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  1. Very sad news - Bernard Haitink is dead, aged 92. https://www.askonasholt.com/bernard-haitink-1929-2021-announcement/
  2. My view - again just my opinion! - is that the difference with the masks discussion is that it has come up repeatedly on this thread and will be relevant to every other performance thread for a while and so it's best off having its own place, just like the Audience Behaviour thread.
  3. I meant to ask! This section jogged a memory of Monica Mason herself being rehearsed in the role in a documentary from back along. Can anyone else remember this, and who she was being rehearsed by? I couldn't tell you with confidence what stage of her career it was from, but I do know that it was in colour and that I'd have seen the clip or documentary on YouTube. Any offers? EDIT: I've just found it - it was Norman Morrice and Gerd Larsen in 1981. And may I add how very beautiful were her bourrees!
  4. I've just finished catching up on the RB section from yesterday - I want to echo the general praise here, and add that I thought the pianist during class (Michael Pansters) was excellent and very musical. Also - I can only wonder at being able to offer technical corrections to Marianela Nunez!
  5. To be clear: I haven't seen the Dante Project myself yet and am in no way a McGregor fan (not even of Woolf Works!); furthermore I often agree with Dowler's opinions. My beef is with Dowler's tone in general. I understand the comparison but whereas with Crisp I never doubt that he loves the art form and often finds new things to interest him, I sometimes find myself wondering why Dowler is there in the first place.
  6. He seems to think that the LIszt should be reserved exclusively for Mayerling (I don't know why) so maybe he thinks Act 1 should be shorter. I really struggle with Dowler's reviews - I seldom get any sense of enjoyment from them and can usually guess what he'll have to say even before I've seen the ballet myself. Others may perceive that as high standards; I just find it narrow minded.
  7. I feel like I bore everyone about this too often already, but the first time I saw Osipova was at the Bolshoi in early 2005 - she was the Spanish Bride in Swan Lake. I'd never heard of her before but in those few minutes she exploded into my consciousness (and probably that of everyone else there). It's the first and only time I've genuinely felt the hair on the back of my head standing up - a real WOW moment if ever there was one. I suppose if you've never encountered her charisma or don't put a high value on it you might struggle to see what the fuss is about - and I agree not every role is for her - but I've followed her career and loved her ever since. The RB would is very lucky to have her.
  8. I wouldn't go that far, but I agree that knowing someone is autistic makes you process their words and actions differently. (Once you're in the habit of it - my nephew is autistic, so I've had plenty of practice! - it comes very naturally.)
  9. I don't think it's realistic to confine ourselves to what we'd say to someone who would be in most cases be a stranger. Such self-censorship would probably only result in some very anodyne public comments and furious activity in the DMs. Maybe a better guideline would be not to take criticism beyond what you'd expect from a reviewer. Unless it's been made clear otherwise I always assume a poster is a simple audience member - though that category covers such a vast range of knowledge and experience, I'm not sure how helpful it is.
  10. Dawnstar, FWIW I think yours were fairly mild. The comments I'm least comfortable with are those which compare one dancer's personal appearance unfavourably with another's. It doesn't happen often, thankfully, though I've seen it recently.
  11. If that's true, fingers crossed they stick with this cast for Osipova's second performance.
  12. Oh wow! I hope this means she'll be performing it with Osipova in this run.
  13. On behalf of someone else, I looked into Welcome Performances a month or so ago and all digital roads led either to an error page or a "due to Covid we're not currently processing applications" message or similar. I agree this would be well worth seeing for Oropesa alone.
  14. Might it be worth phoning the box office? Others will have had the same perhaps and I'd hate for them to be late as a consequence.
  15. Anthony Dowell was a left turner - I think Oberon in the Dream was choreographed accordingly?
  16. I wasn't really old enough to watch it at the time - I don't know if you'll be pleased to learn that I've mostly seen it on YouTube! I shared a link a few weeks ago with my older brother, who recognised it straight away and remembered how watchable (his word) it was.
  17. Sorry to go even further off topic, but - you made After Dark? What a remarkable thing; you must be very proud!
  18. Worth noting that you need to give 24 hours' notice though.
  19. They may have had a train to catch - timetables have been somewhat unpredictable of late, and last trains earlier.
  20. This will make me sound a complete prude but I especially dislike it when the boys lift Nurse's skirt. I don't find it roguish or charming. (I did notice that happening yesterday!)
  21. Was I just not watching carefully enough yesterday or were the harlots more restrained than they have sometimes been? I didn't notice any crotch-flashing. For the avoidance of doubt, if I'm right this is a welcome development.
  22. I didn't find this - their different demeanour seemed more to do with the far greater licence afforded to boys and young men.
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