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  1. What an awful waste! They are so beautiful too.
  2. I cannot believe that developers want to build all over this lovely place. Philistines!
  3. I hope the campaign to save Rimrose Valley succeeds.
  4. It is not discussed on this forum for legal reasons.
  5. David Austin Roses sell Darcey Bussell. It’s a prolific dark red, almost burgundy colour rose. We have two in our garden.
  6. Fiz

    Room 101

    He’s done it. The thing that annoys me is that I don’t bother her husband if he is mowing the lawn. He’s busy!
  7. Fiz

    Room 101

    Why is it when I finally persuade my husband to mow the lawn that my neighbour must come out and engage him in a long conversation? She’s lovely but it takes ages to mow it and he’s inclined to be somewhat lazy. Argh!
  8. I think everyone is feeling flat and rather overwhelmed and she probably is too.
  9. Fiz

    Room 101

    I think I remember that. Awful!
  10. They were. Their names were reduced to Chepuss and Lulu.
  11. Mine have had history inspired names instead - Blanchette, Minette, Cesare and Lucretia.
  12. Fiz

    RAD Video App

    Did anyone see Anna Rose O’Sullivan on Instagram brushing her parents new paint or wall paper with her arabesque the other day? It was funny.
  13. Alina as always is my favourite as Giselle but I also was impressed by the dancer from the Dance Theatre of Harlem.
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