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  1. @SJBalletand anyone else who applied for Moorland Summer School: When you clicked submit, can you remember if the screen just went white?! Or did you get some form of confirmation? Thank you!
  2. Search for Philippa Jane Pilates on Instagram 😊
  3. Could I see a picture of the Repetto please?
  4. The Paris Opera Ballet School has just stated that they will not be taking any candidates from outside the EU for their Summer School this year. If the Royal decides to do something similar, hopefully there’ll be some more movement from the waiting list. Grasping at straws, I know, but those of us still on the waiting list can live in hope!
  5. @Dancedreamermay I ask how old your child is? I’ve heard of some 14 and 15 year-olds being offered places yesterday and wondered if any places for younger ones had come up? Still desperately hoping for a place for my Year 5 pupil!
  6. I’m a teacher and I have not heard these rumours or had any official correspondence 🤷🏻‍♀️
  7. No views! And must remember not to click the links myself 😄
  8. There may be one or two offered early next week, given the deadline for acceptance is today, but not many people would go through the whole rigmarole of taking photos etc. and expense and then turn down their place. If travel restrictions aren’t eased by the summer, more places will open up then as the foreign students who’ve been offered places won’t be able to come.
  9. Thank you so much @DanceMum03 ! I changed browser and it's working now! Phew!
  10. Has anyone had "Based on your admission item, you need to have at least 1 courses." pop up after page 2 of the application form?!
  11. Waiting list for my pupil! Overjoyed it’s not an outright no!
  12. Interesting they're now saying results will be out by mid-March for the Summer Intensive. I feel sick every time I get an email! As someone else said, goodness knows how they're administering the return to school, organising the Spring Intensive, running White Lodge and Upper School auditions, selecting children for the Summer Intensive and working their way through JA video auditions...all at the same time! Fingers crossed everyone!
  13. The photos for JAs are, I am led to believe by a JA teacher, only used in discussion and if it is really close between two dancers. For this reason alone, it's worth getting them as good as possible but they are not selected purely on the basis of their photos, as they are for intensives.
  14. @TwoDancersthat’s wonderful to hear that your children have enjoyed their associate classes. I do think they could have made a fresh audition video for this year and reduced the audition fee or, even better, held Zoom auditions as other programmes have done. If my pupils are desperate to apply, then I will, of course, support them, but many families look to me for advice and I cannot in good faith recommend the process as it is at the moment.
  15. As a teacher, I have been so deeply disappointed by the RBS JA’s response to Covid that I am suggesting my pupils apply to different associate programmes this year. It is so frustrating for last year’s auditionees that these videos have been publicly shared, and I find it shockingly unprofessional that such a world-renowned organisation is simply reusing last year’s videos this year! The instructions clearly say that students may not watch the videos in advance or practise but now that anyone in the world can see them, how likely is it that that will happen?! I stuck to this rule to the lette
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