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  1. Hi its gone now I'm afraid but there was someone else on here who said they have one x
  2. My DD is finishing Yr 6 Jas and we have a character skirt, these are hand made for RBS, happy to sell if anyone interested... sen me a message if interested 😊
  3. Just found it 🤣🤣🤣 thankyou so much!!
  4. Hi quick question, the deposit is paid by parent pay which I've done but I haven't had any email confirmation that I've paid, other than my bank says £50 paid to parentpay, doesn't even say Elmhurst. Has this been the same for any of you? Am I worrying uneccassrily as usual! 🤣
  5. I can highly recommend Ballet Boost, my DC has really enjoyed their time with BBA, the only reason we are leaving is because my DC is starting vocational training in September. There are uniform standards to adhere to, which I think is a good thing and it also gives the child a sense of belonging too. My DC has found the lessons brilliant and always come out happy. From a "strict" sense I have always found the lessons well structured with focus, the children behave well and my DC always comes out smiling, keen to tell me what they've learnt, we will miss BBA
  6. Thankyou. Think its just good to get a feel for what the extras are, it's my searching on here and speaking to people helped, somehow us parents find it haha and if you offset what you are currently spending on all aspects of dance then it's not too bad. I found the MDS calculators on Elmhurst and RBS very useful to work out an approximate of what you might pay if on and MDS, once again people on here have said it's fairly accurate but obviously I'm not 100% sure Best of luck to your DC let us know how it all goes 🥰
  7. We have completed the vocational journey this year... starting with applications as long ago September 2020 for this September. I went into it with eyes wide shut! 🤣 it was an extraordinary year for auditioning and hopefully for all auditioning for 2022 it will be a bit more back to the norm. There were no open days, or school tours due to covid, so all my research was done online and through virtual tours. This forum was extremely helpful, as it gave a gateway to talk to people who have dc's currently attending vocational schools, who were happy to share knowledge and experience. My main tips would be do your research. Although RBS and Elmhurst mostly (I believe) come with MDS (which is also income assessed) Tring and Hammond only have a certain amount to give out, these two schools do preliminaries then funding finals. Tring select for funding finals, Hammond offer all those who have me the required standard for the school (who are offered a full fee paying place) an MDS final audition. Then there are other costs to feature when you are doing your research, picking up and returning for exeat weekends, additional things at weekends, uniform and other things but I found alot of information out from lovely, experienced people on here. Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to, each vocational school is different in what they offer and what they look for (that's what I've read on here) We have had a stressful but also enlightening journey with my DC, I wouldn't change it but I wasn't quite prepared for the roller coaster haha. We wanted to support our DC to try and we don't regret a minute. I've also met some lovely people and made new friends too. Go for it and see where it leads, nothing is set in stone or undoable. Good luck and always ask questions on this forum, you will get an experienced answer im sure 😊 my DC starts vocational school in September, so we are now on another new journey!
  8. Not just us then 🤣 waiting for yr7 results
  9. Is anyone still waiting for Hammond results from Wednesdays recall audition? X
  10. Wonder why they've not sent all the yr7 emails yet when they've done some 🤔 confusing lol x
  11. Not all yr7s have had results yet
  12. No not heard anything since the email saying about recall auditions x
  13. There are a lot if Jas throughout the different Centres and they won't all have been invited to finals. Good luck everyone and enjoy the experience 🥰 x
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