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  1. So..........Matthew Ball, Evan Louden, Marcelino himself and Esteban Hernandez? How are the women from that year group progressing? Anna Rose O'Sullivan and Yaoqian Shang are both First Soloists and 'going places'.......
  2. Don't they? You can't have sat near audience members like my neighbours at Saturday evening's performance of The Sleeping Beauty or the several people near me last night at the Triple Bill at the Coli.
  3. Yes. I only knew about it because, when I went online to buy tickets for this evening, the opportunity to book popped up.
  4. The first 'public' screening at Sadlers Wells this morning attracted an audience of around 50 people. I'm not sure that this theatre, with a relatively small screen, was the best environment in which to watch the film.
  5. And this one from today's links: “Manfred Thierry Mugler is not only a true fashion icon, but an incredible collaborator. It has been a pleasure to share energy, passion and trust throughout this new creative adventure. The process has offered new perspectives for both of us. The resulting work is unexpected, extreme and transformative.” Wayne McGregor… Hmm... if only... Well, all I can say is "You've lost me there, Wayne". It was absolutely to be expected, extremely predictable and transformative merely because the two dancers shed an item or two of clothing along the way.
  6. This triple bill did not thrill me, apart from the stellar dancing of Katja Kaniukova in Radio & Juliet and Olga Smirnova in McGregor + Mugler. I was unfortunately too far away to be able to read the dancers' facial expressions on a dimly lit stage but there were aspects of Radio & Juliet that I enjoyed: the mix of film and dancing was effective at times but we waited far too long for any dancer to appear on stage. Faun was an energetic wrangle. And, after the McGregor + Mugler, my companion (wondering what the 'staged' cheering was all about) commented that Edward Watson had surely danced enough McGregor by now to have made a decent job of the choreography himself. The costumes were great but, then, "the emperor's new clothes" are often referred to in the context of McGregor!!! [I did enjoy reading Irmgard's review, though.]
  7. These dances are at the root of my 'issue' with Coppelia in this production of the ballet, not least because they are so forward-facing and repetitive that they feel like numbers in a revue. My other 'problem', which has, I think, been picked up by one critic, is that the wonderful Gary Avis does not, for me, bring out sufficient vulnerability or pathos in his characterisation of Dr Coppelius.
  8. Since we are talking about reviews, here is a short quote from today's Sunday Times in the context of a full piece about the Hayward/Campbell cast: " The second night brought Marianela Nunez and Vadim Muntagirov...........(ref to cinema relay)......and, as with everything this pair dance together now, they are spot on wonderful: so natural, stylish, witty, technically breathtaking". I loved Hayward's performance too but the cinema audiences are in for a treat.
  9. There was a stellar line-up of Prologue Fairies as well: Padjak, Hamilton, O'Sullivan, Choe and Magri (sorry, wrong order). An excellent show in the main - the fourth in 3 days. Phew!
  10. The news page invites comments on both Sleeping Beauty and Coppelia below but neglects to allow one to do this or to read previous contributions other than those via twitter. There must be a policy of allowing the “what did you think” pages to become obsolete.
  11. Real star quality shines through in unexpected ways such as the delightful manner in which Francesca handled her LA interview. (Says me holding back on making comments about her interviewer.)
  12. Well, the first step in that must surely be to cast cavaliers of a similar height together. The aero-dynamics of a taller dancer (e.g. Joseph Aumeer) are always going to have different 'look' from the shorter men alongside him (who, incidentally, weren't 'together' either yesterday!!!).
  13. Hannah Grennell has somehow turned into a "first among equals" within the corps. She draws the eye and has a full range of stage emotions from "sweetness and light" to "downright nasty" which make her a very interesting artiste. One of the RB's not so hidden treasures! Agree about Mica Bradbury as well.
  14. It's a good read whether one agrees or not. Thanks to Geoff and Ian for drawing attention to it. I do agree with the "don't discuss the show at the theatre" mantra. There are patrons of the ROH (small p but might be big P too) who proclaim their views very loudly (and sometimes argumentatively) and risk spoiling the enjoyment of those around them. I am occasionally guilty in this respect but I say anything which may be construed as negative very quietly.
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