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  1. I’m a grandmaster now - that was quick!
  2. I have been on this forum and the original Ballet Co since 1999. To say that I was a newbie was rather surprising.
  3. Fiz

    Room 101

    Yes, we used Firefox for a while but it went rogue for us too.
  4. I’m sad too. She inhabited her roles and there was a glow whenever she was onstage. I will miss her. She’s unique. I am sure she will do well at Stanford as she is very intelligent as well as emotionally intelligent.
  5. I remember Andy Murray being grilled by Sue Barker at Wimbledon the year he lost and it was absolutely obvious that he was devastated. He said if she kept on he was going to cry. My heart went out to him. We get sweat and probably blood from tennis players. We should not demand their tears as well.
  6. Lovely news! Thank you for sharing it, Capybara.
  7. Fiz


    Does he know?
  8. What a wonderful part of the country to live in! Marvellous photos.
  9. Fiz


    Go Vadream! You have an illustrious name to uphold.
  10. That’s simply awful news. Rest in peace, Katherine.
  11. I paid £120 in one salon where I used to live for the same cut and blow dry! They had moved to a larger salon in the town and were handing out glasses of wine to the customers as routine. I was shocked rigid when I was told the cost. I never went back there again.
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