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  1. All the superlatives re last night’s performance. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous! What more can I say?
  2. Equally happy to hear that, Ruth.
  3. I think we’d have to concede the first mention to Capybara although, to be honest, it was a distinctly non-proprietorial mention. So, without wanting to pre-empt the soon-to-be seen Onegin, I’d say it’s pistols at dawn for you and me.
  4. We’d have a full-on battle as to who got to run off with Erik Woolhouse’s Birbanto, LinMM.
  5. Thank you, annamk, I was beginning to think that I might be the only person not in on the secret. What a difficult decision it must have been for Muntagirov to make and I look forward to seeing his Onegin when he feels ready to take on the role.
  6. There are many who might suggest that the brass section can be relied upon to be generally unreliable.
  7. Thanks for that, Janite, I will try when I am home.
  8. It’s the James Joyce in all of us, Alison.
  9. I have sometimes felt the need to bang my head. And to close my eyes. With increasing regularity, unfortunately, at some of the more recent productions at the ROH.
  10. The intervals, Jenny, indefatigable proof of the success of Open Up.
  11. At the ROH. And I won’t begin to speculate as to the likelihood or otherwise of any of the dancers avoiding injury as I am disproportionately superstitious and most definitely do not want to tempt fate.
  12. Point taken via a vis the second post but surely not justified for the first.
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