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  1. Nice to hear you are pleased with them. I think I based my recommendation on the production qualities of this company. However, the artistic quality of the cast has been an added consideration in this instance. It stars Ukraine principle Natalia Matsak in the dual Swan roles and an excellent supporting cast. We can see her complete Giselle, with this same company, free on youtube channel, link attached. Unfortunately it is not available to buy. https://youtu.be/Eo4yRCcty0k
  2. Don't underestimate your late father, it wouldn't have taken him long. I remember when Computerised Maintenance Management Systems were first introduced in the workplace and it was only weeks before everyone was up to speed and driving forward its introduction and development.
  3. Amazon have listed for release on 6th December 19. Swan Lake from Kiev, National Ballet of the Ukraine, with Natalya Matsak in the lead role. This appears to be a version worth having, so having 13 versions already, it gives me a dilemma. Attached amateur camera footage of Natalia Matsak in the performance, not an extract from the DVD/Blu-ray print. https://youtu.be/LiPcfI7Gyv8 Remember not to shoot the messenger.
  4. FAO Alison Only Samsung still make Plasma TV. Everyone else has ditched the technology. I doubt that you would get sufficient benefit from Blu-ray on a 28", you would need specially good eyesight. I think your main disadvantage is that most classical DVD's are produced in the lower definition American system of NTSC. A few are in the higher definition European PAL. Blu-ray is far superior to NTSC and in most cases better than PAL. Check when you purchase because a few DVD's are marketed in the UK in both formats and UK DVD players will play both. Examples are The Bolshoi 'The Pharaohs Daughter' and 'Excelsior' - Manzotti, but there are many others. They are available in both PAL & NTSC, but it is best to buy the PAL version, if not the Blu-ray. Amazon states the version and complaints are that they often get it wrong. Check the art work on the back cover.
  5. I have fast fibre, and frankly it is not noticeably any better than the previous Broadband. And my test figures tell me it is fast. So until there are significant technical adnances to internet streaming, I think the future of DVD and Blu-ray is secure.
  6. HD and Blu-ray gives most benefit on screen sizes 42" and upwards. A Blu-ray player is capable of reading 20 times more data than a DVD player and similarly much more data can be stored on a Blu-ray disc, giving much more cabability for HD picture and sound. On smaller screen sizes, the visual benefits are less pronounced. Blu -ray players are now available quite cheaply and a worthy investment if buying a new machine. They will still play all your old DVD's and in most cases give higher definition than a DVD player, so no need to change your collection. Of course it can only play as clearly as the original recorded material and some older videos have been transferred to Blu - ray with no noticeable improvement. The quality of streaming via Internet is quite variable, even with fast fibre and in my opinion , does not come close to Blu -ray quality. Of course it depends what an individual is satisfied with.
  7. I have never used Europadisc, so don't know what they are like. Whenever I have checked them out, I have found their delivery charges to be excessive, up to £2.50 for a DVD. I use Musicmagpie and SpeedyHen, because their delivery charges are free, what you see is what you pay. I see that Europadisc are currently advertising Mayerling at £23.36, plus £2.50 p&p, giving a total of £25.86, as apposed to SpeedyHen at £23.02 all in, for the same product.
  8. Ignore Amazon, they are only distributing the blu-ray at the moment, for reasons best known to themselves. The DVD however is available in warehouses, ready to pre order. Best buy from the UK at the moment is via 'Speedy Hen UK'. They are taking pre-orders for DVD at £23.02 and Blu-ray at £26.49, free postage & packing. I have used them for years,shipped from the UK and much more reliable than Amazon, they actually have a living, communicating, human, customer services department, which is contactable.
  9. With the release on DVD & Blue Ray of just over five years ago, I wouldn't expect them to release it again so soon. However they are doing some strange things, so who knows.
  10. Cash outlay is one problem, but there is also a practical problem with what to do with them, if you don't sell them on after watching. I have tended to hold on to them, filing and cataloguing them. It now extends to 204 ballet DVD & blu-rays with some of them boxed sets and this growing rapidly in trying to keep up with new and repeat releases. It takes up a lot of space, in addition to the Opera, Musicals, Shows and other collections. I don't believe they can be transferred to memory stick. They can be kept in compact plastic wallets which take up little space, but I have always wanted to keep the cases with art work and booklets. With a choice, I would own everything, bur space is now dictating whether I have a choice or not. I was wondering what everyone else does to get around the storage problem ?
  11. I have the 2010 Blu-ray release, also including Sarah Lamb, but with Ed Watson and Mara Galeazzi, which was rather good and with excellent resolution. Also the earlier version in which Darcey Bussell makes an appearance. It would be useful if someone knowledgeable and free of commercial interests, could make an appraisal to judge what, if anything, this new release brings to the equation. There would need to be a significant gain before deciding to make this extra cash outlay. I did see this cinema relay, but can't remember if it brought anything new.
  12. I enjoyed this offering from Mariinsky TV. Can anyone confirm if the dancer in the slow PDD is Alina Somova. https://youtu.be/GeL-4hVkw7o
  13. Thanks for this massive prompt to me. This could be a big opportunity here for me to save money or to do some catching up. Just received the Cranko Stuttgart version on Friday, but haven't watched it yet. Then realised I already have the Cuthbertson/Bonelli version but haven't watched it yet., and the Acosta/Rojo version, not watched yet. The La Scala Misty Copeland/Bolle version, not watched yet. POB Legris/Loudieres, not watched. Checking further, I have watched my Mariinsky Vishneva/Schkylarov copy and a few of the variants, like Matz Ek and Ballet de Monte Carlo. Just wandering where to start now.
  14. A good mix, some don't like Gorecki music, some don't like the ballet, but like the music, some changes of mind, some don't like either and some like both. Sounds like another referendum may be needed.
  15. I can only give you the CD version of the first movement as there is no visual reproduction. This is the stated tempo required by the composer. The London Sinfonietta version was to fast as well. Presumably RB to suit the choreographer. Hope this helps.
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