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  1. I just read in the 'Dancing Times' that Casalinho wanted to join the Royal Ballet, but unfortunately they were 'not hiring from the Prix de Lausanne'. What a shame.
  2. So that's who he was. They had lots of local 'slebs' filmed with supportive messages. It wasn't at all a 'normal' gala - very little dancing - but enjoyable nonetheless, and I hope raised money for a good cause.
  3. Did any of my fellow forumites partake of this tonight? I found it somewhat amateurish, charming and utterly compelling! There were technical glitches but real treasures too. For me personally - Marianela Nunez coaching Momoko Hirata - two of my favourites in one delightful episode - was memorable and also a real learning experience. The orchestra also had their moment. A long and delightful moment. I would go as far as superb. I've always appreciated the BRB orchestra, and feel it superior to many others. The insights and humour were much appreciated by me and others. Then we had the
  4. Geisha was one of the performances for which I had tickets (in Sheffield) Was so looking forward to it!
  5. Me too, me too! That ineluctable feeling of joyful anticipation....
  6. Yes, yes, and yes! The dancers have given so much - how must they feel? I empathise with those at the end of their careers, probably truncated with a horrible and unexpected brutality; and with those who were just developing their full potential, who are now put 'on hold' instead of taking the expected step up; and all of those in between. Not to mention the non-dancers....
  7. We stagger through the desert…. An occasional oasis appears, enough to sustain us for the next part of our journey; dessicated and half starved, we trudge on. Some of our companions flounder, weaken, die. News comes of other travellers expiring. However on the horizon we can see the glimmer of a theatre curtain. We feel sure it is not a mirage. A surge of hope floods our weakened frames. Yes, the opera houses and theatres will open again! What are you most looking forward to, post-covid? Will you continue to watch more on-line, thankful not to travel and pay large sums for obs
  8. I agree with every word here. In fact, my partner said 'Her very presence jars'. I loved the way that non-dancing members of the RB were included in this historic occasion, just not the person chosen to do the presenting. I just cannot understand the choice of her, nor her choice of outfit, and hope there isn't some long contract with her that means we will have to endure her again. That was the only blot on a marvellous evening.
  9. I looked for a topic to cover this, but couldn't find one? Please merge if I am mistaken. We just sat transfixed for three hours watching all our old friends back on stage - what an emotional performance. Just wonderful. I can imagine how difficult it would have been to ensure space for all the 'stars' and a good mixed programme for the (perhaps not all ballet savvy) audience. But they succeeded. I loved them all - was especially pleased to see Laura Morera in excellent form, and Edward Watson. Marianela was in peak form, as if she'd never been away from the stage. Vadim was so elegant
  10. Although it isn't ballet, some might enjoy watching the original play. I received this from the Globe: Watch Romeo and Juliet for free on our YouTube channel from 7.00pm tomorrow. Don't miss the second of six productions that we are streaming for free on our YouTube channel, one at a time, on rotation every two weeks. On Monday 20 April from 7.00pm, you'll be able to watch our 2009 production of Romeo and Juliet directed by Dominic Dromgoole with Ellie Kendrick as Juliet, and Adetomiwa Edun as Romeo. Subscribe to our YouTube channel now to set yourse
  11. Well... the choreography and the performances at 'Dances at a Gathering' are sublime. But it's true the (original) music far outweighs even that. However, the performance of that transcendental music doesn't always suffice.
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