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  1. I used to take this class about five years ago, she’s great and she keeps the class moving so you won’t get bored (!) hearing a long analysis of technique! However you have to be on the ball as she marks the next exercise as soon as the pianist stops playing! Enjoy!
  2. Yes, she was my teacher too - very inspiring woman
  3. Karis does some great classes and has some advanced ones over summer, sometimes teenagers attend too: http://www.enavantballet.co.uk/group-ballet-classes/
  4. Does anyone know if she is still dancing?
  5. UPDATE: The Royal Ballet morning class livestream is cancelled http://www.roh.org.uk/news/watch-the-royal-ballet-live-in-morning-class-from-the-royal-opera-house-stage
  6. There's one £20 ticket online now http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/the-royal-ballet-school-summer-performance-2018-by-the-royal-ballet-school
  7. I had multiple teachers at the same time which helped in these situations. Sometimes teachers don't want you to audition for things as fear of losing you as their prize student or it clashes with their school show! Trust your instinct and branch out as much as possible to seek lots of experience.
  8. This company has free CV workshops and online guidance https://www.ten2two.org/free-confidence-cv-workshop-bristol-april-26th/
  9. The prize winners are of a high enough standard that they would be accepted at these institutions, most of them are company standard but still of school age!
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