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  1. This is terrible news about poor Stephen Mcrae. My heart goes out to him. He must be devastated.
  2. Fiz

    RIP Sir Roger Moore

    Oh no, Melody! That’s so sad. He always seemed to be a gentleman which is so rare nowadays.
  3. Would it be an idea to start a favourite dancers thread instead of accidentally derailing this one, for which I apologise?
  4. The posts about Bolle. It got me thinking about the feelings certain dancers evoke in me.
  5. Seriously, can you “be in love” with a dancer? I have several favourites who always move me tremendously and others who dance equally well, if not better yet they do not move me anything like the same way. “In love” is the wrong expression, I’m sure, but it’s akin to it. Is there even a proper expression for it?
  6. That reminds me of my youngest dd aged six. “I’m going to be a ballet dancer with the Royal Ballet and breed Persian cats in my spare time”! We had two Persians at the time and I said “ Ballet dancers are busy people, you know , and Persian cats need a lot of grooming”. She smiled sunnily at me and said confidently “I’ll find the time”!
  7. Fiz

    What's too old

    Our own Dormouse is much older than you - I hope she forgives me for saying that! - and does ballet exams. Don’t let age hold you back, Sam.
  8. I have loved ballet since I was three from listening to Tchaikovsky, watching ballet on T.V, finally having ballet classes which were curtailed by the strongly academic school I attended. Then I started my hyperactive eldest daughter at ballet to try and use her energy productively and in the hope that she would love it too. Then her younger sister cried to join in during a watch class so she started and danced six times a week after she was 13 and she still dances in local shows although it is mainly tap, modern and quasi ballet rather than pure ballet plus we all love to watch it, my husband included.
  9. Given the sheer amount of classes and homework they have, I don’t find it surprising at all.
  10. No Curzons anywhere near us - the nearest is Sheffield or Knutsford which my husband refuses to drive to so I really do hope it’s on the T.V at Christmas.
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