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  1. EYB are doing a live class streaming on Instagram taught by Philip Tunsall - Junior 8-12yrs Thursday noon, and Senior 12-18yrs Friday at noon.
  2. Betty


    So true and could apply to so many things in parenting. Thanks for this perspective!
  3. Well done! They are going to have a great summer.
  4. Yes she did - I hope yours did too? my dd was an 8 year old courtier in 2018 swan lake, so in Acts 1 and 3 - Act 2 was all swan. There were lots of junior and senior courtiers, dancing and doing eating and drinking acting around the back. It depends on height and costume fitting. She is hoping to be a swan this time round but we’ll see.
  5. I don't have experience of disclosing an eating disorder to a program/school, but as a health professional I often write 'in remission' when things are resolved but we'd like to flag up that they have occurred to protect the young person - so how does 'eating disorder in remission' sound?
  6. We will be at this one with lots from the ballet school - my daughter has done Swan Lake at Wimbledon and Coppelia in Hastings and loved both, made lots of progress. It is not cheap but worth it. Yes they spend 2 weeks learning their own roles and understudying others, generally watching and learning from each other. Lots about acting in dance too. Happy to answer any other questions. Good luck in the audition!
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/B66ICDlggCY/?igshid=1xm8trunj7vv4
  8. She is 10 in Year 6 Sally-Anne. I think a waiting list place is a big achievement, she clearly is a beautiful dancer to be on the waiting list. Do you have an EYB experience near you? My daughter had a great year after she didn’t get called off the waiting list, did an EYB instead and then the LCB summer school so a year later perhaps she had more dancing behind her to be able to act as well. It’s worth persevering if they love dancing, but not if it gets too upsetting I think. Fingers crossed someone drops out for your daughter!
  9. Yes - it states we have to accept by Thursday 12th December so that they can offer places to the waiting list before casting which is 12th January. I imagine the odd person may leave the company during the Jan-June too as you have to be at every rehearsal or you are asked to leave. So I suppose there may be a last minute place? You can ring the office and find out where on the waiting list she is and when you would most likely be to hear if you want to. My daughter got tour waiting list last year but a place didn't become available. This year she has a place in the main company. We almost didn't apply this year as it's so tough, but it does seem to change year on year so it's worth keeping trying (as long as the kids aren't taking rejection too hard). Because it is so tough to get in, she was using it more as audition experience and we didn't check that she could do any of the dates. There may be people not accepting places for this reason (although we are cancelling all the other stuff rather than turning this down!). Good luck everyone.
  10. Hi, what date did your daughter audition please? I gather the final audition is similar to the other 2 but harder, they learn small sequences from the ballet to try out and everyone is impressive so competition is stiff. I don’t know numbers, just that 600 applied to audition.
  11. Not heard here either. Last year it took 10 days between first day to hear about finals but we were expecting to hear today as the previous week’s audition results were released in 4 days. Oh well, glad not to have a ‘no’ tonight to manage. I might give them a ring on Monday to find out when we might hear. Good luck to everyone waiting for news!
  12. Yes we are the same, my dd got a no but a waiting list for tour. Do they all get this? It's a very nicely worded rejection and I wondered if they all get waiting list to soften the blow? Just trying to manage expectations - don't want her waiting in hope. Does anyone know of anyone who got a tour place from waiting list? Congrats to all those who got a yes! Quite an achievement.
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