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  1. Ever tried working in a tiny cubicle in a packed barely ventilated call centre anyone? Read the reports about how these places spread the virus? Aircon is one of the worst things..most offices these days have inadequate fresh air. All businesses that import things are having big problems. The whole thing is very big and complex. Individual problems about getting through on the phone etc are real and annoying but it within a bigger picture. My own building work has been held up by supply problems and I am now stuck for accommodation so I do know- but let's see all s
  2. A great many people are in this situation so don't feel alone. I have 3 close relatives unable to go out or do anything, haven't seen my very ill brother for months despite the strong likelihood he will not see out the year- it is too dangerous for him to have visitors. Some people are being foolish in rushing to have foreign holidays etc-then complaining when they have to rush back... I wouldn't envy them especially.
  3. Mary

    Room 101

    Only two? 😃 Poor creature.
  4. Mary

    Room 101

    Have you tried leaving out an old bowl of stale water specially for her. They like old stale water- hate the chlorine in fresh tap water I suppose.
  5. He IS just amazing- thanks for sharing this, it has really lifted my spirits. Very funny, joyful and technically terrific.
  6. What sort of help, Alison? The word 'reopening' is nice to see! (though we know it will be in stages)
  7. Yes of course there are many provisos and questions and not everyone will get help; the situation is still dire...but it should still stave off the very worst. I intend to feel cheered up just for one day.
  8. It is the best news for some time and such a fund should stave off the very worst. I have sometimes been critical of Ms Rojo, but a very hearty Vote of Thanks and a large bouquet is due on this occasion. I can imagine she was highly effective (not an easy person to say No to.)
  9. it is extremely worrying. Many local theatres were in trouble already and we know there has been a great deal of cutting of funding. Trying to understand yesterday's announcement- is it the case that theatres may now show film, and their cafes and bars re open ( subject to restrictions)? I am wondering whether this might help just a little bit - bring in some income. Not that I relish the idea of theatres becoming cinemas (or ROH finally turning into a gigantic Costa Coffee.)
  10. It was plain to see how happy Dowell was in that coaching session- it must be wonderful to see your young self come again as it were- to see the dance realised again just as it should be.
  11. I watched on my laptop- I didn't know what to do so just went to ROH website and clicked on Today on the calendar and then on the event, and it said 'Watch now' (I had already paid last week) and it just worked...I didn't have to do anything complicated..(just as well) so not sure why others had to. How very frustrating and awful to have missed Vadim- I am sure you will be able to watch it soon. I think he poured all his feelings about the situation into that performance. It is wonderful to have it saved on film and maybe in years to come we will look back at it as a
  12. That is a heart-rending interview. The strain behind the fun antics- a feeling shared I am sure by so many dancers, and my heart goes out to Vadim and all of them.
  13. I think there is truth in that- the result, I know, of some very poor communications from their marketing department in the past which caused justifiable annoyance. But things have changed, the situation is now very different, and it might be remembered that the Royal Ballet is not necessarily in charge itself of the public communication aspect - and that all the other staff and artists and so on are, after all, probably just as hacked off as the rest of us, if not more so. I had my own criticisms of the first free event, but in justice I can see that it is indeed a very differe
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