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  1. Sounds like they've used US Eastern time by accident.
  2. Feeling doubly lucky about getting that ticket for the 7th now!
  3. I just managed to get a single ticket for Elite on the 7th - there was at least one Stalls single available as well when I looked. It is worth checking back!
  4. I saw this the other day on that subject: I don't know what her source is for this but I don't imagine she made it up and it is logical.
  5. Thinking about it - neither Elite Syncopations nor Within the Golden Hour calls on a full orchestra. While neither is my favourite ballet, I admire the ingenuity of programming.
  6. We might find out when the annual report is published. Until then it's possible both parties are bound by a confidentiality agreement. (If I were Christie's and had agreed a knock-down seller's commission I wouldn't want it advertised.)
  7. There's usually a (smaller) seller's commission too I think, taken off the hammer price? Though I seem to remember this is sometimes waived or reduced when the auction house is particularly keen to attract the seller for whatever reason - this could be one such case, being a high profile work which would attract buyers to the sale.
  8. Difficult to judge a percentage, and I was at the back of the Dress Circle so couldn't get a clear picture, but the Stalls looked pretty "full" and my level fairly so. I couldn't see the Royal Circle below, but the Grand Circle (the highest up) was closed, and looking at tonight's seat map I think they've done so again. My guess (using the usual patterns there to guess at the Royal Circle) is somewhere between 60 and 70 percent occupancy. Press Night isn't till next week, however - possibly because they wanted to have a good run at testing the new measures first.
  9. Well - I'm just back from Pinter's Betrayal at the Theatre Royal and how wonderful it was to be back in a live audience. They've done an excellent job of making everyone feel safe and welcome: everything worked like clockwork and I had no concerns about the enterprise. Temperatures were taken on entering and hand sanitisers were at the ready, and we were given clear instructions about entering the theatre and getting to seats. Everyone wore a mask throughout. (As an aside - the theatre mentioned that the safety consultants they've engaged are also being used by the ROH "and many We
  10. It's just occurred to me that the earlier start time for the live audience might have been driven in part by anxiety that the 10pm curfew might be extended to theatres. A 6.30pm start might have been considered too early to catch UK viewers, however. (Sorry if this point has already been made.)
  11. I get the impression that New York audiences are more wary of returning than they are in London - the recent Met announcement writing off the rest of the season stressed the lack of audience confidence over any other consideration.
  12. Thank you - I thought that was a really fair and well informed article.
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