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  1. I wonder if we might have a full RBS show this summer - it's usually in July, isn't it?
  2. I think, to put it bluntly, it depends how much the hiring organisation wants you. In-demand performers might find it makes little difference, whereas lower down the ranks it could well be harder to find work in Europe, though as Jan alludes to this is nothing many other nationalities haven't dealt with when performing here and in the EU. I saw one prominent Australian singer being fairly short on sympathy for his British colleagues on this matter - FWIW, while he was at it he gave an example of being hired to cover in Germany for an ailing singer at very short notice, with paperwo
  3. And thinking about the current ROH Swan Lake: I was previously on the fence about Scarlett's resolution of the story, save that I didn't like Siegfried's inactivity at the climax. But after my M4 epiphany I'm pretty clear it needs more redemption and hope. Once that's fixed, I think it would be a hugely appropriate opener: it was on when the house has to close and it really puts you through the wringer. It would be wonderfully cathartic to see it again after all we've been through.
  4. Driving up the M4 on New Year's Day (for legitimate reasons!) I had Swan Lake on the CD player. I actually started to blub as I realised how much I missed the sheer occasion of seeing hundreds of people presenting a 3-act, indestructible classic with the greatest score and some of the best choreography of all, for an audience of two thousand. So that's what I want to return to - no socially distanced audience, no thinly populated stage or pit, no half measures. If that means I have to wait a little longer, I'll take that.
  5. I too wish that the theatres were open, and agree that other things that are still allowed seem less safe. But there's a "budget" of activities which can be allowed if infections are to be kept within a certain range and officials and, yes, ministers are having to make very difficult trade offs in deciding which things can best keep the economy going. For now retail, especially with half the high street dying and these being the most important shopping weeks of the year, has won. I don't like that decision, but it's not illogical. Have they always made the right calls? No - but no
  6. Feeling doubly lucky about getting that ticket for the 7th now!
  7. I just managed to get a single ticket for Elite on the 7th - there was at least one Stalls single available as well when I looked. It is worth checking back!
  8. I saw this the other day on that subject: I don't know what her source is for this but I don't imagine she made it up and it is logical.
  9. Thinking about it - neither Elite Syncopations nor Within the Golden Hour calls on a full orchestra. While neither is my favourite ballet, I admire the ingenuity of programming.
  10. We might find out when the annual report is published. Until then it's possible both parties are bound by a confidentiality agreement. (If I were Christie's and had agreed a knock-down seller's commission I wouldn't want it advertised.)
  11. There's usually a (smaller) seller's commission too I think, taken off the hammer price? Though I seem to remember this is sometimes waived or reduced when the auction house is particularly keen to attract the seller for whatever reason - this could be one such case, being a high profile work which would attract buyers to the sale.
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