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  1. It is right that IP should be protected and able to provide revenue for its owners as well as lawful sharing. In the case I cited, 'Jewels', I was trying to pursued the owner to sell it to me and to the world, but they protected their rights to bury it, after a successful cinema viewing. I claimed that it was the best of the various productions of this piece and I have them all to compare. What a loss this has been to people like those on this forum. There was an official taster clip on you tube as well, to advertise what ?
  2. It appears that this thread is going to continue amongst the Upcoming Releases thread, so is it possible for a moderator to move it to a relevant thread. Thanks.
  3. I notice what it says about the soon to be release Don Quixote with Nureyev, Helpman and Powel. (Lovingly restored from the original 35mm film, and to be heard for the first time in full surround sound digital stereo created for the DVD and Blu-ray release, this is finally, how Nureyev intended his Don Quixote to be seen and heard.)
  4. We have all made the same mistake at sometime, so no need to be sorry. It can be difficult to recognise the difference because they can be of such good quality and cleverly disguised channel names . It is simple for those uploading them to move them by Video Manager into private files, suspend or delete. I have noticed that most of these are removed after a short period by the uploaders and may re appear months later, which could indicate that they are moving them around, maybe to avoid complaints and detection.
  5. Good for you, I hope they were able to turn it to their advantage. In my case I was hoping that they would be able to sell a product. 'Jewells' disappeared after about a month, so no one got to see it. I think a lose, lose situation.
  6. The copyright is owned by Naxos. I once reported a breach of copyright directly to them, of 'Jewells'. I got a thank you, but in reality not a lot of interest, with the impression that I was bothering them. I have it on blu-ray but they declined my request to release 'Jewells' on blu-ray so that we could purchase it, which was my objective. I hope you enjoyed it.
  7. Although a 2015 release, the 'Gala Mariinsky 2' has some little gems. So perhaps a more appropriate slot could be found. If you look carefully, you can see Yulia Stepanova, now principle with the Bolshoi. in the Corps de Ballet for Kingdom of the Shades and in Jewells; also Xander Parish, now Mariinsky Principle, in Corps de Ballet of Etudes. Of course there are more obvious treats, like Ulyana Lapatkina in Pavlova & Cecchetti, Ekaterina Kondaurova in The Dying Swan, Diana Vishneva in Carman Suite, Olga Assina in Leda and the Swan, Oksana Skorik in Diamonds and Kimin Kim in Etudes.
  8. Now confirmed . ROMEO AND JULIET: Roberto Bolle and Misty Copeland. THE SLEEPING BEAUTY: Polina Semionova. DON QUIXOTE: Natalia Osipova and Leonid Sarafanov. LE CORSAIRE: Nicoletta Manni and THE LOVERĀ“S GARDEN: Nicoletta Manni. I have these all on blu-ray except for this Don Quixote and can highly recommend the other four. The Don Quixote has classy Russian leads and so high expectations. https://youtu.be/S4ZHq-0D1yo
  9. I can just see that it is released by C- Major, to be released on 19/11/21 and contains 5 discs, at least one of which appears to be by Prokofiev. I can only take a guess at what they will be, but possibly a compilation of recent singly released discs. My best shot, for speculation, would be five from Romeo & Juliet, Sleeping Beauty, Le Corsaire, The Lovers Garden, Gala des Etoiles, Raymonda, Notre dame de Paris, Tchaikovsky Gala and Don Quixote.
  10. Soon to be released on Blu-Ray (and DVD) Minkus Don Quixote ( Nureyev, Helpmann & Powell) Schubert Winterreise - Ballet Zurich La Scala - Ballet Box Pas d'Ecole - Paris Opera Ballet School
  11. Yes very different, that case about people with criminal records trying to discredit many individuals who are in the in the public eye. Don't believe that Luke Jennings would be ranked with those.
  12. A valid observation, it says that 'all of the many people interviewed for this piece asked to remain anonymous. It may be human nature, but I find myself seeking out and hoping for reports by anyone which would contradict these so called statements and I cant find any. I always believe it is necessary to defend allegations and that an umbrella of secrecy indicates to observers that there is something to hide or a belief of being above reproach. The allegations here are certainly of a serious nature, which only indifference would cause them to be disregarded. Can there be smoke without fire, who knows ?
  13. We are only competent to discuss the article as highlighted by oncnp, since the majority of us will have no knowledge of activities within the confines of secret societies and no one appears to be suggesting more..
  14. It is now the 7th September and the only ROH cinema streaming's I can find announced are the Nutcracker 9th and 12 December, Romeo and Juliet 14th and 20th February, Swan Lake 19th and 22nd May. The list of programme's being filmed is much greater than this so just hoping there are more to be announced.
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