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  1. As a regular Lurker, I'd like to add my thanks and good wishes to all the Team and Contributors for a happy and, before too long, dance-filled 2021.
  2. Is no-one interested? I shall be at ROH Sat eve, so can leave at Box Office or hand over. If not, will return to box office.
  3. This is Amphi L71, classed as Restricted View. It's directly behind the stair well, so no heads in front. Paper ticket, so I can post. Please PM and post here if interested.
  4. Still hoping that readers may find odd tickets they cannot use for this Wednesday's rehearsal - the first one for Thalia and another for me! Fingers crossed! Wendy
  5. I was just about to post the same. I would love a Coppelia rehearsal seat, if anyone else has a spare. Many thanks.
  6. I would love to go to the Beauty rehearsal on Wednesday, but have reached my rehearsal limit! Does anyone have a spare seat to sell? I would be very grateful. Wendy
  7. I have a spare seat for currently sold out Triple. Amphi M68, classed as Restricted View, £12. I'll be there to hand over ticket. Please PM if interested. Wendy
  8. I have a spare seat to sell for Thursday's Manon in Amphi Row D. I'm happy to sell either D38, no armrests, at £25 or D37, classed Restricted View, at £18. I'll sit in the other one! Please PM if interested. Paper tickets, but I'll be there to hand over. Wendy
  9. I cannot attend next week and would hate to see this seat go to waste. Level 4 Row D Seat 39, £7 - no Armrests - paper ticket to post. Please post and PM if interested.
  10. I can no longer attend this date, so have 2 seats to sell for the final R&J. Level 5 Row M 46 and 47. £28 each. Officially restricted view, as behind stair well. Paper tickets, so can post or hand in to box office on Sat eve for collection. Please PM and post here if interested. Thanks
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