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  1. And for anyone who is interested, you can catch Saturday's Music Matters on Radio 3 which, towards the end, included a fascinating account by Allegra Kent of dancing Agon in Russia with Arthur Mitchell during the Cuban Missile crisis.
  2. Yes, and I think that Hayward and Bracewell make one of those wonderful onstage partnerships that should be nurtured whenever possible.
  3. Eh oop lads, what’s tha thinking knocking’t values of working class heroes like Jake Berry and posting fancy southern jargon about “perpetuat(ing) tropes” - whatever that means - when them of us from’t north already knows as how proper culture goes all’t way from black pudding to brass bands and as tha can see there’s no room for any ballet nonsense in that.
  4. And, BridieM, what a gorgeous review from what seems to have been a place with a very restricted view. So glad you were able to see some of the dancing and hoping the parts you missed will be streamed.
  5. One night only, perhaps. But as Frankie Valli famously sang back in the day: “Oh what a night!” One to treasure for so many reasons: that stroke of luck in choosing to book for the first and, sadly, only night in this run; the sense of privilege in just being there on this remarkable night in such uncertain times; and then, most of all, for the beauty, poignancy, joyousness and, in turn, sassiness that touched the performances of every one of those remarkable dancers who graced the stage with their extraordinary talent. it seems churlish and, indeed, scarcely possible to single anyone o
  6. They certainly are. I always ask my six year old grandson and now the three year old is getting in on the act.
  7. For me, Diamonds is the sort of role that sits perfectly with Sarah Lamb's onstage persona and technical precision. More of the same, please, from her. Probably the most joyful and utterly life-affirming performance of Fille that I have ever seen! What a fantastic reaction from the audience in the house and how thrilling (and so well-deserved) must that have been for O'Sullivan and Sambe. Just lovely! Like many others, I, too, have never before seen MacMillan's Carousel and very much hope to see more of it soon. I just adored the glorious and very special rapport betwee
  8. Yes, yes and yes again! After an unthinkable, unwanted seven month drought, a veritable feast. More indeed, and soon, please! We miss you, RB!
  9. You can always nip out each time Anita Rani steps up to read what it says on one of her endless supply of crib sheets. The performances, however, were uniformly terrific. Just wish I could have been part of that wonderfully enthusiastic audience. Please, please, please open up again soon!
  10. I hated the production, Alison, although that is pretty much par for the course with most of the recent ROH productions these days.
  11. I totally agree MJW. It was informative, sympathetic and drew in the viewer from start to finish. And, of course, the musical extracts were just sublime.
  12. My goodness, RobR, but in your photo you look barely old enough to wear a mask.
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