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  1. I thought TDLR was Too Damn Lazy to Reply. But I might be mistaken in this context.
  2. The performance which Shale Wagman has is part of the White Nights Festival which also features guest dancers from time to time.
  3. There are times when a personal message is the best way to go. The 'problem' such as there is gets addressed privately, noone is 'accused' on the public forum and none of this kind of 'discussion' needs to take place.
  4. RB dancers used, I believe, to be able to claim something at, or soon after, their retirement. This does not apply any longer` and pensions 'kick in' much later on, apparently.
  5. Thank you for posting Naomi and please keep doing so. We are very interested in everything you report from Japan. Lovely to hear that Naghdi and Sambe were a huge success too. More, please, if you see other casts.
  6. Not yet to me, I'm afraid, although Shale is undoubtedly very talented indeed technically.
  7. So, once again, we have more posts with people scrapping about nomenclature than substantive comments about the performance in question. It is such a shame when this happens. We have all been 'guilty' at some point, including various moderators. And I would love to hear more from people who are in Japan, please.
  8. There is a link............. May Nagahisa (a rising star of the Mariinsky) also trained at the Princess Grace School. So Yuri Fateyev (Acting Director) will probably have his eye on the talent emerging from there.
  9. I think that there was also something about the atmosphere in the auditorium that night which enhanced people's reaction. Of course, the audience had, in the main, booked for Ospova/Corrales/Nunez.
  10. I don't want to take anything away from FLOSS's interesting musings but I am wondering why a number of posters seem to suggest that there is a quota within each RB rank. The primary determinants are surely: a) talent; b) potential; c) the Company's artistic needs going forward; d) 'reward' for services rendered; and e) budgetary constraint.
  11. I've now got Rodkin in Spartacus twice. Grrrh! [Like Rodkin, of course, but I don't need an encore from him.]
  12. I think that someone has posted the casting on here. It’s Muntagirov on the 28th and Hirano on the 29th. Lucky Japan.
  13. And I'm not sure that it's helpful to dancers in terms of developing their interpretations. Someone said to me, " Not enough rehearsal time; first show to get it under your skin; second show an improvement. Then 'cheerio', see the role again in 4 or 5 years' time." I think they like to have at least 3 'goes'. As I have said previously, dancers who first essayed some of these roles 10 or more years ago could be 'rested' in turn. Manon is a case in point.
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