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  1. We are one drive too had a good scout but couldn't see if you can check views.... probably a good thing in my case! 不不不不不
  2. Hi how do you know if it was viewed? I really don't have a clue about this sort of thing 不不
  3. We are in this video year and we have found it very stressful, not necessarily the dancing part but how to show DCs artistry... DC has artistry and moves well but its difficult to capture it. Our house isn't big enough for some of the elements, despite stripping out all the furniture! 不 we aren't parents with a dance background and certainly not movie makers. We tries not to get stressed or overthink it but we have and do. Despite RBS vid now in and done.. I look at it and think things like nope that was wrong etc etc. Parents should just be the people who take a child to an audition, wish th
  4. Congratulations to the yesses, waiting lists and the no's are not yets...which is where we are. It's easy to overhink it all and after reading all the helpful comments here, it's a case of chalk it up to experience and forward with the next dance project... in our case audition video... resilience is a great skill to have and I'm learning! Good luck to everyone here who is on the vocational journey, especially in these different times. I try to keep telling myself what will be, will be and me trying to second guess isn't helping me, although I do still seem to do it! 不.. One thing I do know,
  5. Thankyou... just a shame it's predominantly digital auditions this year and DD probably won't experience an audition in person, which is a shame. Xx
  6. Thankyou for your kind words. I dont think DD looks great in photos and certainly doesn't catch her artistry,we are trying to be really grounded about the Yr7 applications, they have nearly all gone digital, so I'm a bit concerned her photos will be a problem this year as more is put on them... We are doing the MA/WL video audition at home, so its not going to be Oscar winning! We were just hoping for a wait List for Spring Intensive this time around but sadly no, I think a wait list would help spur us on for the videos and photos! Haha. Congratulations to your DC xx
  7. We got a no, just wonder now where this leaves our MA/WL application?DD is Yr6 JA.
  8. Well said! We are currently looking at DDs video for MA/WL, which means moving the house around... checking flooring and lighting, etc, etc, etc and yet we know how minute the chances are BUT with such a passionate, committed and hard working DD how could we not let her try? 弘
  9. I've always wondered how they choose too. DD got a straight no for Summer last year and was too young for spring...DD is a JA, so I don't think it plays an advantage or disadvantage...but I don't know 不 I guess they can't take many...we aren't expecting a yes but to be within even a chance we have to apply, so thats how we see it, got to be in it to win it so to speak. I think it's harder for us, all this waiting and wondering than it is for our DCs. When I applied I didn't tell DD when results were due out lol Good luck everyone xx
  10. I hadn't seen about the Hong Kong, so I don't know if it will affect the London spring one, London closing date was extended. I'm trying to forget about it 不不 because its more than likely a no, luckily the MA/WL and Tring videos are keeping me busy...im too old for all this, technology stuff! x
  11. Haha no.... we are hoping to get back to dance studio but if not I will just work our way through the list... like RBS.... and hope we get it right. Hopefully they will know we may have to film at home x
  12. Yeah we thought that, then part of us wants to get it done lol... do you think they watch all the video for W/L MAs? x
  13. How's everyone getting on with their videos.... we will be starting ours soon but will be doing it at home, eek 不
  14. Thankyou all very helpful. Its not the cost of the audition or the school as such, we have done the calculator on MDS and what we'd have to pay to top up.. seems OK on paper but there are other costs as well I'm sure x
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