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  1. At my SA audition the only pointework was releves and echappes in barre and centre, nd courus across the room. X
  2. @Julie 2 Milner I must say that I think Act 2 was much better than Act 1. I thought some of the Old Dracula choreography was a bit too much - too much mouth touching and stroking - I thought maybe it would have been creepier with a more seductive Dracula who was not revealed to be a vampire until later. I also thought some of Lucy and Mina's duet, the Dracula's Brides and the dances with the 4 vampire hunters was a bit off - just didn't flow. But I think it may have just been a completely different style to what I'm used to (very classical!) and it was quite contemporary. But most of it I really liked.
  3. The highlight for me was all the stunning pas de deuxs... The Act 2 one between Dracula and Mina is now on my dream dancing list 💕 And Renfield was Amazing! Definitely a future principal dancer.
  4. I thought Raymonda was lovely - I loved the costumes (and the gorgeous headpieces!) and thought all the main dancers were incredible. The 3 hours flew by. I particularly loved the Clemence/Henriette who had the solo in Act 3 ... Does any one know which dancer this is? I'd say it was a sort of light hearted ballet - no great tragedy or plot twist. I thought Smirnova and Belyakov were a wonderful partnership and what music!
  5. Hi, I have one Size 22" (waist) Character skirt for sale, suitable for RAD or non-syllabus classes. 3 'Blues' stripes at the bottom. Perfect condition; never before worn Looking for around £5 plus postage but open to offers. Money will be going to charity. Pictures are available too x
  6. My dance teacher gave me an info pack with all ticket information and classes in November time I think x
  7. Could also highly recommend Moorland International Ballet Academy associates if you can travel x
  8. I'm obviously not the seller but 12A is child age 11-12 size I would say, and then grenat is a dark maroon/burgundy x @leotardmum
  9. Does anybody know of any other Christmas Intensives or workshops? X
  10. I have for sale: Never before worn Roch Valley split sole pink satin ballet shoes Ribbons have been sewn on. Size 2.5 £4 and Worn once only Katz Dancewear black character shoes 1-1.5" heel Size 1.5 but would fit sizes up to a 2.5 as well I would say £3 They are very good quality but I grew out of them before use! Photos available and open to offers too x
  11. Thanks everyone, I will try all of your suggestions! At the moment, I spray my hair with water, then twist the front parts into the bun before spraying with l'oreal elnett hairspray profusely. The twists definitely help, but I still always end up with flyaways at the front and back, though the bun itself is tight and flat.
  12. @angel ooh thank you, what brand of gel spray do they use?
  13. Woodside Dance Retreat Easter course was amazing - really kind but inspirational teachers who made you push your limit and improve beyond measure! Small classes so lots of individual corrections and opportunity to make lots of friends
  14. Hi, I have very very bushy wavy hair - like Hermione Granger style hair. I really want to achieve the slicked back look all the time for my buns for ballet class - hairsprays don't seem to hold the front hairs down after an hour or so. I have very heavy hair gel which I use for performances but I don't really want to be using it every day for class as it makes my hair really crusty! Does anyone have any recommendations for a product I could use every day for class which can control all the baby hairs and bushy hairs? Sorry if this is a silly question 🙈 And thank you!
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