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  1. Of course, once he was promoted to First Artist, Matthew Ball was promoted a further step every year.
  2. BENOIS DE LA DANSE-2019 LAUREATES FOR LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Jiri Kylian CHOREOGRAPHERS Fredrik Benke Rydman Christian Spuck BALLERINAS Ashley Bouder Elisa Carrillo Cabrera DANCERS Vadim Muntagirov SCENOGRAPHER John Macfarlane THE RUSSIAN-ITALIAN PRIZE BENOIS-MASSINE Anna Laudere Nice to see John Macfarlane up there as well as Vadim.
  3. This is Vadim's second win and, this time, there was apparently noone on the jury who is in any way connected with him. I have to withdraw my earlier scepticism and apologise for it.
  4. I've just spotted on Facebook (via a post congratulating him) that Vadim Muntagirov has won the male dancer award at the Benois. Wow - what a year he's having!
  5. Leo Dixon joined as an Aud Jebsen Young Dancer in 2015 and was taken into the company in 2016. Joseph Sissens joined the company direct from the RBS in 2016.
  6. Ricardo Cervera (formerly an RB First Soloist and currently a Ballet Master with the RB) will be talking at The Ballet Association this Friday. Date: 24th May Time: 7.30pm Place: Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue Nearest Station: Tottenham Court Road Cost: £5.00 (members); £4.00 (usual concessions) and £9.00 (guests)
  7. I am astonished that Morera has not been cast as Natalia Petrovna in Month in the Country this June. The role seems made for her (with Muntagirov or Ball).
  8. There should be some exciting debuts in Swan Lake - and in other ballets next season.
  9. The dancers who I would tip for promotion are: To become Principals although not necessarily this year : Current First Soloists: William Bracewell; Cesar Corrales; Fumi Kaneko, Mayara Magri, Marcelino Sambe Current Soloists: Reece Clarke; Anna Rose O'Sullivan Current First Artist: Joseph Sissens Current Artist: Sae Maeda Current Aud Jebsen: Yu Hang To be promoted from their current rank this year: Marcelino Sambe; Anna Rose O'Sullivan; Teo Dubreuil; Romany Pajdak; Joseph Sissens; Lukas Bjorneboe Braendsrod; Ashley Dean, Leticia Dias, Leo Dixon, Sae Maeda
  10. From the ROH website ☺️ Olivia Moxey responded on 20 May 2019 at 10:54am We're delighted to inform you that this performance will be released on DVD at the start of 2020. Best Regards, ROH Cinema
  11. Yuhui Choe went from First Artist to First Soloist but that was a long time ago. The dancers on your list who I have 'bolded' have certainly been given significant opportunities/prominence during the 2018/19 season.
  12. I hadn't either. Liverpool had come to London. Lovely! And the performance was very special. However, recently, there was a much larger crowd (with stage Door staff providing supervision/control) after a performance of Don Quixote by Nunez and Muntagirov.
  13. Since when has there been a quota system? Noone left when Ball was promoted. I take the point and I'm not mounting a campaign for Kaneko (or anyone) but Francesca Hayward was promoted before she danced the lead in one of the classics.
  14. A series of 'knock-out' performances by Marcelino Sambe combined with yesterday's stunning Medusa from Fumi Kaneko (on top of her knock-out Kitri) have prompted me to start thinking about RB promotions this year. There seem to be so many 'candidates' at all levels. More in due course but I thought that it was time to open a thread.
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