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  1. Hopefully the content will chivvy the powers that be into taking some sort of action ...
  2. I wondered when Fidelio was being shown. And, really, this has to be about Lise Davidsen rather than Kaufmann. Plus more exposure for David Butt Philip.
  3. And, from a different angle, who can forget that line from Peter Sarstedt's "Where do you go to, my Lovely?": "You talk like Marlene Dietrich/And you dance like Zizi Jeanmaire ..."
  4. This is very welcome news and I am sure that we are all waiting with some considerable anticipation as to the timetable and fine detail that will allow the sector to get up and running. What would now help for those close to London would be reversal of the newly increased congestion charge now applicable from 7.00 am - 22.00 pm throughout the entire week and weekend which which will deter those unwilling to use public transport from driving in to enjoy our theatres, galleries and museums.
  5. Nooooooooooooo.......
  6. “New Normal” definitely. It bristles with Margaret Atwood dystopian menace.
  7. The importance of costumes full stop. In most of the recent works made on the RB, the wonderful dancers have had to fight an uphill battle against the most unflattering costumes known to man, generally in varying shades of gunk and grey.
  8. Presenters are hard to get right, aren’t they? Whilst Katie Derham is chatty and enthusiastic, I do find that her giggly style can get a bit irritating. I don’t know if Suzy Klein knows anything about ballet but she certainly knows about music and I just love her Informative, non-patronising presentational style. Why on earth isn’t she used more?
  9. Justine Gringyte also seems to be doing pretty well.
  10. Jennifer Davis also stood in for Aleksandra Kurzak as Adina in L’Elisir d’Amore a few years back whilst still a JPYA and did a fabulous job. Anyone there on that night will remember that Alagna withdrew with a sore throat during the performance and was also replaced with panache by a much younger tenor (I forget who) who very luckily just happened to be in the House. It was a great evening! But I digress, and whilst I will agree that Poplavskaya probably had the highest profile of the JPYA graduates before her withdrawal from engagements and disappearance from the scene, there are those who had for some time questioned the enthusiasm of the casting directors who had marked her out for such a rapid trajectory.
  11. I find that non-narrative ballets transfer to the TV screen far better than narrative works which, for me, really benefit from the buzz and interaction of the theatre.
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