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  1. Well that is an interesting topic Sim! I'm sure that there are people far more qualified than me to comment but there are now so many styles of ballet should they all be sub-divided into different categories or kept more generically together. I think perhaps what binds them all together is pointe shoes (although not all classical ballets require the use of pointe shoes). I would class Giselle as romantic ballet and Sleeping Beauty as classical ballet. I would put, for example, Bournonville in the romantic ballet category but where should Ashton sit? Where
  2. Best wishes to Samira Saidi for the future. Not that it's got anything to do with the price of fish but I saw a BRB big tent performance in the late 80s in Lancaster. It was a performance of Giselle with Samira Saidi and Kevin O'Hare and was the first performance I saw where I sobbed out loud. I've never forgotten that performance!
  3. English National Ballet School announces Young Choreographers, 2021 Summer Performance and plans for the future Young Choreographers filmed at The Wallace Collection, will see students work with composer Martin Georgiev and the Royal College of Music, and London College of Fashion University of the Arts London Students to create short choreographies inspired by art works curated by Dr Minna Moore Ede 2021 Summer Performance to include new works from Andrew McNicol and Morgann Runacre-Temple 2021 Summer Performance also includes works by Annabelle Lopez Oc
  4. Links - Saturday 08 May, 2021 Streamed Reviews Martha Graham Dance Company, GrahamFest95: Faye Arthurs, Fjord Review Mark Morris Dance Group, Live from Brooklyn: Tempus Perfectum, Three Preludes, Jealousy, Fugue: Brian Seibert, NY Times New York City Ballet, Virtual Spring Gala: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian Scottish Ballet, Dive, Odyssey: Róisín O’Brien, Fjord Review Feature - Summer dance in New York: Marina Harss, New Yorker Live Review - Omari Wiles’ Les Ballet Afrik, Take Me Back, New York: Susann
  5. Imagine how much less dancers from non-London based companies are seen!! However I do congratulate all the nominees who are more than worthy in their own rights.
  6. As far as I can see Sim the nominations are based on who/what the people who nominate have seen.
  7. Ballet Philippines is streaming its production of A Midsummer Night's Dream: https://www.broadwayworld.com/philippines/article/VIDEO-Ballet-Philippines-is-Now-Streaming-A-MIDSUMMER-NIGHTS-DREAM-20210507
  8. From the Critics' Circle website: http://criticscircle.org.uk/nominees-for-21st-national-dance-awards-announced/ NOMINEES FOR 21ST NATIONAL DANCE AWARDS ANNOUNCED by Graham Watts | May 7, 2021 | Dance | 0 comments http://criticscircle.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/%C2%A9Foteini_20200219_TheCriticsCircle_NationalDanceAwards2019_TheBarbican-40-1080x675.jpg London, UK. 19.02.2020. The Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards 2019, took place at The Barbican and was presented by Miguel Altunaga and Mara Galeazzi. Miguel Altunaga and Mara Galeazzi hosts of
  9. Links - Friday 07 May, 2021 In memoriam - Jacques d’Amboise, NYCB Dance Legend: Martha Ullman West, Oregon Arts Watch Feature - Sir Matthew Bourne: Chris Wiegand, Guardian News - Sir Matthew Bourne launches dance school aimed at boosting diversity: Matthew Hemley, Stage News - San Francisco Ballet announces 2022 season - Helgi Tomasson’s final season: News Desk, Broadway World Streamed Reviews: New York City Ballet, Virtual Spring Gala: Gia Kourlas, NY Times William Forsythe, The Barre Projec
  10. Hello DanceMamma and welcome to the Forum!
  11. I thought she spoke very well - it's only quite a short programme with lots of items. Outdoors at first at the start and then in the "garden shed" to talk ballet later in the programme.
  12. I've booked for Carlos Acosta at the Lowry towards the end of July and those seats are being sold as socially distanced (with discrimination against single bookers BUT there were some better placed single tickets so perhaps they have listened to people's complaints).
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