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  1. I thought it might be nice to have a thread to ask ask the all the questions that are bound to crop up. Hopefully there will be some experienced parents on here to point us in the right direction. 🤞🏻
  2. Hi all, I am not acquainted with the dance world at all. My Dd just got accepted as a JA at RBS, so I've got all these questions swirling in my head and I'm hoping you can help me out. Assuming she is still interested in ballet in the next few years, would we then apply for vocational schools for her in y7? Are these boarding schools, since we have none very local to us. I'm also not keen to let her go at such a tender age. Could she have a career in ballet without going to a vocational school? Sending her for ballet training will be a big sacrifice for us as a family - time, and effort, and finances. I know it's a decision only I can make, but what kinds of career paths would this lead to? And what sort of salary? Ultimately I am struggling to answer my question- is it worth it? (I sincerely don't want to offend anyone here, I am just in need of wisdom from experienced parents). Thank you so much for your time to answer my questions!
  3. Just wondered if there was a junior associate 2022 forum?
  4. Hello My 8yo's ballet teacher has told us that our daughter should try the RBS's auditions as Junior Associate. I don't know anything about the dancing world. I've combed the RBS website and see the insight day was last year but the application for the audition is this Feb to start in Sep 22. My question is, is it worth it to apply for my daughter this year? We don't know what the auditions entail. Does everyone generally attend the insight day first the year before? It seems like a long time between the insight day and the actual auditions for an 8yo to remember what is to be expected of her.. Thankful for your responses!
  5. How are people getting on with the photos. Just looking through them to pick now. It's hard as some have better feet and some better arms 🙈. Dd is only 8 so sure they are just looking for general ability.
  6. Just incase anyone was interested applications are now open Good luck to anyone applying https://www.scottishballet.co.uk/join-in/training-workshops/associate-programme
  7. Hi does anyone have any idea when the junior associate audition results for Totnes are out? Thanks!!
  8. Hi my daughter auditioned for the JA for Year 5 - first time we have ever done anything like this ? Did anyone else’s daughter audition? Does anyone know when you roughly hear back ?
  9. Hi, I’m new to all this. My nine year old has been dancing since she was three and currently does three classes a week and loves it. She has a great build for ballet, small, slim and an incredibly strong core. She has done a couple of Scottish Ballet workshops which she loved and shown an interest in the Scottish Ballet Junior associate programme. However she is very nervous that she will be out of her depth and the others will be far ahead of her at the audition. She is currently studying RAD 2. Can anyone advise on what the auditions are like, what they are looking for, how many are selected etc. Thanks!
  10. www.royalballetschool.org.uk/2019/01/14/new-associate-centre-to-open-in-scotland/
  11. Ever since my daughter's ballet teacher told me that she's should consider auditioning for the RBS JAs I've been lurking on here trying to work out whether it's a good idea. She wants to do it so we've decided she can go for it, although we/she knows the vast majority of people don't get through. However I still feel I'm in a world I know nothing about and trying to make decisions and know how to help her is tough! When I was younger I had no desire to do ballet at all. I loved riding, so I understand what it is to have a real passion for something but not dance. As an adult I love to watch ballet and I'm lucky enough to get lots of free tickets - so I do really appreciate and admire it - but the last few weeks have taught me I know nothing! (Kind of thought I did after watching so much - so wrong there). I've got a few questions to ask and hoping someone can help. The first 2 are simple I think. The last one's trickier and guessing there's no right answer but interested in the views of people with a lot more knowledge than me. 1. I've been looking at the cost and it's quite pricey! I wouldn't have thought we'd be eligible for help as we're ok but spend a large chunk of our salaries on (low) private school fees so don't have much to spare after that. But I see there are a variable number of lessons priced up. Can you choose how many you do? What are the pros and cons of doing fewer? Obviously we'll save money but would she miss out? Or at 8, would it be better not to do too much to start with anyway and see how she goes? 2. I think the answer to this isn't what I want to hear! - are the lessons in Richmond Park or Covent Garden? I'm guessing Richmond Park. CG is so near to us - Richmond Park somewhat further! 3. Lastly - and I know all this is very previous, but I like to think things through! - if she got very into ballet and wanted to be a professional dancer, I'd be worried. From an outside perspective it's so tough to get into, a hard life in many ways if you do, low pay and a short career. Am I wrong? I know I don't know much about it and this is an outsiders view. Do I have the wrong perspective? Most importantly is it unfair of me to encourage my daughter now if further down the line, I might be actively discouraging her? What do people who were ballet mad youngsters think? Very grateful for any answers/thoughts.
