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  1. Well ventilated rooms with opening windows - we're encouraged to keep these open, as well as doors, where possible. Furthermore, in meetings running over an hour we have to head outside for 15 minutes every hour to let things settle. There are numerous other measures to do with surfaces and capacity but I won't bore you with them as well! In my current workplace most windows open, regardless of AC provision - the risk of interfering with AC is I think the reason many offices' windows are permanently closed.
  2. Yes - it's about aerosols lingering I think? When we use meeting rooms at work, we have to leave a 30 minute gap between different sets of occupants for this reason.
  3. I imagine because that would restrict the capacity still further.
  4. As it happens, I bought a couple of cheap singleton seats this morning. The choice seemed pretty good, even after a week of Friends booking. What you can't see in the picture above is the bench seats at the back of the Grand Circle, which go for £10 (plus £1.75 booking fee for online) and are normally only put on sale on the day of the performance. There appear to be two of these available for each date, and they are currently available online in advance. So from my point of view - speaking as one who would normally wait for these day tickets - it's actually an improvement.
  5. Not just disappointing, a missed opportunity: I remember getting a nice hand written card after making a small donation to a small museum. I was so impressed I doubled my donation, and I imagine others would have done likewise.
  6. That's not quite what I meant: I'd assumed that the rights holders would need to be approached for performance rights but I question whether the RB routinely asks about broadcast rights unless a broadcast is planned. If they don't, maybe it should become part of the standard negotiation, though obviously there will be exceptions (for example the Cranko Estate).
  7. Not blaming or criticising MGH for this, but I sometimes think this is just the RB default position. ("Computer says no.") Isn't Anna Rose O'Sullivan doing the Dying Swan? Surely that at least is out of copyright? Maybe we'll see some footage of that.
  8. I’ve resisted saying this for a while, but can’t any longer: it is interesting seeing London based people wrestling with the problems we provincials face routinely!
  9. I read the article and I’m not quite sure what the charge is, other than that the ROH might become less reliant on Arts Council money, and that he is too vulgar for the columnist’s taste. Not that my opinion matters any more the columnist’s: he’s quite possibly not my cup of tea either, but if his appointment leads to rich people emptying their pockets at a very difficult time for the arts and the economy, I can’t see the problem. As for the perception of ROH as elitist - is there a serious risk of many first timers Googling the chairman?
  10. Just tried it with one forum (not the whole site) and it asked me for confirmation.
  11. VERY off topic - I’ve never had the real thing* (nor even been to the USA!) but I’ve been making this attempt at Junior’s cheesecake for years and everyone loves it. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2007/nov/24/foodanddrink.baking40 *And such is my ignorance that the recipe above is the only place I’ve seen it mentioned up to now.
  12. Blame ignorance, but I'm quite surprised that Sadler's Wells employs 200-ish people. Is that normal for a venue? Or is there more to it than meets the eye? (I know if we include the Peacock it's two venues.)
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