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  1. That’s a great photo of a dear little bird, Quintus! Thank you for sharing it.
  2. There’s a very graceful tribute to her by Xander on Instagram.
  3. Michelle, Covid cases are on the rise all over Lincolnshire and Nottingham is going into lockdown now and South Yorkshire is already there. I guess nowhere is that safe now. Stay well.
  4. Fiz

    Room 101

    Oh, Talk Talk are the very worst! We ditched them in 2012 and I can still remember the nightmare they were to deal with, from start to finish. You have my sympathy.
  5. Fiz

    Room 101

    The government’s Covid-19 policy - not fit for purpose.
  6. In the video, Kathryn actually said that MCB appeared to want her followers rather than her. They even suggested that her name should stay on the MCB roster even if she left. So horribly manipulative. Poor Kathryn.
  7. Kathryn Morgan’s new video on YouTube feeds directly into this subject. It made me angry and upset for this very courageous dancer.
  8. Kathryn Morgan has just released a video on YouTube about why she left Miami City Ballet. She was treated horribly by them and her mental and physical health began to suffer badly. It applies directly to this topic.
  9. I hope your poor son is soon feeling much better, @Pups_mum and I hope your other son will do well in mock results.
  10. Ear infections can cause very high temperatures so maybe it’s that? Fingers crossed for you all.
  11. I really hope your dear dd can shake it off easily, @Kanangra I always thought it was a premature and irresponsible act for the government reopen the schools and universities. Stay safe, all Ballet Co family. x
  12. Fingers crossed that it’s just a really nasty cold, @Pups_mum
  13. I hope it gets no worse. Our poor kids! I am not particularly concerned for myself but I am for my elderly husband and our dds.
  14. Wishing your daughter a quick recovery if she is positive and that she’s soon fighting fit again. x
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