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Found 22 results

  1. The Royal Danish Ballet is currently dancing Balanchine's Jewels and at last night's performance Nikolaj Hubbe appeared on stage twice - after Rubies, to promote Alexander Bozinoff to Solodanser (Principal), and after Diamonds, to do the same for Emma Riis- Cofoed. She has been very obviously headed for the top ever since she joined the company in 2017, whilst Bozinoff is a bit more of a surprise - Hubbe describes him offstage as a 'still water running deep' personality and he has quietly built up quite a repertoire of leading roles. The press release claims this a first for a double onstage promotion but I'm fairly sure that Alexei Ratmansky and Thomas Lund were also promoted together, after a performance of Swan Lake (Prince and Jester respectively). But that was long ago, and at the end of this month Thomas Lund leaves his post as Director of the RDB school after 10 years. His successor is Anne Peyk. until now the director of the Tivoli Ballet School. The press release announcing her appointment describes her previous career (via Google Translate): 'Anne Holm-Jensen Peyk comes from the position as innovative artistic director of Tivoli Ballet School and also has 13 years of experience as an instructor and teacher at the Royal Ballet with strong results in organizational, talent and staff development. Her ability to act in the Danish ballet school environment is seen, among other things. through initiatives such as the establishment of the ballet competition The Danish Ballet Prize and the association for dance medical knowledge Dance Science Denmark. Anne Holm-Jensen Peyk is herself a former dancer and has a strong national and international network in the professional ballet environment as well as the ballet school environment, i.a. Ballet Chemnitz, Tivoli Ballet Theater, The Royal Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Finnish National Ballet and Hamburg Ballet.'
  2. The Royal Danish Ballet is currently in the middle of a run of its own preferred Romeo and Juliet - Neumeier's - and last night's Juliet, Wilma Giglio, was promoted to the company's highest rank onstage during the curtain calls. It's five years since they had a new female principal and it was getting fairly obvious that she would be the next one. She comes from Argentina and had her early training there, arriving in Dnamark via the Prix de Lausanne and the Canadian Ballet School - she's been a soloist since 2018 and has already danced La Sylphide and Swan Lake. (And incidentally, checking the press relase on the RDB site, I notice that Nikolaj Hubbe's contract has just been extended for another 4 years.)
  3. The RDB has announced its programme for next season, apparently in the expectation of being able to run a full season starting at the beginning of September. Ballets include: Come Fly Away (Twyla Tharp) Cinderella (Gregory Dean) La Sylphide (new production) Balanchine's Nutcracker Romeo and Juliet (Neumeier) Serenade/ Sibelius 4 (Jorma Elo)/Etudes Blixen (Gregoery Dean) Napoli La Bayadere Dans2G0 programme - works by Sebastian Kloborg, Peter Martins (Zakouski), Neumeier and Hofesh Shechter Principal dancer Amy Watson will give her farewell performance as Teresina in Napoli Full details in the season book
  4. The big premiere of Hubbe’s newest (3rd?) La Sylphide will be this Saturday! Has precise casting been announced? (The website indicates dancers of three potential casts.) Is a telecast or streaming being planned? Thanks for any & all insights.
  5. "Napoli" from Denmark with Alexandra Lo Sardo and Alban Lendorf https://www.dr.dk/drtv/program/napoli-_-ballet-fra-det-kongelige-teater_178143
  6. Royal Danish Ballet will be livestreaming Napoli https://kglteater.dk/kgl/xtra/forestilling-napoli/?section=31109 Note! Depending on your connection, it may take a few minutes for the video to start playing. I have tried and no luck so far but perhaps you will have better luck.
  7. Next season's repertoire for the RDB was announced this morning: Queen of Spades (Scarlett) Blixen (new full length by Gregory Dean) Nutcracker (Balanchine) Ballet de Luxe - Act 3 of Raymonda/Ballo della Regina-/August 2.0 ("a respectful nod to August Bournonville, bringing the master's choreography into the 21st century" - arranged by Dinna Bjørn and Nikolaj Hubbe) Mahler's 3rd Symphony (Neumeier) Come fly away (Twyla Tharp) A Folk Tale (Bournonville) ... plus a number of smaller scale works and collaborations Interesting that Gregory Dean gets another big opportunity straight after this season's Cinderella - and from the publicity photo, another big leading role for Kizzy Matiakis! Full programme
  8. Gregory Dean's latest ballet, Blixen, opens tonight in Copenhagen. There's an interesting podcast in whch Dean, Kizzy Matiakis (who has the title role tonight) and the designer Jon Morrell talk about the problems of bringing Karen Blixen's life to the stage. (The music is by Debussy.) One idea that's new to me, at least, is that Matiakis does the whole ballet in the first cast but at some later performances the role is split between Ida Praetorius (Young Karen) and Gudrun Bojesen (Older Karen). Matiakis, who is within a couple of years of mandatory retirement at 40, feels she's at exaactly the right point in her life to be able to do both and sounds to be relishing the challenge. I hope anyone who sees her, or the Praetorius/Bojesen combination, will write a nice long piece about it for us.
  9. Today at the press conference Nikolaj Hubbe announced the plans for the coming season 2018-19. Here it's possibly to see all the items: 2018-19 season I believe, it' s just in Danish right now, but the titles of the performances don't need translation. Personally I'm quite content with the coming season and plan to visit Copenhagen as often as my finances and work schedule will permit it.
  10. The RDB gives the world premiere of Scarlett's Queen of Spades (Spar Dame in Danish) on April 14th - there's a page about in English on their site and more information and a couple of videos if you switch to the Danish version. From the photographs etc you can deduce that the first cast has Kizzy Matiakis as the Countess and Andreas Kaas as Hermann, but there are few clues to who else is dancing and if/when a second cast goes on. ( But, hey, there's still a week to opening night - plenty of time to plan your visit.) If anyone is going, please report back!
