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  1. And as someone rightly predicted earlier its Olga Smirnova, again, in the live streaming and the first night. She is certainly taking more than her fair share of the burden of performance. Don't know what to do now.
  2. That may explain the late announcement. If they are giving her maximum recovery time with a possible stand in lined up. If she's still recovering, then slim chance only for performing a week tomorrow. Two names required for 21/2 and 23/2 from following, unless any can be added or eliminated. Ekaterina Krysanova Yulia Stepanova Olga Smirnova Svetlana Zakharova Kristina Kretova
  3. Well that's one we can eliminate from the Bolshoi cast sheet. Brings it down to five contender remaining in my calculations.
  4. Reply received from Bolshoi press agent. "They don't know yet".
  5. Well certainly the first two live performances in the current season starred Olga Smirnova and she did look alike in both. Good as she is, I do like to see some variety in the selection of principles, so I would prefer to see one of the two listed for the middle two performances. It is strange that with only nine days until the live streaming, they have not named the principle ballerina far the first and last performances. My bet was on Krisanova, although not through any preference. I have emailed them twice, with no reply, maybe we will have to attend to find out.
  6. Does anyone know who is dancing the lead role for the Bolshoi Swan Lake live streaming on the 23rd Feb 2020. The cast sheet has been on their web page for some time, but it only shows the lead casting for the middle two performances. The first and last are missing.
  7. It was written by Taylor Swift and Andrew L.W. Taylor has since released it on CD as a single, however Andrew L.W. insisted that Franky sing it in the film and I prefer her softer singing than the highly commercialised Taylor Swift released version, which tends to , 'bawl' it out to much.
  8. I watched it and loved every minute, despite watching people inexplicably walking out part way through. Words about it bombing at the box office abound, with one paper saying it has lost $90 million (despite it costing $70 million to produce), leads me to feel that the media were against it from the beginning. I thought the CGI was minimal, being mainly used for cat ear and tail movements and so it didn't trouble me at all. It was certainly uplifting with some excellent character acting, singing and dancing. It is now listed on Amazon, but no release date given for DVD or Blu-Ray, but I will probably chip in for a copy when it is released.
  9. I have just watched the newly released version of Swan Lake from The National Ballet of the Ukraine. It ranks very highly among the 14 versions of Swan Lake that I have on DVD and blu-ray, having dispensed with three other versions to create space. In both production quality, artistic merit and virtuosity of performance, this is up there with the best of the 'A' list companies. It is also one of the few happy ending versions that are available and we all love a happy ending. It is well filmed with very good vision and sound quality. All the principles are excellent and Natalya Matsak is very special, with the dynamics of her third act coda being worth the entry fee alone. The corps de ballet and soloists crisp and precise, orchestra perfect, costumes and sets very good. As noted elsewhere, there are differences between other productions, but other productions are also different with each other and there is nothing within this version to find fault. This is one to keep and to treasure. The second recent release in HD by this company and I am hoping for many more to come. A big, bold production from a top company.
  10. I feel that all the performers were heavily restricted by the lack of available dancing space on stage. This also appeared to be a factor with the original choreography. It was most evident in the Mazurka, where cross stage movement was severely limited. Removing a couple of the large buildings in the set would have helped. I couldn't help make comparison with the recent Bolshoi production , where the performers had much more available space. I attach the Bolshoi equivalent for comparison. Of course the Bolshoi stage is bigger anyway, but all the more reason to have a more appropriate set size.
  11. I don't think anyone can deny that. I have a friend who works in the offices. He says she regularly calls in and is extremely kind and friendly and tiny.
  12. I digress, but I have never watched Jonathon Ross since he was rightly sacked. I hope Franky is spared that indignity. No drive for publicity is worth putting an individual through that ordeal. In my reality world, when anyone is sacked, they stay sacked. Even in cases of wrongful dismissal, they may receive compensation, but never reinstated.
  13. She may be lucky and get Graham Norton. She would be much more relaxed and even have fun with that.
  14. Great, certainly fills the bus, without need for passengers or a driver. Thanks for sharing with us.
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