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  1. ...... some are still dancing Swan Lake and there's the 20th May Gala. But the 2019/20 Royal Ballet season (which was jam-packed with goodies at the beginning) now has the distinct feeling of fizzling out. I think they might find it hard to shift tickets. Has anyone any news of touring in 2020?
  2. At the end of her speech, Ms Rojo invited the audience to look at the images playing on the screen and enjoy Bolero as you leave. The message was confusing and walking out when the names of company alumni who are no longer with us were being shown would have seemed disrespectful - otherwise I would have been tempted to do so myself. Maybe there wasn't a place for a speech at each performance but the glitter and streamers could have had repeat showings.
  3. I'm not sure that enough praise has yet been directed towards Francesca Hayward (in a simply delightful, natural portrayal of Olga) and Matthew Ball (who has deepened his reading of Lensky and now dances him even more sublimely than he did 5 years ago).
  4. Very noticeable from Stalls Circle right - and disconcertingly so.
  5. The works which leap out for me are on FLOSS's list (above). But I have to admit that more recent airings (such as Jeune Homme, L' Arlesienne, The Cage, No Man's Land, Broken Wings and Playlist would be 'up there' for me too. ENB does not have the kind of obligation to honour its 'heritage works' which the RB has nor 3 'in-house' choreographers and it can therefore continue to exploit that greater freedom in its choices from the past and in its commissions. Bring it on!
  6. Maybe not those specific dancers but quite a number over the years - and not just in The Royal Ballet, either.
  7. Storm Jensen does not yet have the stage authority for the Lilac Fairy although she will look the part wonderfully on screen. I would have gone for Magri too. She was technically assured and beneficent.
  8. Was last night Teo Dubreuil's debut as Florestan? I've been to rather a lot of Sleeping Beauties but hadn't seen him before.
  9. I don't recall ever seeing a more rivetingly accomplished performance of this ballet from the two leads. Aurora's Act 1 solo (after the Rose Adagio) and the Prince's Act 3 variation were out of this world. The audience roars said it all. And the company as a whole was seriously impressive. I do hope that everything goes OK tonight for their live relay.
  10. VADIM MUNTAGIROV will be the guest of The London Ballet Circle on Monday, 2Oth January 2020 at 7.30pm at the Civil Service Club, 13-15 Great Scotland Yard, London, SW1A 2HJ. Payment at the door. Members £5; non-members £8 [Forthcoming guests include: Dame Darcey Bussell on the 17th February; Kevin O'Hare CBE on the 9th March; Henry Danton on the 16th March and Anna Rose O'Sullivan on the 6th April.]
  11. Just wanted to say that I love Bruce Wall's review although I can't 'like' it because I don't agree with his view of Frola as Birbanto. His dancing was beautiful but the necessary menace was missing for me. Otherwise, a fabulous show, especially from Kaniukova, Cirio and McCormick. Bravo!
  12. The London Ballet Circle's reports are also edited/approved by the guests before being published on the website. But, to be honest, I think that the 'reporters' in both organisations take 'care' over what they write in the first instance. They are not verbatim accounts! And, yes, the LBC also asks people not to post on social media.
  13. There was a retrospective exhibition of his work at the V&A not so long ago.
  14. I agree that the tempi have not always been 'spot on'. Throughout the run, I have wondered about the Prologue Fairies' music in that respect but, maybe last night, the Prince's Act 3 solo was a tad slow.
  15. Very similar picture next to me last night but it was obviously a special group treat so I felt they could be forgiven. Let's face it, there are longueurs in Sleeping Beauty which are, I suspect, ameliorated for regulars by our keen focus on a range of individual dancers who may, or may not, be centre stage.
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