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  1. That doesn't sound too bad Dave.... at the moment it sounds like heaven...
  2. Thanks We've got the same bin! There the resemblance ends....
  3. It's a fascinating subject and I have often observed the lack of correlation between personal feelings in real life, and performing effectiveness on the stage or on film. Performers, like all creative artists, must often draw upon a deep inner reservoir of emotion that is not brought into play in everyday life, and there is also the sheer technical skill that creates the illusion for us ( as dear John Thaw said when asked if he could remember a sad event to make him cry on stage- 'I thought I'd just act')
  4. I saw this in a live screening at the time, and the atmosphere in the cinema was absolutely electric- the most exciting screening, certainly, I have been to. People were gasping as they staggered out to the bar in the intervals. (Oh happy memory...) I agree it is a really excellent perfomance by McRae and indeed Sarah Lamb, and they are superb together. I do hope we see him back in the autumn. As for Laura Morera- agree with every word, Two Pigeons.
  5. Excellent- that really went down a treat with a smoked salmon sandwich in the interval. Well, I know- they are a bit expensive, but I thought I 'd treat myself.
  6. Good choice- Napoli- I wonder what wine would go with that lovely work?
  7. All true but we are in the middle of a disaster...so will forgive, maybe not forget, - and suggest they have a think about these issues , but I still want to support ROH, which as an institution is bigger than the current management or any part of it, and very important to me.
  8. Speaking to an elderly relative far away, and in difficult circumstances, last night to check he was able to get shopping ( not really at the moment)- he suddenly said 'Oh but there was a wonderful ballet on i player- it completely took my mind off things- so uplifting' 'What, Mayerling,' I said, surprised - 'a bit dark!' But it had very much cheered him up and we had a good discussion about it.
  9. The forum is a great consolation in troubled times- thanks once again, moderators. The thread sounds a great idea, yes please. May I just make a plea to ban all references to the Second World War.....
  10. I can see both sides of the Benno discussion- love the performances I have seen, but agree the role has grown a bit too much and unbalanced the ballet.. I'd like to suggest someone choreographs a new ballet for Benno, and then Siegfried can take his rightful place in Swan Lake..while Benno bounces off to entertain us all in something with a happy ending- just what we all currently need... 🙂
  11. I thought it was absurd to have that notice about hand washing on the back of the OUT door - it needs to be by the sinks. I might even email them.
  12. Agree about the tempi JohnS, the same thought passed through my mind more than once- let's pick up the pace just a shade. But still thought Nunez was beyond praise, so totally in control of every phrase and creating an equally effective and stunning Odette and Odile with a faultless technique and ravishing lines. Agree entirely about the 'Nutcracker Buttons' costume which does Benno no favours and clashes with the - utterly beautiful - rest of the sets. I remember commenting on that on the first night- it looked as if he'd rushed in from the Kingdom of the Sweets with a telegram....
  13. A vision of pure beauty with Nunez and Muntagirov heartbreakingly lovely, Sambe flying more than dancing and it's such a beautiful production...those sets... those frocks...if .not a perfect one ( the ending)
  14. I have noticed this every single time there has been a solo instrumentalist or singer involved in any dance performance, completely regardless of the quality of their work. Rather an odd phenomenon, but there will be some explanation in audience psychology!
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