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  1. Some of the questions need a little effort, but let me try. Costumes are often coloured, but on this occasion, left to right and not top to bottom. Michaela is a character in Bizet's Carmen Opera, which varies from between 2.5 to 3 hours. She does not feature in the ballet suite however, because it is only circa 50 minutes, so some things have to go. Since her function is to deliver a letter, a kiss, a duet and an area (albeit a good one), her role was one of the things sacrificed. I avoid comment on hair, since I am a member of the hair loss brigade. See Etsy for polka dot shirt statements. Since the acid incident, there is a sensitivity at the Bolshoi about weapons and the staff refuse to stab with real knifes, they prefer to act the part. In truth, she looked like she had been stabbed because she was acting instead of being really stabbed. The initial curtain call appeared to be a very emotional affair, ( having just being stabbed), but by the last curtain call, I think the fifth, performers were very happy and laughing with plenty of bouquets handed over. Petrushka was indeed a new production as you rightly observe. You can. no doubt advise us of the exact duration so that we can be assured that we weren't short changed.
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this programme and with the added bonus of archived footage of Maya Plisetskaya's original Carmen. I had argued with a friend that Carmen was not Latin American, but when I realised it was Cuban Choreography I had to accept his tenuous link. I think there were about five curtain calls for Miss Zakharova and co, did anyone count them. Like others I did like the earlier versions of Petrushka, including the Kirov version which I have on DVD. In this new version however, I found that I had much greater focus and appreciation of the musical score, I don't know why, perhaps it wasn't as 'busy' as the others.
  3. I am really looking forward to the Bolshoi, tomorrow afternoon in Cinema, Carmen and Petrushka. Zakharova, Krysanova and all +++ cast.
  4. The turning to stone thing is just a myth, a Greek one in fact. Modern science tells us that you have to be looking for between ten to twenty minutes before you actually turn to stone, dependent on your resistance, condition and the power of the gaze. The recovery rate is also very good.
  5. I thought that everything about the Christopher Wheeldon production was magnificent. Beatrix, Franky and Miss Lamb, what a treat. As for the other two productions, my mother used to say to me, 'if you don't have anything kind to say, then best not say anything at all', so I will respect her values.
  6. One of the funniest sequences of all time, in my opinion, by one of our best dancers. What fun Darcey is. https://youtu.be/5-wVSK9KuLs
  7. Almost as good as watching Liverpool beat Barcelona 4:0 ? Fingers crossed for the final.
  8. Or were you just trying out your fouettes again ?
  9. This was a production for live Italian television in the maxi 1200 square meter studio of the former Milan trade fair.
  10. Your post appears to advocate that consideration should not be made to the vast majority of public who through taxation, fund the Art Council Grant which helps to sustain the ROH, in favour of the minority who through their location in the UK are more able to avail themselves of the benefits of visiting. I am one of those, which you focus upon, who only attend the Opera House for my Annual 800 mile round trip treat and yet my contribution to Arts Council funding will be much the same as yours, with less benefit.
  11. Roberto Bolle and Elisa Badenes https://youtu.be/KApm1TEo-GU
  12. Gorecki third Symphony would still be extremely moving and emotional if Chubby Checker danced the twist to it. I have had the CD with Dawn Upshaw for years and seen it live with Gorecki present in the audience, but wrongly bought the DVD, which is horrific. I thought I strength for anything until I watched that.
  13. Two new releases on separate discs for 31st May, both from Norwegian National Ballet and both based on Ibsen. Ghosts and Hedda Gabler, with new musical scores and Choreography by what appears at first sight, to be an all Norwegian team. Looks like Ghosts is the earlier of the two productions, but both released at the same time. We will see what they are like.
  14. Watched the new Bolshoi Coppelia on Blu-Ray and although there is no booklet with cast or synopsis, no extras with bonus features or interviews, the Production quality and performances are stunning.
  15. New upcoming release, 10th May, Preljocat - 'La Fresque' (painting on the wall). Never heard of it before so unknown territory for me. Anyone know it ?
  16. I invariably trust my own enjoyment as apposed to media reviews. I actually enjoy 'The Rite of Spring' and Swan Lake didnt turn out to bad either.
  17. As strongly implied in the term 'critic', it is clear that they get paid to be critical, whereas people like us write a critique about what we have enjoyed without prejudice or commercial interest. A critic finds fault whilst a critique looks for structure to find out what is working. I am right there with Jan on this one, having room for the classical version and the contemporary.
  18. Is that the same Mathew Bourne with a travelling tape recorder in place of an orchestra and short term contract dancers instead of in house dance school developed dancers, if so I can understand what you feel for his stuff. However this company has totally different production standards.
  19. The Blu-ray has 28 minutes of bonus features, giving a great insight into the whole process, together with a booklet with a very detailed synopsis, which I see that someone has kindly posted a transcript here. So if sufficiently attracted, the Blu-ray is selling well and has only been topped in the Amazon best sellers list of its category by the DVD of the same production. Begona Cao is notable for her stage presence and posture, but with insufficient choreography in this production, with which to demonstrate her great dancing skills, whilst Tamara shows that she still has all the attributes. I just hope that it is equally well received when it goes on tour and to the Bolshoi Theatre. I have never had the misfortune to meet a Wili, but from folklore, I gather that they would not be pretty things in white dressed, so maybe this version gets closer to legend.
  20. That sounds like my kind of performance, can we reinstate it.
  21. I also hate it when people start piling out whilst the performers are still taking a well deserved bow. Then I refuse to move. I recall Lesley Garret once responding with ' have you lot got a bus to catch'. I don't like the drink being taken into the auditorium either, someone left leaving a plastic glass in front of their seat, which I inadvertently crushed when I left. But its good to vent and have a good moan.
  22. Sounds like the most perfect thing for Mothers day to me.
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