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  1. I haven't tried it recently but here it is: (Pleased to exhibit again my association of this post with the word "finagle"!)
  2. Brings back memories of that performance - Stix-Brunell had only one I think? She was fabulous in it! (P.S. I'm glad you were on the correct side of the house not to have the pigeon's big moment obscured by the view.)
  3. This may be true but I think it's likely we're more hard core than couples and groups, so more likely to turn up under less than ideal circumstances.
  4. But these are different systems and different calculations. (And at the ROH subscription process mentioned looked to me like something developed specifically for that task.) And we know that the ROH have been working for years on a replacement for the current set-up - possibly because of the limitations, not necessarily visible to us, of the current one. If a seat map-based system had been a simple option I don't see why ROH wouldn't have implemented one, rather than having us all complaining at them and phoning their already stretched box office staff. That to me is the most compe
  5. I've thought about this and maybe the ROH system - which is peculiar to them - just didn't readily allow this. Some of us are all too aware that the software that Sadler's Wells uses, for example, already had something similar set up. They could possibly have developed something specifically, but I imagine spending has been very tightly controlled and development can easily attract a large bill.
  6. I asked a week ago - mentioned that with transport restrictions, planning is difficult for out-of-towners - and got this back: "Many thanks for getting in touch with the Royal Opera House. "I am making enquiries with the Royal Ballet and Royal Opera companies to release this information as soon as possible. "With many productions still in rehearsal, final timings are still a little while away but as soon as they are available, they will go on each individual web production page." I'm hedging my bets by booking a hotel as they're pretty cheap - if
  7. I agree that single tickets are again scarce - I managed to grab one for a couple of dates but the only one available for the first night of the Beauty programme is/was one with a very restricted view in the back of the upper slips.
  8. I think this must be the lift on house right that's by the stairwell, rather than the two "express" lifts that only stop at the lower and upper amphitheatre and open directly onto the lower amphi lobby, if you can call it that. I agree that a seating plan with door numbers would be a useful thing to have on the website but I can't find one (not even in the accessibility section).
  9. This video says up to 4 per performance: https://youtu.be/EwQhMG7ocXE
  10. Is there any sign of announcements from German and Austrian companies for next season? I'm really beginning to feel the announcements drought!
  11. I think Robert Helpmann would be a lot of fun; it would have to somewhere with old school glamour; and I'd be after all the gossip.
  12. This has reminded me of her contributions to this thread about using the various forms of "bravo" in an anglophone context - all done without once mentioning her credentials.
  13. I can believe it! She wrote so well - a model of "plain English."
  14. Oh - so sad! I completely agree with Ellie - I always read her posts not just because she was so well informed but because her good nature and common sense really came through.
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