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  1. 2 tickets, dress circle slips face value £147.25 each. Willing to accept £100 each.
  2. Nor me! Where are they? The number of times I have toiled up and down those stairs!
  3. A well-intentioned friend got us tickets one year and I went out of sheer curiosity. And you are correct - it is a kind of cult, @Geoff. They had a number of well-drilled acrobatic-style 'dances' lasting maybe 10 minutes each against an electronic backdrop, with rather garish costumes. I seem to remember there was also some kind of talk and a couple of numbers which were simplistic propaganda against the Chinese government. It was altogether a rather strange and uncomfortable experience which I would not want to repeat.
  4. That reminds me of one of the reminiscences during the gala... in the early days, LFB loved going to Liverpool because they saved money on the hotel. The girls would sleep four to a room and the boys, eight to a room!! (By means of putting the mattresses on the floor - two per divan and two per mattress.) Imagine that after a hard day's dancing with the same to follow the next day.
  5. Something that struck me about the scenery and costumes for this recreation of the 1940s Sleeping Beauty: it is very pretty but also does not impinge on the dancing. It's a backdrop, a framework. I find this much more appropriate than that of the current production of 'Swan Lake' where the design can be overpowering.
  6. This! Firstly - the grin - I'm afraid that is what I felt about Storm-Jensen's expression. It was a fixed grin which I felt was insincere (and I am sure was insincere as the poor girl was struggling with the steps at times). I agree with others that she was very clear on the mime though. Secondly - the gym work. I've noticed and mentioned before that RB female dancers in particular seem to have over-developed legs nowadays, with bulging calf muscles which are not as visually appealing and which are very different from the legs of, say, Fonteyn - or indeed, very different from those of many Russian dancers whom I therefore assume follow a different regime (cf Zakharova's legs for example).
  7. I received an email a couple of days before telling me that I was due for a free programme, which I duly collected. I wasn't expecting that and was a bit confused! This was for the Saturday matinee. They had loads of cast sheets in the shop, which is where I had to go to get my programme.
  8. I've never noticed it anywhere as much as the ROH though. It's almost as though the brass section are ACTUALLY out of balance
  9. Additionally, how wonderful for all those young dancers to have the opportunity to be part of this great event - something that I feel sure they will remember for the rest of their lives.
  10. The costumes look so classy. Thanks for the wonderful pics, @Rob S!
  11. I've noticed flakes floating down in various different theatres. I always assumed it was leftover snowflakes/confetti etc from a different show. My quirk query is what is it about the ROH auditorium that makes the orchestra sound worse in some areas than others? In particular, the stalls circle seems to receive gusts of out-of-balance brass/wind section instruments. (I'm not joking either.)
  12. I'd love them to revive some Bournonville works - not just La Sylphide but Napoli and Conservatoire would be good to see too.
  13. Ha ha, I thought exactly the same as you, Dawnstar! And he suddenly looks more mature, in the best possible way.
  14. Today's matinee performance was, as others have said, a well-curated feast of ballet delights. I found myself particularly enjoying the excerpt from Akram Khan's 'Dust' which I have avoided up to now as I thought I would hate it! What a surprise. Kaniukova was so light and delicate in 'Broken Wings' and at the other extreme, Mack was athletic and electrifying towards the end of 'Etudes'. He certainly knows how to buckle his swash! I just loved Precious Adams' Fascinatin' Rhythm solo - she certainly has a stage presence. Arrietta impressed also, as did Martin, Frola and many others. It was a celebration full of respect for what had gone before and hope for what is to come. The ENB so, so deserve their wonderful new premises. I took a photo of the final curtain call of the whole company which can be seen here: https://www.extraloudpurrs.co.uk/ballet-pictures
  15. At the Coliseum today everyone was reasonably well behaved, even the numerous children (and the performance was a long one!) but the woman next to me did not applaud anything. At all. Even if something isn't to one's taste surely it is polite to at least give a bit of a clap at the end!
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