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  1. Yes thanls but I only knew when I checked their website last week. I didn't receive an email about it, if there was one.
  2. Thankyou... I didn't get a confirmation email either but I did ring and then said they had received her application, she's younger than 11 but they said still apply, so I think even if does go ahead then it's probably unlikely that she will be offered a place but got to be in it to win it lol 😁
  3. Hi I didn't get an email about summer school at all... we applied quite late first week in March, wondering if I should have received an email now? 🤔
  4. Thankyou... I was told she doesn't have "banana" feet and after some research of pics of high insteps and arches, she does not have these type of feet. I want to support her to follow her dreams but worried it's hurdle that she simply can't do anything about. She has long Achilles and a very deep plie, her feet are strong and she can make a bridge when she's doing her doming excercises but I don't know if that's enough. I don't have a dance background so it's all a bit tricky for me lol
  5. Hi Another question from a newbie dance mum 😂... Ballet feet, my research tells me that high arches (banana feet) are desirable, so when it comes to vocational schools is this a 100% must? Or do dancers get in with nice but strong feet but not necessarily very high arched. Just trying to manage DDs expectations lol
  6. Another question... 😊 does everyone who applies to Elmhurst preliminarys get an audition? Same as RBS? Or do Elmhurst invite after seeing photos?
  7. Oh that's good! She's got one side completely flat, the other nearly and box isn't too bad but not completely down...don't want her stressing over it as she dances beautifully (I'm biased haha) , rather she be happy with that 😊
  8. Wow congratulations to your daughter 😊 and thankyou that's really good to know x
  9. Thankyou, is it important they are able to get flat down in splits both legs and box splits? DD can do one leg flat, the other almost there but box is more of a challenge! Lol
  10. Hi Looking for experience please, would someone be kind enough to tell me what generally happens at the first auditions for Year 7 RBS and Elmhurst please. Things like do they need to do splits both types front and box, froggies, improvisation etc that sort of thing... do they take their shoes off etc. All this is new to us and I'm on a fact finding mission 😂 thanks in advance 😊
  11. Yeah that's alot of travelling but going to Covent garden.. wow! DD is doing the Covent garden workshop and can't wait haha
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