  12. Hi, looking for some advice. My dd is a JA with RBS she has an audition with elmhurst coming up for full time training. Just wondering what she should wear should she wear her JA uniform or not? Thanks 😄
  13. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and a newbie to dance in general.My daughter has just been turned down after a RBS JA audition.It was her first audition for anything as she has only recently joined a ballet class (gymnastic background). Whilst she was a bit down at first she has asked me to look for alternatives. I would be very happy to hear alternatives please from parents who know what is what! Thank you so very much
  14. Hi there, With encouragement from her teacher, my 8 year old has settled on her dream to be a ballet dancer. I’m hoping to get some advice about how to provide her with the best opportunities and pathways to reach her dream. I’m very aware of how competitive ballet is so i’m keen to make the journey as enjoyable as possible for her. She’s currently in a Grade 2 class for a hour a week and will be taking an additional associates-type class from September (not JA). I think i’m struggling to know whether to get her to audition for JA next round, or to see how the additional classes go and wait until she’s a bit older to audition for associates? She’s desperate to get into the CAT programme so would a JA class make this more likely? Thanks for any advice xx
  15. Hi we have a RBS JA audition on Tuesday in Birmingham. Could anyone tell me where the best / nearest car park is please? Tia x
  16. Hello everyone! *waves* About 6 months ago my DD got a book out the library about the royal ballet and subsequently discovered a load of videos on youtube about the school and their schemes. She has now become set on auditioning for the junior associates. She watches the video all the time and says ‘I love everything about it’. I don’t really know much about ballet, and had never heard of this JA programme, so googled it and found this forum! Having discovered how competitive it is (gulp) I was wondering if anyone could help a newbie with some advice! I don’t know how much potential she has but she dances everywhere (round the house, to school, in the garden…) and seems very graceful. She has been going to lessons since she was 3 (has recently turned 7), and is currently in Y2. Should I talk to her ballet teacher (I don’t want to come across as being a pushy mum)? I’m a bit scared to if I am honest! We kind of live out in the sticks so it isn’t something that really happens here, although a read of her dance schools website has shown past pupils have done associate schemes – I’m not sure when though, certainly not since she has been at the school. She talks every day about how much she wants to go and try out for it, she has even made a little goal chart on her wall. Its all so lovely really I haven’t got the heart to say anything other than anything is possible? Are there any schemes in the east of England that she could also try for? Or is it pretty much London based stuff for us? If I took her to an insight day would that be a mistake? I’m a bit worried in case she is way out of her depth! She is so passionate about it all, I feel like I want to support her as much as I can whilst trying to keep a sense of realism around it all? Her school is an ISTD school which doesn’t enter festivals or comps or anything, but it is quite a ballet focused school from what I can see. She also does gymnastics so is fairly flexible although not one of those mega bendy types! The thought of going to any of these things makes me wobble a bit! I am a bit nervous to even post this but after reading a few of the JA topics I got into a bit of a panic about what to do (if we are not good enough to even think about it)? Any advice? Sorry for the waffle! Thanks so much! x
  17. As the RBS Junior Associates Auditions start next week for 2017 entry, I hope it is ok to start a thread for parents and children and for questions and support. I have a child auditioning in London. X
  18. Just wondering what the assessment procedure is for JAs and Mids. Do parents get feedback throughout the year? Do the students get an idea of their weaker areas before the assessments so they know what to work on beforehand? Apparently Elmhurst Associates do not give parents any feedback of their child's progress at any point during the year and no report at the end of the year for Extended Associates. How can they justify this?
