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  1. From what I've seen of them in pictures, I wouldn't mind their replacing the RB's Georgiadis designs (yes, I know this is heresy).
  2. Off topic, but can someone point me to any designs by Jurgen Rose which *don't* work? I think some people here dislike his Concerto designs, but plenty of others love them, including me!
  3. They showed a projection of it at the end of the ROH Fonteyn gala last year - there were very few dry eyes in the house, I'd wager.
  4. Have we heard any more about the announcement date? Even if tomorrow was true at one time, I'm thinking it might have been pushed back.
  5. But, crucially, we don't know the other side of the story, and probably never will do unless Mason or O'Hare decide to spill the beans, which would be out of character. You don't convict someone without listening to the case for the defence; and for those who think "well let's hear it!" - IMO the discretion displayed by the main ROH players is to their credit.
  6. Most of the time I'd probably rather not know!
  7. I agree it raises a number of questions, but ROH no doubt has good reason to release the statement in this form. It's doubtless a delicate matter, legally speaking. Maybe I'm just not curious enough, but I don't think we automatically have the right to know the whys and wherefores of it all.
  8. There might be rights issues? I think I read somewhere that rights typically revert to the choreographer after 3 years, but I've no idea what the arrangement is in this case, considering the large investment and tangled provenance.
  9. And why specify nothing to pursue with RBS?
  10. Agree - every World Ballet Day I think "I'll just dip in to see who's there" and end up watching the whole thing.
  11. It's definitely of its time and maker in terms of the somewhat stiff camera work and so on, but you soon forget that with the performances. It's my earliest television memory (cuddled against my mother) so there's probably a bit of nostalgia mixed in, but I've seen it several times since and it still holds up very well.
  12. How about the early 80s Jane Eyre (the one with Timothy Dalton)? Easily the best screen adaptation IMO.
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