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  1. Not Stuttgart, but Cranko: this did me some good. (BRB are tweeting out some terrific rehearsal clips.)
  2. There's also, off the top of my head, Scotch mist and (in music) the Scotch snap. Scottish people have may have objected to the word in broader contexts for some time, but I doubt Balanchine was aware of this and it has a long history, being used by Scotsmen including Burns and - not far from Mendelssohn's own era - Sir Walter Scott. (To be pedantic, Mendelssohn only ever privately named it the "Schottische", and as far as I'm aware never did so in English.)
  3. I too was getting impatient, but sometimes you have to wait longer to get a better deal (and as others have noted, this is at the upper end of expectations). There will have been a lot of calculations and evidence gathering behind it.
  4. Seeing as Tamara Rojo has been by all accounts influential in this process, I hope they have not been overlooked. The announcement is very broad brush - more will doubtless emerge this week.
  5. Looks like help might be on its way (zoom in on the embedded front page):
  6. The Charity Commission is the place to start for most arts organisations. The most recently published ROH report and accounts are here: http://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Accounts/Ends75/0000211775_AC_20180827_E_C.pdf
  7. This might be a good juncture to point out this, from an interview with Antonio Pappano and Alex Beard in May: '[Beard says,]"...We’ve basically protected everyone’s pay who earns £30,000 or less; everyone else has taken a 20 per cent pay cut, with more from me.” Pappano has waived his salary of more than £500,000. “That was very easy,” Pappano says, simply. “I’m a music director; I need to help the institution out right now — in both places.” He is talking about his “other” gig, as chief conductor at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome, where he has also forgone his wages.' (From https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/how-to-save-the-royal-opera-house-one-act-shows-no-intervals-sppd352sr)
  8. Or maybe the relevant people are on furlough? I can't see that it's a big deal.
  9. Well, that's why I said, "If guidelines were to evolve to limit numbers rather than or as well as specify distances"...
  10. I've been wondering whether the Linbury might have a place in the gradual re-opening. If guidelines were to evolve to limit numbers rather than or as well as specify distances, it might make more sense than the main theatre.
  11. I know nothing about the relative costs of new productions - reliable information is hard to come by - but at least the RB is in a place now where the designs for the classics are generally well liked. If cutbacks mean that re-designs of these and expensive new commissions (such as Alice and Frankenstein) aren't considered, so much the better IMO. (Though I would mourn if Ashton's Cinderella is deferred yet again, as the current production seems to be the sticking point.) The Opera, however, is not so comfortably situated.
  12. Was it Jihoon Kim, a bass (2011-2014, says the website)? I've seen him quite a few times then and since and always thought he was excellent.
  13. Jennifer Davis - she who stepped in for Opolais in Lohengrin to rave reviews - looks to be on the cusp of a big career too (coronavirus permitting).
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