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  1. Can't argue with that list bridiem. More of the shorter Macmillans and a rest for the big 3-acters would suit me fine but no doubt it would upset a large majority!
  2. Starting each year- Symphonic Variations- -a glorious statement of intent- and ending it -Symphony in C - it shows off the dancers and makes such a wonderful finale- the last act is like a prolonged curtain call. Patineurs every Christmas. I also thought 'not Manon again'.
  3. A quite superb end to a wonderful year. Muntagirov in Month was perfection. Ashton with a Russian soul. Sublime.
  4. My beloved old opera glasses are broken. I went into my local, rather good, camera and binocular shop, and they had absolutely nothing. Can anyone recommend a pair or where to go to try some- I understand some cost a fortune but I can't run to £700. It seems some other forumers are in a similar plight so all ideas very warmly received. Thanks.
  5. Agree SiC is best seen 'whole' and best from the amphi. I find if I try to focus in, I just miss too much and anyway the part does not mean as much without the whole. whereas for Month I want to zoom in at times, eg the pas de deuxs. My beloved opera glasses have just died and it is not easy to replace them so I might have to start a thread to ask for recomendations...
  6. As well as showing that he's going a bit daffy ( agree this is all too familar!) and is no longer 'in charge' I think there is more symbolism going on here as well- he has 'lost it' in every sense.......
  7. Macmillan does not portray Paris like this though- he makes very clear that he tries to force himself on Juliet when she has made it clear she does not want his attentions: he manhandles her and there is a suggestion of assault. I have not seen any interpretation that does not foreground this very clearly. It helps the audience to understand her desperation, and his stabbing by Romeo ( who can't know this- but we do.)
  8. Shame- he was lovely in Month in the Country the other day.
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