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  1. Hi Peony, describing as the correct line is a little bit misleading, its not so much a line but where the foot is extended out to second, or as a tendu to second without pointe shoes on, the metatarsals just below the ankle should steepen beyond a strait line, ideally especially with no pointe shoes should finish off that extreme arch with the toes perpendicular to the ground. Mine are not, the left upper metatarsals are starting to go, but the right are not, if anything its probably ever so tiny flexed upwards. Unfortunately there are a couple of issues with my right leg, firstly
  2. This is the first winter that I have been using my studio 7 days a week, partly due to the lockdown and partly due to two of my classes moving days. Fortunately due to the recent cold snap and the amount of time i'm spending in the studio, it has resulted in quite high electricity costs. Even the Studios air conditioning found it hard to maintain temperature at 25 deg C at the worst of the cold weather. Normally the studio would take about half an hour to get to temperature, from zero or below it would take around 3 hours and then sometimes struggle to maintain 20 deg C. Fortunately for the mo
  3. Hi Nicky73 The clip you have shown does not include “Sofia National Opera with Boris Spassov”, However I did find Sofia National Opera music for that piece. Firstly you need to be able to download from Youtube, if you can’t then you will need something like Save2PC ultimate, sadly its not free. That will provide you with a .MP4 video file, some sound editors can process video files directly into sound files eg .WMA .MP3 etc. I use Goldwave and it can, its also available free for evaluation and that should provide what you need as it is. I'm not sure if Audacity can
  4. I see Julie Cronshaw’s documentary about a week or so from a facebook newsfeed. It least I did learn something, I always wondered what the days of the week represented, as I have danced several enchainment from them, they feature quite strongly through all the Advance 2 Manuals and Documentation. After seeing the video, I found another four short youtube clips by Julie covering various tips, sadly the format of all these were the same: Beginning was Introducing Julie, the body being very short was about the subject, and the ending was an advert about the documentary and
  5. New additions to add to my home studio, I'm increasing the number of large 50+ inch displays from 2 to 3. The largest in the centre to view my teacher, then one at each of the down stage right and left corners. These are particularly helpful for body conditioning / stretch class floor work as I can see my teacher at any angle. In the past I have always had a third monitor, although it was quite small for pointe work, I was able to see myself on the small monitor from the front view, and the down stage left monitor for both side views, as the opposite view was reflected by the RHS w
  6. A bitter sweet start to 2021 for me, my Sunday stretch class with Karis Scarlet is no more, however its sort of moved to Wednesday mornings, replacing another fitness class she runs, I guess at some point they will merge. Before my first class that was Scheduled for the 4th I discovered the my Wireless Mic received had pack up, and was the only one I had, so initially had to revert back to a long cabled mic for my zoom classes, needless to say I replaced it from Amazon virtually overnight. First class back on the 4th Ballet fitness was cancelled as my teacher was ill, C
  7. Needless to say its happened, I guess it was no surprise that we are now in Tier 4, so I need to re-choreograph and start to teach Adrian his new Le Corsair PDD on Sunday the 10th, ideally get some of it documented too. In the meantime I must document the Odalisque solo's in my own style for polishing when the current restrictions are dropped and I can get back to my coach in Lincoln. My guesstimate is around Easter, although this strategy is quite feasible up to June, to be able to present it in Scotland for August. In the unlikely event that we get ahead of ourselves, I may just drop in Guln
  8. Where is this documented for Tier 4?, I couldn't find it in the RAD document or the Government docs.
  9. Yes Linda I stand corrected, thank you. I guess it wont be a surprise come the review on Wednesday, if the vast majority of the country is placed in Tier 4, or even totally locked down again. Either way I will just drop into my contingency of adding another PDD to Le Corsair and Dropping my pieces from La Bayadere. Besides I’ve still got plenty to do in learning the new Cecchetti Advanced 2 Syllabus, that will keep me going for ages, its a real challenging teaser. Then add my pointe work on top of it. Don t think I will be getting bored just yet, however I’m really beginning to mis
  10. Thanks for all the comments on the Tier 4 restriction, especially Balletgremlin’s RAD link, just a quick off subject on RAD, have they moved into the new building yet? My take on Tier 4, should it be applied to my area, it would postpone my rep one-to-one sessions at Lincoln. Even if it was allowed to use my own studio, its too far to expect my coach to travel, over 40 miles each way. I would simple carry on, on my own, hopefully by the time I needed to present it up in Scotland, we could get back together to polish it, but its likely that I will have to cut down the number of piec
  11. Hi Linda To some extent this is what I'm doing, as I have already performed the Odalisque PDT and the associated solo’s by never showcased them in Scotland, I have all the costumes for that. Similarly I have learnt the one of the La bayadere solo’s at BBT, you probably remember it, I did learn the other two with my previous coach Emma but never presented them in Scotland, The PDD has started with Adrian its from Act 1 between Nikiya and Solor, again I have my costume for that too, I just have to sort out the detail for Adrian's, as I have a lady poised to make it. As for choos
  12. A little bit of Christmas normality crept in at the end of this term to brighten things up, I was able to dust down on of my Tutu’s (Blue Bird) for Karis Scarlette’s Tutu and Tinsel Masterclass, although for me it was on line. She did run one for a limited number of dancers, a few days before at Pineapple. For me the on-line class wasn't a patch on last years in-studio at the Place, with mince pies and Champagne at the pub down the road where we all met after class. I had quite a Christmassy red leo and skirt trimmed with white furry stuff that I used for my last Ballet Fit class a
  13. Well done Colman. Today was my first day back in studio working one-to-one on rep from Le Corsaire, it was brilliant and such a change from not working on the new syllabus of Cecchetti Advanced 2. It almost felt like the gods were looking after me this week, my Cecchetti teacher had to cancel our classes this week, yesterday morning I received an email giving us clearance to use the Lincoln studio. Even though it was short notice as the scheduled slot for rep there was 10am on Thursdays. Naturally I assumed we were not going to get into those studios until the new year and the rep
  14. Hi Linda Thanks for the link, to be honest its not very helpful as its mostly about group activity, if not then classes neither of which is applicable to what I'm doing. Peony Yes I'm well aware that Boston with 450 is close to me but so is Peterborough in the opposite direction and its in Tier 2 with its rate above ours. My district of South Holland in Lincolnshire isn't a small collection of villages, we are around 90,000 people. So far we haven't heard anything back from our studio owner, where I referred that decision too. If we don't get a "ye
  15. OH SHOCK HORROR THE NEW TIER SYSTEM During the first part of last week I was especially pleased the end of lock-down 2 insight, particularly when my hair stylist confirmed they would be open on the Wednesday, as was my original booking, the day before the general lifting of the lock-down. That was particularly important for me as it was for colour and re-bun, and the following day I was due to start working in studio on my own rep with my new coach, whoopee. Wednesday evening after my Cecchetti class my teacher said it will be good to get back to the studio next week as
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