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Found 13 results

  1. Hello! A question for anyone who’s already submitted their application: Do they ask for a student’s height and weight? Just want to make sure I’ve got all the information before I start filling it out. Thank you, and good luck!
  2. Hi. Just wondered if anyone has booked or is booking for week 1 for Malvern Ballet Seminars? It will be my DD’s first residential and she is going not knowing anyone which apparently she is totally fine with. Me not so much. Any tips on what to take for a residential would be greatly received too.
  3. Well what a jolly afternoon at the Mayflower. Lovely Hirata and great ensemble support. I was a bit concerned about her fouettés but she held onto them. is the choreography different to the RB production- it seemed so to me and the staging worked well at the the Mayflower. The Mayflower audience gave the dancers and orchestra a very warm welcome and applause, even though the few people I spoke to were not familiar with Don Q. However, they were enjoying it. Lots were also looking forward to Swan Lake next year. People had travelled quite a distance too. Cannot get used to a male dancing Amour though and why doesn’t Kitri arrive properly on stage at first entrance?
  4. As I have had enough of clearing broken branches following the storm on Friday, I thought I might as well start a thread for the Royal Ballet's performances of Swan Lake which start next week. I am very much looking forward to my trips on 1st (Nunez and Muntagirov) and 16th March (Bracewell and Hayward) and it will be the first time I have been to Opening Night. Here are some rehearsal photos from ROH's Flickr of Cesar Corrales and Mayara Magri https://www.flickr.com/photos/royaloperahouse/albums/72177720296700854 and from 2020 with William Bracewell (who I am particularly looking forward to seeing having seen his Romeo) https://www.flickr.com/photos/royaloperahouse/albums/72177720296516106
  5. As the mixed bill starts on this coming Saturday (it is usual to start with a matinee?) I thought I would start this new topic. There is also a filmed Insight this evening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMZuoPEYNBs Very much looking forward to these performances - and am booked for this coming Saturday matinee and the evening on the 30th. Might book for Monday 2nd May as well if I can cope with trains on a Bank Holiday!
  6. How lucky we were to be in Edinburgh for the opening dates of Northern Ballet's The Great Gatsby. The week was a bittersweet time as it marked David Nixon's final days with the company and Ashley Dixon's retirement from principal roles as he takes up his new post as assistant ballet master and character artist. I will say from the outset that Northern Ballet are absolutely ON FIRE at the moment and we saw 4 incredibly heart-wrenching performances of Gatsby. In my opinion David has created a great interpretation of Scott Fitzgerald's novel. The characters are introduced at the start and I've found the story easy to follow (although it may have helped that I read the book before the premiere in 2013). I love the way David portrays the stillness of Gatsby and his obsessive looking out for Daisy while hosting his parties in the hopes that she would come. Speaking of parties, the Charleston party in act 1 is one toe-tapping party that we would all love to attend! Act 1 ends on a high with Gatsby and Daisy reuniting thanks to Nick Conway. Act 2 has a more sombre tone as the story reaches its tragic conclusion but the tango party at the start is visually stunning with some gorgeous choreography. The ending has been particularly poignant this time around. Anyway, Thursday evening was so special it will live on in my memory banks forever. The cast was led by Joseph Taylor as Gatsby and Abigail Prudames as Daisy. It has been a joy to watch these 2 dancers as their careers have progressed and they are just breath-taking to watch as they have such a special on-stage rapport. The whole performance was absolute MAGIC. At the curtain calls, David Nixon was persuaded to come on stage and Abby made the most beautiful and heartfelt speech before Joe presented him with a framed photo-collage. Of course we all stood and cheered! Friday evening's cast was the same as Thursday and the performance was again outstanding. Minju Kang is a very seductive Myrtle with Riku Ito as her lovelorn husband George. Lorenzo Trossello was quite vicious as Daisy's husband Tom but he was broken by the death of Myrtle. Sean Bates was very effective as Nick Conway. On Saturday afternoon we were very luck to see Lorenzo Trossello and Minju Kang making their debuts as Gatsby and Daisy. Lorenzo was very intense as Gatsby. Gavin McCaig was a very macho and vicious Tom and Aerys Merrill made a touching debut as Myrtle with the always outstanding Kevin Poeung as George. Gosh, yet another wonderful performance! Saturday evening was another one of those special evenings that Northern Ballet does so well. It was an evening sprinkled with magic dust as Ashley Dixon gave his final leading performance before his move onto the ballet staff. Antoinette Brooks Daw came out of retirement to dance Daisy. They were just magical together. Ashley's wife, the beautiful Rachael Gillespie, was fabulous as Myrtle. At the curtain calls David came on stage and made a very moving speech about Ashley. Ashley has danced with Northern Ballet for 18 years, having started on a temporary 3 month contract! I have loved watching his performances with his lovely technique (especially his amazing ballon) and fabulous acting since I saw him creating the role of The Shadow in Peter Pan right at the start of his career. He has so much knowledge of the company's rep and the company is very fortunate that he is continuing his career with them in his new role. Thank you Northern Ballet for all these wonderful memories.
