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  1. It’s a no again for my pupil, as expected. She was never going to shine in a video audition. I do feel, given the £50 audition fee, the least they could have done under the circumstances is send a proof-read email! My pupil is also currently in Year 5 but the letter mentioned auditioning next time for WL/MAs 🤦🏻‍♀️ Enjoy celebrating “yeses” and don’t let it bother you “nos”. JAs is far from being the only option out there 😊
  2. Does anyone know what they're looking for in the pictures? Presumably all the usual things: proportions, nicely arched feet, good turn-out, long achilles, but they must get hundreds of children with all of those things applying? How do they decide between them?
  3. @Firebird21Ugh, literally identical. 🤣
  4. @Firebird21I thought as much 🙄 It would be good to know if they actually meant it or not.
  5. I would be interested to know if everyone's "no" letters have this same paragraph: "...we would like to acknowledge that that your dancing was of a good standard and that we still see potential for improvement. It is for this reason that we feel that with further training, you might be ready at the next opportunity and would therefore like to recommend that you train hard and consider re-auditioning in the future." Do they say this to everyone? Thank you!
  6. We also received a not yet, but with personal feedback which is brilliant! No wonder they didn't get them all out in one day!
  7. @BalletBoysDadAmazing news!!! Well done to your son.
  8. Hoping beyond hope for lots of happy news on here tomorrow! I don't know how I'm going to concentrate on anything all day!
  9. @MillicentNo, it was definitely just the first few seconds. As @Spamcatsays, they may well do a first rejection sweep as they would sometimes be able to tell immediately if a body is just “not right”, and then they’ll go back to look at the remaining ones in more detail?!
  10. Ours were looked at on Thursday and, although they looked at all three, I'm pretty horrified to see that they only watched 1 minute 53 seconds of the first one, 50-odd seconds on the second one and just under two minutes of the third, meaning they didn't actually watch her dance until part 3 as they would only have seen her learning the exercises in parts 1 and 2. Very much hoping they'll at least watch some more of part 1 at some stage!
  11. Looking forward to meeting some of you on Saturday! Chukkas everyone!
  12. Personally, I watched it beforehand to ascertain where the best place to position the camera would be based on how much space my pupil would need. I didn’t share anything with her beforehand and when I pressed play on Christopher Powney’s introduction to check everything was working, she put her hands over her ears and shut her eyes, saying “Stop it! I don’t want to cheat!” 🤣 I don’t think they’ll mind how many times it has been viewed so long as it’s obvious it has not been rehearsed. Good luck everyone!
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