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  1. Yes indeed......................... I am so much looking forward to some 'beautiful'.....'pure' and classical' ballets....which I would much prefer to see at the moment than any amount of powerful, passionate, heart-breaking, anguished, angst-ridden,emotional dramas.... Maybe I am alone in that but still.
  2. Now I think you're being unfair here...I am sure I remember there being a dining chair- or was it a table?? on stage at one point.........đŸ˜€
  3. I just had a few days away which involved taking the train to London Blackfriars and then walking to Waterloo- ( good way of avoiding the tube) When I got off, and saw St Paul's over the river, I burst into tears, which was v embarrassing and awkward in a mask: what a twit! I am a native Londoner and it has been so strange and sad to have had 14 months without going there. Like others posting here I now wonder why I didn't let myself have more of a life, but - who knows, it has been a difficult call.
  4. It's marvellous to be reading actual reviews of actual live performances again - even though I wasn't there: it feels like a big shift - thank you both!
  5. I don't think it means Katherine really hated the excellent Robertson Davies. The point is, I think, that in her professional search for the typical, the average, the representative Canadian language, his work was not helpful- as he is too original. I am sure she would in fact have very much appreciated his special genius. Such a sad loss to the forum.
  6. Exactly.....I do feel, it's important that I go on helping out now, if I want to look forward to a future for ballet. Possibly I am a pessimist, but there are so many problems for all the country's ballet companies in the future months- and years? - that I have my eye on the longer term rather than on getting what I want now ( which I haven't got....who has?)
  7. Many thanks indeed. Yes, it feels like more of a planning operation this time, and slightly worrying..-I am torn between nerves and excitement! Do you know if there will be intervals? I recall there not being any last summer, but that might have been my imagination...
  8. Feeling out of practice..does anyone know roughly the length of the programmes, and will there be intervals?
  9. Some of this makes me feel very uncomfortable. I rather wish many of the obituaries and articles, social media comments and so on, which comment very freely on matters not really in the public domain, stating 'facts' and opining on things they surely can't know the truth about, and which must be causing horrible pain to Scarlett's partner, friends and family, had followed the rules so clearly and wisely laid down by Sim at the head of this thread. Maybe there will come a time to discuss it but the time is not now. So Mods, feel free to delete this comment.....
  10. I will remember him talking about Swan Lake before it opened: he evidently really loved the ballet and everything about it. So much talent, so much love of ballet - gone. A sad and horrible loss in a very black time for ballet indeed. He achieved a lot for one so young.
  11. Did you enjoy the ice dance Dawnstar? I really did, and the winners certainly had a lovely flowing quality.... but as usual found myself going back to youtube to watch the performances of days gone by before it all got quite so frantic....
  12. I do so agree. it was a lot more artistic. It was also very pleasing to note the spirit of courtesy and sportsmanlike behaviour among the competitors. A real pleasure to watch.
  13. Precisely what I was thinking. It really wasn't attractive to watch Trusova at all, (I am sure a nice and certainly a VERY talented girl ) as opposed to the Austrian's fluid and graceful performance= for example.. I wish they properly valued the 'cohesive' quality Robin Cousins keeps talking about- which is meant to define the event: that is, the way all the elements, the music, costume, choreography, style and the technical elements can all work together to make a satisfying whole -and that should be the no 1 concern! not just: whizz round and round, bang, crash, wallop .. crash!- on your bum, jump up, whizz again etc. .. So even the Swedish 'joker'- not at all to my taste stylistically- seemed to me to score more highly than Trusova in doing what the event asks for. Some of the music was just wince-makingly awful. It was particularly sad to see the Russians so out of touch with their ballet heritage, and musical heritage. I still enjoyed the evening though! (lying on the sofa with a bag of mini eggs and a glass of wine, being self righteous....)
  14. Yes I know....not new, just much worse this year!
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