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  1. And a beautiful Lilac Fairy from Fumi Kaneko who managed to make that fiendish variation look elegant...rather than difficult....and her v noble Cavalier.. Reece Clarke
  2. Stellar performances from Muntagirov and Nunez...on sparkling form...making us gasp.....and an elegantly soaring Bluebird from James Hay.
  3. Saying a dancer wouldn't be right for, or good in, a role when you have not seen them dance it always strikes me as a bit unhelpful. I can think of quite a few examples on the forum over the years when in fact a dancer has gone on to be very good despite such comments. (Too short, too tall, too classical, too cheerful, too restrained or not restrained enough, not a 'romantic lead' or 'no good at comedy' - or whatever.) But they often surprise us. It's one thing to say a performance you saw wasn't so good - fair enough- but surely, if you haven't seen it........that really is just speculation. I feel pretty confident that we have an awful lot more to find out about Vadim Muntagirov- and come to that, Reece Clarke as well.
  4. Not alone at all. It is marvellous to have the Canadian ballet- I have never seen them and would like to very much indeed. But why Beauty?? I will have seen 4 performances this year already. It is not at all equivalent to having a company with an offering of half a dozen ballets - including a couple we rarely or never see here - as in previous Russian visits. Maybe there is a large public to see another Beauty but I rather wonder about that. Removing the Seasons page is just plain daft- does it save any time or money to remove it? It was useful and well used- so what do they gain?
  5. I would very much rather see them both actually dance in the roles before coming to a view on that. Delighted for Reece Clarke, but very disappointed not to see Vadim Muntagirov in Onegin.
  6. It's been on iplayer for ages, I watched it last week and commented! How odd.
  7. Yes- dance is international..ballet is international- I don't really think of the dancers, or the company in national or nationalistic terms. I certainly do feel uncomfortable about the company suggesting any kind of special support and pride in some dancers more than others because they are British , or more British than someone else...- and I assume,and hope, that is not what they are intending.
  8. Is that a technical term Richard? The warmth and enthusiasm of reviews on the forum often cheers me up and this very dreary morning your review put a happy smile on my face- thanks for that! Looking forward to seeing Akane Takada in Swan Lake.
  9. Mine too. She is such a very thoughtful, subtle, elegant dancer and a very fine actor. I very much regret not having seen more of her in the past couple of years, and good point about the tutu roles.
  10. You beat me to it- I was going through my diary and this is the one where I put a string of exclamation marks..it was the biggest roar of approval I have ever heard in the opera house, and put me on a high for days. One of a string of quite spectacular performances by Muntagirov of course- such a run I have certainly not seen before ( my 50th anniversary of ballet going coming up soon, so not that long admittedly) , and one of many too from this fine partnership. However, there have also been many really outstanding performances this year and it's thrilling to reflect on all the talent in RB, BRB and ENB at the moment.
  11. I sometimes keep my coat in with me too if I have little time for the train- and sit on it or stash it under the seat or sometimes roll it up as a cushion for my back. I don't think anyone could mind - but - I would never allow it to be touching anyone else. It really was a bit much having one dumped over my head during the performance! I can laugh about it now. It wasn't as bad as the woman with jangly bracelets who shook them in my ear throughout one performance of Giselle- , the woman in the Grand Tier who took her shoes off and put her feet up on the back of the seat in front..or the man who was humming along at intervals in Figaro...then suddenly took his false teeth out (I'm sure Mozart would have had a giggle at that one) But I wish they would go and sit next to someone else...
  12. Dawnstar- I am not a fan of Wayne McGregor at all. However, I did like Woolf Works, and the clip they showed was the least good bit. The work does in fact contain some almost classical dance, has a strong narrative and is very moving. So I would urge you to try it once. However, I could not recommend Live Fire Exercise, which I thought was ghastly. I shall be sitting it out when I go. I don't think that's rude.
  13. Bridiem our posts crossed. I do agree it needed more explanation/context- there was really v little- it needed to be 90 minutes.
  14. Enjoyed Essential Royal Ballet just now on BBC4. It could easily have been 2 or 3 times as long. Trying to represent their entire work of 10 years in 1 hour was a bit challenging. But at least there was a good ratio of clips to talk. Some luscious clips too- one to re watch. I was reminded -(NOT that I had forgotten) of many highlights, including how wonderful was Ed Watson in Mayerling, Steven McRae as the Mad Hatter- quite a turn!- Laura Morera in Viscera, the beauty of Symphonic Variations, and how much I liked Woolf Works and would hope to see it again - and seeing close-up on screen the exquisite nobility and expressiveness of Vadim Muntagirov in Swan Lake and the end of Sleeping Beauty, was a great treat as I sit in bed with a cold. It was a chocolate box selection- quite good perhaps to show people the variety of work on offer and give a taste of the incredible artistry of the company. Kevin O'Hare came across very well; many of the talking heads moments seemed familiar from live screenings- would they have re used them? Now, BBC, please could you follow up with some full length RB ballets....?
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