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  1. I can’t imagine they’ll email now, they’ll have gone home if they’re sensible! I’m assuming it’ll be Monday x
  2. We haven’t heard either and I’m assuming the same - it’d be nice if they confirmed soon so we’ve got the weekend to get through the fallout of rejection rather than a school night!
  3. Is that for Tring? I think we applied at the beginning of February and the people who’d applied then got the video requirements a couple of weeks later. The website says they’ll have dates for summer auditions soon though 😊
  4. It still says today on the website. It’s funny because my DD did an online JA insight day in Feb and they were very clear that they wouldn’t accept applications after 11am on the 23rd March. My only guess is that they realised their submission date was pretty close to the WL finals and results so maybe they wanted to keep them separate. I wonder how long it’ll be until we hear - the Tring CBA submission deadline is today and they’ve said we should hear by the 15th April. But last summer it was about 6 weeks before we heard about JAs so I’m trying not to think about it too much 😂
  5. We applied at the beginning of February and got the email with the video application details a couple of weeks later. I think this round is closed but I’m sure there’ll be another set of auditions nearer the summer 😊
  6. We’ve applied on the suggestion of her dance teacher. If she hadn’t I assume we’d have let her know we were planning on applying before submitting anything, it seems polite to do it that way x
  7. We’ve just sent ours off with a video link to Google Drive - I think if I could see how many views etc I’d drive myself nuts analysing it all!
  8. I read that as not wearing a black leotard with a dark background (or equivalent with other colours!). If it’s going to bother you and you have time tomorrow I’d be tempted to redo, but then send the video that you think shows your little one off best.
  9. You absolutely haven’t let him down - wait list is an incredible achievement and he should feel so proud of himself. And even if he hadn’t made wait list, or finals even, you’ve nurtured his love of dance which is the most important thing I think! As so many have said (on this post and others) vocational school at 11 isn’t the only way to achieve a career in dance. I hope he gets over his disappointment soon - easier said than done I know!
  10. My DD (year 5) has recently asked for an Instagram account so she can follow other dancers who are as passionate as she is - among her peer group at dancing she’s the only one who is keen to pursue additional classes like associates and intensives and wanted the chance to connect a bit with others. It’s made me really aware of the opportunities that other dancers have had, especially over lockdown with online masterclasses etc! There does seem to be a high proportion of vocational successes among the dancers who have a large number of followers, are ambassadors etc but there must be many other
  11. I’d guess that anyone who wants to apply has done so already, it seems like an odd decision to extend it today but they’ll have their reasons! Fingers crossed for everyone 😊
  12. Tring CBA takes them when they’re 7/8 I think. They haven’t announced their summer audition dates yet though. Elmhurst is from year 4 but they haven’t announced their audition dates either yet. Southeast Ballet Scholars is from 8 years old and they’re auditioning on the 18th April. We only filmed our video yesterday, our entire living room needed to be rearranged so we had space to film and I was putting it off 😂 hope it all goes well for your daughter today! x
  13. We’ll be filming and submitting ours this coming weekend ☺️
  14. She’s not in her splits in any direction, hips are quite tight etc. so her froggy is far from flat. She’s working on it though - and yes it’s a process rather than a destination! But I see other dancers her age who are in oversplits etc and I think that it may immediately rule her out despite her musicality and obvious love of dance.
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