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  1. 18/09/2020 English National Ballet’s Holloway Production Studio English National Ballet has officially named the state-of-the-art main studio within its new home at London City Island, the Holloway Production Studio, in recognition of a substantial charitable donation from philanthropist, Charles Holloway. The occasion was marked with a special socially distanced ribbon cutting celebration with performances given by finalists of the Company’s upcoming Emerging Dancer competition accompanied by a small group of musicians from English National Ballet Philharmonic.
  2. Hello Ballet_mum3 and welcome to the Forum!
  3. Lovely news from Denmark. Thanks, Jane. Of course, Kizzy Matiakis graduated from Ballet Central.
  4. Windows 10 apparently has its own video editing software:
  5. YouTube review of editing software for Windows 10:
  6. ELMHURST SUPPORTS STUDENTS & STAFF AS THE BIRMINGHAM BASED BALLET SCHOOL MAKES A FULL RETURN TO ACADEMICS AND DANCE After five months of lockdown and many hours of remote learning across its academic, artistic and health and wellbeing departments, Elmhurst Ballet School, the vocational school with close links to Birmingham Royal Ballet has finally welcomed back students and staff to its Edgbaston, Birmingham home. Over the summer months a variety of support mechanisms have been put in place and a 27-page, Covid-19 specific risk assessment developed, wit
  7. Hello Josh's Taxi and a belated welcome to the Forum! Best wishes to your son for his start at RCS.
  8. I know about that scattier by the day feeling Joan! There's something I am really looking forward to on Tuesday (a Zoom event) and I only went and double booked myself with something else. Fortunately I was able to reorganise the something else!
  9. Hello DancemumLouise and welcome to the Forum!
  10. And they've gone from being a tad confusing to totally confusing!!
  11. Links - Saturday 12 September, 2020 News - Royal Opera House online: Autumn dates: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper Feature Review - Buglisi Dance Theater, Table of Silence, New York: Joshua Barone, New York Times Featurette - Precious Adams, English National Ballet: Isabel Edwards-Brown, Harpers Bazaar (scroll down) Live Review - Circa, Leviathan, Brisbane: Elise Lawrence, Limelight Video News - Orlando Ballet ready to take the stage again: Nadeen Yanes, Click Orlando Video News - Tulsa Ballet further postpon
  12. If people have to quarantine for 14 days and then it is ok to go about your lawful business how long does a bubble last? If for example I have a bubble with a friend but then don't see that friend for a month could I form a bubble with another friend? The rules are supposed to be simpler but it just causes even more questions than answers!
  13. I think you can form bubbles. A dog walking chum very kindly formed a bubble with me a couple of months ago to take me to a hospital appointment.
  14. Links - Friday 11 September, 2020 Obituary - Joanne Nisbet, Senior Ballet Mistress & former dancer of National Ballet of Canada: Michael Vincent, Ludwig Van Toronto News - For New York City Ballet, another digital season: Peter Libbey, NY Times David Mead, Seeing Dance News Desk, Broadway World News - Sadler’s Wells digital stage in focus and first live performance: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper David Mead, Seeing Dance Gallery - Bolshoi Ballet, Peer Gynt, Moscow: Oksana Manchuk, Belta
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