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  1. @stucha I agree that Louvet was beautiful, and that there are elements that are dated. What I felt was almost a gay love frisson between Siegfried and the tutor - there were some gorgeous duets for the two of them but far removed from the original.
  2. I've just watched the Paris Opera 'Swan Lake' - Nureyev version. Any opinions?
  3. Doesn't she just! I have just watched this film and was touched by the way she said she had felt 'ugly' and 'inadequate' - the opposite of how she really is! I also thought Bonelli came over very well, as much a gentleman backstage as he is in his princely roles. As for Mukhamedov.... well
  4. Now THIS is what I consider a brilliant idea - https://northernballet.com/pay-as-you-feel-season I already donated to NB because the wording of their cancellation email didn't annoy me (unlike the ROH email). But I will happily do so again, and again, in order to watch these offerings!
  5. I found this rather charming and hope you do too: https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/3e-scene/storage If nothing else, it shows some of the opulent interior.
  6. I adored Napoli - thank you @toursenlair! Well worth catching, starved forumites.
  7. I just got an email from Medici TV which states: 'Next week, we had planned to stream Massenet’s Manon from the Opéra de Paris as part of our paid subscription offer. In light of the situation, we have decided that this broadcast–which was able to be filmed without an audience–will now be available to everyone for free and will remain available free of charge on replay.' I assume that means free to non Medici subscribers too - might be worth a watch.
  8. I just received my cancellation email from ROH for Friday's Swan Lake. There was a form to fill in, asking for choice of refund/donation/transfer to future event. The fact that 'donation' was already ticked, meaning they were forcing that as an automatic preference if one didn't actively decide on an alternative, really put me off that option. Had there been a fourth choice, say, of half the cost going to ROH I might have considered it. But when I give £145 to charity I'd rather give it to people in need of life's essentials. Difficult times!
  9. The ideal solution would be for audiences to stream at home those arts events (of any type) that they had hoped to see live, for an appropriate fee that would keep the performers paid. This must be within the bounds of today's technology and if only it were put in place, maybe some permanent good would come of the current worrying situation.
  10. I'm due to go this coming Friday - am hoping there won't be any announcements before then.
  11. We went to see the Siberians' 'Swan Lake' at Southend Cliffs Pavilion this evening. Francisco Gimenez as Siegfried was suitably handsome and princely, an excellent partner to Anastasiia Belonogova's Odette/Odile. Belonogova was excellent, outshining everyone else on stage, not only in her technique and grace but also in her acting - especially as Odile. The costumes were a trifle garish and the projected backdrop isn't great, but is understandable given that they are going to so many small theatres over such a gruelling tour. I think the orchestra is superb; it is small but with a big, tuneful and rich sound. The greatest star of all for me tonight was the violin soloist - her instrument soared and sang Tchaikovsky's wonderful music to the point I was moved to actually go and thank her afterwards, which is a first for me.
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