  7. Is there a thread for the 2022 SI at POBS? I can't find one.
  8. Is anyone else waiting on results from Moorland for 2022 intake ? Xx
  9. In anticipation of there being something to discuss about the above (which starts on BBC4 tonight at 7 pm), I'm starting a thread
  10. Two interesting observations. First, Olga Smirnova was apparently very well received. Second, this Raymonda has a significant change in plot. Raymonda falls in love with Abderakhman. Here's a quick preview featuring Principal Dancer, Maia Makhateli, who debuted the work and can be seen with the complete work in May on an internet broadcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdgNplp8JQM (Thanks to Sophia at Dansomanie) Here's a description of Olga Smirnova's reception from an unofficial review. "By the end, everyone in the hall was delighted. In the course of the action, shouts of "Bravo!" were constantly heard. - both to Olga, and to Victor Caixeta, and to Konstantin Allen and to the soloists of individual episodes. The performance ended with thunderous applause. The performers of the main roles were presented with huge bouquets and both young people gave their bouquets to Olga, who, it seems to me, was very touched by the reception of the public. "In my opinion, Olga is treated very well in the troupe and I hope she will take root there." Here's a look back from the Mariinsky archives. https://www.mariinsky.ru/about/exhibitions/petipa200/raimonda/ Google translator: https://translate.google.com
  11. I was at the fabulous Storehouse in Chester last night to see BalletBoyz Deluxe double bill. This programme started touring a week before the first lockdown and has, at last, resumed with some different dancers. The first item on the programme was Ripple, choreographed by Xie Xin. The introductory film was really interesting and Ripple itself was just gorgeous and mesmerising. The movements of the dancers reminded me of the ripples you can see if you drop a pebble in water. They were joined together, they were separate, they were an ensemble - the ripples were endless but I never wanted it to end. The movements sometimes reminded me of graceful tai chi movements and were incredibly fluid. The costumes of loose trousers and shirts really helped the flow. I loved it. The second piece was Bradley 4:18. The introductory film sort of explained that the piece was about different facets of a person (Bradley) 's character. The work itself had an edgy jazz soundtrack and the movements were edgy and jumpy. It took me a little while to get into it but it was full of energy and ultimately fun to watch. It was a super evening and I'm so glad I braved the winter weather to go. (If you should find yourself in Chester do go and investigate Storyhouse which could best be described as an arts centre. There is a theatre, cinema, studio theatre, library and restaurant on site and the foyer area makes fabulous use of the space. It is open every day from 9.)
  12. The V&A's 2022 Performance Festival runs from 23rd April to 1st May: V&A · V&A Performance Festival 2022 Festival At South Kensington (vam.ac.uk) There's far too much to list everything, but it does include Yorke Dance Project's Connecting to Cohan, live/online talks on "Celebrating Anthony Crickmay, A Life in Photographs" and Akram Khan in conversation, Sondheim and South Asian dance.
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