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  1. That is a lot when woweeee!!! You would think they lower the prices to get audiences back!
  2. And what are prices like for 21/22 as well I hear some amphi seats have hit the £100 mark?!
  3. Yes I was very pleased to see May Nagisha also promoted - I just hope they promote her to Principal quicker than the others who all had to wait so long (unlike Somova who's promotion I never did understand!)
  4. Such a long overdue promotion really delighted at this news! Huge congratulations to Olesya Novikova!
  5. I find placing my specs over the top of my homemade mask helps significantly in stopping fogging. Also you can, as others have said, polish your glasses with neat washing up liquid to create a film and you can buy anti mist cloths. The other alternative is to wear a visor as I am not aware of people saying they steam up? I will be wearing my mask in future especially on public transport as I have not suffered any colds or flu type infections since all this started it's been wonderful as I hate having colds. Despite being double vaccinated, I won't be going anywhere near a theatre for the foreseeable though because it's my preference. Streams are much cheaper and no travel hassles, albeit not necessarily the cast you want.
  6. Can anyone advise if members have to pay for the online talks or is it just the in person talks? I wonder if after the pandemic talks will still be zoomed as I live 200 miles away from London so would only really be able to do online things. Thank you.
  7. Maybe they should have some single seat only performances? The technology exists as my local cinema has a pick your own seat map available and they have hidden the seats you can't sit in. I do not propose to visit a theatre for the foreseeable anyway so I hope those who do want to go have more success in future, so frustrating though.
  8. Can only say I'm disappointed with the new 21/22 rep. Nothing happy in it like La Fille Mal Gardee, Don Quixote, Coppelia or even Jewels. I really don't understand their reasoning. Instead there's at least 3 full lengths all with sad endings. (Ignoring the RB version of Nutcracker which I don't like). We need uplifting ballets not sad tales after the year we've had. I'm afraid there's nothing there to make me risk travelling to London.
  9. audiences will be able to buy tickets for a socially-distanced live experience, or buy an online ticket to watch online wherever they are in the world. This sounds hopeful that they will still stream some shows. For me that will be good as I won't need to go to the expense of travelling to London, I know it won't be quite the same as IRL but I'm not sure I am ready for that just yet and won't have had my 2nd vaccine until June anyway. I am content to leave IRL for a while longer if streams are still available.
  10. My last shows were Onegin at ROH followed by was Alina Cojacuru's matinee at SW In Feb 2020
  11. I just think it will be a complete tragedy if the departments close. Surely they could instead pass the items to a museum up north for example so that people up here could enjoy them without a trek to London. I love seeing costumes etc up close.
  12. This department must not be allowed to close, I have signed the petition and tweeted it as well. I have enjoyed visiting the display any times and would be very sorry if it was closed. The V&A have some very strange attitudes sometimes and I have called them out on it in the past.
  13. I always think it would help if cast sheets said which fairy is in which colour tutu as I never know which one is which in Sleeping Beauty unless I know the dancers and then in Swan Lake the different Act3 national dances, apart from the Spanish and Russian which are obvious I never know what is Neapolitan or Hungarian, Polish etc... In Sleeping Beauty which fairy is the one that does the flitting dance with "twiddling" fingers solo?
  14. I hope that theatres will continue to stream especially while they may have limited audiences. I certainly do not want to sit in a theatre any time soon. Maybe 2022 but it remains to be seen how the public behave.
  15. Just be careful of the time as UK it is GMT this is probably on at 6pm in the UK not 7.
  16. Really pleased that a newer performance of Vienna Waltzes will be screened! I have only seen this once live in NYC as it got cancelled on the Paris tour a few years ago due to rights issues with the music not being allowed to be played in Europe??!!!
  17. According to the Bolshoi's Twitter feed 3 members of the Company have been awarded honours by the State. The translation reads:- For his great contribution to the development of Russian culture and art, many years of fruitful activity, the honorary title "Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation" was awarded to the conductor of the orchestra Pavel Klinichev and the ballet troupe's premieres Artem Ovcharenko and Semyon Chudin. Congratulations! Congratulations to Pavel, Artem and Semyon!
  18. Oh yes wouldn't a full Royal Ballet Company Grand Defile at ROH be fabulous! Think I have only ever seen the RBS do it in their annual gala. Dutch National Ballet always do a full GD at their season opening gala and it is wonderful to see the whole company glittering on stage - here's the GD at DNB from 2018.
  19. It may have been because these 3 ballets are more or less plotless as well. Nonetheless I enjoyed them.
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