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  1. Today I just had my 2nd visit at the clinic to have the remainder of the soft corn removed, this visit was completely different, I guess because I was paying for it, the first was like a free assessment. Not only did she remove the rest of the offending corn, she cut my toe nails, well trimmed them a little, as I told her about where they needed to be for pointe work, before she started on them. She also checked the other foot and said there was signs of a soft corn forming in the same space on that foot too, but I told her to leave that one as its not causing me any issues at the moment.
  2. Taping my pinky toe to point slightly upwards did the trick and I managed to do Thursday nights pointe class and a couple of short practice runs too, although it does feel a bit odd. Unfortunately the tape doesn’t last very long before it appears to stretch and the toe begin to release, but it will get me by in the short term, at least its not painful now, I've another week to go before I go back to the clinic for the remainder of the soft corn to be removed by scalpel. Hopefully after that I can start to loose the toe tape and it begins to fully heal.
  3. I guess the evolution of my studio came from a slightly different set of requirement than most for Zoom classes on line. Firstly the initial planning took place mid 2016, it needed to give me sufficient space for rep practice as I was hiring around 10 hours of studio time a week, at times some studio weren't available just when I needed them, and of course travelling was also an issue and time consuming too. The floor space ended up at 30sq/m under the building regs, I could have gone slightly bigger but then limited by the fact I would not be allowed to go closer than
  4. Sadly I didn’t make my pointe class last Thursday, I had rested the foot all week from pointe work but still carried on with my on-line fitness classes and my Cecchetti ballet. I tried going up on pointe on the Wednesday evening but my little pinky toe on the right foot was still quite angry, it was now time to seek help. Fortunately one of my Physios are still working as the clinic he works for comes under medical, although I have two others that are qualified sports massage therapist come under the same as beauty therapist which I guess is regarded as recreational. Although I did
  5. Hi SissonneDoublee My Pilates teacher was back tonight and I did class with her, it was not quite what I was expecting, it was quite slow paced with a nice bunch of ladies and one guy. Like all classes its now closed going forward until the restrictions are lifted. They are not doing any on-line work in the meantime, if they were I would certainly be looking for something better. As for my little toe benefiting from this period away from class, the pointe class is an on-line class and we are now down to only 4 dancers, I wouldn't want it to fail because too few attended it and
  6. I had notification in the early part of the week, that my new Pilates teacher had now tested negative for COVID and our class would resume on Monday evening, in view of recent events I'm expecting an email to confirm it either way. I will attend if its available just to get some idea of its value, strangely enough one of my friends posted on facebook of another fitness class that was opening “Body Balance” on Mondays at the same time, If I hadn't joined the Pilates class, I would have joined the Body Balance as I used to attend that some years ago regularly on Wednesdays until it conflicted wi
  7. Hi Linda Yes its a fair size room but not quite a big as my studio, its just that its oddly shaped with the stairs coming up the middle, but I guess it does help support social distancing of facing groups, but I,m not sure what the sideways clearance is. I was initially concerned that the teacher works in a high risk environment (The Care home), but on balance I have no idea what the background of the participants are, it could be that some of them do and the same goes to ballet classes participants too. I must say my Tuesday fitness class is quite strict, m
  8. It seems I have another COVID indecent, I was to have joined a Pilates class this evening in the next village to my own, I checked the so called studio out last week, its a private house with a large upstairs room, where the stairs appears to come up the middle of the room, where everyone appears to be positioned in a horse shoe shape around it. Today I receive an email from the lady that own the house, to say the teacher has been tested positive for COVID at work, she works in a care home during the day. To be fair I was a little uneasy about joining this class when I visited the
  9. Hi Peony I'm with my teacher on this one. I would rather be proactive about the decision making rather than wait for the track and trace system alert to kick in or for that matter wait for the appearance of symptoms as then its probably too late. As it was my teacher reverted to on-line working for the first week, I had actually pre-booked that week off and half term too, to work on choreography that I will be introducing my new rep coach to on the 5th of November for our first session together. The second week for my teacher was half term and she wasn't going to run the fitness clas
  10. New release of Advanced 2 DVD My Cecchetti Advanced 2 DVD finally arrived in Monday morning post, needless to say I played it through Monday evening. Many of the exercises are very similar to those of Cecchetti Ballet Inc of Australia, although I feel the Australian videos are slightly better presented. I haven't seen any exercise that has be dropped, some have been altered and there are some new ones in the centre work that look quite pretty for the Cecchetti style. What I do like in this version, some of the barre exercises are done on both sides with connecting steps in the music, so i
  11. Whoopee At last the faculty of Cecchetti have released the new Advanced 2 DVD, this must be close on 2 years late. Finally it appeared in the ISTD shop, I know it wasn't there last week, needless to say I've ordered it, now just got to wait another 5 – 10days for delivery. I'm on break for two weeks after tonight from my Cecchetti class, at least when I go back me and my teacher will be singing from the same song sheet, cant wait. Had quite a detailed pointe shoe fitting with Just Ballet, with examining my foot and toes before I got to try any, (that hasn't happened at
  12. I met my new teacher for rep coaching last week in Lincoln, it was basically a meet and greet to check out chemistry between us and look at the studio facilities. The studio geometry while not ideal, not purely rectangular, does have a reasonable diagonal path for travelling turns etc, and the upstage left corner has the greatest distance from stage front where most solos start from, so quite usable. Chemistry between me and the teacher was great which is extremely important to me, especially when we swap rolls, cant wait to get started on the 5th now. Pointe work this week was a b
  13. There is light at the end of the tunnel. After spending almost a week with an angry little toe on my right foot, and my next pointe class approaching rapidly. In sheer desperation I tried one of my old pointe shoes on my right foot, it was the same type a Bloch Serenade, although that toe was still angry, it just felt so comfortable in that shoe, I tried going on pointe as it had been rejected by my pointe fitter at the time as having a broken back as it is quite floppy. But I had no problem at all getting on pointe and it seamed quite stable, but never the less I was still unsure
  14. Hi Peony Yes I’ve tried with normal padding, silicon and fabric ouch pouches, the little tuby things for the little and the toe next to it. I also tried increasing the depth of lambs wool under the Perfect fit inserts, but I think the main problem is once the little toe is angry, its difficult to distinguish the differences between the options. Yes there is molded material over the little toe but not very much, but there is fare more than that of the left foot where there is no problem. I'm not convinced fitting would help at all, firstly if the foot was cal
  15. My rep lady has finally got back to me, suprise suprise, she trained at my favorite ballet school in Scotland. I have arranged to have a meeting with her, really to check the right chemistry exists between us, as what I am looking for in rep coaching is somewhat different in culture to that of a regular ballet class, its more of a partnership where I have ownership of the choreography and how its interpreted and the schedule too. I really do hope its a successful meet and I can get on with 2020/2021 schedule towards our weeks intensive showcasing our work. Ive managed to survive my
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