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  1. Coniger I have heard really great things about Jose Martin, he is still teaching. How wonderful for your son to have found a mentor, that's exactly what we all need!
  2. Thanks everyone, truly appreciate hearing your perspectives. It's clearly hard work to find, and fit in enough quality training after school, but hopefully not impossible. As far as the social aspect is concerned, I feel I can relate to DD as I was in a similar position myself, it wasn't dance in my case but a sport. I made all those social sacrifices and by the time I walked away from it I found that I hadn't missed much, I was able to slot right in with my school friends and have a normal teenage/20s experience. It's just hard for DD as her friendships have gone through a rocky patch recently, with her friends all starting the same secondary school and her being at a different one. She is also at a new dance school since before the pandemic, and hasn't had that much time with these new children as so much was on zoom these past 18 months.
  3. DD is not at vocational school as it simply wasn't the right choice for us at this point, but I am honestly not sure how we can keep her training at a level which would enable her to have a chance at upper vocational school. It's so hard to combine school and ballet. I feel we need way more hours per week than we are currently able to manage. She does about ten hours but should probably do twice the amount? Any advice on how to keep them on the right track without going to lower school would be greatly appreciated! It's also difficult with the social side of things. DD is really feeling the effects of not being available to grab that after school Starbucks or have those sleepovers which her friends are enjoying. She is really drifting apart from her friendship group at school. She is ok with this and understands why this is happening, but of course it still hurts on some level. Had she gone to a lower school, I imagine things would be different - you're surrounded by likeminded children, you are boarding and therefore physically distant from your old friends so the drifting apart would not be noticeable in the same way that it is now. I would love to hear how your DC managed this side of things?
  4. From a non smoking home Please note that part of one of the seams is missing (see closeup). It was always like this and the seam hasn’t unraveled further £35 including first class tracked postage
  5. Thank you Balletbean, Balletmummy and Cotes du Rhone, and everyone else. So interesting to see how you all get it done. Balletbean, what an absolute dream scenario, so lovely to have the support from both your daughter’s school and peer group! Our challenge is that we have a bit of a commute (about an hour) between home/school and the ballet studio. I’ve been advised that they need to train 6 days per week to have a chance at upper school auditions. Add to this homework, and hopefully a social life for dd on the odd occasion... I know that top level athletes often do really well academically, there are clearly some benefits to combining high level training and academics. Just have to make the logistics work somehow!
  6. I just don’t see how it’s possible to fit in enough ballet around secondary school. We want to try vocational upper school but honestly can’t see how we can ever manage to fit in enough training, with academic school taking up a lot of time particularly from year 9. Even two hours of ballet per day will be difficult. how do you do it?
  7. Hi Twirl, it’s still available, I will message you!
  8. Predictive text, so sorry, I hope the previous post makes sense. Glacier still available, any questions please let me know
  9. Hi! Apologies did not replying sooner. The blue leotard is still available, the white and begonia are both sold
  10. So sorry, the photo didn't attach properly, here is the Glacier Matt Lycra leotard:
  11. Glacier, Matt Lycra The one has only been used once or twiceIMG_7971.HEIC
  12. White 9502 Begonia 9502 £35 each including postage (registered mail); both for £65
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