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  1. It’s been pretty dire this year and it may be the last year we bother with it.
  2. We thought Carlos Acosta was in a completely different league from the professional dancers on Strictly. He held himself like a dancer and was clearly in command from his very first step. I was wryly amused by the comments on the BBC website which varied between “What’s so special about him?” to “The professional dancers were better”. Uh huh..
  3. Good luck to your ds with everything he does, @meadowblythe.
  4. No, Peanut. I was offered a scan after I broke my knee and I thought it might be a good idea.
  5. Osteopenia is less serious than osteoporosis but left untreated will progress to it.
  6. I am sorry to see this, @Pups_mum I hope it gets better soon. I’ve been checked and I do have osteopenia but my G.P doesn’t want me on those awful drugs yet, thank goodness. I’m taking massive calcium and magnesium pills and eating cheese and milk in the hope it helps. My mother ladled it down me when I was growing up. She’d be upset to know it wasn’t as helpful as it should have been. I think the reason I’m still having problems is because it’s a hinge joint. What a sorry lot we are!
  7. Thank you, Peanut. I don’t think so somehow. Time is not on my side.
  8. I didn’t know about adult classes either, Peanut, and also thought they were only for professionals. Much self kicking here too. Unfortunately without a miracle, I am done with ballet after breaking my knee earlier this year. There are so many caveats by my G.P and the practise nurse that it’s a waste of time and money. I’m no longer allowed to kneel at all. I forgot when our dog was injured and my body reminded me fast! I’m only allowed to do ten minutes class and to work up to a full class over several months. Sigh...
  9. You never know unless you try, Viv. Wishing you all the best with your job and with your ballet journey.
  10. All good wishes for a rapid healing for your poor dd, @Darkbeans!
  11. To my despair, Amazon are selling pointe shoes and I have seen comments like “My five year old loves walking round the house in them”! The sellers say they aren’t for children etc etc but people are taking no notice. Another person and I commented that they weren’t safe unless a teacher approved and I added my polite opinion but Amazon has chosen not to publish it. I despair.
  12. Good gracious! What a ridiculous comment! It’s the 21st century but I suppose it is Russia...
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