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  1. There was an audience in the park for the RB Gala in Hull, wasn't there? And I believe that it rained heavily. Of course, the show itself was in the theatre but the cast took a second bow outside.
  2. The 'voluntary period' for RB dancers is rumoured to be up until the end of August, with everyone expected to be back for the 1st September. This is only 'hearsay' and it would appear from social media that many dancers are still (stuck) abroad. Meanwhile, after a week of 'voluntary attendance', it seems that ENB dancers will be back in the studio from tomorrow. They have plenty of room to spread themselves, with ?7 large studios. Just as well they moved away from the cramped conditions of their former HQ! Has anyone heard anything about other companies?
  3. Well, I confess! I didn't skip as such because I listened to the whole programme, but I sat down to watch the pieces I was particularly interested in - which, of course, included the 4 dance performances, but also some of the singing. I was very disappointed that the double concerto from Vasko Vasiliev and Sergei Levitin didn't feature in the selection. That said, it was a joy to experience parts of the 're-opening' on my TV rather than on my PC. Among many delights, I found Francesca Hayward's words, Vadim Muntagirov's dancing and Sarah Connolly's singing almost unbearably moving.
  4. Watching ballet at the RAH is a very different (and distant) experience which is usually strong on spectacle but less persuasive in a dramatic sense. And ENB’s filming reflected that, I felt.
  5. I was heartened by the fact that there was the opportunity to say if one thought that they’d missed anything. I hope that they take notice of what respondents offer from the audience perspective.
  6. I think this might be new news from the ROH. Announcing our Drive-In Cinema Season: We are pleased to announce a series of drive-in Cinema events taking place across the UK this summer! Produced in partnership with The Luna Drive In Cinema, tickets are now available for the following screenings: La bohème Allianz Park : Sunday 26 July 6:15pm Warwick Castle : Sunday 2 August 5:45pm Tatton Park: Sunday 16 August 6pm Swan Lake Blenheim Palace : Sunday 26 July 9:15pm La traviata Knebworth House : Sunday 26 July 9:15pm Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland Harewood House: Sunday 16 August 6pm
  7. Just to be clear, this is ACE’s emergency funding for which applications were invited in April. The role of ACE in distributing the newly announced package has not been clarified , as yet, according to its website.
  8. And all the social media pictures of ENB dancers returning to the studios give cause for a double celebration. 😁🍸
  9. The news was embargoed until 10.30pm tonight (5th July) but the early editions of the daily press came out before that time and articles in today's papers (.e.g. the ST) were written a day ahead of anything being finalised.
  10. Front page of most papers but the main headline in at least four!!!!
  11. Good news, but what about dance and other companies which don't have their own venues? They need help too!
  12. Thank you oncnp, Lizbie1 and BBB. I've found it now. I somehow managed to turned up a version which did not have the accounts/salaries. Very interesting that really quite a large number of staff categorised as Artists are in the £100,000 plus categories and that the orchestra costs nearly as much as the Royal Ballet.
  13. Please could you give the link for these, oncp? Do they include the salary levels? I can't locate them and the ROH itself has separated the accounts from its annual report and requires people to make a specific request to see them.
  14. A ‘road map’ and a ‘timetable’ don’t have any validity without the detail of financial support - to state the obvious! Meanwhile, the NHS is understandably pressing for more resources to prepare against a return of the pandemic......... And sporting events can resume........ Theatre, and perhaps ballet in particular, simply don’t play as well with the general public, so.......
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