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  1. It's really worth checking the instructions every time. The first time they changed I almost hadn't as everything looked similar to the ones before.
  2. We're all different - some people really, really hate them. I've mostly only been irritated by them when they cause my glasses to steam up or when I'm somewhere stuffy. During the heatwaves earlier this year, it was very unpleasant wearing them on the Tube. I think there's also a creeping concern that imposition of them will become normalised whenever, for example, flu is on the rise in future. It's one thing for it to become an option to wear them voluntarily; it's something else to mandate them. I'm personally very wary of seeing mask wearing as an easy reference guide for whether someone's a good person or not. Many of those not wearing masks at ROH or on the Tube willingly made much greater personal sacrifices for months on end; some will have lost jobs or relatives; others will have been isolated from their families. They haven't suddenly become bad people.
  3. I think this was a shot across the bows of those pressing for restrictions now. When talking about the high case numbers it's worth noting that, as far as hospitalisations go, as of Friday we were still below the low confidence interval of the most optimistic scenario presented by Government modellers when the course for the Autumn was set - so you can see why they don't believe they should change tack. (Sorry, didn't mean to go all nautical, it just happened.)
  4. The more recent ones I've had delivered have been nose only, if that's any enticement...
  5. Does anyone know if Fumi Kaneko's parents were able to make the journey to see her? I seem to remember that they've been at her previous big debuts.
  6. Well - according to the latest figures it's somewhere between a 60% and 85% reduction in infection (higher for symptomatic infection and higher still for severe illness) so I don't see how that can be classed as insignificant. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1027511/Vaccine-surveillance-report-week-42.pdf Either way - I don't blame people, particularly those who are clinically vulnerable or who have people close to them who are, for worrying. I do think though that we're in danger of talking ourselves into thinking that things are as bad as they were last winter.
  7. But their chances of catching it *are* significantly reduced, just not by the eye-catching amounts initially hoped for. Perhaps it's more accurate to say that people who think it unlikely that they will catch it are being optimistic.
  8. All the above is probably true, but I think it's worth considering that the RB corps have barely had a chance to dance anything similar for 18 months and there are two years' worth of apprentices to be assimilated rapidly. I don't think the same can be said of the Bolshoi. It's also three and a half years since the RB staged Giselle, whereas I believe the Bolshoi operate a repertory system (unless things have changed since I was there, which is very possible!), so it will be fresher in their memories and presumably a higher proportion will already have danced it.
  9. Very sad news - Bernard Haitink is dead, aged 92. https://www.askonasholt.com/bernard-haitink-1929-2021-announcement/
  10. My view - again just my opinion! - is that the difference with the masks discussion is that it has come up repeatedly on this thread and will be relevant to every other performance thread for a while and so it's best off having its own place, just like the Audience Behaviour thread.
  11. I meant to ask! This section jogged a memory of Monica Mason herself being rehearsed in the role in a documentary from back along. Can anyone else remember this, and who she was being rehearsed by? I couldn't tell you with confidence what stage of her career it was from, but I do know that it was in colour and that I'd have seen the clip or documentary on YouTube. Any offers? EDIT: I've just found it - it was Norman Morrice and Gerd Larsen in 1981. And may I add how very beautiful were her bourrees!
  12. I've just finished catching up on the RB section from yesterday - I want to echo the general praise here, and add that I thought the pianist during class (Michael Pansters) was excellent and very musical. Also - I can only wonder at being able to offer technical corrections to Marianela Nunez!
  13. To be clear: I haven't seen the Dante Project myself yet and am in no way a McGregor fan (not even of Woolf Works!); furthermore I often agree with Dowler's opinions. My beef is with Dowler's tone in general. I understand the comparison but whereas with Crisp I never doubt that he loves the art form and often finds new things to interest him, I sometimes find myself wondering why Dowler is there in the first place.
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