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  1. Good that it was a great opportunity to ‘test’ homesickness. That must be a relief! My DS struggles to switch off at night so I’m sure if he’s paired up with another night owl, there might be a distinct lack of sleep 🤦‍♂️ He did 3 consecutive days of 10-4 over Easter and he was very tired by the final day, so hoping this isn’t too much of a struggle for him. Only one way to find out I guess....
  2. Great that he enjoyed it! Must have been a great experience given last summer’s in-person cancellations. It will certainly be a test of my DS’s stamina, as he’s done daily classes, but never a full week of full time dance. I imagine a lot of complaining about achey feet when his time comes 😂 Do you think your DS was in the only mixed group/bubble with boys in? And all the other groups were girls? Very few boys then in the grand scheme of things if that’s the case...
  3. Thanks for that! Interesting and slightly unpredictable mix then. Did your DS enjoy the week?
  4. Yes, getting information out of my DS can be either easy, or like getting blood out of a stone (and every possibility in between) 😂 Between those openly sharing results on this forum and those that share things on social media, I did get the very fuzzy impression that there were a modest number of Y5s offered places, maybe more to Y6s, and as you mention, you could still be in Y7 and fit into this age bracket. If your DS’s recollection is one ‘bubble’, I wonder how many bubbles there were that week. Purely idle curiosity.
  5. Did your DS just do the spring intensive? I saw RBS Instagram stories showing Spring Intensive classes and the groups appeared relatively big. It was hard to see if they were split between girls and boys in any approximate way.
  6. I’d be fascinated to know if there is an even split between girls and boys in week 1 and week 3, and if within that there’s a roughly even split between children in school academic Year 5 and Year 6. Week one: 19-23 July for girls and boys aged 10-11 years Week three: 2-6 August for girls and boys aged 10-11 years Or if it’s all just very random.... and unpredictable.
  7. Congratulations to your DS, that’s wonderful news! Did they give you the April 25th summer term start date?
  8. Your comment on ‘practice makes permanent’ has definitely stuck in my mind, and it’s something I’m trying to navigate through the ‘post lockdown’ path.... As a consequence of our relocation during the first lockdown, we found ourselves in the ‘flip’ situation of having zero ballet tuition, all ‘left behind’ us in London. Rather than having good local tuition supplemented by associate programmes, my DS was successful at associate programmes and we struggled to find good local tuition. We found a great zoom teacher, but post-lockdown, that relationship would need to stay on zoom to c
  9. As much as I hate a zoom meeting, and much prefer talking in 'real life', I'll be very interested to see if the concept of 'zoom' tuition stays with us some time, grows in popularity, or fades away over time... What it has been able to do is bring students/teachers closer together who would otherwise have been separated by distance. It might have bought great quality tuition to someone in a remote area etc, and might go some way to dispel that myth (if there is indeed one) that children close to major centres have more opportunity than those who don't. For my own DS,
  10. I’ve tried to apply that to myself. Even my partner says ‘are you still looking at that ballet forum?’ 😂
  11. Yes, me too. I went from a kind of ‘under-use’ to ‘over-use’ and still haven’t found the happy medium. But I think I it’s definitely true what you said, that there was a desperate scramble to find info, activity etc, and for some people to show that they were still dancing. With people’s income drying up, it’s no surprise some tutors/schools sought income via zoom and social media, and subsequently no surprise that children/parents showed their participation in classes given ‘real life’ had came to a crashing halt.
  12. Another gut-feeling is that the Covid pandemic and lockdowns just vastly accelerated what was already happening. People talked about decline of high street shopping etc, then lockdown just accelerated that decline, as we became reliant on it much more rapidly. Brands and organizations (including dance schools and studios) might have had some social media presence, but lockdown accelerated their (inevitable) reliance on that, and that quickly became one of their primary means of communication, so subsequently our primary means of receiving information. The fact that many organizations have m
  13. My personal thoughts on social media is that its important to follow only what you want to follow, and not get caught up in the things you don't. Its so easy to 'take the bait' and be provoked by things we don't want to see and hear. The luxury of Instagram is that we can follow what we like to follow, and unfollow/block/mute/ignore the things we don't want to. Like newspapers, we don't read all of them, we probably find the ones that reflect our personal values. I know perfectly well the ones not to read as they will do nothing but enrage me. At the same time, I have to respect that someo
  14. I totally agree with this. Potential is a very elastic word. The goalposts of the word ‘potential’ have almost definitely shifted. The RBS are presumably going to take successful WL applicants on an incredible and demanding educational journey. Like you say, in the past, body type and facility might be enough to show potential. (I personally had this conversation with a famous choreographer who joined WL at 16 with no previous classical ballet experience, and went on to become a principal, then artistic director of a major company). That would be almost unheard of now! He said that himself. No
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