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  1. I think they said that they ‘aim’ to give results back within a month. I don’t know if that’s a full calendar month or roughly 4 weeks. So I guess that’s at the very earliest Friday 13th November, or some time the following week
  2. Talk about last minute. We filmed the audition this afternoon and I have just pressed ‘submit’ on the application. In my head, we live on a quiet street and there would be minimal distractions. But according to the video, we had, right outside the living room window where we were filming (in no particular order, and not limited to) an ambulance, Ocado deliveries, barking dogs, passers by stop literally outside our window to join other in having a chat, someone bouncing a football very loudly, boy racers... It felt like the equivalent of having a real life audition and letting a pa
  3. So there’s potentially space for 1 or 2 more maybe. Though with Covid restrictions maybe they’re already at capacity. I shall drive myself thoroughly mad always questioning and never knowing 😂
  4. So those 4 boys presumably ‘rose’ from Y5 into Y6. That must mean there are very few, if any, boys spaces available for Y4 and Y5. Sounds like Birmingham is full!
  5. There are only 4 Year 6 boys in Birmingham? Wow, so few for what should be a relatively big centre.
  6. Congratulations to your Y4 DD! 👏👏👏
  7. Thanks for the info. So it seems there are places, but far fewer than ‘normal’ years. Looks like 1-2 rather than 4-5 I imagine.
  8. Do you know if any new Y6 boys joined your DS’s class in London? Or do you feel they didn’t offer any new spaces, due to the classes being full of existing students?
  9. If that’s the case, in a ‘normal’ year, some of those SWL would probably be ‘yes’, and some of those ‘no’ would probably be ‘SWL’. It feels very disheartening.
  10. I sometimes think I drive myself mad on here questioning things that I will never know the answers to. But I can’t help but torment myself with speculation.... If the youngest class is a mix of Y4 and Y5, those Y5 children rose to Y6 in September. That would have created spaces in a ‘normal year’ for an intake of new Y4/Y5 children. I imagine it depends if the current combination of Y4 and Y5 children is already at capacity per centre, or if it’s short of capacity, to give a handful of successful applicants the opportunity to join. If a centre is already at capac
  11. Last year I think there were maybe 1200 applicants for JA’s? At £50 per application I’m sure it’s in their interest to have as many applicants as possible, even if there are only a handful of places...
  12. Unless I’m mistaken, I believe is saw two ‘yes’ but I’m not sure if they were both Y4, or one Y4 and one Y5. I must admit that I personally feel very cynical this year. The dreaded ‘C-word’ of Covid will surely mean that class sizes must be kept very small? My July born DS auditioned for Y4 London last year and was given SWL. I was told that they give relatively few Y4 places to give opportunity for new Y5 student to join/expand the group when Y4s ‘rise’ to Y5. But the pressure to keep class sizes small makes me wonder if there will be any Y5 places this year at all! I hope I’m wrong, but I ha
  13. Who knows, there is the possibility that a space becomes free, we can always live in hope 🤞 But ‘next years’ auditions are only a few months away so hopefully that’s a live audition.
  14. My DS got SWL for London Y4 last year, but unfortunately it didn’t materialise into a place as no one dropped out. BUT, I’m assured it means your child stood out, and there aren’t enough places to accommodate all. My DS was tiny last year and he’s grown so much in a year, also as a dancer. It’s a really positive achievement even if it doesn’t materialise into a place.
  15. I have the opposite problem for my DS at Tring. The elmhurst full sole canvas shoes are fine but the soles get dirty so quickly and I wish they’d allow leather. For Tring CBA they’re a strategy canvas split sole, and he can’t get them on. He’s a 3 in ‘normal’ canvas shoes but looks like he’s seriously need a 4.5 in the canvas stretch split sole.
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