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  1. Several senior lady dancers retired from BRB a few years ago with very little/no fanfare (we only realised one lady had left because a friend noticed her name had gone from the website!). When we asked we were told that none of these dancers had wanted a public fuss.
  2. Unfortunately no-one knows what happened other than the people directly involved. Anything else would be pure speculation, which is against the Forum's AUP.
  3. Liverpool left out again!! I used to be able to come to London for the evening! (Although they are investigating the possibility of 2 trains an hour, which will be an improvement).
  4. Having seen his BRB Romeos, with the glorious Ambra Vallo, I can honestly say he was passionate, romantic and young. I always find find he gives great depth to his characterisations and he was absolutely heart-breaking as Cyrano and moving as Will Mossop.
  5. I absolutely agree with you TP. Of course I would also add Chi Cao to the list and a couple of the dancers were before my ballet-watching time. I don't particularly have definitive dancers in roles but whenever I think of Albrecht my first thought is for Denis Malinkine who used to dance for Northern Ballet. He is my definitive Albrecht. I do not know why Alexander Campbell does not get certain roles at the Royal Ballet. For the life of me I cannot understand why he has not danced Romeo with them given that he has a proven track record in the role in the MacMillan production with BRB. I also think he should have had a shot at Oberon. It would be great if more recordings of companies other than the RB were available for us to remember favourite dancers.
  6. Hello LJP and a belated welcome to the Forum!
  7. I don't think your comment is off topic at all TP. I absolutely agree with you. Interestingly enough Brandon does get quite a lot of publicity (I know from doing the links) but not at national press level on the whole. I remember the excitement and coverage when RB dancers have done well at Varna but no mention whatsoever when Chi Cao won the gold medal there early in his career with BRB!
  8. Dancers I have thought under-appreciated over the years include: Jayne Regan, ex-Northern Ballet Ambra Vallo and Victoria Marr of Birmingham Royal Ballet Daniel de Andrade of Northern Ballet I often think that, except for the Royal Ballet (and I am not saying there are not under=appreciated dancers there) where reviewers may well see more than one cast or works are recycled more regularly, people's perceptions are shaded by who is first cast (usually reviewed).
  9. I agree that "lesser" is not necessarily an appropriate description, IMHO, for any dancer. I think TP's "under appreciated" sounds better. If everyone else agrees we can change the title.
  10. James - two minds one thought! I saw Sandra Madgwick and Michael O'Hare at a Saturday matinee at ROH. Sandra's Rose Adagio was so beautiful that it stands in my mind as a benchmark for all other Auroras to match up to. Before and since that afternoon I seen many other Auroras give many wonderful (and some not so wonderful) performances but none have matched her. I also remember the performance of Romeo and Juliet where Monica Zamora started the performance and Sandra Madgwick had to take over from the balcony duet. She was a very memorable Lise.
  11. I've just made a donation. Sadly I won't be able to attend the funeral.
  12. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MATTHEW BOURNE’S ROMEO & JULIET IN CINEMAS NATIONWIDE ON 22 OCTOBER Running time 93 mins / BBFC TBC / Released in cinemas nationwide 22 October 2019 More2Screen is delighted to announce that New Adventures’ stunning new 5-star production of Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet will be screened in cinemas across the UK and Ireland from Tuesday 22 October. ‘One of Bourne’s smartest, sexiest, most stirring shows ever’ ★★★★★ Daily Telegraph ‘A seismic youthquake. A Romeo and Juliet for the millennial generation’ ★★★★★ The Stage ‘Your jaw will drop, there are moments so stunning that you might just forget to breathe’ ★★★★★ Broadwayworld Matthew Bourne commented: ‘I’m thrilled that New Adventures’ brand-new production of Romeo and Juliet will be in cinemas across the UK from 22 October. We have been overwhelmed by the fantastic response to the work during our tour and felt we couldn’t miss this opportunity to share it with as many people as possible across the UK and around the world. This timeless story of forbidden love, repressed emotions and teenage discovery is no better told than by the young, and I have been refreshed and inspired by what this team of young dancers and artists have brought to Shakespeare’s classic tale of tragic conflict and young love.’ This passionate and contemporary re-imagining of Shakespeare’s classic story of love and conflict is set in the not-too-distant future in ‘The Verona Institute’. Here ‘difficult’ young people are mysteriously confined by a society that seeks to divide and crush their youthful spirit and individuality. The two young lovers must follow their hearts as they risk everything to be together. Filmed live at Sadler’s Wells in London especially for cinemas, Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet stars Cordelia Braithwaite as Juliet, Paris Fitzpatrick as Romeo, Dan Wright as Tybalt and Ben Brown as Mercutio. ‘Paris Fitzpatrick is a wonderful Romeo, tender-hearted and heartbreakingly out of his depth. Cordelia Braithwaite is a beautiful and doomed Juliet, a young woman who moves with a fleet grace and a sense of unhinged desperation.’ ★★★★ The Times Bursting with youth, vitality and Matthew Bourne’s trademark storytelling, the UK’s brightest young dance talent join the New Adventures company, with direction and choreography by Matthew Bourne, design by Lez Brotherston, lighting by Paule Constable, sound by Paul Groothuis and new orchestrations of the Prokofiev score by Terry Davies, played live by the New Adventures Orchestra conducted by Brett Morris. Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet is directed for the screen by Ross MacGibbon and produced by Illuminations. It is being screened in cinemas worldwide by More2Screen, a leading Event Cinema distributor based in London. This cinema release would not have been possible without the support of the following partners: New Adventures, Arts Council England, Bradford Theatres, Birmingham Hippodrome, Curve Theatre, Sadler’s Wells, Theatre Royal Plymouth and Mayflower Theatre. For more information and to book cinema tickets visit: RomeoAndJulietInCinemas.com #RomeoandJulietCinema
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