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  1. Thanks for all your replies and for the welcome to the forum, Jan. My DD is currently at vocational school so is used to long ballet days but it’s everything else like the daily commute and having to look after herself at just turned 16 that concerns me the most. And this on top of the pressure of the ballet which is exhausting enough by itself. I’d prefer her to do A levels if she could but am of the view that she could always do them at a later date if needed. Loulabelle, it’s good to hear a positive experience of living independently in London, thanks. We have much to think about...
  2. Hi. This is my first post. My 15 year old DD is trying to decide between ENBS or Tring sixth form for this September. We know very little about ENBS in particular and are feeling very time pressured into making a decision. I know they are very different schools but we’re interested to know more about the courses, teaching, pastoral support, accommodation, post graduate destinations etc. DD is young for her school year and we are concerned about her living independently in London so would prefer her to live somewhere like Queen Alexandra House - do most of the ENBS first year girls usually live there? If anyone has any advice or comments, it’d be much appreciated.
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