  11. Interesting: "Dir Birgitte Stærmose Prod Peter Ålbæk Jensen, Marie Gade Dennessen Scr Kim Fupz Aakeson With Danica Curcic, Gustaf Skarsgård, Ulrich Thomsen Denmark-Sweden 2017 103min Sales TrustNordisk Showcasing a wealth of exquisite choreography and underpinned by a fine script, this provocative drama elegantly probes the nature of creative collaboration and the passage of success. International superstar ballerina ‘Darling’ (Danica Curcic) and her husband Frans (Gustaf Skarsgård, Vikings) return to the Royal Danish Ballet company in Copenhagen where Darling is to dance the lead in Giselle. The production, choreographed by Frans, is highly anticipated by the company and the couple themselves, for whom the job is all consuming – perhaps offering the only space where they can truly thrive together. Unquestionably talented but dangerously obsessive, Darling has already pushed herself beyond her limits, and her uncompromising behaviour threatens what promised to be a highpoint in her and Frans’ professional and personal lives. Curcic’s physically and emotionally powerful performance, guided by Birgitte Stærmose’s empathetic but always precise direction, provides an exhilarating depiction of creativity and the pressures of performance." Anyone know any more about this? It's on at the Curzon Mayfair as part of the BFI London Film Festival next month.
  12. Would anybody give me a link to the members of the Royal Danish Ballet please? DS has to do research project and we can't find this online. Thanks if you can.
  13. Anyone fearing withdrawal symptoms when the RB's run of Jewels ends on Friday could pop over to Copenhagen on Saturday and see the Royal Danish Ballet's first night! They haven't danced it before so everyone is new to it - there are some nice photos online and although unfortunately the company seems to have stopped adding captions to identify the dancers, anyone who's caught the recent online Giselle or R&J will recognise at least some of them,. I'm hoping to see a performance later in the run, but if someone sees it before then, please report back!
  14. Here: https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/opera-og-ballet-det-kgl-teater-tv/-/giselle-ballet-fra-det-kgl-teater#!/ it's posible to watch the ballet "Giselle" performed by RDB in November of 2016. In the beginning of the transmission Nikolaj Hubbe says welcome words and it's shown a piece of the workshop with the main performers, Ida Praetorius (Giselle) and Andreas Kaas (prince Albrecht). The record should be available for viewing for 7 days.
  15. Kizzy Matiakis made her debut as Odette/Odile in Copenhagen last night and afterwards was promoted to principal dancer - a very emotional occasion for her, I'd guess, especially as she's only 5 years from retirement and the RDB has never promoted anyone this late before.There's a little film on the theatre's Facebook page She was trained originally by Leo Kersley (wouldn't he have been proud of her!) and then at Central School.
  16. Hello everybody, here it's possible to watch "Swan lake'' from the Royal Danish Theater: https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/svanesoeen/svanesoeen-ballet-fra-det-kgl-teater It's the performance from the 15th of April, 2016.
  17. Next season's programme for the Royal Danish Ballet is being announced right now - it includes Wheeldon's Alice and a new piece by Wayne McGregor, and also a new full-length version of Dangerous Liaisons by Cathy Marston, who has made work for other groups in Denmark but never for the RDB itself. Next season looks much more interesting than this one, with Jewels and a re-run of the new Swan Lake as well as a couple of triple bills. There's also a new Giselle...
  18. Hi all. I managed to snag a last minute ticket to the RDB performance of La Sylphide/Etudes next Friday as part of my also last minute spur-of-the-moment trip to Copenhagen! So I thought I'd start a thread in case (1) anyone else is going and fancies saying hello or (2) anyone has any insider tips of things to do in Copenhagen (or, for that matter, Malmö)! I've never seen RDB before, but I notice the website mentions they have some dancers from England. I can't spot them on the website though. Anyone know who they are? Is there anything else worth knowing about RDB or this production beforehand? I am very excited.
  19. I thought this was pretty good this evening. Programme was: A Folktale - pas de sept Flowerfestival Jockeydance Sylphide 2nd act [interval] Conservatoire - pas de trois Napoli 3rd act Lendorf didn't dance (he was in the audience; presumably he needed to rest after last night's Swan Lake), but that gave a couple of the other men a crack at his roles and so we saw him replaced by Andreas Kass in Flowerfestival and Ulrik Birkkjaer in Napoli. Hopefully Lendorf will dance tomorrow. The performance seemed a little rough around the edges but I suspect that now they have run it in front an audience once it will sharpen up for the second and third shows. I hope the Danes will come here again soon, but on the main Sadler's Wells stage (I really didn't like the Peacock) and with a bit more promotion and/or lead time on ticket sales. Such a shame that this hasn't sold better.
  20. Just spotted this on the Sadler's web site "Ten years since The Royal Danish Ballet’s last visit to Sadler’s Wells, principals and soloists from this internationally renowned company perform a program featuring excerpts from works by August Bournonville, the acclaimed 19th century Royal Danish Ballet choreographer and ballet master who created more than fifty works for the company." http://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2015/the-royal-danish-ballet/ good news....
  21. Read it and weep. http://www.gramilano.com/2014/09/royal-danish-ballet-break-tradition-homoerotic-la-sylphide/
  22. I couldn't remember whether the RDB's Napoli was actually on DVD or not, but it turns out that it is. If I remember rightly, it was probably filmed back in the 80s or something, so I was wondering, what is the picture and sound quality like on DVD? Is it worth buying? (bearing in mind that the current version is wildly different).
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