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  1. Yeah good advice... I emailed them late last night over my photo panic and they replies this morning.. so they should get back to you fairly quickly xx
  2. Haha her eyb video took all day to sort, label, send etc and it was only 4 and half minutes long! 😂🙈 xx
  3. Just to clarify the tears of frustration weren't my DDs 😂 they were mine! Lol
  4. Haha thanks... I actually felt I deserved the accolade! 😂😂😂😂 xx
  5. Hopefuly they will send Sundays soon.. what year is your DD going for? It said use the space you've used for other online lessons and some safety stuff. It's all really easy to understand... even for me! 😂😂🙄 xx
  6. Yes I agree, although though there were tears of frustration over her English youth Ballet video audition, she had the lovely news she's been offered a place, so was worth the stress... I think 😂😂 x
  7. Thankyou.. we did 3 associates auditions last year and no problems. She's had 2 this year, one for EYB and this one and for some reason they have been quite stressful....probably My age!😂😂
  8. Thanks... they emailed back and said just the plie.... Honestly did 3 associates auditions last year no issues this year EYB and this one I've found quite stressful 😂🙄🙄
  9. Well I've emailed them... to ask if I should send more, apologised and pretty much stated I'm an idiot! 😞 See if they reply. Honestly this whole thing is fated. We've spent along time and alot of ethernet cable trying to get a stable internet connection where she will be doing it, her matching hair thing to her leotard has gone missing. Have ordered katz ballet shoes from 4 different sellers all emailed back out of stock, now I've messed up the photos...and this is all unlike me. None of this bodes well for Saturday. Just hope they don't judge my DD on her mother's stupidity 😜😜😜🙄😂
  10. Yeah I think you are right... just looked at them again... I feel such an idiot now. I'd better email them! They are going to think I'm a right idiot 😞😞😞😞xx
  11. No I have looked and misread it 😞 I only sent the plie photo.. I had better email them. I hope I haven't affected her chances... It's not her fault her mum is an idiot! 😞 x
  12. Got my email she's in Sat 2.45 year 6... when you say photos... I thought it was just one photo in plie or did I get that completely wrong!? 😂
  13. Good point, not sure. I wonder how many will be in the zoom class and what they will have to do x
  14. Same here... I'm having so much trouble with my emails. Would you mind letting me know when you do? Then I know to ask if I haven't had one lol xx
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