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  1. Claire Calvert of the calm and sunny disposition was our first Lilac Fairy and I remember it fondly.
  2. Oh, it did, Blossom! We could feel Gary Avis’ tenderness for his partner, Bonelli, whom I adore, was on fire and as for Fumi Kaneko herself, I am lost for words. She was a brilliant star last night and I was in tears in several places. I love Kristen McNally too and the scene with her and her rat accomplices was so much wicked pleasure. As for the final act, the cinema audience broke into spontaneous applause the whole way through it, a thing I have never experienced here before. Bravo, Royal Ballet! You’ve done it again!
  3. They aren’t at our Odeon. It’s obviously preprinted before the Royal Ballet announcement.
  4. Oh no! I love Fumi Kaneko but Lauren Cuthbertson was devastated not to finish her performance on Saturday and I really wanted to see her.
  5. I noticed him when he was interviewed for the R.B’s Coppelia live stream.
  6. It’s pretty complex for adults so I don’t think children could follow it.
  7. Good luck tomorrow, @The_Red_Shoes!
  8. I hear you, Lin! I do too since I broke my knee. I’m not allowed to kneel on it anymore and I forgot for about three seconds yesterday when I knelt on our lovely soft bed. My left knee has been telling me for the past 36 hours that it was not a smart move.
  9. My daughter works for the NHS and watched nearly all of her bank staff get cut last week as well as several full time employees yet they are still supposed to cope. If one person goes off sick, everything collapses. I hear you, @Picturesinthefirelight
  10. I hope so. To quote Marie Kondo, for me Vadim Muntagirov sparks joy when I see him dance.
  11. Exactly, just as Osipova was kept in soubrette roles.
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