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  1. Not just us then 🤣 waiting for yr7 results
  2. Is anyone still waiting for Hammond results from Wednesdays recall audition? X
  3. Wonder why they've not sent all the yr7 emails yet when they've done some 🤔 confusing lol x
  4. Not all yr7s have had results yet
  5. No not heard anything since the email saying about recall auditions x
  6. There are a lot if Jas throughout the different Centres and they won't all have been invited to finals. Good luck everyone and enjoy the experience 🥰 x
  7. With the lateral flow tests you do input your results on the Gov site and you get an email and text confirming the result They are fairly easy to do but it is worth reading the instructions thoroughly first. The test looks a bit like a pregnancy test kit with a control line and a test line, so if the control cones up the test is working fine. Result in half an hour and then you input the result into the Gov site I have these tests at home and have to do them regularly for work Good luck with the finals everyone x
  8. Does anyone know how many MDS for Hammond this year?
  9. We have an idea what would suit our DC best too and that's what its all about 😊
  10. It tougher than I expected. I too entered into this as objective as I could and did DC we were so happy to receive a place at Hammond and mds final like yourselves. Congratulations for both your results 😊 i think we've written off the other 2 now as DC got a no for Tring. Xx
  11. No, just planned for the 17th so we've started process of booking hotel and getting time off school. I believe Tring announced their mds final dates for the weekend, so I'm guessing as it stands they are still planning to go ahead. It will all be down to if the schools re open on the 6th March xx
  12. Hi I registered when we had DCs offer of a funding final x
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