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  1. McNicol Ballet Collective in an original dance film - In Ecstacy Starring our amazing cast - William Bracewell, Delia Mathews, Teo Dubreuil, Laurie McSherry-Gray & Giulia Frosi. We are delighted to announce In Ecstasy has made the official selection for the ChoreoScope Dance Film Festival in Barcelona alongside its previous successes at dance film festivals in Russia, San Francisco, Sans Souri, Portland and Lisbon, significantly expanding the reach and impact of our work. Watch here With Your Support! Thank you to The Linbury Trust and Arts Council England for their vital support and helping us during these difficult and uncertain times. We acknowledge there will be new challenges ahead however we remain committed to bringing you new and innovative collaborations that are relevant to the times in which we live. We are determined to present our ‘From Life’ programme of four world premieres and we will update you with further news as time allows. In the meantime, we have not stood still. MBC has used this opportunity to reflect deeply, recharge and further develop our strategic and future plans. MBC stands for artistic excellence, innovation and creation, with your support we remain committed to delivering on our long term vision in an ambitious, creative and sustainable way. If you want to help shape our future and can support us now during these challenging times, please donate below by August 31, 2020 . Help us by joining our community of supporters who are passionate about bringing new works to life. Donate https://vimeo.com/435739992?mc_cid=fbd8bc978d&mc_eid=7dd5b96f57
  2. Robert Parker was just amazing - as was Carol-Anne Millar! Robert Parker's final ever performance with BRB was as Captain Belaye in a performance at The Lowry.
  3. I thought it was just sublime and, as you say, very moving - especially the final minute or so.
  4. Hello SillySally and welcome to the Forum!
  5. Moving Through A Pandemic - a co-commission from the FT and Sadler's wells featuring, amongst others, Matthew Ball. It's rather lovely: https://www.ft.com/video/61f0ea6c-f2e4-4faa-873c-8544e7940727?fbclid=IwAR1YPOx8U4HZEZ2kKQRvdiIn5_z4e_3RsqJ3zQSXnfeblOCUAR77icUGUHM
  6. We've had a trail cam set up in Rimrose Valley Country Park. This is the latest compilation.
  7. And more information in this press release: SWAN LAKE BATH BALLET Photo credit: Ryan Capstick · Swan Lake Bath Ballet film by Corey Baker to be released on BBC iPLAYER and BBC.CO.UK/ARTS Wednesday 8th July at 9.00 am BST · A modern-day Swan Lake filmed entirely remotely in the filled bathtubs of 27 elite ballet dancers from around the world Corey Baker Dance has created a new short film entitled Swan Lake Bath Ballet which will receive its world premiere screening on BBC iPlayer and bbc.co.uk/arts on Wednesday 8th July at 9.00 am BST as part of BBC Arts Culture in Quarantine, bringing arts and culture to the homes of the nation under lockdown. Set to Tchaikovsky's famous swan theme, 27 elite ballet dancers from renowned dance companies perform a modern-day Swan Lake from their own home filled baths. Award-winning choreographer Corey Baker worked with dancers across the globe to choreograph and film Swan Lake Bath Ballet completely remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the film, Baker’s quirky choreography is performed in baths from New Zealand to South Africa, America to Hong Kong, Australia to the UK. Swan Lake Bath Ballet was filmed on smart phones, directed by Baker from his bathroom in the UK. Dancers found innovative solutions including a child’s scooter, piles of books and even a toilet plunger to help stabilise and enable camera angles. Baker worked with long-time collaborator producer Anne Beresford as well as Director of Photography Nicola Daley ACS (Harlots, Paradise Lost), Editor Travis Moore, supported by Line Producer Guy Trevellyan. The team combined innovative technological solutions such as the app FiLMiC Pro and Zoom along with household makeshift tripods to make the film remotely. Dancers filmed themselves, sometimes assisted by their housemates or partners, all directed by Baker and Daley from their separate bathrooms in the UK. Baker says about the experience, ‘It was like trying to hang a picture with your eyes closed from 5 miles away’. The performers were drawn from a long list of distinguished companies including American Ballet Theatre, Royal Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Staatsballett Berlin, National Ballet of Canada, Dutch National Ballet, Birmingahm Royal Ballet (with whom Baker has a long relationship) and The Royal New Zealand Ballet, where Baker is Choreographer in Residence. Baker says: ‘I am hugely indebted to the amazing 27 dancers and all the companies who really pulled the stops (plugs?) out to make this film happen. Dancers became camera operators, stage managers, as well as costume and prop department not to mention performing tricky choreography at the same time, all from their bath tubs’. Corey Baker Dance has an international reputation for creating a diverse array of work across film, TV and theatre, using unusual locations and reaching non-traditional theatre audiences. Antarctica: The First Dance (Channel 4/The Space) was filmed on the icy continent celebrating Antarctica while we still have it. This was the first of three dance films with a ‘green’ focus, the other two being Spaghetti Junction with dancers from Birmingham Royal Ballet and Hong Kong Ballet filmed beneath Birmingham’s (in)famous motorway intersection and Lying Together with Hong Kong Ballet, filmed on location in rural and urban green spaces across Hong Kong. Both Spaghetti Junction and Lying Together were shown on BBC Culture in Quarantine in May/June 2020 for World Earth Day and World Environment Day respectively. Swan Lake Bath Ballet was commissioned by Arts Council England and BBC Arts as part of Culture in Quarantine. With thanks to Royal Albert Hall. About Culture In Quarantine BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine initiative is an essential arts and culture service across BBC platforms that will keep the arts alive in people’s homes, focused most intensely across BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, BBC Two, BBC Four, BBC Sounds, BBC iPlayer and www.bbc.co.uk/bbcarts. We are doing this in close consultation and collaboration with organisations like Arts Council England and other national funding and producing bodies. This arts and culture service includes: · Guides and access to shuttered exhibitions, performances or permanent collections in museums , galleries and performance spaces; · Ways to experience books with privileged access to authors including a collaboration with the Big Book Weekend amongst other initiatives. · Jewels from the archive as well as brand new content ensuring that brand new theatre and dance performances will join with modern classics to create a repertory theatre of broadcast. · Participatory offers including masterclasses and ways to enable audiences to create at home through Get Creative · Topical arts through Front Row, Front Row Late, Free Thinking and more · A fund with Arts Council England to support around 25 artists to create new work · A place for arts organisations to share innovations from quarantine and for audiences to discover new things through www.bbc.co.uk/arts
  8. Here's another one (the more the merrier): https://platform.organise.org.uk/campaigns/1094?rkey=So5bCoL6bpxo67gV&utm_source=share&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=HjYDGUTy7i1onCWp
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