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  1. I was wondering if anyone has any of the Ballet Boost uniform for sale in 8-10 years please?
  2. I got the email at 4:30pm yesterday. It had the dates listed but didn’t specify how long or the times. I’d assume they’d be a similar length to last years’ classes though which I think were something like an hour/90mins. I emailed to ask if it was possible to be put in an afternoon session and they replied (very quickly, I was impressed!) saying that they’d be morning sessions only x
  3. No I emailed to ask because I wondered if we could request to be in a later group. But they’re all going to be in the mornings. It’s a shame but she’s better off having longer, regular, in person classes than giving that up for 12 on Zoom ☺️
  4. We’ve had the email confirming dates and the link to sign up. Unfortunately the classes will be in the mornings which will clash with her Ballet Boost classes so we’ll have to decline 😔
  5. Not yet. I think places (for in person and waiting list) had to be confirmed by today so I guess they’re working out who they’ve got, whether they can offer out any waiting list places and how many online classes they’ll be running 😊
  6. My daughter did the Easter one and had a great time, really welcoming and nurturing. She’s joining their associate programme having done it because she enjoyed it so much x
  7. We confirmed our place on the waitlist and registered our interest for the online classes and had a reply saying that they’d be in touch if a place became available and with more info about the zoom sessions. This was for year 6 London x
  8. I’ve just seen London Children’s Ballet are also doing a summer school too x
  9. My 10 year old is going to Malvern Ballet Seminars in Rutland this summer but that’s residential. I think Ballet Boost do a non residential, that’s in London x
  10. SWL London year 6 for us, I’m so pleased for her!
  11. We have to confirm (or decline) a place on another associate course by the end of the weekend - I’m pretty sure the timings would clash so doing both isn’t an option and it seems better to go with the one we know has accepted her than hold on to what seems to be a very small chance. It’s a little frustrating but what will be will be. Those numbers are interesting, it’s such a shame boys places still aren’t as coveted - I know there’s a discrepancy between the number of boys and girls that do ballet but I hadn’t realised how much!
  12. We uploaded via Google drive so have no idea if they’ve been watched or how many times, but we did another video audition and sent it a different way which means we can see if it’s been downloaded and it’s excruciating! Looking forward to just knowing either way now, hopefully not too much longer.
  13. She’d love that, thank you! It’ll be her first residential and I think I’m more nervous than her 😂
  14. Which week is she going? My 10 year old DD will be there week 2 😊
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