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  1. Bavarian State Opera/Ballet Does anyone have any knowledge of the seat view Seating Plans and Prices: Bayerische Staatsoper - for NATIONALTHEATER to be precise. I've never been and was weighing up a cheaper priced ticket either up high or lower around the side, but wondered if anyone had been or could recommend as it's difficult to tell from the images and plans available online? Thank you.
  2. Yes strange, as I attended a focus group a while back commenting that NYCB had discount for under 40s. ENO now has increased its age range to under 35s, each age category staggered pricing.
  3. Due to a friend and her partner being unable to make this last minute, I have another pair of tickets: Amphitheatre Lower Slips, A-103 £6.00 Amphitheatre Lower Slips, A-102 £6.00
  4. These tickets are now sold, but I have another pair - will make a new post.
  5. x2 Level 5 Upper Slips AA9 and AA10 £10 each - to be sold as a pair
  6. I used to take this class about five years ago, she’s great and she keeps the class moving so you won’t get bored (!) hearing a long analysis of technique! However you have to be on the ball as she marks the next exercise as soon as the pianist stops playing! Enjoy!
  7. Yes, she was my teacher too - very inspiring woman
  8. Karis does some great classes and has some advanced ones over summer, sometimes teenagers attend too: http://www.enavantballet.co.uk/group-ballet-classes/
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