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  1. Would Sevenoaks be too far? Lisa Maybank is great, or The Studios in Sundridge (also near Sevenoaks).
  2. @SJBalletTHANK YOU so, so much! That is fantastic and really helpful to know what the hurdles are this year. I am so grateful to you for sharing this and very much hope I can repay the favour at some point in the future!
  3. Did anyone attend the Zoom audition talk for Year 6s tonight?! I missed it because I was working and my pupil's mum missed it because her toddler is ill. If anyone could share their notes, I would be profoundly grateful!
  4. Do any veteran Eastleigh JAs have any parking tips? Looking on the internet, I can only find maximum two hour stay car parks, which obviously won't be quite long enough. Thank you!
  5. We’re Eastleigh and haven’t had anything either. We haven’t been asked to pay anything yet either…!
  6. @SJBalletIf it's only Moorland which requires a video, that's perfectly manageable. That's a good point about Elmhurst's live experience days. It would be odd to offer that, then ask for videos! Hopefully they'll update the audition procedure page soon.
  7. I thought I’d get this thread going to form a little support community for all of us with children (or a student in my case) going through the rollercoaster ride of the 2021-22 audition process together. Hopefully we can share the ups, downs and loop-the-loops of the upcoming year and help each other out along the way. I, for one, am already anxious about all these video auditions and how on earth we’re going to fit in all the filming! My student is 10 (starting Year 6) and will be applying to RBS, Elmhurst, Tring, Moorland and YDA. Her parents have English as a second language and are completely new to the ballet world, thus why I perhaps have more involvement in the process than other teachers!
  8. Just checking that no one else has received any further information about payment or the start of term?
  9. I have messaged you but not sure you’ve seen it @Dancer08
  10. £35 including UK p&p. Dark grey leotard with beautiful pink and yellow floral print and dark green piping. Lined and beautifully cut leg line. RRP $67 + shipping from US!
  11. @ThecatsmotherNormally very few girls, but it does depend on the year group. This year, in first year, there were two British girls from White Lodge and one who came into Upper School from a “normal” school. I believe the rest are all from abroad. It does seem a great shame that the RBS doesn’t work in the same way as the other great ballet schools who only get rid of their students if there’s a serious problem and aim to nurture the talent they chose. It sends a questionable message about how much they value their own training! That said, there is no doubt that bringing in students from abroad broadens the British students’ horizons and has led to our stages being graced by the likes of Marianela, Mayara and Fumi to name just a few remarkable artists.
  12. The Royal Ballet School have just announced “exciting changes” to their audition process. I can see that the dates have been brought earlier than they were this year, but it just looks like they’re reverting to the pre-Covid system of in person prelims. Am I missing something?
  13. Last day for us Waiting Listers 😢 I was so sure spaces would come up given the travel restrictions. Ah well!
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