  19. Hi, A little boy who I teach at my local dance school has a JA audition soon; does anyone know what is involved in the auditions for a year 5 JA, or have any tips I can give him? Thank you! x
  20. Hello, This is my first post so I apologise if im posting in the wrong section 😕 My 9yr old daughter has been doing dance for the last 3 years (ballet, tap and modern). But she has a fondness for ballet and keeps telling me she wants to be a ballerina when she is older, and as much as im taking that comment with a pinch of salt 😉...obviously if it's what she's passionate about then i want to encourage that. I have no dance background so I don't know if she's got what they look for as regards ballet, however she has managed to achieve a distinction in both her pre primary and primary exams (but think these might be easier than grades?) And currently working on grade 1. Sorry im babbling... So my issue is, the dance school she is at only do one 45 min class for her grade per week, and I want her to do more. The teacher wont let her go to another school alongside (understandable) , unless it's an associate class! Ive googled it and it comes up with RBS 😲....i don't think we are quite at that level yet, so my question is, are there any other associate classes which would better suit her level, or have you got any advice as regards other ways to bump up the number of hours of ballet she does without upsetting her teacher? Her teacher has told us to audition for EYB and get her in a summer school (was looking at OPES) so im in the process of sorting that atm. Any advice much appreciated for a mum totally out of her depth 🙈
  21. Hi, does anyone have a child that is currently a Junior associate that also does dance festivals? Just wondered how you find it and whether you have spoken to RBS about it? From what I understand its kind of looked down on to do the festivals, so I presume it's not a good enough reason to miss any sessions. So far my dd has put royal over festivals and hasn't missed any sessions, however becoming increasingly difficult when she is now in groups and has duet partners etc, Any advice or similar experience?
  22. My DD is a Royal Ballet JA and we have had our yearly progress report from the teacher. She has said that she has a very young look about her!! She is 9 and year 5 but I'm not sure what she means. Does anyone have any ideas?? I have asked her what she means is it physically that she looks young but she said its not a physical look. Her exact words were 'she is a lovely mover but still has a young look about her'
  23. Hello! I am hoping someone can help me as I don’t have much experience in the ballet world!! I am wondering whether to apply for my daughter to audition for junior associates with RBS or not. She is 8 in July will be one of the youngest. She has only been dancing for 1.5 years and has only just passed grade 1. She only dances for 45 minutes per week so will not be as experienced as other dancers. I know they say not much experience is needed but is this really true? If it’s just potential they are looking for then we may stand a chance! Her ballet teacher says she has a lot of potential. I just don’t know whether it is worth us applying or not! She does LOVE dancing which I think is important! She doesn’t stop constantly dancing round the house. My second question is how flexible do they have to be? She is fairly flexible as in she can almost do box splits but she’s not quite there.... Thanks for your advice! X
  24. HI does anyone no class times for RBS J.A' s in Newcastle. Age 9.
  25. As RBS JAs is such a popular subject, I have started this thread intended for FAQs on the subject, similar to the pinned threads about Upper and Lower School auditions. If you have questions about RBS JAs, please feel free to post them in this thread so that all the questions are in the same place. Below are links to previous threads on the subject of JAs; I will add more links as I find them. Please have a read through them in case your question has already been asked and answered there: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/9130-rbs-junior-associate-ja-questions/ http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/8919-manchesterleeds-ja-times/ http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/8831-rbs-ja-programme-advice/?view=findpost&p=117246&hl=%22rbs+associates%22 http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/7577-rbs-jas-trying-again/?view=findpost&p=101723&hl=%22rbs+associates%22 http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/3247-rbs-junior-associates-auditions/?view=findpost&p=37693&hl=%22rbs+associates%22 http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/6069-ja-experience-day-and-general-queries/?view=findpost&p=79794&hl=%22rbs+associates%22 http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/554-ja-auditions-2012/?view=findpost&p=7181&hl=%22rbs+associates%22 http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/160-rbs-ja-any-tips-for-a-novice-mum/?view=findpost&p=1486&hl=%22rbs+associates%22 http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/83-rbs-ja-auditions/?view=findpost&p=534&hl=%22rbs+associates%22
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