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  1. We got a SWL for JA’s in London. I understand it’s is unlikely to change to a yes but still better than a no!
  2. Thank you everyone, we will speak with dd's teacher once we are back to normal again
  3. Not good news as such but I have to say that ballet has turned out to be far more lockdown compatible than we feared. My dd is doing more ballet now than ever before as all her teachers are streaming their classes, and have added more options than what was previously timetabled. Online classes are working out really well and she is enjoying seeing her friends. As a bonus she has also been able to do classes with other schools and teachers too as there is loads to close from on Instagram and youtube!
  4. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Dd is 10. She is at a stage where all the hard work is beginning to pay off in some small ways so she is quite enthusiastic about her training, and would like to do more. Her teacher has encouraged her and some of her friends to apply to the Royal Ballet JA (which is obviously a very long shot) but I'm not sure how she would feel about taking lessons in the same style with another teacher/school. Not that any of these things matter right now... sigh!
  5. Hi, My daughter is keen to do more ballet, however her current school does not offer any additional classes that she could take. We have found another studio which teaches the same method and after attending a trial class, she'd love to join there too for an additional one or two classes per week. I'd love to hear from the experienced dance parents on this forum. What is the etiquette, should we get the blessing of her current teacher before we add any additional lessons? What would be the best way to goo around this? Perhaps this is a non issue, but we have been with her current school for around three years now and we really like them, so would not wish to step on anyone's toes. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, is the Ballet Boost leotard still available? Thanks
  7. Hi, I would love to see photos of the wear Moi pale green skirted leotard and the Wear Moi aqua leotard please? Many thanks!
  8. When did you hear? We are still waiting, which is odd as everyone else seems to have heard two weeks ago?
  9. It’s a very surprising yes for us! Good luck to everyone waiting
  10. Can anyone advise what the application is like for RBS summer intensive? I know they want the usual photographs, but is there also an audition, or how does it work? My daughter is 10 and this is the first year she is eligible to apply. She did Tring this summer. She had an amazing time but she prefers ballet over street/commercial/contemporary and there was only one hour of ballet per day, so we may look elsewhere this year. In previous years she has done Danceworks summer intensive.Another amazing experience but it seems most of the girls attend Danceworks together in the year and are close friends. They were all nice to my daughter but I thought I’d mention it, as someone with a younger child may wish to book with a friend.
  11. Amazing tickets seats a51+a52 on level 3 Balcony. Paid £95 each. I just returned these to the box office so they should be available to purchase very shortly.
  12. A more or less expected no for us, girl in London year 4. Did anyone ever get a yes after years of no’s? Or should we not bother next year? Feels as if we should have gotten a wait list offer in order to feel optimistic about trying again...
  13. Thank you Janet! Still hoping to hear from someone who can advise re Danceworks... many thanks in advance.
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