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  1. Hi all, My ds needs to darn her pointe shoes. She has never done this before...Darning wasn't required in her old school and none of her friends/older peers darned either so we have no first hand experience of this. Amazingly neither does her teacher 🤔 I have researched a little on the internet but I cant find the answers to a few specific questions about the the practicalities, maybe someone here can help.... Thread - I understand crochet thread is good to use, but am not sure what thickness or colour. Any recommendations? Needles - Is a curved needle really easier to use? As for the actual darning stitches and style I have found many videos, it seems to be a really personal thing...once a dancer picks a method they seem to stick with it. I have the impression many dancers copy the teachers style. Does anyone have any strong recommendations about the stitches/style? As always thanks for any help/tips. It's really great that people are happy to share their knowledge.
  2. A question for parents with daughters at vocational level. I know this is different for each individual but just trying to gauge how many pairs of pointe shoes the average vocational school dancer goes through in a year.
  3. Has anybody tried the Grishko Smart Pointe? What is your experience? For what kind of feet is it suitable?
  4. Hi. My daughter's left foot has always been a little bigger than her right foot. Now it is maybe a little more than a half size bigger than the right. Which is weird as she is 17 and I thought her feet had stopped growing years ago. In street shoes or flats it really makes very little difference, but in pointe shoes, she is either pinching on the left in her "small" shoes or stuffing up the right toe box in her "big" shoes. She had left shoe stretched (as much as satin can be stretched), not a great success. I am thinking of getting her different sized left and right pointe shoes and I was just wondering if there is any reason why I shouldn't do this? Might it affect the hip?
  5. I got my first pair of pointe shoes in December of 2019 but I only had 5 dance classes before quarantine and then switched to a more professional studio in September. Since then I have performed snow and flowers on pointe and mostly caught up to the girls my age (I'm 17) I have been doing a lot of pointe but I’m obviously technically behind. I went to a pointe shoe fitting for a new type of shoe this weekend with my teacher. She liked the Bloch elegance (which are split sole) the best. I know split soles are for more advanced dancers but she really liked them and knew they were split sole I am finding those harder to keep stability with. Specifically with turning. I can usually do a double on both sides but it is harder now. I can't even do a single because when I go up I find my shoe just falling off pointe back onto flat. Any advice on how to gain more stability / strength when turning with these shoes or using them in general. Thank!
  6. Just looking for recommendations on which brands to try for a first pair of pointe shoes for my almost 12 year old. She has small, very narrow feet, (Size 1.5) and they are not especially flexible or strong at this moment (So I don’t think she will need a very strong shank at this stage, not that sort of foot!). I will speak to her teacher as well but was interested in others experiences with first pointe shoes
  7. Does anybody know how much narrower Box 2 is than Box 3 in Gaynor Minden and in comparison to other shoes (I have XX in Grishko 2007)?
  8. A fascinating video feature on how Hannah Carter of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre prepares her pointe shoes. https://www.pointemagazine.com/hannah-carter-pittsburgh-ballet-theatre-2640107707.html?rebelltitem=1#rebelltitem1
  9. HI everyone, I'm posting to ask for some advice and recommendations My DD needs some new pointe shoes asap as her's are completely dead. We are North West based, but she bought her previous pairs when we have been away elsewhere in the UK. I've heard that The Dance Shop in Prescot is good, as well as Barnum's in Warrington - but I've just seen that Barnum's has closed for good. I also heard that there was a good store in Blackpool (possibly Showstoppers - but I'm not 100% sure!), although it looks like they are currently closed. If anyone has any recommendations, I would really appreciate it!
