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  1. So sad Naomi to hear your disturbing news about another Covid emergency in Japan. We wish you all a rapid return to 'normality'. I have had a quick look at your clips but will watch them in detail this evening. Many Thanks.
  2. Have a look at 'moviemars' trader in South Carolina. They have had the Cellist DVD listed for some time. Maybe for future reference, but just a thought. US $32.82 - Approximately £23.75
  3. Romeo And Juliet, Yasmine Naghdi; Matthew Ball; Royal Ballet, listed on Amazon for 28th May release
  4. Now streaming on BBC iplayer. Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev star in a performance of Sir Frederick Ashton's ballet Marguerite and Armand, which was inspired by Dumas's love story La Dame aux Camelia
  5. An exceptional production, thanks for the tip. And she can keep my white shirt, it looks much better than it ever did on me. 😁
  6. I used to confuse these with the Ballet West located at Taynault in the West of Scotland, but now aware that there are two companies with the same name. I have only seen the Scottish one who are mainly training with a limited number of performances.
  7. The article mentions Millepied without mention of his fate. Do you recall the headline. 'Benjamin Millepied is about to dramatically shake up, upset and rejuvenate the prestigious French institution, l’Opéra National de Paris, as he prepares to unveil his first ballet.' Well he was shaken off without shaking much up, but he did upset them. The inside workings then, of POB were slightly revealed in the film RESET. It looks like a tall order to ring changes there. We will wait and see what the outcome is. Another good insight is in the film La Dance into POB workings, which takes
  8. Presumably by substituting the Crimea for the Crusades. Raymonda was first performed in 1898, 42 years after the Crimean war ended and a relevant period. It states that it is in the spirit of Florence Nightingale, not a ballet about Florence Nightingale. It also says it takes the score of Alexander Glazunov and the classical choreography of Marius Petipa, which is good enough. Although a beautiful score and choreography, the original synopsis of Raymonda never provided suspension of disbelief. One day we will be able to see for ourselves. The Entract is amazing and I cant wait to see and
  9. They don't exactly make it simple to vote. Having to open an account first ??? However, looks like the best thing on the list to vote for. I hadn't realised that Tamara had choreographed it.
  10. The last production by ENB before they were placed into enforced shutdown was to be Raymonda. I have seen nothing during the ensuing period to indicate any change of direction or policy, just the will to get back to work and back to normal. So, long may they support the classics as well as contemporary. It would be a waste of the production costs if they didn't complete the program when allowed.
  11. I had not heard of this company before, let alone seen them, so I checked them out. Looking at the cold and snow through my window, it put me in a holiday mood when I watched Ballet Nostalgia Borincana and a few other things, so have set my timer. Many thanks.
  12. It's released by C Major and this is the C Major clip. Perhaps you can recognise it' https://youtu.be/_D4fx6M_7G8
  13. This is possibly the version of Le Corsair starring Nicoletta Manni, by Anna- Marie Holmes. If so, the you-tube tasters look very promising.
  14. Thanks Dan, such a relief that someone understood the point I was making. I will now concentrate my efforts into persuading Donald Trump that he didn't win the election. 😂
  15. The original point that you believe to have missed, is that the Royal Ballet performed their Gala in front of a live audience on 9th October and this contrasted with the POB Gala being in front of an empty theatre. The distraction of the 13th Nov performance, not in front of a live audience, not really relevant, because we were in lockdown and was introduced later. I cant think of a better explanation See attached extract from Royal Ballet Live on 13th Nov. This is really only a distraction from the original point being made https://youtu.be/XwDax5tmFtw Attached bel
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