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  1. Links - Monday 06 April, 2020 Catchup Review - EDIFICE Dance Theatre, Salomé, London: Graham Watts, DanceTabs Feature - How dancers are keeping in shape amid coronavirus: Penelope Ford, Global Mail Exhibition Feature - Degas at the Opéra, Washington: Cordelia Dreisonstok, MD Theatre Guide Featurette - Bored in lockdown? try learning how to tango on line: Chris Moss, Guardian
  2. Links - Sunday 05 April, 2020 Obituary - Wilhelm (Willy) Burmann, Teacher: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Obituary - Ann Hendricks Bass, Arts Philanthropist: Michelle Potter, ... on dancing Feature - BBC: Culture in quarantine: Sarah Hemming, FT Suggestions - To watch online: Chris Wiegand, Guardian Arusa Qureshi, The List Streaming Reviews - Royal New Zealand Ballet, Hansel and Gretel: Caitlin Halmarick, NZ Theatreview Nicole Wilkie, NZ Theatreview Greer Robertson, NZ Theatreview Catch up Review - Aleksandar Georgiev, Zhana Pencheva, Dario Berreto Damas, dragON aka PONY, Sofia: Kosta Karakashyan, Fjord Review
  3. Quite Anna (I always find that if I laugh at my own joke and no-one else is laughing then it's not a joke!). I would love to see Scenes de Ballet again. Does anyone think there is any chance of that being revived any time soon? (I would also like BRB to do it again).
  4. Hello Petruska and welcome to the Forum!
  5. I've stopped doing surveys because of the ludicrous questions they ask. As they are nearly all the same no matter which theatre or company they have come from I think Geoff is correct in that it is the Arts Council that requires this.
  6. Sad news indeed - he was indeed a very talented songwriter. This is one of my favourites:
  7. Northern Ballet has issued a video of Viki Westall, who is a member of the faculty at the NB Academy, doing a simple "kitchen" Pilates session:
  8. It still seems to be available using the link. It's a bit fiddly to get to it. If you just have the screen with the picture of 3 dancers move the cursor along the bottom from left to right till you see something happening! (I'd got the screen set up and ready to go so for me class started 22 minutes in to the recording!).
  9. Don't forget the live-streamed class is starting at 11 this morning: https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/ebfz3d/live/c8x38g
  10. Lots out tonight in Waterloo and lots of fireworks going off too.
  11. Hello Mrs Walker and welcome to the Forum!
  12. I'm just repeating Sim's words about discussion of the Covid-19 - Corona Virus emergency: "Hi all. In these extraordinary times, we mods understand that everyone is worried about the current world health pandemic. As is always the case with social media, any big news gives rise to rumour, speculation and mis-information. For this reason, we are asking that, going forward, any discussion of the Covid-19 virus be limited to its effect on cultural closures. Please don't discuss the medical or political aspects of this problem. We have already had a couple of posts reported, and in order to stem anything further from snowballing we are curtailing inappropriate comments, even if they are made in good faith and with helpful intent. We don't want to risk adding to anyone's worry or distress, or disseminating mis-information. We wish you all well; take good care of yourselves. In the meantime, please keep sharing your thoughts about what gives us joy in this increasingly strange world: ballet and dance. Thank you for your understanding. With best wishes, Sim Chair, BalletcoForum Committee"
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