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  1. I guess that a number of us are becoming familiar with this nonsensical message? We could not find 1 tickets together. Try requesting fewer tickets, or select a different area.
  2. But still no casting for the third programme divertissements or Sleeping Beauty 😨
  3. Apparently, David Ross will resign from the ROH IF he is offered a further term at The National Portrait Gallery (NPG). People are not allowed to head up two major organisations and, when he was appointed to the ROH, it was in anticipation of his term at the NPG coming to an end.
  4. The ROH magazine is advertising this book and implying that it is available in the ROH shop - but it isn't. And more general searches don't turn up anything either. Is anyone a better detective than I am?
  5. Well, on the 29th June, they will both be talking to the LBC and there is a CHAT box on Zoom, @bridiem !!!!
  6. Sim - quite a lot of Forum Members were 'celebrating' by listening to Carlos Acosta talk for over an hour before the AGM of The London Ballet Circle. He was terrific - inspirational. As for my personal choice of dinner guest - now that would be telling!
  7. I believe that a Season summary of some kind is due out this week. The online announcements are ahead of it.
  8. https://www.tlbc.org.uk/resources/17-yasmine-naghdi-in-conversation https://balletassociation.co.uk/pages/reports-2020-yasmine-naghdi Yasmine is quite a frequent interviewee. The first one from April 2019; the second from December 2020. But it was, of course, nice to have the two student contemporaries chatting together on Open Barre.
  9. The middle one - apple podcast. It was weird but I still heard what was being said OK. Glad the reproduction has been good for everyone else.
  10. It was a good episode but it reproduced for me at virtually double the normal speed 😮
  11. The Royal Opera House website is now carrying an extended statement from Kevin O'Hare: https://www.roh.org.uk/news/remembering-liam-scarlett
  12. The School was originally meant to move to City Island before the Company but that timeline was revised when the building works got a touch behind schedule. During the pandemic, the Company has been using all the studios in order to maintain class/rehearsal protocols.
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