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  1. Yes for us, very surprised and delighted. Definitely did not expect it Does anyone know what their uniform is?
  2. Thanks @SissonneDoublee And yes, fingers crossed for everyone!
  3. And the same question for the WL finals: how confident can a JA be that they will be invited for the finals if they apply? Is it more or less a given?
  4. Thanks @Returnofthejedi good to know! What is the likelihood that existing JA’s continue to MA? Can they more or less expect it? I would imagine they have a much better chance than a complete outsider of a comparable level, as they have known their JA’s since years
  5. Probably a silly question but do JAs automatically move up to MAs or do they also have to audition or pass an assessment or similar?
  6. Congratulations to all those who’ve had good news! To those of you who got a yes, just out of interest did they watch the entire audition video?
  7. I think this is the nature of auditions sadly, they probably know more or less within the first minutes of watching. Some intensives only require a few photos and they base the entire decision on this. I don’t think you can jump to any conclusions at this stage, you may well get a yes.
  8. Nerve racking, isn’t it. This is the first year our youngest DC is trying, it’s so different to do this virtually.
  9. Can I ask if you are applying to this and other associates because your dance teacher recommended you to/gave their blessing, or are you doing this entirely on your own? I guess the studio etiquette is to only apply with your teacher’s blessing? Since you have to name your dance school and teacher on the registration form, I would assume it’s a good idea to let them know beforehand. What do people usually do?
  10. We have a private ballet account for DC which lives on my phone. It’s fun to be able to follow other dancers, and during lockdown it was a great way to find out about zoom classes which she really enjoyed doing. We have posted a handful of photos. To try and keep it safe, we do the following: - we don’t have her full name on her profile - we don’t geo tag any photos - we don’t have her ballet school, academic school or any other identifying info in her profile I realise this is partly futile as anyone with enough time in their hands could find her on her ballet school’s a
  11. Sorry, I thought this happened in the YDA audition but perhaps you meant white lodge? Didn’t happen to DD at white lodge either!
  12. No, not my DD. she wasn’t asked to remove her shoes. I would think it’s an encouraging sign that they show that level of interest? Did you hear back yet?
  13. We love Osipova, clearly her feet (or the state of her shoes) is not holding her back!
  14. Lighthearted post! Looking for some uplifting stories and examples to make us feel better about not having been born with perfect banana feet? Have you seen any success stories where a dancer has really improved the look of their feet through hard work, exercises, or just learning to work really well with what they have? Can you suggest any ballerinas or dancers in training who we could watch, or find in social media, who may not have the most amazing feet but are still amazing in all sorts of other ways? The current ideal for banana feet and hyperextended k
  15. We had a yes too, definitely did not expect it. I heard there were fewer places for finals this year due to covid restrictions - who knows! What are the odds at this stage? Is it like academic secondary schools, who typically invite 2 children to interview for every one place they offer?
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