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  1. HI everyone, I'm trying to get the right music for the Paquita variation 8 for my DS to dance to for the YAGP this year. The ones I see on YouTube (from YAGP and other places) are one version, but the only version I can find to download with decent audio is the Sofia National Opera with Boris Spassov - it's got loads of different music in it! Argh! Anyone got any clues? This is one we want:
  2. We've managed to book a free test with our council - they do asymptomatic testing which you can book for. I've booked him in for the Thursday before because I'm worried that they won't get the results over Easter weekend - it says you can do one 120 hours (ie 5 days) before if they then isolate after taking it.... Am worried about it not being 72 hours before but I'm more worried that 72 hours won't be enough...
  3. Hi everyone, my DS has just got a place at RBS London associates 12-2.15pm... anyone else in that class?
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