  10. Hello fellow dancers! I recently got my first pair of pointe shoes this past January. They are Suffolk Stellars 5.5 XXXXN. I sewed crisscross elastics onto them, so I could get maximum suppoirt for my feet. Once I had finished sewing them on, I realized that the position of the elastics made my shoes look unclean. So, can I move them? Or should I remove them completely and sew single ankle bands? Maybe I should wait until my next pair, and try a different position of my elastics? I attached some images, so you can see what I mean...... Also, I don't believe I am doing well getting over my box for taking 2-3 thirty minute pointe classes a week, for two months. I bent my shanks back and forth, and this helped my left foot a little, but not my right at all. Is it my feet, or my shoes? Or, am I doing fine, and have to wait until they mold to my feet more, over the next months? Thanks for helping a fellow dancer out! - Perfectly On Pointe P.S. I will cut my ribbons/elastics when I am sure I don't have to move them or tighten them.
  11. Hello, I am planning on going to London soon to get my DD fitted for new pointe shoes. She really wants to go to freed as she’s had them before and liked them however I’m not sure how the fitting appointments work there as we went to a local retailer last time (and they only stocked one make of freed and she wants to try different styles this time.) If anyone could provide some information to how the fittings there work I would be very grateful. Xx
  12. I am taking the liberty of starting a separate thread so this topic doesn't 'block' the Sleeping Beauty one (please excuse the pun!) @Katharine Kanter's post is a good place to start so I will quote it here. Allow me to suggest that the reason for much wider block and higher vamp on shoes is PROTECTION: 1/ Choreography is become far more athletic and dangerous over the past 30 years. The combination of hyper-extensions, hyper-flexibility and pointe work, is hell on the body. Forsythe for example, is far more dangerous for the woman, than for the man. Dancers including female dancers, are weight-lifting, cross-training, etc. It’s become a competitive sport, rather than a branch of theatre. 2/ Until 40 years, « Cecchetti » or spring technique, was used in the West for getting up onto pointe, save in adagio work. This places the foot straight under the line of aplomb, and considerably lightens the load on the metatarsals and phalanges. Hence the « weightless », « floating » quality of pointe work prior to the mid-80s when Guillemitis and its cortège of ills, struck. We now roll up onto pointe, placing the foot farther from the line of aplomb. The strain on the ligaments and small bones is very considerable. Even Darcey Bussell, not precisely your bold iconoclast, has referred to this as a serious problem. 3/ The current commercial-aesthetic fad is for Posers rather than Movers. We like it when the dancer hard-points the foot (terrible for the calf-muscles inter alia), and then “nails” the pointe into the floor rather than “rising above it” as it were. To get the “big arch” look, the dancer then pushes the arch right over the vamp of the shoe (many female dancers today wear a big fake arch, one can buy them on the Internet …), rather than standing tall and ramrod straight on pointe as we did until late 1970s. Even men can no longer get a job today unless they have the big arch, and corresponding S-shaped knee-joint – an Accident waiting to Happen, as we have seen with Hallberg. 4/ In furtherance of the Poser craze, tempi have got glued down into treacle since the 1980s, poses and balances are consequently held far longer, and à la seconde positions are expected to be held on pointe with the gesture leg waving somewhere behind the ear. Without an armoured tank of a shoe, the foot would buckle. 4/ all this, and more (I could go on….) helps to explain the need for Gaynor Mindens (good shoes, BTW) and generally, the extra-wide platform.
  13. My daughter is currently at vocational school and has bunions. She has physio and rehab to help and wears a specially fitted toe spacer. She has tried numerous brands of pointe shoes (Grisham, Russian pointe, Bloch) but to date has not quite found the right ones to make her bunion feel comfortable and give her the confidence to do her pointe work. Does anyone have any recommendations as to a particular brand that may be good for her to try. We are going to Freed on Wednesday and will also have a look at Dancia as they stock many different brands but any advice would be appreciated. thank you
  14. Hi everyone My daughter has managed to snag the satin on one of her pointe shoes, which has caused a tear. It's on top of the shoe (so not underneath the box) - I think this happened during a group dance where she had to slide her leg behind her to finish in a kneeling position (apologies - not a very technical description!). I'm wondering if anyone knows how to reduce the damage a little, or stop it from getting any worse? I know the dancers like their pointes to appear very well worn etc, but as this isn't underneath the box it does make this one shoe look rather tatty, and they are actually very new shoes. This group dance will be performed again, so the damage could get worse. I'm thinking maybe hairspray? My daughter suggested clear nail polish, but I was bit concerned that would leave a rather shiny splodgy mess! The tear has resulted in the satin lifting a little around it, so I just want to protect that area a little I suppose. Any advice gratefully appreciated!
