and not waste time, and makes me love dancing even more if that is possible! Auditions are much more stressful than exams because they feel like they mean so much more, I got all but one of mine done by January so would recommend that. Use the summer of year 10/first half term to get all audition application stuff, photos, personal statements, references sorted for general peace of mind before revision starts ramping up. I started revision in the Christmas holidays just little and often.
  6. Thought I would share this on for any boys! Mr Kidd is an incredible and inspirational teacher x
  7. Not an audition question, but could anybody with experience of Ballet West school please PM me? I understand we are not allowed to talk about it publicly, but I have been offered a place there and hope it is okay to ask. X I’m trying to compile a pros and cons list for the schools I have been offered.
  8. In our EA email it says that audition results will be sent out next week x
  9. Thanks everyone, I will take the advice of my usual teachers which is just to try to perfect what I have! Personally I think Margot Fonteyn's lines were beautiful too, I just know lots of professionals nowadays have the wing and hyperextension (the swayback knees!) and wasn't sure whether this was natural or something I had to work at! It was just one teacher who advised me to be slightly wing/ fish and she emphasised that my feet still have to be completely pointed and never put weight on them. The other teacher I didn't really like very much anyway - it was at a drop in class a few months ago, and she said "you are a very hard worker and passionate and you use your feet well, but you won't become a professional unless you get flat turnout by doing middle oversplits with the blocks behind your hips (I haven't tried this because I don't think it would be helpful at all, I have physio exercises which are much better), and get your leg up to your head in extensions like the Russian dancers. And your knees have to go backwards! And you need to get more sleep so you can grow." She was one of those scary ballet teachers so I won't be going back (I love my usual teachers and respect their advice of perfecting very basic technique and line) ! The only advice I took was to get more sleep 😄
  10. Hi, I hope this doesn't sound too silly, but I have very very very straight legs (they are not bent looking, but they're not hyperextended!) I guess in some ways it is a blessing because my hyperextended friends have lots of trouble with getting on their legs and their stability etc. However the line is not as nice, and I have been told by a couple of teachers that I should perhaps stretch for more hyperextension to get the lovely curve (for example in the supporting leg for arabesque!) Does anybody have any advice for this for safe ways to get this? And also looking for exercises for winged feet! I do theraband work to strengthen the 'wing' (where the top of foot sort of goes out from the ankle like the principals do!) and I luckily don't sickle thanks to working a lot on it, but just wondering if this is an expected in ballet and other exercises that I could safely do! Very sorry for how long this is! And if I am not making sense haha (In the midst of GCSEs!)
  11. I auditioned for extended associates way back 2 years ago when I was in year 9 - it was a mix of ages from age 11-15 and no there was no Pointework. The older ones did slightly more advanced combinations but I'd say it was no higher than intermediate level. The parents came in to watch for the last couple of allegro combinations. of course it may have changed since then! But hope this helps x
  12. If your dd loves chocolate, would she consider trying slightly darker? A little bit of dark choc is good for you (a nutritionist told me!) and it's much more filling than milk choc, but very delicious! I love a square of 90% Lindt dark choc from time to time, but would start with 70%! I would say just make sure you are cooking healthy meals (which I'm sure you are!) and she will figure out the rest (though I can highly recommend the 'Nutrition for the Dancer' book! My mum also says she makes healthy food a treat - E.g, have smoothies made with her favourite fruit in the garden in this gorgeous weather, make salads with fresh veg, healthy pizzas etc xx
  13. I've never been fit in London, but I can absolutely highly recommend Dancique in Birmingham and The Dance Shop Edinburgh in Edinburgh! If anyone finds themselves in those areas 😂 Very knowledgeable and caring fitters, and a huge range of lovely leotards too!
  14. Yes please may I have it! I’ve just got back from an intensive but would def love it xx
  15. If you change your mind for any reason Tiredtoes I would love the Degas leotard too (although I'm sure you won't!) x
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