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  1. How wonderful that it has been saved for posterity- what a fabulous clip, Lamb and Campbell at their best, dancing as one (hope we see them together again soon) and a very beautiful moment. One to watch many times over.
  2. I am reassured to find others not really liking Flight Pattern: not just me then. I found a second viewing of Medusa brought me closer to Darlex's succinct 2 word view of it- really it is not a finished piece of work. Why were so many replaced last night? Is this all injuries? even Muntagirov? now that is worrying.
  3. I have bought a package-only v rarely as the seats I favour are not always included. However, John, it is the same as normal booking in that you select the seats you want- from what they show you as available. Friends' rehearsals are a marvellous Friends' perk BUT they often start ( of course) late morning- so if working you can't go, and if like me you live outside London a peak train ticket ( at more than £40 for me now) rules it out too- a big shame.
  4. I agree with Geoff, give it a try. I have been a standard friend for years- it started partly with my love of the RB and the ROH ( years ago) and wanting to put in my mite to support them. I feel a bit less like that now, for reasons easily discovered on the forum, and each year do wonder whether to cancel as I can't really afford it and the proliferating higher levels of Friendship all get earlier booking dates, so one is very far from first off the blocks. But so far I have stuck with it. You do get a nice magazine 4 times a year too, and email updates. But mainly, it means you get a better chance to get those cheaper amphi seats and I often do manage that. Those of us- themajority- who want the cheaper seats probably do better, on the whole, from being a Friend than those who can afford the expensive seats-I think so anyway. The ROH has been rather annoying lately but I still love the royal Ballet and am happy to help support them.
  5. FrankH I agree with you- as do a good few others I think. I have always liked Wheeldon's abstract work, (and apart from Winter's Tale, disliked his narrative ballets-especially Alice which I can't stand, so there you are, as Sim says there is a wide range of opinion out here...) Golden Hour I think IS a small masterpiece and you describe why extremely well, thank you. It was even better with the original costumes that allowed you to see the women's movements more effectively though.
  6. 'There’s one matter, however, on which Marston is very much decided. This will not be a ballet that dwells on scandal and tragedy. ' Thank goodness for that- I was worried this would be yet another work dwelling on a female victim, illness and death etc - but it sounds much more like a celebration of talent, for a change.
  7. That's what it looked like to me in the cinema- that the first time he took the helmet off he did look at her, but thereafter was turning his head and eyes away. That certainly doesn't make much sense in terms of the story. But it must be exceptionally hard to lift your partner in various imaginative ways without looking. Bit dangerous too! It is a tribute to Matthew Ball that he managed this, while wearing a weird-looking fishnet see-through jumpsuit as well- without looking totally ridiculous - I salute him.
  8. Re Medusa I have just seen the live relay and I agree Lindsay that 'the musical choices were incoherent'- or just meaningless/random except for Let me Weep at the end. But Osipova- a dancer I have not always booked for by any means- I thought quite wonderful. A truly unique performance, mesmerising and one for the memory bank. It was a shame that the piece as a whole did not feel fully formed or complete as there is clearly the germ of genius in it. I am in a minority perhaps of one but never liked Flight Pattern one bit, so came home. I loved Golden Hour again- but the original costumes seemed better to me: the men's new leotards looked a bit daft. It seemed a discourtesy to the audience and the dancers to tell us the cast had changed, but then refuse to give names (yet there is always time for meaningless banter.)
  9. It is a tad overdue. They must know who is dancing that night..or will they just rope in whoever is standing around? ( which could be good admittedly!)
  10. Aren't all the ballets, except the brand new ones, part of RB's heritage come to that? It seems almost a holding-at-arms-length definition....but why?
  11. Can anyone say when Coppelia was last done by RB? A good while ago I think....?
  12. Can't see Nutcracker - shurely some mistake? But Sleeping Beauty instead. Good. The lovely triple bill of Concerto, Enigma Variations, Raymonda Act 3 will be a treat.
  13. John, I entirely agree- a most profoundly moving film, which was a meditation on a talent, a voice, a character and the nature of music in our emotional lives.
  14. Agreed: I just lost an hour browsing it- beautiful pictures and lots of happy memories!
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