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  1. No, I wasn’t there, Penelope, but I seem to remember someone on the previous site was and wrote about it. Then Johan said how he had been spoken to and it was almost unbelievable. Two such wonderful dancers and they were treated so shabbily. They are really nice, good people too. It left a very nasty taste in my mouth.
  2. I agree with you, Penelope. I’m a Facebook friend of Johan Kobborg’s and he was very hurt. He said so and since he and Alina Cojocaru were my favourite dancers after Adam Cooper and Sarah Wildor, I thought that the Royal Ballet hadn’t treated any of them too well. I cried when I read Johan’s description of the farewell. It was more like a brush off. They deserved so much more, in my humble opinion.
  3. Fiz

    Sewing help!

    That’s how I sew them too.
  4. Fiz

    Sewing help!

    I can sew buttons and hems so I managed to sew on ballet elastics and darn so I managed my daughter’s pointe shoes with much blood and effort but that’s it.
  5. Fiz

    Sewing help!

    The same here, Jan.
  6. Fiz

    John Mallinson

    Oh, how very sad! I send my love and best wishes to all his family and friends. Rest in peace, John.
  7. If the ROH doesn’t live cast Onegin at the cinema I will cry. I am preferring the RB ballets of the 1960s and 1970s to the purely classical “white ballets” of Petipa now although given no “Swan Lake” or “Nutcracker” I might change my mind.
  8. I agree about the repeated use of the maiden name of the Duchess of Sussex and even more ridiculously that of the Duchess of Cambridge who has been married for eight years now!
  9. I came across the following comment on Facebook yesterday. “Who is the girl who plays the little white cat?”. Swallowing my indignation I said she was Francesca Haywood, a principal at the Royal Ballet. Resounding silence in reply! 🙁
  10. Fiz

    Notre Dame Cathedral

    Apparently none the millionaires who pledged money to help rebuild Notre Dame have contributed a single penny so far. So much for putting their money where their mouths are!
  11. She was stunning, Lin! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
  12. Simona Halep played out of her skin and was a worthy winner. Congratulations!
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