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  1. As regards dancers leaving companies, or not getting various chances, perhaps we can never really know, or not for many years, what went on behind the scenes in some of these stories. I would not necessarily assume dancers were always 'treated' badly or otherwise- they are not just passive figures, and might have made their own choices: to leave suddenly, to avoid a fuss, or whatever - some dancers might even behave unreasonably on occasion. I have no idea, no individuals in mind when I say this - I am just suggesting we can't be absolutely sure that anyone has been badly treated in this respect. Many years working in a large organisation makes me aware of times when someone has become a popular martyr, when in fact I knew there was more to it than that- or, sometimes, a member of staff had in fact turned down a promotion, or wanted to go with no leaving formalities at all-but nobody knew this - it happens. So I would reserve judgement too. Alina Cojocaru- a sublime dancer and a favourite of mine too- does regularly appear in her best roles in this country and Kobborg has played a major role in the ballet world in Europe: leaving ROH is not quite the same as artistic death. That was a wonderful partnership at ROH and I treasure the memories -ballet is such a fleeting thing.
  2. I couldn't go, alas, but remember enjoying the live screening greatly, and particularly the corps prancing on in a parade of giant vegetables that had me in stitches- or did I imagine that?
  3. Pleased to see the comments about Chudin- I have been to almost all the Bolshoi screenings for some years, and he is the male dancer who has stood out for me for the purest and most graceful style: not just that, but a 'certain something' in his bearing and expression that is somehow deeply affecting- a profound pleasure indeed. I was very sad not to manage to see him live this time.
  4. Good luck Rob You can't mix the numbers of tickets- it has to be 1 or 2 or whatever, tickets for each ballet in the package. You obviously can't mix seating area either- decide that first. You need to start from the Packages page, not the production page. I am sure others will think of other hints....
  5. I feel no guilt whatsoever Lizbie1. it was superb fun! There are always those moments when it is impossible not to giggle ( the silly walks...a good few stifled giggles around me) but, there were so many moments of gasping with admiration too.
  6. Spartacus is never going to be my favourite ballet -a lot of the choreography is fairly awful really. But it can be thrilling to watch, and you couldn't fault the sheer gusto of the performers last night- and Rodkin and Zhakarova were on great form and very impressive, not to mention very beautiful indeed, to watch. I agree maryrose that she was amazingly lithe. The gusto and attack applied equally to the orchestra and it was very good to experience that Russian verve, and a sense of 'no holding back' that is very exciting in a live performance. Monica Mason gave a short, but perfectly pitched and excellently presented few words in tribute to Victor Hochhauser, dedicating the season to his memory.
  7. I have never seen it either. The costumes and sets look rather spectacular and dancing looks as if it might be q good? Shame about the music and it's all very loud and 'in your face' etc but all film trailers and most 'mainstream' films are like that these days. No mention of Steven McRae- I think I spotted him though.
  8. I don't think so. Bear in mind only some sections of seating are available in packages.
  9. The ending of that piece is one of my best ballet visual memories- just stunning- William Bracewell especially was superb. Agree RuthE, totally, that the power of Giselle does come from the theme of dance- and interestingly The King Dances is also about dance. I like dance that is about itself; for me, like music, dance does not need to justify itself by being 'about' current events.
  10. Can't argue with that list bridiem. More of the shorter Macmillans and a rest for the big 3-acters would suit me fine but no doubt it would upset a large majority!
  11. Starting each year- Symphonic Variations- -a glorious statement of intent- and ending it -Symphony in C - it shows off the dancers and makes such a wonderful finale- the last act is like a prolonged curtain call. Patineurs every Christmas. I also thought 'not Manon again'.
  12. A quite superb end to a wonderful year. Muntagirov in Month was perfection. Ashton with a Russian soul. Sublime.
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