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  1. Feels like it’s more aligned with Tring Park in terms of dates, with preliminary auditions being this side of Christmas.
  2. Yes, @Lily Craggs our grouping is maybe just for Birmingham which seems to have been divided into 3 JA classes. I only discovered the other day that Birmingham will be putting all boy year groups together (JA2), whereas other centres sometimes have a dedicated Y6 class for the boys.
  3. I believe JA1 will be a combined class of Y4 and Y5 girls. JA2 will be a dedicated boys class for all years, 4/5/6 combined. So JA3 is presumably the Y6 girls class.
  4. Received it this afternoon too. Just curious if there is more than one boys group and more than one girls group during week 1. I can see my DS is in ‘Blue Boys’ and ‘Windsor Dorm’, but wondered if there are other boys groups and other boys dorms.
  5. My DS will be in the same group. You’re welcome to DM 😊
  6. Unfortunately I don't know the Y4 times yet, just Y6. Hope they don't keep you waiting too long for confirmed information.
  7. Which year will he be starting? My DS will be going into Y6, which is every Saturday (32 sessions) 12:45pm to 15:00pm. The classes are returning to Birmingham Royal Ballet studios, as they were moved to Nicholson School of Dance whilst BRB was closed.
  8. My DS will be Birmingham Y6 too, but boys are now in their own class 12:45pm-3:00pm
  9. I can see that Birmingham have now set up a dedicated boys class from September, which is a new development.
  10. I hope PCR tests are a little cheaper now. It’s my DS’s 10th birthday the day before they go on the Sunday. He will be super annoyed if his main birthday present is a PCR test 😂
  11. Thanks so much for this @Lara Eschleras I know others were wondering too. Regardless of the requirements, hopefully testing is less expensive now, and more easily accessible, especially as week 1 is a ‘regular week’.
  12. Just a practical query for anyone who attended spring intensives.... what covid testing was required for attendance? If they (inevitably) push back the lifting of covid restrictions from 21st June to at least the 20th July, the first week register on the 18th July to start on the 19th. Will any paid for testing be required?
  13. This was exactly our experience for Y4. It was recommended by a good teacher that we apply, and this was pre/before any kind of meaningful ‘research’ or even knowing about this forum etc. When I turned up on the day and we saw at least 50 boys (2 auditions crossing over) in London, we realised immediately that the number of applicants was vastly greater than the number of spaces available. Some research after made me regret that we had applied to London, and wished we had applying elsewhere. But I then realised that that would have been more a case of hedging bets and ‘chasing odds’ rather than just letting my son try his best and be satisfied in that, regardless of the outcome. As you mentioned, and as I realised, the knowledge of ‘numbers’ simply helped manage expectations and rationalise any disappointment. In a live audition you get a visual experience of how many are applying. In a video audition, you don’t ‘see’ those numbers.
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