  15. Hi, DD messaged me to buy light-medium colour foundation for her to use on her pointe shoes..... I've heard in good old days (my era!) of using Pan Stick foundation on shoes but I'm anxious to make sure I get the best option (& at reasonable price) bearing in mind also that this is needed asap & I get told on a Bank Holiday weekend!! Certainly no time to get special order of an already flesh colour/matt shoe! Any advice on what to buy & how best to apply would be great - especially also on 'fixing' any colour as would hate to think of it rubbing off onto tights & costumes -aghhh!
  16. This popped up on one of my Google searches: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/real-life/ballet-star-reveals-only-one-18794328
  17. I am looking for a new fitter for my daughters pointe shoes and I was wondering if anyone has any excellent fitters I could try - anywhere in the south of England will be considered.
  18. Hello all, Please can I draw on your knowledge and experience. DD is to have first fitting for pointe shoes and I am totally ignorant as to how this works and where it is best to go in and around Glasgow. Are some places better than others and how do I know? Thanks in advance
  19. My DD will have to wear Freed in her new vocational school, she has been wearing Grishko Smart with a M shank till now. She is used to be trained in Vaganova so harder shanks worked better for her. But now, she will continue her education in French style and they require softer shanks for more efficient foot work. Does anyone have experience in both Grishko and Freed so that they may give some advices? She has narrow feet and medium insteps. What would be good model options in Freeds?
  20. Brand new untouched. DD has changed shoe type. Cost £39.95. Would like £20 plus postage at cost please.
  21. My daughter is getting new pointe shoes next. She usually wears Russian pointe but the shop is hours away. I’ve found a closer shop but they don’t stock them although they stock a wide variety and have been recommended to me. Are there other pointe shoes similar to Russian pointe or am I wasting my time and should book her in the shop that stocks them and make the difficult journey.
  22. I've bought some new pointe shoes (Bloch Eurostretch). On flat, they feel like slippers and they look lovely en pointe. However, I have the wimpiest feet in the universe and the slight discomfort in my big toe I felt during the fitting has turned into actual pain when I've tried them on again at home. So my question is - how can I tell if the pain is due to the shoes being hard due to not being broken in yet or if they're the wrong shoe & I'm putting too much weight on my toe? I don't want to start squashing the box if it turns out I'm going to need to return them.
  23. I've just picked this up via Facebook: Patter en Pointe - LIVE on Thursday 2 May at 6.30pm
  24. Hi, My DD is 16 now and we have always struggled with getting pointe shoes to fit her feet. They are VERY flexible feet and it seems that there is not a shoe that ever seems to work for long. She is currently in Grishko I think, have had two or three pairs of Freed, at least two pairs of Gaynor Mindens. She is not at vocational yet, and we still only get about three weeks out of a pair of shoes doing minimal amount of pointe compared to what she will be doing. I have consulted all her teachers (mostly because they love to tell us that we have the wrong shoes, but refuse to come along to the hour long pointe shoe fitting to try to find something that works!) and generally it has been the consensus that at some point we are going to have to start having them made, and I think maybe we've hit that point. Her feet are maybe a few centimetres smaller when fully flexed and this makes her arch very hard for her to control when she's on pointe. She does lots of exercises to strengthen her feet, but because she doesn't feel supported in her shoes she is starting to hate doing pointe. My question, after a long winded ramble, is how do I go about finding someone who makes pointe shoes? I'm not a dancer, but from what I gather she has a tricky foot to shoe!! Thanks
  25. So I've just come across this video showing the making of R-Class pointe shoes. I think it's wonderful insight for students, parents, and professionals - enjoy!
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