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  1. What I am particularly looking forward to is sitting back where I feel I belong (i.e. in the ROH) surrounded by an expectant audience (even if reduced in capacity) with the music playing and the curtain rising to reveal.................... (drum roll)............... one or more of my favourite dancers, quickly followed by the whole of the RB having the opportunity (somehow) to be back on stage. And quickly followed again by ENB's Raymonda and all the other new fare from all the other companies which has been on the pause button for so long. Can't wait - even if it has to be Triple Bi
  2. Well, I was back in a theatre in October/November/December and there was no vaccine around then. So count me in as soon as the doors can open.
  3. I don't want to be a 'spoil sport' but I guess that ballet companies will be constrained by the social distancing regulations for some time (certainly until the 21st June) in terms of the audience as well as the dancers. That might rule out big productions like Swan Lake. Hopefully we will hear something soon.
  4. These interviews are filmed ‘on location’ by @dancersdiary (Andrej Uspenski) for Dance Europe. In some in the series, the interviewer is shown and at least some of the questions are heard but, latterly, those elements have been edited out.
  5. Thank you Naomi. It’s lovely that a Japanese audience has has the chance to see how wonderful Akane is. She is a big ⭐ in my eyes and you will see that she has many fans on here.
  6. Very pleased for Shale, the more so because he has now recovered from injury. It will be interesting to see what roles he gets in Munich as Zelensky seems to have tall ballerinas and the taller men there (including Zinhao Zhang and Emilio Pavan who also went there from ENB) look to be in favour too.
  7. Yes, correct Stevie. I was mentioning the 13th November and put IIRC because I wasn’t absolutely sure. The UK was definitely in lockdown then.
  8. The Royal Ballet’s gala, which was streamed on the 13th Nov did not IIRC have an audience. But, no matter, each and every offering is appreciated at the moment. So thank you POB.
  9. The POB Grand Defile at the beginning was no more than a boring walk on. OK, I’m sure, for those familiar with the dancers but not for me! The dancing (Grand Pas Classique) starts at 18 minutes. Love the piece, less enthusiastic about the musicality and technique of Colasante but maybe seeing Sylvia Guillem dance it set my expectations too high.
  10. Sea Shanties apparently took off on TikTok. As for Muntagirov - virtuosity, humour, invention, positivity in spades. Amazing - especially when dancers generally have hit a low ebb.
  11. I performed in Die Fledermaus as an amateur and saw it several times at the ROH. The music which is being danced to is not familiar to my ears either.
  12. I saw it in Birmingham around then too and agree that Michael O’Hare’s performance was extraordinary. But, otherwise, the merits of Job as a ballet passed me by.
  13. Thank you. I googled without using the essential hyphen! I have to admit that I’ve never heard of them and that none of their ventures has crossed my radar. Sounds interesting, though, and they now appear to be based in Dubai. Another amazing example of what dancers achieve in their second careers.
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