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  1. Lovely pictures but my favourite is the one of Princess Margaret's wistful face as she watches Sleeping Beauty onstage in 1946.
  2. Absolutely, @Dance *is*life. My youngest dd never scored highly in her ballet exams yet her ballet teacher was always telling me what a good dancer she was. She thought my dd probably got too nervous to do herself justice in exams.
  3. That was fascinating and reiterated a lot of what a ballet teacher I knew said about Cecchiti. She wrote her dance dissertation on him and his techniques and incorporated a lot of it in training her dancers. Also I am thinking about the high number of injuries carried by professional dancers. Surely food for thought?
  4. Fudge, what you have said underlines what a lot of dancing parents have said, namely that their dcs lost their love of dance at vocational school. It's so sad. My youngest dd wanted to do musical theatre so she was told she had to lean ballet (which she has always loved) tap, modern, jazz and any other form of dance going. It very soon stopped being things that she liked/loved to do and became a grind. I sent her to ballet because she loved it, not to turn her into a performer. It didn't happen for a variety of reasons but the joyous child who rushed into ballet class and came out beaming vani
  5. If your daughter wanted to do extra ballet, her teacher might have a point as far as dance etiquette goes but you say that she wants to learn tap and jazz/modern. If your daughter's teacher doesn't offer these classes or not at a suitable time, I think that you are entitled to send her elsewhere for these classes. However the teacher does not seem as if she is being very helpful. Perhaps another school which has your daughter's interests instead of her own at heart might be an idea?
  6. Yes, I did too. It was surprising what I heard sometimes too. I was only reading, not deaf!
  7. I have just learned that we will be in Tier 2 except for Boston, Michelle. I hope this helps. I have just looked at the website this was on and it has vanished so I think this is wrong. Sorry!
  8. My daughters’ ballet teacher said you could never really tell until a child had gone through puberty and I never knew her to be wrong in twelve years.
  9. My daughter works in a hospital and is refusing to visit us in case she brings Covid 19 with her. Unless there’s a miracle we probably won’t see her at Christmas. My brother can’t come because we are in different tiers and I don’t know know if we will see our younger daughter as she doesn’t know if the restaurant she works in will reopen before Christmas and she says people here are very cavalier in their attitude to wearing a mask. I really don’t see the problem.
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