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  1. I also find the site quite frustrating. This link is the one that usually works for me https://www.staatsoperlive.com/calendar or https://www.culturall.com/ticket/ists/performance_schedule.mc It is very user unfriendly and find myself going through several links/redirections to actually view a broadcast! I also found it quite confusing that the video trailer for The Nutcracker on one site actually featuring Raymonda, so I was looking forward to seeing Raymonda and then realised it was The Nutcracker (I thought the title was a bit suspicious, I suppose Raymonda is the
  2. I did manage to catch this and I was very glad I did! Thank you for highlighting this on the forum. The sets and costumes were very lavish as you say, very impressive and opulent (but in an elegant, refined way). The dancing and choreography were excellent. I hope Vienna releases some more live streams as I would certainly watch them based on the quality of this performance. Highly recommended to all. (I can't compare with the Royal Ballet/Ashton version as I haven't seen that...but now I'm very tempted to get the Royal Ballet DVD of this one if it's anyth
  3. Thanks very much for sharing! I'm presuming this version will be quite different to Ashton's?
  4. Thanks Rob and Stevie. I think I'm going to go for the recent Nunez/Muntagirov Bayadere (but have put Acosta/Rojo on the list for a future purchase) and the Cojocaru Sleeping Beauty for now.
  5. Copying and pasting from another thread as it's more appropriate here - looking for thoughts on DVDs and recommendations to watch. I have scanned the thread and don't think any of the below have been answered. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Durante version of Sleeping Beauty? I would be interested to see Durante but I have to admit I have some reservations about the Dowell production, I've not ever seen it but I quite like the current version so I'm thinking of going for the 2010 Cojocaru performance or the more recent Nunez/Muntagirov DVD unless people think it's worth seei
  6. Quite right Rob, the statement can be read that way so perhaps I am wrong to assume. But then why would they not say Scarlett resigned? Or why would Scarlett not announce a resignation himself? I have also only just realised that the statement was sent to the press but there is nothing posted on their twitter or main webpage about this which just seems like they are trying to sweep it under the carpet (even though they know press would report it?) but has only led to things looking more suspicious - why not put something official on their twitter/website? It would be
  7. Thanks Linda! I was very tempted to get this but I note POB have this as part of a larger box set along with La Dame aux Camelias, Cinderella and Swan Lake - currently £60 on amazon but only £30 on the ROH shop website - so tempted to get this when the ROH shop resumes. As an aside I do think it's unfortunate the online shop is currently not dispatching orders, I understand they are not amazon and may have logistical issues but I was prepared to order from them directly even though the DVDs are usually much cheaper on amazon (the example I've just given aside) but the whole point i
  8. Perhaps not the answer you're looking for but to me the fact he's out leads to an assumption /understanding that he did something 'wrong'. Whatever that may be. Hopefully not as wrong to be illegal otherwise the investigation surely should have been conducted by the police. But wrong enough to be unprofessional/immoral/not befitting ROH's standards and public image. (If he hasn't done anything 'wrong' I'd like to think the ROH would support him against rumours etc.) People can either continue to appreciate his work as separate from some sort of wrong he's committed (e.g. the way y
  9. Surely there is an arts world/company grapevine which other companies will in essence know what Scarlett did/did not do, or could find out 'off the record'? Not saying this is necessarily correct, transparency is important but I guess it's balancing a clear open statement detailing exactly what he was accused of/found to be guilty of (which as the public do we really need to know?) against the privacy of dancers/others that may be involved in raising allegations etc. The statement is worded badly but I can understand why they didn't want to go into further details for the sake of
  10. Glad to see they have finally come to some sort of conclusion (although slightly vague and confusing statement) and finally taken some action and terminated their relationship with Scarlett. One must presume/hope there must have been some professional or moral line that Scarlett crossed in order to have been let go, as surely if he had done nothing wrong the relationship would have continued? (It would be rather unfair otherwise?) Having said that hopefully ROH will be able to separate the work of Swan Lake with the man Liam Scarlett. In no way should bullying/harassment/unprofes
  11. Thanks all for sharing lots of livestreams etc, hoping to catch some upcoming Paris Opera performances being streamed as well as hoping the ROH announces more livestreams (as others have said it would be lovely to see versions that aren't on DVD as I appreciate DVDs may be an important revenue stream in these times for them!). In the meantime I'm considering ordering some DVDs - sorry if I'm duplicating something already in another thread but I would be interested to hear some recommendations from balletcoers. Does anyone recommend/have any thoughts on the Durante vers
  12. Pleased Reece gets a chance at the role (though a bit of a shame it’s not with Fumi Kaneko). I suppose while I’m one who gets frustrated with cast changes each change is an opportunity for someone else!
  13. This is probably going to make me sound like too much of a Royal Ballet 'fan' but I recognised the picture - it's from 2017 (it's in the programme for that run when they did actually dance together). I'm not sure if this answers your question but I know there have been rehearsal pictures for the recent Dances at a Gathering of the two casts dancing together/mixed classes. That's slightly different to Swan Lake though where there is an obvious partnership, so whilst dancers may rehearse certain steps together (e.g. perhaps a few Odettes will rehearse together?) I think it's unlikel
  14. I am no expert on coronavirus and how it transmits and I completely understand ROH management would like to be cautious. However, like @LinMM and @bridiem have noted I am confused by the fact that Hayward was unable to dance in DAAG last night, and Corrales both last week and tomorrow despite the fact that they are in the ROH building rehearsing for Swan Lake and getting costume fittings/stage calls. (Going off their respective instagrams.) Doesn't this seem a little counterintuitive? Would completely have respected the 'better to be safe than sorry' decision if they
  15. Interesting...I do think being 'up close' to register the emotional details of Sambe/Ball/Cuthbertson's facial expressions would have helped. Perhaps if I had sat somewhere else or seen the cinema screening I would have appreciated it more. Saying that as a regular amphi sitter (because of price more than anything else!) I think choreographers and others involving in creating a ballet should be aware that it needs to looks good from ALL areas of the theatre. Yes the press will sit in the stalls so the focus is on how it looks there I suppose, but to compare with DAAG again, whilst
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