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  1. Great initiative on the part of the Mikhailovsky. The Royal Ballet itself has been slow to come up with anything. We know from Instagram that some classes are being offered to the RB dancers online but there has been nothing to remind us of the Company. Maybe this is because the activity is orchestrated by the ROH, but I think that the RB may be missing a trick here to keep their audience ‘with’ them.
  2. Giselle was fine for me but La Bayadere stalled and buffered too badly to be able to watch it. Spartacus came through OK but I didn't have time to do more than have it on in the background.
  3. I did a double show yesterday. Manon matinee and Rhapsody/Two Pigeons in the evening. A breath of fresh air and Supper in between. Good value tickets and food too!!!!
  4. There is a good laugh to be had from Vadim Muntagirov’s latest Instagram post. I would put up a link but I expect that it’s not allowed.
  5. Not immediately. He went as a Principal to Romania but decamped to Poland once things went pearshaped for Kobborg.
  6. Will Kemp was, I think, in the same year at the RBS as Bennet Gartside and Laura Morera and was the Gypsy Boy to Morera's Gypsy Girl in the end of year performance. Bennet and ?Mayuko Maeda were the two leads, I believe.
  7. No - only Soloist, albeit that he was getting several leading roles - e.g. The Prince in Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty, although he left for Romania before he danced that (in 2014). His replacement (with Takada) was Muntagirov.
  8. Surely there will be some changes of mind afoot at the moment? The announcement was supposed to be mid April, but..............!!!!!
  9. Aiden O'Brien was also listed, as was Henry Dowden, who is now with ENB. There are some other familiar names (from the RBS Upper School) but I can't be sure which companies they went to.
  10. Anastasia Zaklinskaya trained at the Vaganova School and was, I believe, briefly, a member of the Mariinsky Corps.
  11. The RB's Aud Jebsen dancers also know which of them will be joining The Royal Ballet next season but are not allowed to say yet! So Sumina has rather 'jumped the gun'.
  12. He’s just put this on his Instagram account. Presumably as the Prix de Lausanne Apprentice 2020/21. Good news. Everyone must have made him offers.
  13. Sorry, I couldn’t find a link other than on Facebook. It is also on YouTube any time. I rather like the fact that the Prince has a lot of dancing in Act 1.
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