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  1. Not always, @Jeannette. Often there is a Melbourne-only season of something and a Sydney-only season of something. Children in AusBallet productions are never taken from Melbourne to Sydney or vice versa, they are always local to the performance region. They are rehearsed locally with fly-in company staff, then fit into company rehearsals when the company arrives (all places outside Melbourne). The Melbourne children are drawn from AusBallet School unless a real tiny tot is required (e.g. Madame Butterfly, Sorrow being Butterfly and Pinkerton's small boy). Just this year, the Melbourne Anna Karenina season was cancelled but the Adelaide one went ahead, as South Australia has/had different levels of restriction. The company have made no announcements yet about Nov/Dec Sydney which includes Harlequinade but from where we're standing it looks unlikely.
  2. Oh @alison if only! More than half the country (basically everywhere except Tasmania and Western Australia) is currently under Stay At Home lockdown orders, with fines of up to $5,500 (nearly ¬£3,000) for breaches of public health orders (PHOs) such as fail to wear mask, fail to check in to business, provide false information to enforcement officer (cops or army), etc etc. Where I live hasn't had a case in 373 days but we're under the same restrictions as the rest of NSW outside Sydney. I can't see AusBallet's scheduled Sydney seasons in November/December going ahead either, as Sydney is currently the worst-affected in the country (mainly because state government acted too little too slow). Also, vaccine rollout has been a complete embarrassment. Currently of people aged over 16, just 38.8% have received one dose, and only 21% of us have been fully vaccinated. It's widely reported elsewhere so I won't get on my soapbox ūü§≠
  3. I had no idea that was there! And that's the original Clara the Elder, Dame Margaret Scott, with Steven Heathcote as the Beloved Officer, and Vicki Attard as Clara the Ballerina. Recorded in Sydney in 1994, with Clara's partner in the rose ballet-within-a-ballet David McAllister.
  4. Thanks for your comments Vladislav! The production was created in 1992 and is based in reality, in that a number of Ballets Russes members were stranded in Australia during the second World War, and some stayed and made lives and careers here, indeed after Pavlova's tours here in the 1920s sparked interest around the country, it was these refugees who created what we now have as ballet in Australia. I have seen it every season it's been performed and the role of Clara the Elder is absolutely wonderful for an older (former) dancer.
  5. Nice idea. Similar in some ways to the Graeme Murphy Nutcracker: The Story of Clara from Australian Ballet...
  6. I think, Fiona, that you've misunderstood me. 30-40% of capacity for the State Theatre would be up to 800 people (capacity is 2,079). The maximum currently allowed is 75 people or 50%, whichever is less.
  7. Very sad. Luckily I was able to get a refund on both the tickets I'd bought and on my prepaid accommodation. "Indoor seated entertainment venues" in Melbourne are severely number-limited, 50% of capacity or 75 people, whichever is less, and the State Theatre seats around 2,000 when full. Completely uneconomic for the company.
  8. Yes, you can cast the stream to your TV. I have to admit to having recorded the previous stream, so I've been able to watch it several times. I plan to do the same with future streams.
  9. One viewing in your 48 hour viewing period, on one device, so no starting on PC and switching to TV or tablet or phone. I contacted the company to express my frustration at this extremely restrictive model in February, but they have chosen to continue it. Dancers in the company are frustrated by it. As Melbourne is now in a 7-day lockdown, not due to end until after the scheduled dress rehearsals and opening night, the season of New York Dialects is looking increasingly doubtful. The company has suspended ticket sales and has in fact unlinked the production from its front page. I have a ticket for Monday 7 June but am not holding my breath. WHY didn't I go to a Sydney performance?!
  10. There was a whole small scene described in the synopsis that no longer exists. Production revised but I don't know when.
  11. Thank you Sim for noticing and posting this. Of the promotees, Isobelle Dashwood did indeed skip coryphée, going straight to soloist. Keen viewers of the video will note that she is of a similar height to Mr Hallberg, while Yuumi Yamada barely reaches his elbows. So definitely diversity in the female ranks, at least as regards height! Both Dashwood and Yamada richly deserved their promotions, as did Callum Linnane, who was promoted to senior artist. I haven't seen so much of the other promotees so can't really comment on them. Yamada danced the Balanchine Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux a week ago and her sheer joy radiated around the theatre. Dashwood has already danced Myrtha and was wonderfully icy with the most lovely bourrées. Linnane has danced Maina Gielgud's Albrecht, Neumeier's Nijinsky (in his second year), Ratmansky's Cinderella's Prince, Wheeldon's Jack/Knave, and in his first season made an impression In The Upper Room. Beautiful feet.
  12. I saw Nureyev's first (of only five with the RB) Des Grieux. Merle Park as Manon, Desmond Kelly as Lescaut, Lesley Collier as his mistress, David Drew as the Gaoler and Georgina Parkinson as his mistress (then a named role). Of course Derek Rencher as GM, and Wayne Sleep as the beggar chief. Weirdly it was a one-off performance in July, separate from the first run in March 1974 and the second lot in November that year. Do not know why Nureyev only danced the role five times - does anyone else here know?
  13. We had that in Australia. Principals Kevin Jackson and Andrew Killian (my favourite dancer/actor in the company over many years) did not return to the company when it returned to the stage in February this year. GUTTED not to see either with the company one last time. Jackson now directing a new venture, Perth Youth Ballet, in his home of Western Australia. Killian is one of the dancers working with a new collective that hopes to bring new work by Alice Topp and others to a stage later this year.
  14. Australian Ballet has announced discounted A B and C Reserve tickets for the upcoming Counterpointe mixed bill at the Sydney Opera House (season runs 27 April to 15 May). $99 (no refunds of the difference if you've already spent over $200, sorry). Available until 11:59pm AEST Tuesday 20 April. Programme is Artifact Suite (William Forsythe), Raymonda Act III (staged by David Hallberg after Marius Petipa), and George Balanchine's Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux. Link to tickets here
  15. Arts Centre Melbourne has closed its doors for a month, forcing the cancellation of all but three performances of The Australian Ballet's mixed bill Volt, comprising McGregor's Chroma and Dyad 1929, and Alice Topp's new piece Logos. The Sydney Opera House is closed. Most theatres are closed or closing. But schools and universities are mostly still open, although it is understood they will close soon. Even here in country NSW we now have a drive-through testing centre, although it's acknowledged there are shortages of stuff to be used in the testing kits because of attitudes in government I won't comment on here.
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