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  1. I have never used Europadisc, so don't know what they are like. Whenever I have checked them out, I have found their delivery charges to be excessive, up to £2.50 for a DVD. I use Musicmagpie and SpeedyHen, because their delivery charges are free, what you see is what you pay. I see that Europadisc are currently advertising Mayerling at £23.36, plus £2.50 p&p, giving a total of £25.86, as apposed to SpeedyHen at £23.02 all in, for the same product.
  2. Ignore Amazon, they are only distributing the blu-ray at the moment, for reasons best known to themselves. The DVD however is available in warehouses, ready to pre order. Best buy from the UK at the moment is via 'Speedy Hen UK'. They are taking pre-orders for DVD at £23.02 and Blu-ray at £26.49, free postage & packing. I have used them for years,shipped from the UK and much more reliable than Amazon, they actually have a living, communicating, human, customer services department, which is contactable.
  3. With the release on DVD & Blue Ray of just over five years ago, I wouldn't expect them to release it again so soon. However they are doing some strange things, so who knows.
  4. Cash outlay is one problem, but there is also a practical problem with what to do with them, if you don't sell them on after watching. I have tended to hold on to them, filing and cataloguing them. It now extends to 204 ballet DVD & blu-rays with some of them boxed sets and this growing rapidly in trying to keep up with new and repeat releases. It takes up a lot of space, in addition to the Opera, Musicals, Shows and other collections. I don't believe they can be transferred to memory stick. They can be kept in compact plastic wallets which take up little space, but I have always wanted to keep the cases with art work and booklets. With a choice, I would own everything, bur space is now dictating whether I have a choice or not. I was wondering what everyone else does to get around the storage problem ?
  5. I have the 2010 Blu-ray release, also including Sarah Lamb, but with Ed Watson and Mara Galeazzi, which was rather good and with excellent resolution. Also the earlier version in which Darcey Bussell makes an appearance. It would be useful if someone knowledgeable and free of commercial interests, could make an appraisal to judge what, if anything, this new release brings to the equation. There would need to be a significant gain before deciding to make this extra cash outlay. I did see this cinema relay, but can't remember if it brought anything new.
  6. I enjoyed this offering from Mariinsky TV. Can anyone confirm if the dancer in the slow PDD is Alina Somova. https://youtu.be/GeL-4hVkw7o
  7. Thanks for this massive prompt to me. This could be a big opportunity here for me to save money or to do some catching up. Just received the Cranko Stuttgart version on Friday, but haven't watched it yet. Then realised I already have the Cuthbertson/Bonelli version but haven't watched it yet., and the Acosta/Rojo version, not watched yet. The La Scala Misty Copeland/Bolle version, not watched yet. POB Legris/Loudieres, not watched. Checking further, I have watched my Mariinsky Vishneva/Schkylarov copy and a few of the variants, like Matz Ek and Ballet de Monte Carlo. Just wandering where to start now.
  8. A good mix, some don't like Gorecki music, some don't like the ballet, but like the music, some changes of mind, some don't like either and some like both. Sounds like another referendum may be needed.
  9. I can only give you the CD version of the first movement as there is no visual reproduction. This is the stated tempo required by the composer. The London Sinfonietta version was to fast as well. Presumably RB to suit the choreographer. Hope this helps.
  10. A quote from 'Urban Dictionary' or any Dictionary cannot be considered rude when they merely provide a meaning. Of course there are different musical tastes, which most people accept. Perhaps you did an injustice in describing yourself as a 'musical snob', when you are not at all ? Sometimes difficult to detect what is 'light hearted', in writing, without the Imogi. There remains the fact, that as of April 2019, Gorecki Symphony Number 3 remains the top of the CFM charts, which it first topped in 1992 and has remained there for most of the time since. Maybe CFM is not everyone's choice, but that's an extremely popular piece of music, impressing a significant proportion of the population, even without your own support.
  11. Not knowing what constituted a musical snob, I decided to Google it and this is what it told me :- 'a person who believes himself or herself an expert or connoisseur in a given field and is condescending toward or disdainful of those who hold other opinions or have different tastes regarding this field:' a musical snob. So no surprises really, that it is only a belief.
  12. Unfortunately Flight Pattern does not use an Opera Score, it is based on a Symphony. And if you wish to see the extremely emotional and moving Gorecki Symphony No 3 destroyed, then this is a very admirable attempt. The Tempi was completely wrong, with Gorecki having stated that of Antoni Wit and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra being the right one. The requirement for the Soprano is to hold a single note for extended periods across a the full range of the Soprano voice, at regular intervals. It is the opposite end of the scale to Belle Canto vocal acrobatics. This Soprano has a vocal 'woble' on extended notes, much the same as the infamous Callas 'Wobble', for which she was regularly booed when supposedly holding a note. This music has been the most requested score on CFM over the years, but this aberration can only diminish its popularity. The Choreography amounted to nothing, with the Choreographer admitting in interview that she was playing out her own indulgence, but please not at the expense of wonderful music. Gorecki may have turned in his grave if he saw and heard this. Excerpt from a correct version below.
  13. Some of the questions need a little effort, but let me try. Costumes are often coloured, but on this occasion, left to right and not top to bottom. Michaela is a character in Bizet's Carmen Opera, which varies from between 2.5 to 3 hours. She does not feature in the ballet suite however, because it is only circa 50 minutes, so some things have to go. Since her function is to deliver a letter, a kiss, a duet and an area (albeit a good one), her role was one of the things sacrificed. I avoid comment on hair, since I am a member of the hair loss brigade. See Etsy for polka dot shirt statements. Since the acid incident, there is a sensitivity at the Bolshoi about weapons and the staff refuse to stab with real knifes, they prefer to act the part. In truth, she looked like she had been stabbed because she was acting instead of being really stabbed. The initial curtain call appeared to be a very emotional affair, ( having just being stabbed), but by the last curtain call, I think the fifth, performers were very happy and laughing with plenty of bouquets handed over. Petrushka was indeed a new production as you rightly observe. You can. no doubt advise us of the exact duration so that we can be assured that we weren't short changed.
  14. I thoroughly enjoyed this programme and with the added bonus of archived footage of Maya Plisetskaya's original Carmen. I had argued with a friend that Carmen was not Latin American, but when I realised it was Cuban Choreography I had to accept his tenuous link. I think there were about five curtain calls for Miss Zakharova and co, did anyone count them. Like others I did like the earlier versions of Petrushka, including the Kirov version which I have on DVD. In this new version however, I found that I had much greater focus and appreciation of the musical score, I don't know why, perhaps it wasn't as 'busy' as the others.
  15. I am really looking forward to the Bolshoi, tomorrow afternoon in Cinema, Carmen and Petrushka. Zakharova, Krysanova and all +++ cast.
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