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  1. That raises an interesting question: I like Magri a lot - and have just booked an extra Coppelia on the back of her excellent recent performances - but I don’t see her as Aurora. As always, though, I’d be happy to be proved wrong.
  2. I agree that Hayward's nervousness showed in the rose adagio; however the variation that follows was exceptionally musical. I normally think of it as an ordeal for both dancer and audience, but this was one of the rare occasions when I actually enjoyed watching it.
  3. Not about turning a phone off but at the Proms a couple of years ago: a young-ish woman from the next box kept leaving and having very audible conversations (either on the phone or with an usher) in the corridor outside. When I eventually broke and went out myself to let her know - mildly! - that she could be heard inside, she said, "I don't give a ****, now **** off." (I can't remember whether there were any disruptions after that.) There was obviously something going on, but still... And if it was that important or distressing, why keep returning to the concert?
  4. Thank you, Naomi - it was a gorgeous debut and a very moving occasion as others have said.
  5. All this talk of bells has made me wonder - are they phasing out the fanfares composed by schoolchildren? I don't recall having heard one recently. At the risk of sounding curmudgeonly, I own I wasn't a fan.
  6. I think it more likely that people are getting used to late starts and re-starts at ROH and are adjusting their timing accordingly.
  7. Completely agree - I find the Wheeldon one really dull, doesn't rise to the music at all.
  8. Every day except the 1st and the 12th, effectively. IME, this line has managed to run about half of their trains during similar - though shorter - strikes, so don’t despair just yet!
  9. Looking for a £30 or under ticket for the 5th December matinee, possibly as part of a swap for my 12th December evening ticket for the same cast (O’Sullivan/Hay). Please DM if interested!
  10. Yes it was me. These are my absolute favourite posts so it’s a selfish wish really! Here’s the post which sparked it:
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