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  1. I don’t know how far the booking system still relies on legacy equipment or systems - and migration to cloud is seldom straightforward - but yes, one of the main benefits of cloud hosting is that it can “auto-scale”, i.e. add additional capacity without being told to. If the switch to cloud has happened, however, I don’t get the impression that this feature has been applied here - there are various reasons why this might be so. Has anyone seen anything of substance about the ROH website/IT infrastructure refresh? I’d be interested to read it if so.
  2. Given that the booking system fell over for Friends+ and Rehearsal booking but not Friends booking, I wonder whether special provision (in the form of additional servers or capacity) was made for the latter but not thought necessary for the former two. So General booking may yet run smoothly, though no-one should count on it - lessons don’t appear to have been learned so far.
  3. There were certainly some available for £30 when I looked.
  4. Yet the Rehearsal FAQs still say that ticket prices “range between £5 and £23”.
  5. And here we go again - Friends Rehearsal booking not working for me this morning...
  6. And I thought it was a big improvement on last year’s programme, which - the exhilarating Gran Défilé apart - was really only redeemed only by Aurora’s Wedding.
  7. Thinking about the last MacMillan Lady C I saw - Christina Arestis - I don’t see her in the “grandparent” age bracket at all. Lord C can conceivably come across as that age in the MacMillan version but he’s far from doddery!
  8. It is a welcome step in the right direction, but why not extend it to the Amphi? I think not to do so sends a confusing message about who these packages are aimed at: the Stalls Circle seats in question seem to me to be as popular with regulars as the Amphi seats which are still not included; I’d previously understood that the packages were designed to shift some of the slower-selling, most expensive tickets, but unless I’m mistaken the newly eligible seats in the SC generally get snapped up relatively quickly anyway.
  9. Pleased for everyone; thrilled for O'Sullivan, Pajdak and Gasparini in particular; surprised no promotion for Clarke.
  10. If there’s a pair still available when General booking opens, Amphi sides rows A to E for £18 at the Lamb/Muntagirov Sat mat is a good buy.
  11. Dawnstar, if you carry on attending at your current rate you’ll probably find Friends membership more than pays for itself as you can generally pick up better value seats - often a rung cheaper than you might normally go for - than you would if you waited for General booking.
  12. It's Hallberg - who I liked a lot in Month in the Country - I worry about. I've said it elsewhere, but based solely on the R&J pdd at the Fonteyn Gala, I doubt his ability to carry off some of the more extravagant partnering and lifts in Manon. But I could be proven wrong!
  13. I wonder whether this review from the last RB run comparing Hayward, Osipova and Nuñez might help: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2018/apr/15/manon-royal-ballet-hayward-osipova-nunez-observer-review
  14. I’m not an experienced Manon watcher by this Forum’s standards, but I’ve signed up for Nunez/Bolle, on the grounds that I don’t think we can count on having many (or possibly any) more opportunities to see Bolle in London in a major role.
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