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  1. So I wonder if he had anything in mind, an idiom for something difficult to find, a tasty snack, an alcoholic drink or as you say, just lack of awareness. My bet would be on the whisky, but we may never know. Of course the English translation of the German 'Der Schottishe Tanz' is, remarkably, 'The Scottish Dance', so doubtful that he derived Scotch from that. I doubt that Scotsman ever raised any concerns about it, including Scott, not that I ever heard and I worked there for over 25 years, but I find the 'Scotch Symphony' wouldn't have sounded quite as poetic as 'Scottish Symphony'. Of course, full of whisky at a Scottish ceilidh, may have been more fun.
  2. Balanchine and those that followed him got this very wrong. Scotch is primarily a type of whisky distilled in Scotland, but also can refer to a type of egg preparation or a form of broth etc. The music from which his choreography was derived is based on the more respectfully named Scottish Symphony, written by Mendlesohhn, following his visit to Scotland.
  3. A good way for Ballet lovers to be introduced to Opera could be through Operas that contain Ballet. One such recommendation is the Richard Eyre 2010 production of Carmen, for the Metropolitan Opera, on DVD and Blue Ray. It is beautifully choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon, with two fine PDD's introducing the first and third Act, performed by Martin Harvey (Ex Royal Ballet) and Maria Kowroski (NYCB) and dancing from the cast. It stars Elina Garanca, Roberto Alagna and Barbara Frittoli. The dancing, acting and singing is sumptuous with a favourite of mine being the Michaela area from Act 3.
  4. A good way for ballet fans to select an Opera, would be to chose one with ballet sequences as well. A good candidate for DVD and Blu-ray would be the Christopher Wheeldon choreographed 'Carmen' for the Metropolitan Opera 2010 production, starring Elena Garanca, Roberto Alanga and Barbara Frittoli. It has two Ballet Sequences from Martin Harvey and Maria Kowrosky and one of my favourite Arias for solo Soprano. https://youtu.be/lnj8A7gw4QM There is a Ballet sequence opening 1 and the second of the Ballet sequences can be seen on facebook under the following as well as choreographed sequences for the cast. Carmen: Prelude to Act III Ballet
  5. You can tell straight away, behind the boots lay the feet of a ballerina
  6. I don't know if we should be discussing Opera here, there may be some dispensation whilst we are in isolation, but Glyndebourne are streaming 'Der Rosenkavalier' in full, on you tube on 5th July. Not my favourite libretto, (men getting mixed up for women and visa versa) but the Richard Strauss music is stunning. Look out for the final trio and eventually the Orchestral suite. https://youtu.be/9tt5eJS05Zk
  7. Time for reflection ? I have been in lockdown since 6th March. Many things that otherwise I would not have the opportunity to see. Some really good modern and contemporary productions and an excellent full Raymonda from Mariinsky, all now favourites. I don't feel guilty either, because I also put a base down and built a garden shed and learned how to bake bread and make soups and did some repairs.
  8. My wife's favourite Opera is Tosca, I think its because of all the torture in it. Be careful what Opera you chose, there are those that will cure you for life and those that will inspire.
  9. Or taking a drink, 2 metres wouldn't have been sufficient.
  10. Don't know if anyone saw how HET are dealing with social distancing in ballet. https://youtu.be/Qx-ef3U5qN0
  11. Oh well, that suits me best, I didn't want to miss it. but was concerned about going.
  12. I just hope that it will be safe to go to Manchester to see Raymonda in October, but have my doubts. I went to the railway station in my dust mask yesterday, just to have a distant look at how procedures are going. Looked promising from the platform, but its a long time to wear a dust mask on the train. I don't know of another British company that has this complete production in their locker. Even the Entr'acte is brilliant.
  13. There is some logic in that. The Bolshoi released Coppelia on DVD and Blu-ray on 12th April 2019. It would be best commercially to put some time in between the two release dates, so 18 months apart make sense.
  14. We should take that as hopeful. As I recall there were mega variations of casting over the Dream production run and the ROH Production page has now disappeared, so cant see what if any opportunities existed for repeat filming with the same cast. Anyway, we cant do anything other than wait and see if it is released. Fingers and toes crossed.
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