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  1. I second a podiatrist. Verrucas can be very stubborn. I tried over the counter medication for one of our dds and the doctor said that a podiatrist would be more help. It took two or three visits to him before it finally cleared up for good. I wish you luck.
  2. It’s on the BBC website, @Miilicent.
  3. Fiz

    Room 101

    I am also going to add our solicitor who is making a very simple land sale into an endless dragging saga which has been going on since January. They don’t answer emails either.
  4. Fiz

    Room 101

    People who wear masks on their chins and take them off to chat to people and people who wear them and think it means they can move as close to others as they like. My niece has found the same thing where she lives too. You would think this wretched epidemic was over or had never happened the way some behave!
  5. I found Santander awful to deal with many years ago. They are good at being extremely uncooperative.
  6. I chuck my mask and gloves when we come back from shopping and if I wear a cloth mask it goes to be washed. I love my cloth masks but eldest daughter who works in a hospital told me to wear the medical grade masks as she doesn’t think my cloth masks are good enough. They are so pretty though!
  7. I’m sure that’s true but far too many people make excuses for not bothering to wear one.
  8. My youngest daughter wears a mask for eight hours when she is working. She also has asthma moderately badly. She can manage to wear a mask for an extended period so I simply do not understand people who say that they cannot. Surgeons have to do so as well.
  9. I suspect your sister in law must have had the real thing, in that case. She’s very brave. If you feel down, you can always DM me. x
  10. I feel for you, Glowlight. I have a partial immune deficiency and apart from grocery shopping, I have been nowhere since March. I have seen our younger daughter three times during that period and she is finally coming to a socially distanced supper this evening and we have seen a little more of our older daughter and she stayed over for the first time last weekend. Apart from that we have been to an outside coffee morning with our neighbours. I don’t think you are being silly and I strongly believe that there will be a clampdown again in the winter particularly as the Chief Health Officer has
  11. Tinkerbell, I really feel for you all. Fingers crossed that everything works out for the best.
  12. Alina Cojacaru has just announced on Twitter that she is expecting another baby at Christmas! Congratulations to her and her fiance Johan Kobborg.
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