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  1. I thought to set up this topic for reviews of The Dante Project, as this week finally sees the commencement of this new full length ballet choreographed by Wayne McGregor for the RB, long delayed due to Covid. The opening night is on Thursday 14th, with 9 more performances up to the end of October. The last performance on 30th October is also the last here for the brilliant Edward Watson and is sure to be a memorable event. Streaming online from 29 October (recorded 26 October). Looking forward to all the BcF feedback! (Unless I have missed something there has been no advertised General Rehearsal available for Friends to attend....but perhaps this is normally the case for new RB ballets)?
  2. I've opened this thread for discussion of WBD 2021, so anything which isn't simply information should go here please. Thanks!
  3. At the risk of sounding impatient, can I ask if anyone knows when casting for Autumn is likely to be announced? I'm trying to make some plans and am wondering whether it's worth holding off.
  4. Premièring tonight, “Merde!” to everyone involved, Excited to see what has been created….
  5. Appears to be up: https://www.roh.org.uk/tickets-and-events/swan-lake-by-liam-scarlett-dates
  6. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere but I got this email from Trafalgar Studios with details of new cinema cultural events. Some of them are plays and Metropolitan Opera season but there is the 2021/22 Bolshoi ballet season as well. https://outlook.live.com/mail/0/inbox/id/AQMkADAwATYwMAItZGQAMzQtOTFjMC0wMAItMDAKAEYAAAO%2FXQFqTsSFTrjvHgqOeEmSBwCPA1%2Fr9w2lRZyeVAuTnF7CAAACAQwAAAB4WvjRaiXXTIQShAX9COQgAAP%2FRTZNAAAA If this doesn't work (it is linked to my email) this is the Bolshoi link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FhxDwQIygZV9rHUGy69T83cS02Yn8NH-/view Spartacus Nov 7 2021 Nutcracker Dec 19 2021 Jewels Jan 23 2022 Swan lake Mar 6 2022 Pharaoh's daughter. May 1 2022
  7. All the news.... https://www.roh.org.uk/news/the-royal-opera-house-reveals-highlights-of-its-first-full-season-since-2019 Dante in October (season opener?), Ashton and Nutcracker mentioned
  8. Just managed to complete my booking for Period 1 - very rusty after so long and ended up having to buy my two packages separately and then add some extras as a third transaction. Broadband just about held up and I’m delighted with the tickets. Here’s hoping this is another step in the return to pre COVID familiar ways.
  9. Yes I noticed that...there seem to be no package options for its first night.
  10. On that basis I earned the 18% dicount I got when booking earlier today, but it should be my bank rather than the ROH who cover it! I had no problems with package booking until I got to the payment when, after I entered my card details, a screen came up saying my bank needed verification so I'd be sent a text with a code. Did a text arrive? No. I hit the re-send button 3 times & was walking all round my house in case there were any mobile signal issues. Eventually I called my bank & spent goodness knows how long on the phone to them. By that time the ROH website had timed out my tickets so the bank said wait a few minutes then try again & that my settings had been changed so verification wouldn't be required. Except when I tried again (fortunately the tickets I had selected were still available) verification was required & again no text arrived. Fortunately that time through I'd noted the alternative PayPal option so I was able to have a 3rd go via PayPal & that went through no problem with no verification required. Which is completely nonsensical because I only have 1 cash card so it's coming out of the same bank account! At least I now know that when single seat booking opens next week I should use PayPal to start with. Of course whether I'll be able to use any of these tickets when it comes to it is another issue entirely....
