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  1. Looking again - I think it’s even worse this time: the seats immediately above the mid-Amphi entrances that remained in the lower band for Swan Lake have now been swept up as well.
  2. Oh no! I’d hoped we’d seen the back of that price band arrangement
  3. Well...even if it is for the benefit of the dancers, the thinking seems to have spread to the opera company too: with the exception of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground (which is I think very short), their Saturday matinees all start at 12pm as well, with no obvious reason.
  4. You see - I’m more interested in Onegin’s inner idealism.
  5. More than that - who gets to decide what is acceptable? Unless and until Polunin has been judged to have acted unlawfully, and as no public money is involved, I don’t think anyone has the right to stop others seeing him - as opposed to convincing them not to.
  6. Thinking about it - it’s the attempt to withdraw the choice from others that annoys me.
  7. God knows I’m not a natural defender of Polunin, but this kind of thing actually makes me uneasy. It’s one thing for people to lobby against public money being spent on people whose actions we disapprove of but have yet to be demonstrated to be illegal (I’m thinking of the Paris Opera Ballet cancellation here), but I don’t enjoy the spectacle of pitchfork mobs threatening to shame companies into boycotting other companies or enterprises, as I assume from the timing has happened here. What’s more, it’s pretty shameless of London Theatre Direct to be attempting to take the moral high ground at this late juncture. Instead, my favoured course of action is simply to vote with my feet and withdraw my own custom from the true culprit. Given enough numbers it works!
  8. I think there’s an upper limit of nine per performance for bookings from individuals. Probably a question for the box office!
  9. Sorry I probably wasn’t very clear - I meant that an Osipova fan might not naturally be expected to be a Hallberg admirer. Like pairing Tebaldi with Peter Pears perhaps!
  10. I think it’s because they’re both “marmite” dancers, and I’m not sure whether each holds great obvious appeal to the other’s admirers.
  11. Returning to this...I’ve now gone through the monthly calendar view for February to the end of the season. In that time, out of 25 available Saturdays there are: 2 x main stage opera matinees 3 x main stage ballet matinees (including the Swan Lake Welcome performance, not available to regulars) 1 x RBS Summer Performance Additionally, on the 3 Bank Holiday Mondays (Good Friday being traditionally off limits) there is one “early evening” La Traviata and one Swan Lake matinee. There may of course also be a few Friends Rehearsals on Saturday mornings/afternoons which have yet to be announced, but it is surprising that the Main Stage will be so little used for performances over a six month period.
  12. Does anyone know whether they were made available for the Bolshoi season? I think it’s been remarked previously that they (are able to) take a rather more relaxed attitude.
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