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  1. @ThecatsmotherNormally very few girls, but it does depend on the year group. This year, in first year, there were two British girls from White Lodge and one who came into Upper School from a “normal” school. I believe the rest are all from abroad. It does seem a great shame that the RBS doesn’t work in the same way as the other great ballet schools who only get rid of their students if there’s a serious problem and aim to nurture the talent they chose. It sends a questionable message about how much they value their own training! That said, there is no doubt that bringing in students from abroad broadens the British students’ horizons and has led to our stages being graced by the likes of Marianela, Mayara and Fumi to name just a few remarkable artists.
  2. The Royal Ballet School have just announced “exciting changes” to their audition process. I can see that the dates have been brought earlier than they were this year, but it just looks like they’re reverting to the pre-Covid system of in person prelims. Am I missing something?
  3. Last day for us Waiting Listers 😢 I was so sure spaces would come up given the travel restrictions. Ah well!
  4. If anyone is selling a JA character skirt to roughly the measurements below, I would be interested for my pupil: Waist: 56cm Length waist to below knee: 54cm Thank you!
  5. I would be interested in measurements please.
  6. Does anyone know which day and what time Eastleigh Year 6s are at the moment? I know it's all likely to change, but having an idea would be helpful.
  7. @NoideaaboutballetCongratulations! We submitted ours on the last day, having decided to have one last go, and have a Year 6 place at Eastleigh too! My little pupil will see your DD there. The JA classes are all very simple and really focus on building correct basic technique, so don't worry.
  8. It was in her mum’s junk folder!!! 😱 Y6 Eastleigh...YES! After two straight nos!!! What a great life lesson in perseverance this has taught her already!
  9. WELL DONE everyone! SO many yesses and SWLs! And to the nos, I'm sure we'll be joining you soon! I hope your children aren't too disappointed. JAs is far from being the be all and end all! Any Eastleigh results out yet?
  10. @Balletbuds80 Yes! We weren't going to try again, after two nos, but then decided at the very last moment that we should go for the hat trick...just so we knew! I could just tell she wasn't REALLY happy to give up on JAs. We went Eastleigh first choice (as opposed to second choice after London) this year. Hopefully we'll hear soon so we can all be put out of our agony!
  11. Nope! 🤣 No more views since the original ones weeks ago for my pupil, so they must have made their final decision then.
  12. Does anyone have experience of Russian Masters Ballet’s Vaganova Online Intensive? https://russianmastersballet.com/rmb-online/vaganova-academy-online-intensive/ It looks like it has the potential to be amazing (classes with Vaganova teachers from your own home) but I’d love to hear anyone’s views. Thank you!
  13. I think the government's announcements will be game-changer whatever's said. If it's positive, then day places may open up and if it's negative, then foreign students may not be able to travel, opening up more spaces for UK Waiting Listers!
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