  11. The seat price maps are now on the ROH website: Romeo and Juliet https://www.roh.org.uk/seatmap?performanceId=48934 Dante Project https://www.roh.org.uk/seatmap?performanceId=49239 Giselle https://www.roh.org.uk/seatmap?performanceId=48954 The Nutcracker https://www.roh.org.uk/seatmap?performanceId=48973 "Tickets for this event are not currently on sale" will come up but, if you click on "OK", the price chart will appear. I assume it's a mistake but, according to the 'key' the places in row D in the Grand Tier and Balcony are currently designated as standing places!! Edited to add that the central block of the Balcony does not appear to be available for performances of The Dante Project
  12. This is an extraordinary public post by the Director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre … to post publicly that her future performances have been cancelled because she has lied to them and also to the Royal Ballet management? And for Natalia to have her partner lie on her behalf? I would like to be generous and hope there is another side to this story. https://mikhailovsky.ru/en/press/news/cancellation_of_natalia_osipova/ Cancellation of Natalia Osipova's performances. Vladimir Kekhman's Address Dear patrons, We have found ourselves in a very unpleasant situation. All of us were looking forward to seeing Natalia Osipova in „La Bayadère“ on 17 June. As you know, she lives in London and is a principal dancer of the Royal Ballet Covent Garden. She was supposed to arrive in St Petersburg today, but never boarded the plane. Her partner has informed us that Natalia Osipova is in hospital and stays out of reach. We have contacted the management of the Royal Ballet only to find out that she is safe at the theatre in London. She never informed the Royal Ballet about her plans to fly to St Petersburg and she has a performance scheduled at the Royal Opera House. Three days ago, Natasha personally confirmed that all the dates of the performances at the Mikhailovsky Theatre had been agreed with the management of the Royal Ballet. It turns out that she was lying. Now we know that Natasha has lied to two theatres, you and me personally. In my opinion, this is unacceptable. First of all, she showed disrespect towards the audience. In this regard, I have decided to cancel all the performances of Natalia Osipova at the Mikhailovsky Theatre. She will not appear in „La Bayadère“ on 17 June. The performance will feature Leonid Sarafanov. The name of the ballerina is to be announced later. If you decide to return the tickets, you will receive a full refund. I offer you the most sincere apologies.Vladimir Kekhman, artistic director of the Mikhailovsky TheatreOn 2 July, „Romeo and Juliet“ will feature Valeria Zapasnikova and Leonid Sarafanov. On 15 July, Anastasia Smirnova and Ivan Vasiliev will star in the ballet „Don Quixote“. We send our apologies to the visitors who will decide to return the tickets. In order to get the refund, they will need to fill in the form. You can find all the information about the tickets return on our official website mikhailovsky.ru
  13. From Instagram just now: We're delighted to announce promotions for The Royal Ballet’s 2020/21 Season and the forthcoming 2021/22 Season! @fumikaneko_ and @cesarcorrales926 are promoted to Principal with immediate effect and @maymagriofficial and @annaroseosullivan are promoted to Principal with effect from September 2021. @meaghangrace890, @nicol.edmonds and @calvin_richardson have been promoted to First Soloist with immediate effect. @ginastormjensen and @joseph.sissens have been promoted to Soloist with immediate effect. @leticiadias_, @marikosasaki448 and @harrychurches have been promoted to First Artist with immediate effect. Head to the link in bio to read the full announcement. A huge congratulations to all these dancers!
  14. Does anybody have any tickets available for Balanchine & Robbins on either 4th or 7th June? Many thanks!
  15. After the COVID situation I was wondering about promotions at the end of the season. Do you have any predictions?
  16. Although we have a separate thread on the recent transmission of the Royal Ballet School's "Peter and the Wolf" , I thought I'd start an overarching thread for all the Royal Opera House's "Our House To Your House" showings. I am, unsurprisingly, loving seeing the Royal Opera/Royal Ballet coproduction of Acis and Galatea again Ed Watson will be making an appearance soon (well, heck, sorry, I've been suffering withdrawal symptoms)
  17. Tonight's premiere of Cathy Marston's The Cellist at the Royal Opera House is an event I've looked forward to, since long before I heard she had the commission. It is twinned with a revival of Dances at a Gathering. Discussion here please.
  18. No comment on the dress rehearsal today, for the usual reasons, but did anyone happen to catch the pre-show announcement about two (I think) cast changes? I missed this as my neighbour arrived rather noisily at exactly that moment and so I am puzzling as to who we saw who isn't on the cast list.
  19. Apologies to all having issues with the stream. OMG, Mayara Magri and Matthew Ball in Carousel. Steaming. 💐 💐 💐 Am loving the gala format which shows us pieces like this that I hadn't seen before. Also reminds me of the incredible talent of the RB, who don't all get the attention they deserve, like Sarah Lamb and Ryoichi Hirano (gorgeous in Diamonds) and Akane Takada and Federico Bonelli (so moving in Swan Lake). So grateful to be watching them all.
  20. Tristan Dyer has today announced that he has left the Royal Ballet.
  21. Am very keen to get a ticket for the Christmas Eve performance as it’s been a tradition for many years. Hopefully someone can help me... thanks
  22. https://www.roh.org.uk/news/celebrate-classic-royal-opera-house-productions-this-autumn--in-cinemas-across-the-globe
  23. https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2020/aug/14/edward-watson-to-retire-as-royal-ballet-principal-dancer
  24. Full details, and booking for of this live event next weekend, can be found here: https://bridgepointrye.com/upcoming-events/wingspan-by-lynne-page/ The 4 Royal Ballet dancers performing are Ashley Dean, Leticia Dias, Francisco Serrano and Joseph Aumeer. https://bridgepointrye.com/artists-in-residence/
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