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  1. Remember he danced at the Russian Icons gala at the end of March.
  2. I’m often quite happy to take pot luck - and indeed very often the dates I choose are dictated by whether they combine well with something else I want to see - but for this Swan Lake casting is important to me, as I’ve seen this production several times with three different pairings and ticket prices will be high. Obviously you can never guarantee a cast, but I don’t think I’ll be booking unless and until I at least know what the intention is.
  3. Lizbie1

    Proms 2019

    I should add that I was looking at the Circle only.
  4. Lizbie1

    Proms 2019

    I could definitely at least choose a seat - have another go?
  5. Lizbie1

    Proms 2019

    It seems to be available now, though I haven’t followed the process right through.
  6. My recollection is that in Russia they use the term “premiere” as we would “new production”, with the label indicating a new staging (not necessarily a new work) and applying to all performances in its first season.
  7. I'm working from memory, but doesn't the Soares retirement just take the number of male principals back to the usual eight?
  8. It's the Swan Lake booking I find most anomalous - the run is from March to May but it's part of the Winter booking period, which means casting for May should be published in August and Friends need to be geared up to decide what they're doing a full eight months ahead and probably before Sadler's Wells have announced for Spring/Summer. As others have said elsewhere - you have to suspect front-loading, bringing money into the coffers early. (Sorry for going well off topic.)
  9. So it’s insensitive for Sambe to post about a confirmed cast change involving dancers he knows well; but when people speculate on a public forum about whether a dancer recovering from injury will make it back in time and wonder who his replacement might be, that’s just part of being in the public eye? Please forgive me my confusion!
  10. *Such* an interesting article from the Gramophone in today’s links about the Marston commission: https://www.gramophone.co.uk/feature/the-royal-ballet-commissions-cathy-marston-to-celebrate-the-life-of-jacqueline-du-pre One of the things I admire most about Cathy Marston is that she never falls into cliche, even when her subject positively invites it. I was apprehensive on that front when they announced that the new ballet would be about Jacqueline du Pre and feature the Elgar concerto (I worried that her story had been done to death) but I’m very reassured by this interview.
  11. There’s nothing concrete to go on in the Friends’ season guide, but the blurb says that the programme will include works by MacMillan and Ashton and it’s illustrated with a picture of BRB in Dante Sonata (getting my hopes up here but expecting them to be cruelly dashed!). While I don’t like the idea of these works being relegated to Heritage Corner, wouldn’t it be wonderful if this proves enough of a success that exploring the back catalogue through a run in the Linbury becomes an annual event?
  12. Interesting review in today’s links: https://dancetabs.com/2019/05/viviana-durante-company-three-8-38-seven-london/.
  13. I have a ticket but would like to know whether I’d be better off returning it.
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