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  1. I'm probably in the minority here (again!) but I'm not sure about on-stage public promotions unless they are the custom: I feel it devalues the rest of them.
  2. Very jealous of anyone who gets to see the Mathews/Lawrence pairing, but equally pleased to be seeing Gittens/Singleton myself.
  3. Presumably Symphonic Variations, if it’s the programme from a few seasons ago.
  4. Completely agree about Cirio - and this was cruelly apparent at yesterday's matinee when he shared the stage with Hernandez. (Bluntly: I find Hernandez something of a charisma-free zone, which made it a struggle to take an interest in the rather underdeveloped role of Conrad.) I would though like to put in a word for Shevelle Dynott, who looked like he was having an absolute ball as the Pasha's assistant. On the ladies front, I'd echo Fiona E's praise for the trio of Odalisques (Adams, McWhinney and Conway - I was thrilled to see that line-up on the cast sheet). Fernanda Oliveira was excellent as Medora - bang on time with her fouettes, if anyone is interested - but Shiori Kase as Gulnare stole the show for me: beautiful, expressive dancing. I usually book for ENB before the casting has been announced and have largely missed out on her until now. I really hope I'm luckier in future!
  5. No Mariinsky this year - I believe ROH is putting in a new stage (?), which presumably would have taken too long to work with the much longer Bolshoi and Mariinsky tours.
  6. I’m finding the rather hit and miss loading of newly announced events and productions quite frustrating. The Netrebko recital, NBoC Sleeping Beauty and WNO Bluebeard, none of which had been publicly confirmed by ROH until the Summer magazine, have now made their way onto the website, but there’s still nothing about the 20th May gala. Not only have we known about this gala for months, booking is due to open in under 3 weeks. Also: as has been asked elsewhere, where are the promised details about the Next Generation Festival?
  7. It’s the mazurka with me, which I can’t complain about.
  8. But aren’t these only sent to Friends? With a number of other companies to work in, I’m heavily reliant on spreadsheets, myself.
  9. My understanding is that pretty much all casting involving the Cranko estate would fall into this category.
  10. Apologies if this falls into speculation, but it’s by no means clear that the RB were responsible for this cast change.
  11. It was just that the season page was a nice, simple, at-a-glance view of main stage productions organised by booking period, and a simple way in to finding any given production without having to click 5 times then scroll around.
  12. Thank you for sharing the programme information- very interesting. Is there anything about the Gala in the magazine?
  13. Lizbie1

    ROH Traviata

    I saw that one critic gave him (and his hirer) both barrels the other day. It’s one of the RO’s great mysteries that he returns every year - I wish someone could explain it to me!
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