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  1. I can think of at least 5 pairings I'd really like to see (and none that I want to avoid).
  2. Appears to be up: https://www.roh.org.uk/tickets-and-events/swan-lake-by-liam-scarlett-dates
  3. Very interesting and in some ways it provides a counterpoint to his LRB article. I felt at the time that towards the end of his stint at the Observer Luke Jennings had soured towards ballet - there were certain hobby horses that he was riding a bit too frequently for my liking, though I always valued his reviews and learned a lot from them. I wonder if there's a link between this change of attitude and the different tone of these two articles.
  4. But does legal action apply if there are no individuals being cited? I suppose the school or company could threaten it but I don't really see that happening as it would be very bad publicity, worse than if these claims were disseminated and believed widely. I agree not everyone will be strong enough, but some brave people in other walks of life seem to manage it.
  5. I get all that - but what about the older people, or young people who've left ballet? Edited to add: I'm not looking to discredit these people and I'm very inclined to believe them, but it's frustrating to see nothing happening because nobody will come forward publicly or name names. As it is, all we are really left with is the Liam Scarlett case (and he's no longer with us) and an Ofsted report from 25 years ago.
  6. I think the piece would be stronger if there'd been a more visible attempt to build the case for the other side. It seems likely there is something to these allegations, but as for there being no smoke without fire: the Met Police's Operation Midland has rather discredited that saying (not that I think the cases are comparable).
  7. There was a recent study (done in Bangladesh) which purported to show this but even if you were to ignore the various concerns raised about it, the difference was about 1 in 8 or 9. Which would be better than nothing, but it's no magic bullet.
  8. It was a very interesting piece, but suffers hugely IMO from relying on anonymous sources who might be considered to have an axe to grind. I don't think anyone's going to take this stuff seriously (and part of me thinks, "why should they?") until people are prepared to go on the record. By far the best bit, I thought, was the passage about Scarlett's career and O'Hare's possibly overly hands-off approach to choreographers - something I've seen discussed here a couple of times.
  9. I've every intention of wearing a mask - blame peer pressure maybe? - when I return to ROH in a few days, but I don't accept that not wearing one makes you a bad person or a stupid one. For all but the "fitted" masks, the benefits are as far as I have seen marginal. It's a cliche but the best thing by far you can do to protect yourself is to get vaccinated. Anything else, short of staying at home, is tinkering at the edges.
  10. He's a Wagner fan I think? George Osborne was too, both were seen at Bayreuth a few years back.
  11. It was about that for Nutcracker three years ago. I think it's a Hippodrome thing rather than down to BRB.
  12. I didn't know this - thought it was just foreign travel you're not supposed to use the free tests for. That said, a test hasn't been a requirement of anywhere I've been yet so 🤷🏻‍♀️.
  13. I *much* prefer surnames to first names. (I usually find first names on their own over-familiar in this context, though I've done it once or twice out of sheer enthusiasm after a show.)
  14. I don't think Dawnstar meant to be rude, but it *is* annoying for many when first names or nicknames are used, as has been mentioned on many occasions. I'm not generally keen on being prescriptive, but this has been brought up so often that maybe we need some clear guidelines (if there aren't any already?) about naming conventions for dancers.
  15. And hasn't it long been established that surface transmission is very unlikely?
  16. I've been to the stage door on exactly two occasions, on both of which I was accompanying a small child. I think it's a lovely tradition and would be sad to see it decline for whatever reason, but from my (limited!) observation there's no doubt that some people will push the boundaries - buttonholing dancers for quite a long time and being, well, more than a bit weird. The dancers were never less than polite about it, but it was clear to others that their patience was strained. It's something I slightly worry about, but I don't know what the answer is.
  17. If you say their manner was inexcusable, then we must take that at face value. However - we all have bad days, even those in customer facing roles, and I don't think I like the suggestion that they deserve to lose their job.
  18. Amid quite a lot of outreach type roles https://recruitment.roh.org.uk/vacancyList.php?_ga=2.253880320.928034723.1629710002-1766827059.1615376276
  19. Interesting new position being advertised🧐https://recruitment.roh.org.uk/vacancyView.php?requirementId=4117
  20. I noticed something similar with Amphi Row A - the single seats on either side with restricted legroom (A35 and A79 I think) because there's a support column or something in the way were showing as *more* expensive than the neighbouring seats, not less.
  21. It's difficult to say this without sounding like a snob, but here goes! Of course I pay more attention to them, but it's hard to escape the conclusion that these seats have seen above average price hikes over successive seasons now - they felt like an insider's secret, if you like, but that's being eroded. I wonder if ROH always knew that they were relatively good value and thought having (in my experience - and I don't include myself!) a very knowledgeable bunch of regulars sitting there worth any potentially lost revenue. If that was part of the equation, there is less weight being put on it now, which I think is a great shame, and not just because I'm paying more as a result!
  22. Agreed! For my seats Giselle has gone from £14 (£12 for the matinee!) in 2018 to £21, and Romeo and Juliet from £21 in 2019 to £27.
  23. I must say I always resent that the £3 donation is just put in the basket automatically - when it comes as an option later in the process, as it does with many other venues, I'm more inclined to include it. I always remove the ROH one on principle - I wonder how many others feel the same. On the other hand I remain impressed that the ROH doesn't charge a booking fee. Maybe if during the check-out end of the booking process they were to present the £3 donation as something that helps them to retain that policy, it might persuade a few people to cough up?
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