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  1. Very impressive. BRB has an extraordinarily strong team at the top in Carlos Acosta and Caroline Miller. ENB, Northern and Rambert have shared their plans also. ROH and RB - what’s keeping YOU?
  2. Which weren’t available for Friends booking. But I’m glad to hear that although I personally feel a bit cheated.
  3. SW announced it and all you need to do is to go to the SW website, then What's On and scroll down to BRB.
  4. Yes. But, as I mentioned on another thread, it was problematic for people who wanted to purchase a single seat and large areas of the theatre appeared to be have sold out. Public booking opens at 10.00am tomorrow (Mon. 14th). Incidentally, Sadlers Wells membership is good value for the priority it gives and the discount on ticket prices. The only problem is that, in common with the ROH, the higher levels of membership have earlier access to booking.
  5. Not really. The October after that group left, Cesar Corrales aggravated an injury during a performance of Khan's Giselle and, fairly shortly afterwards, it was announced that he would be joining the Royal Ballet w.e.f. the 2018/19 season. He performed only twice more with ENB during the 2017/18 season (in Le Jeunne Homme et la Mort). Treatment for that injury kept him off the stage for a large proportion of his first year with the RB.
  6. A lot of social media coverage from the company and Dance Europe went to watch. Interestingly, both her Siegfried (Emilio Pavan) and her Rothbart (Redbeard) (Jinhao Zhang) left ENB at the same time as she and Yonah did. An interesting performing bubble!
  7. Yes - and many dancers have been hinting that news for days, posting pics. from the last run on their Instagram feeds.
  8. I did point out to SWells yesterday that if, after the ‘higher’ ( ! ) levels of membership had booked, there were only one or two single seats left per performance of Lazuli Sky, they were, in effect, preventing individuals from booking unless they paid for two seats. But I guess that, at the moment, the major consideration is to fit as many socially distanced places Into the theatre as they possibly can. And that is very understandable.
  9. And all the single seats seem to have gone now! There were booking problems for SW Members using Chrome as their browser this morning and, with no telephone box office available, the possibility of getting a single seat was disappearing before one's eyes.
  10. Lovely to see such a large section of the print version devoted to these performances and such generous words for all.
  11. But he did dance Siegfried absolutely wonderfully in 2018 in London and in Madrid and he will do so again. I think that it was the Nureyev version of the solo this weekend.
  12. I'm very good at patience but I am thinking of the young people concerned and, however supportive I am of the RB (very!), providing information of this kind is a good way of keeping fans 'with' them while they sort themselves out artistically.
  13. I don’t understand why the RB has not yet confirmed the Aud Jensen Young Dancers for 2020/21, especially as the 3 young men were seen being offered such contracts on the BBC4 Programme Men at the Barre. Marco Masciari was announced as the Prix de Lausanne Apprentice by the Prix - long ago too. And another RBS graduate has been dropping hints on social media that she is joining as an AJ too. This HUGE moment for these young people needs to be formally recognised.
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