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  1. Hi LinMM I'm reluctant to use anything in London as the overall cost is likely to be very expensive, in any case I would be looking at a 5 day Monday to Friday hire from 9am to 3pm which was based on the 2021 hire requirement in Scotland for next year, and of course an adequate teacher for much of that time, that we certainly had, she was exceptional. For the moment I'm trying to link them together, I have one teacher that was supposed to be coming back to me last Monday, but no response as yet, I have another school and teacher in mind that I may sound out, otherw
  2. When I asked my Cecchetti ballet teacher if I could drop the Tuesday class if and when the other student returns, and continue permanently with 2 hours one-to-one on a Wednesday, she said YES, whoopee. All I need now is for faculty of Cecchetti at the ISTD to release the new Advanced 2 DVD as they have promised for September, then me and my teacher can truly sing from the same song sheet so to speak. Last Wednesday’s body conditioning class was perhaps the last outside without masks as it’s likely to be too dark this week, also as it was getting quite dusky by the end of class, whe
  3. Hi Peony I really doesn’t pose a serious problem of me fainting so to speak, just uncomfortable and a bit more challenging, however I think things may change since our class this last week. We were half way through our second hour working a piece of centre work from the syllabus and my teacher was complaining of getting hot under her mask. As there was only the two of us and we must have been around 3 to 4 metres apart, windows and a balcony door open. I just suggested we take the mask off and we both did. We were fortunate with our body conditioning class as the weather was nice
  4. Hi Peony My take on the mask issue stemmed from my disappointment of when ballet studios were allowed to open or rather the delay, as I had already booked the slot with my rep coach subject to permission being granted, well it wasn’t as dance studio’s came under the same heading as indoor gym’s. The advice at that time for indoor gym was each participant had to a 100sq of space, eg 10 x 10ft, which would equate to around 3 metres social distancing between centres, which made sense at that time with 2 metres social distancing outside, and then of course face coverings came in for supermarket
  5. Last week was my first week back to ballet, after mine and Adrian’s week in Scotland, sadly we didn’t do our intensive this year as we were too far behind with what I had set. My first surprise came from my Cecchetti when she asked if I could roll my Tuesday and Wednesday classes together as our other lady wouldn’t be attending on Tuesday. I thought this was another one off so to speak because of holidays. Eventually I queried it and I was told it will be two hours on a Wednesday until further notice, so I’m not sure what happened when I was away. When I attended the class, I got ano
  6. I didn’t receive my Bloch B-safe masks in time for todays classes, so I took the best of what I checked. Unlike you big girls doing those long hour and half classes, us lesser mortals only did 2 small 1 hour Cecchetti Advanced 2 classes one after the other in masks. As it was a nice evening we did the fitness class outside and a little deer came to watch us. Otherwise it could have well been 3 hours, no problem for us hard-core lot up here.
  7. For what its worth, I did some initial tests today the first was with Trumask a Nano fibre filter face mask with a multi layer replaceable filter, this was supplied by Vista print. I did half hour of Cecchetti barre, it was quite hot but bearable and I was confident I could have gone on for a full hour of barre exercises, room temperature at that time was around 25ºC. I had a break between the two tests as Adrian came home for lunch. The second mask was a Jiandi KN95 respirator which provides 5 layers of protection, it was well fitting and felt sealed around the edges
  8. Hi Linda I most definitely don’t agree with the inconsistency of individual studios deciding what they want regarding masks themselves. Shops and Supermarkets can’t, many shops have air conditioning and I guess most if not all supermarkets do too and it’s mandatory that we wear masks in those places, even though the government has taken a very lacks approach to enforcement. Also the social distancing where possible is still 2 meters, dropping to no less than 1 with mitigation. That must mean the basic rules imposed dance studios should be less than that of a supermarket, so wi
  9. Face covering or no face coverings, that is the question. Before I go on to requirements in dance studios, On Friday, the day face coverings were made mandatory for shops and supermarkets etc, I went shopping into Morrison with Adrian, the first time we have done our weekly shop together since the lockdown, in spite of the mask, it was a far nicer experience, to have someone to help. However it was spoilt when we left. As we had just got outside of the main door which had a segregated in and out, a young man of about 20, went into wrong entrance (exit) with no face covering,
  10. Hi LinMM My second class (Body Conditioning) on a Wednesday isn’t one-to-one, although it is quite small, there 4 regular students including me, sometimes 6 and our teacher. The class is inspired by PBT, so we use the large Swiss balls and yoga mats. Our teacher has asked us to bring in our own balls and mats but we must sanitise them before bringing them in. She also asked how we felt about wearing masks; those of us on line were prepared to give it a go. After wearing a mask both in shop and in town during this last week in preparation for next Friday when it becomes
  11. It seams I’m going to be back to class in the studio much sooner than I thought. I ask my Cecchetti teacher last night if she was going to do a summer break and resume studio classes next term in September. She told me she had an announcement to make, and she would make after our next class (Body Conditioning) when the other ladies are present. It seams we will not be taking a summer break, but she intends to resume the Tuesday Ballet class on the 28th July and my one-to-one Ballet , followed by Body Conditioning on Wednesday the 29th. July. For the Tuesday Ballet class there
  12. Hi LinMM I haven’t decided to leave this year trip that is still on. I decided to postpone this years one-to-one intensive in Scotland, although Adrian and I will still call in to see Gillian our teacher for a coffee and a chat . I dropped this year’s session as I mentioned, we were not ready, especially with Adrian’s PDD. Adrian was quite upset with both not being ready or feeling confident and the fact the cost is quite expensive against Adrian semi-retired rate, I know he felt quite uncomfortable about doing the event this year even though Im fully funding it. For me I could hav
  13. It seems things are on the move. Our Scottish school have confirmed they will take us providing they have the Scottish governmental approval. However after talking with Adrian about this years intensive and its associated cost, we have finally agreed to postpone this years event, as we are really not ready, and roll it into next year combining with next years plan too. Normally by this time of year, we will have learnt all our pieces of rep and will have spent the last month or so polishing them for performance. One useful thing that did come out. Previously Adrian had expressed a
  14. Hi LinMM I've been seeing my Sports Physio every other week since the middle of May.
  15. Hi Peony The studios at the school in Scotland will be full if they have clearance in September, I usually book our studio during their summer break for the second week in August, that is an annual commitment for me and Adrian and has been for quite a few years. LinMM I agree gyms wont be opening on the 4th of July, but we may get a better idea of when that’s likely to be. I'm also seeing quite a few on-line intensives planned now for August, suggesting it may be later than the 15th in England and substantially later in Scotland. As for the journey, its by car with
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